Neighbor Ch. 02

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“Soooo. . .” Maddy said to me, as she rubbed her hand over the outline of my morning wood through my cotton boxers as we lay in bed together that Sunday morning.

I smiled because I already knew where this was headed.

“Yeah?” I answered slyly back.

“You wanna text our neighbor and see what he’s up to tonight?” She had a mischievous grin spreading over her lips like little league snack bar sour licorice.

I grabbed my phone from the nightstand and she cuddled up close to me as we sat back against our pillows on the headboard and played this new game that we were all consumed by.

I tried to sound nonchalant in the first text:

Me: “Hey man, you busy tonight by any chance?”

He texted back only seconds later.

Tom: “Actually, I think I’m fairly free tonight. Why? You wanna get together for a good run or, did you have something else in mind?”

He had left it open-ended. I still FELT open-ended after what he’d done to my buns just two nights earlier. My ass tingled from its fresh stretch.

Maddy was currently running her hand up and down my bulging boxers, rubbing her fingers just under the head of my penis through the fabric as I was dying for her to take me out and hold my hard-on like she would do when she teased me.

“What should I say?” I looked down at her and she looked at me with those naughty eyebrows that were always dancing with sexy intention.

“Hmmm, I think you should be totally upfront with him,” she said.

“Okay. . .so. . .what should I say?” My heart was beating fast as I held the phone in front of us.

“You should say. . .that your very horny wife came home early from her weekend getaway and that she knows all about your sexy fun and that she would very much like an encore performance.”

I felt my cock pulse as she rubbed me through my front boxer pouch. I was ridiculously hard.

I typed out the message to Tom—a message I knew she would like very much.

Me: “So, my wife Maddy came home early and she knows about our fun from the other night, and we thought it might be fun if you came over tonight and the three of us could have some sexy fun together.”

She giggled a little as she read what I wrote because it was almost verbatim. We were both so excited by this now as our bodies rubbed against each other teasingly.

Maddy was only wearing a pair of thin, white Calvin Klein thong and one of my old t-shirts that fell down over her shoulder revealing her freckled skin. I felt her rubbing her pelvis against me as we continued our text convo with Tom.

Tom: “That sounds like a lot of fun, actually. But before I say yes, I want you to both tell me what you want.”

“Holy fuckkkkk.” Maddy moaned as she looked up at me. “This guy is fucking hot, FUCK.” She had no idea how hot he truly was. But she was definitely going to find out.

“Well, what do we want, baby?” I asked her now in a naughty voice. We were both so horny and honest with each other and we’d clearly opened up an amazing new box of fantasies that was absolutely thrilling for us both.

“I think we want to be his sluts, right baby?” She said this to me in the sexiest and yet, sweetest way. It was so suggestive. I could practically feel her words hooking like smoke and dragging the hairs of my neck backwards into her web of kink.

I moaned when she said that because she had taken my cock out of my boxers and her soft hand felt so good as she started to stroke my morning wood with her years of focused expertise.

“Yeah.” I said to her. I did want that. And it turned me on so much to think that we both wanted that.

“Tell him,” She responded.

Me: “We want to be your sluts for the night.”

I sent the text and I gulped. Maddy grinded her body against me as we both held our breath and waited. This whole thing insanely turned us both on. It felt like we were landing on an unknown planet together. What if that wasn’t what he wanted? The phone buzzed again.

Tom: “Good. That’s all I needed to hear you say. I’ll see you guys around six, okay?”

We put the phone down and made out like teenagers for the better part of an hour. I wanted to fuck and cum so badly but Maddy wouldn’t let me. She didn’t want me cumming until Tom came over that night. She wanted me on the very edge of my horniness.

We spent the day cleaning the house and then did some Yoga together. We took a long bath in our tub and I watched as she shaved her legs and pussy.

Then she grabbed her hair trimmer and had me open up for her. She manscaped my private areas and trimmed all the hair from my ass, even stopping to give my exposed taint a cute little kiss with her plush lips. When I moaned, she leaned in and licked me a little while longer. My cock felt like it was on boner-pill-cocaine. We got out of the bath and dried off and she grabbed her most expensive lotion and made sure we were both very lathered and smooth and sexy as could be.

