My Summer with Aunt Jane Ch. 2

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I went to bed dreaming of my Aunt Jane. I knew my uncle was leaving in the morning, so I could not wait until tomorrow afternoon. I woke up around 9am and they were already gone. She had to drive him about an hour out of town to meet up with his friends. I decided to get something to eat and then make my way to the pool. As I was basking in the sun, my buddy stopped by. He asked me if I wanted to go fishing with him today. I told him that my aunt needed me to do stuff around the house, so he left.

11am rolled around and I saw my aunt pull up. She asked me if I would come in and help her make lunch. I stepped inside and closed the sliding door behind me. I walked into the kitchen and she just stared at me. I asked her what I could do and she asked me why I still had my shorts on. “You are not allowed to wear any clothes in the house. I can’t believe you forgot already. Take them off now.” I proceeded to take off my shorts and my now half-hard cock sprung free. She told me that she won’t necessarily punish me every time, but she may wait and let them add up for one big punishment time. My cock got immediately hard and I asked her if I could jack off. She said no. She gave me a big slap on my ass and told me to put on an apron and make lunch. She went over to the couch, stripped down to her underwear taksim grup yapan escort and began to watch TV.

I came over to her with lunch and she told me to take off the apron. My cock was still rock hard. She began to eat her sandwich and turned off the TV. She instructed me to stroke my cock while she ate her lunch. I took my cock in my hand and slowly began to pump it. She set her tray down, took off her panties and told me to tongue her pussy. I put my head between her large thighs and began to lick the inside of them. My hot breath moving across her pussy made her jump with excitement. I parted her lips with my fingers and licked her from top to bottom, finishing off with a kiss on her asshole. I darted my tongue in and out of her pussy while finger fucking her. I began to flick her clit and brought her to an incredible orgasm.

She told me to go upstairs and take a shower. I did as I was told, but I was still rock hard. I got in the shower and began to stroke my cock. I lathered up my cock with soap, closed my eyes and replayed it all in my mind. Obviously, that was a mistake because Aunt Jane walked in, opened the shower curtain and caught me masturbating. She was standing there naked, so I could not stop jacking off. She walked into taksim masöz escort the shower and slapped my hand. She told me to finish showering, but stayed in there with me. I soaped up my dick, but she stopped me and said she would finish washing me. After we were done, she dried me off and then herself.

She led me into her bedroom and then sat in her chair. She told me to lay across her lap. I laid down and my cock slipped between her thighs. She took her right hand back and whacked me right across my butt. I could feel the sting and the resulting heat from her hit. She reared back and hit me again, this time on the other cheek. I could feel the pain from her spanking, but I loved it. The next time she hit me, I pushed my cock deeper between her thighs. She felt the friction and began a rhythmic slapping of my ass so I could pump my cock between her thighs. Only another 4 or 5 hits and I came all over her thighs and the floor. She let me up, licked off my cock and told me to go ahead back outside to tan.

I put on my shorts and went back outside. I laid back in the warm sum, smiling and thinking about what had just happened. My ass was still hot from Aunt Jane spanking me, but I didn’t care. I jumped into the pool to cool off and then fell asleep taksim otele gelen escort in the sun.

I napped for about an hour and went back inside. I took off my shorts once I got inside, not wanting another punishment (or do I?). I went into my room and put my shorts in my hamper, but noticed I didn’t hear any noise. I looked in the garage, but Aunt Jane’s truck was still there. I quietly made my way upstairs and slowly made my way to her room. I could hear noises, so I peeked inside. My aunt was laying on her bed and masturbating. Although that would have been enough, I looked over at her TV and got quite a shock! She was watching a video of herself. The video had her sitting in her chair and spanking someone. I continued to watch while she continued to masturbate.

My cock was getting hard, but my curiosity in the video kept my attention away from my dick. When the spanking session was over, the person got up off her lap and it was my gorgeous cousin! She had been spanking her own daughter! Obviously, my hand went straight to my cock. As I continued to watch the video, I noticed that my cousin had no idea the camera was on. I saw another girl walk in and it was my other cousin, and Anne’s older sister, Paula. She was more of my aunt’s size and she laid right down and began to get her spanking. I could see Anne laying on my aunt’s bed, masturbating. This was the most unbelievable and erotic site my 19 year old eyes had ever seen! My aunt seemed to cum about 6 or 7 times before she fell asleep. I crept away from her room and went downstairs. I turned on the TV and wondered…is that camera still working?

To Be Continued…

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