When five o’clock rolled around, Maddy and I made us some drinks and then started deciding on what to wear.

“What kartal escort do you think would turn Tom on the most?” She asked me, and now we were both fully submerged in the direction this night was going.

Her lingerie drawer was an absolute Candyland of fun and colorful outfits. She chose a pink and black trimmed frilled Jade Split Cup naughty bra and panty set from Frederick’s that she was obsessed with. She always told me it was her favorite outfit for when she was feeling incredibly slutty. She put these on and then chose a cute pair of jean short overalls and a white tank top, which clearly showed off that she was wearing lingerie underneath. She put her hair back in a simple, cute ponytail. Then she got to work on what could only be called the slutty girl-next-door makeup look. It was flirtatious and fun and at the same time, delectably submissive. Her pale pink lipstick puffed her perfect lips in a way that made you just want to tell her to go down on her knees and start sucking. She could’ve been your favorite babysitter or the daughter of the preacher that cares more about the biggest-dicked deacon than the diatribes of Deuteronomy.

“And what are YOU gonna wear, babe?” She asked me as I rubbed more lotion into my body. I was getting nervous with anticipation.

“Hmmm, I hadn’t thought of that.” She strolled over to my underwear drawer and looked through my various boxer briefs. That’s when I saw her grab a comfy black jock strap I had owned from an old baseball league. She dangled it from her finger with a raised eyebrow. I wanted to say no, but I could see this was what she absolutely wanted, so I put the jock on and then put on a comfy pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

He would be over soon.

We were very excited. We made out and shared a bong on the couch while lightly touching our hands and talking about what he might do to us.

And then at 6:01, there came a knock at the door.

I kissed Maddy again and told her she was amazing and she told me she loved me so fucking much. We smiled at each other.

When I got to the door Tom was instantly impressive in his size and stature, but also, the immediate warmth came back. I invited him in and Maddy trailed behind us and immediately extended her hand.

He shook her hand and leaned her in and kissed her cheek and held the small of her waist. I saw the way she beamed and her skin flushed under his charm. He was so ridiculously good looking that he just immediately demanded attention. He was wearing simple jeans and a Henley– nothing over the top.

Easy to take off.

I made drinks for the three of us and we came over to the couch to sit and talk and get to know each other. Tom immediately noticed our ornate bong.

“You guys have already gotten a head start, haven’t you?” He smiled and Maddy and I both giggled a little. We were probably a little more stoned than we usually would be but we were both nervous and excited all at once. That’s when he suggested we all smoke a little more, which we were all down for.

What we didn’t realize was just how stoned we were all going to get. As Maddy and I nervously awaited how or when everything was going to start, he had brilliantly found a way to keep the bong going back and forth between us, as we packed and repacked the bowl until we were sort of just laughing at all the littlest things. All the walls had been brought down between the three of us and we were getting along like old friends.

We talked about sports and movies and music and sex—topics ranging from funny things to more important passions.

I was already hard just from staring at Tom and then looking at how my wife kept staring at him too. She was arching her chest up to show off how her cleavage hung out of her frilly bra and low cut tank top. She was already wet in her panties, I could tell by the way she was squirming in her overalls, and I think Tom could smell the pheromones emanating off of both of us as we spoke to him from our couch across the coffee table. You could almost sense his amusement in the power he knew he currently possessed.

Strangely, the first thirty minutes of get-to-know-each-other conversation didn’t mention our impending threesome at all. And then there was this tiny break in the talking where we all took a swig of our drinks, when Tom just seemed to lean back and look at both us with a different kind of intention. It was confidence and gravitas.

Maddy and I were holding hands listlessly as we enjoyed the buzz of the Indica hybrid oozing us into the right mood.

“So Maddy, how do you feel about the fact that I fucked your husband’s ass?” I almost spit out my tequila soda when he said this just as I was taking a drink.

She gasped as she beamed a big grin at our guest and then over at me. She was so turned on and so was I. He was so upfront and it was shocking and exciting all at once. She got up on her knees on the couch next to me and looked at Tom like the most willing pupil in a one-room schoolhouse.

“Ummmm, oh my god, I was kurtköy escort really turned on when he told me. We fucked right there on the floor. I had no idea my husband would ever take a cock up his ass. It was so exciting and made me so wet like, right away.” Welp. As far as icebreakers went, he’d just rammed his ship into our polite berg.

I smiled at her and she bashfully buried her face against my arm but then bounced right back up. The weed was making her bouncy and flirty and I loved every second of it. She was showing her willingness to be energized by him.

I was beet red from the open acknowledgement of my recent deflowering.

“And Tom, how do you feel about the fact that I’m going to fuck Maddy tonight?”

I felt my cock pulse when he said that. “I’m also, really fucking turned on by that. I’m very excited to see you fuck her. I’ve already told her how amazing your cock is.” Maddy squirmed beside me. I knew she was so turned on by her soft lingerie rubbing against her under her overalls while being as stoned as we were.

“That’s good. Did your husband tell you how much of a slut he was for me? Did he fully describe to you just how well he took my cock?” Maddy bit her lip as she clung to every word he said. She looked over to me, fully knowing that I hadn’t fully described just how absolutely submissive I’d been on his cock. She knew I wasn’t fully ready to accept just how much I loved it. But that was half the fun.

“Kind of,” she smiled, playing his game now as she folded her arms appraisingly across her perky chest. I hadn’t fully told her how slutty I had acted for him. It was an out of body experience at the time. I don’t think I even really remembered all of the craziest things I had said or done when he was inside me.

“Well, I think it’s very important for you to understand just how much your husband loves my cock. Don’t you?” And she nodded, like a good little kitten begging for milk. I was so nervous my heart digging chunks out of my Shawshank walls to escape how vulnerable I felt.

“Bobby, why don’t you come here and sit beside me.” He leaned back in the center of the couch on the opposite side of the coffee table that had been between our couch, and I did exactly as I was told. Maddy centered herself on the floor across from us as she breathlessly watched her formerly very-straight husband do whatever he was told by this insanely sexy MAN. She was on her knees staring at us both and her nipples were pressed firmly against the thin shirt under her overalls. She could hardly believe the gay seduction that she was watching take place.

I sat next to his muscled legs and waited for him to tell me what to do next. I felt smaller next to him and I could smell his musky cologne and aftershave. He was incredibly masculine. It was pungent. Maddy was transfixed. It was like she had just pulled up her porn favorite’s page and didn’t know how to look away.

“Bobby, I want you to lay down and take my cock out of my pants, and then I want you to show your wife how much you enjoy sucking a big cock.” My hands were trembling as I scooted down onto my belly on the couch. My body draped over the side of his leg.

“And Bobby,” he said again, as he grabbed my hair firmly to point my face up at his just as I began to undo his jeans. “It’s very important that she knows what a cockslut you are before we begin, so that she understands exactly the type of slut I’m going to expect HER to be when it’s her turn, do you understand?” I shook my head yes and he pushed me back down.

I didn’t say anything. My hands immediately went to his belt buckle to undo it, followed by his jean button and zipper. I could already feel the python slithering down his front, so ready to be released. When I pushed his boxers down it sprang forward like a backwards-catapulting diver. His cockhead was round and hard—like a rock ready to pummel a fortress (that being my loosely guarded ass castle).

It was the same beautiful cock that I had dreamt of for two straight nights. It was the same cock that had slid into my ass in that shower and taken me for the very first time. It was the cock that had made me orgasm so hard. And all my hesitation or nervousness disappeared as I saw it anew. I grabbed him with both of my hands and brought my lips up to his spongy head and immediately engulfed him with a moan that could only come from one type of situation: that of being completely desperate for Daddy. I felt so fucking horny for his cock. My ass felt like whatever the male equivalent of being wet felt like. It was that kind of horny. I was fucking horny.

Maddie gasped when she saw me put a cock in my mouth for the first time ever. A damp, dark circle spotted her cute, jean overalls. She had already soaked through her lingerie panties just sitting there, listening to Tom guide me.

I began a long, slow blowjob, where each time back down I’d moan my stretched lips another inch down his trunk. I wanted to deep throat him as best I could, a skill that Maddy had always thrived in, but I maltepe escort could only get about four inches of him into my mouth due to his girth. That was okay. The image of his dick splitting my lips apart as saliva oozed down his veiny membrane made Maddy more turned on than she had ever been before. Her mouth hung open like a cheerleader that had just walked in on the quarterback pummeling the wide receiver in the locker room. She sipped her cocktail and enjoyed this insanely erotic show, as she enjoyed every minute of her husband giving another guy a blowjob. My hands jacked the base of his pine while I sucked. I looked at Maddy every now and then, wanting her to see me with cock in my mouth. And she looked back at me like the proudest slut of a wife I would ever have.

Her strong husband who had only ever been the straightest of straight was passionately sucking on a silver fox’s mushroom-headed cock with the same type of needy sloppiness that she had exhibited so many times before in some of her horniest moments. She could tell how horny her man was. She had seen him like this before at his peaks. But this was something almost newer. More raw. More dirty. I was being a very slutty boy and she was so engaged by that.

Her very masculine husband was audibly moaning from the presence of a large shaft sliding between his lips, and she could hardly believe how horny it was making her. She should’ve been making me play with cock from the very start, she thought.

Her mouth never closed while she watched us. Tom never took his eyes off of her. It was like he was cuckolding both of us at the very same time. We were absolutely mesmerized by the pull of his sexual inertia. It became immediately clear that no matter what he told us to do, we were going to do it, and that might’ve been the sexiest, silent realization that we had ever shared through just a look.

“So…Maddy, what do you think about seeing a cock in your husband’s mouth for the first time? Do you like it? Does it make you wet watching him bob up and down my shaft?” He just lounged there as I sucked him as lovingly as I could, occasionally sipping from his cocktail as he spread his large legs to take up the center couch cushion. His cock pulsed inside my mouth and I could feel the way every single vein burrowed down his silo on my tongue. It was honestly the most gorgeously manly cock. He hardly made a sign that he was receiving oral sex from a very willing slut, other than the way his cock occasionally throbbed harder when I knew I was sucking him good. His precum was making me dizzy with need. I milked him with every second that went by, slowly becoming obsessed with each new drop of jizzy frosting that viscously oozed down my throat.

“Yes, FUCK. Yes.” I saw Maddy cross her legs and uncross her legs underneath her overalls and I knew she wanted to play with her pussy very badly. She was schoolgirl-in-trouble antsy.

“Why don’t you go ahead and take those overalls off while you watch.” He told her, and she stood up did exactly that.

She unbuttoned the brass buttons from her Levi overall straps and peeled the crossed denim down the top of her body, revealing the pink and the black-frilled lingerie. He watched appraisingly as she shimmied them down her lower half, as the low cut thong bottom with matching black bows was revealed. Her low-cut bra showed the entire shape of her breasts with her nipples clearly showing through the sheer. Her body immediately became the sexiest thing in the room. She was perky and perfect and horny as an 18 year old, you could see it in the way she breathed and the way she moved. She was flushed. I saw her start to grind her hips a little against the base of the couch as she watched me take him in and out of my mouth, stopping to drag my tongue down his shaft every few seconds to collect all of the pre-cum and spit and swallow it back into my mouth. It was wet and lewd and she watched us like she was watching her favorite porn video of all time.

I was so hard as I lay out on the couch next to him. My dick strained against the soft mesh pouch of the jock strap underneath my own jeans. My ass was completely exposed under my jeans and I swear I could already feel my hole contracting as I imagined what was still to come.

“Do you hear how your husband moans when he sucks on me? He’s such a good little slut, don’t you think?” and my bombshell wife shook her head yes as her breasts jiggled proudly as she nodded. She was absolutely crazed with lust at the way that I sucked cock.

“You can rub your pussy over your panties while you watch your husband suck my cock, Maddy. I want you to get very used to this image because he’s only just starting to learn how to suck and we’re going to train him to be a very good cockslut.” He spoke about me so nonchalantly that it turned me on even more. I couldn’t believe how much this alpha male had completely dominated me and made me so horny for real cock. I couldn’t believe I was gagging on an actual dick while my sexy wife got off on watching it all. It was so much better than any porn or fantasy could’ve ever been. I would’ve never imagined that such a perfect scenario could exist in my fantasy-scape, and yet here I was, completely and totally dominated while my encouraging young wife watched. It was breathtaking. I was sucking cock for her and I loved it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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