My Boyfriend’s Fantasy

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Once in a while my boyfriend Todd says something about having one of my friends join us for a threesome. I suppose more guys do that than don’t. Most of the time I believe him when he says he was joking, but once or twice I had my doubts.

We have keys to each other’s apartments. As it happens, Todd’s apartment is practically on the way home from my job. One night I had to work late, so I picked up some Chinese on the way home. Unfortunately, while I was in the restaurant, there was a manhunt for some guy who was important enough for them to close off the roads. I would either have to eat in the car or heat it up when I got home. I was trying to decide what to do when I heard a news report with a significant detail. The barricades were at the exit just after Todd’s. Since traffic was literally at a standstill, I took the opportunity to call Todd. No one answered. Traffic started moving just as his voice mail picked up, so I couldn’t even leave a message. I got off where I needed to and headed for his place anyway.

When I got to his front door, I could hear voices, but it sounded like it was just the television. At first I figured he must have gotten home just after I called. When I opened the door, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Todd was sitting on the couch, shirt up, pants off, and a head was going up and down on his dick. “Sam, Get up!” Todd shouted.

A man’s voice responded, “What?” He turned around, saw me and yelled, “Shit!”

I was shocked, but to my own surprise, I wasn’t really angry. “What’s going on?” I asked, even though it was fairly obvious, and I was only asking about the details.

“I’m not gay, Kim!” Todd tried to assure me.

“Could’ve fooled me,” I said. Remembering how I sounded saying that is how I can tell you that I wasn’t actually angry.

“Me too,” Sam laughed. He was still on his knees, and he was naked.

“Then why was your—”

“I lost a bet,” Sam said. “Well, a poker hand.”

Todd pointed to the dining room table. I saw several stacks of chips next to a flush, with the six and three clearly coming from the river. Three kings lay with a queen and a five on the other side of the table. I looked at Sam. “I guess I can’t really blame you. I would have made that bet too.”

“You’re not mad?” Sam asked.

“Nah, I got to peg him once when he challenged ‘azimuth.'” Sam was as speechless as I’d been a minute before. “What really bothered him was the bonus for using all my tiles.”

Seeing that I was okay with this, Todd put his hand on Sam’s shoulder and gestured downward. “Yeah, yeah,” Sam said. “I always pay my debts.”

As soon as Sam’s tongue met Todd’s cockhead, Todd sprang back to life. He had been acting casually in the few seconds that I originally witnessed, but now he was moving his hips in and out. I moved around so I could see Sam’s cheek. I’d seen that motion where the cock is clearly going up against the cheek, but never in person. It was even hotter in three dimensions than it was in two.

“Is he as good as me?” I asked Todd.

“Do you really think I’m gonna say yes?” was his non-answer.

“If the answer were no, you wouldn’t hesitate,” I said.

“He’s better than I remember you being the first time, but that’s about it.”

“I can live with that,” I said.

Todd was pushing harder. Sam made a choking sound, and Todd pulled back. “Better?” he asked, and Sam nodded. “I think Kim’s getting into this.” Sam continued sucking, but he looked to the side and saw me with my hand in my pants. I was rubbing my pussy through my underwear.

“Don’cha just love the curve of his cock?” I asked.

Todd put kurtköy escort his hands on the back of Sam’s head. “Not now, Kim!” Sam put his hands on Todd’s butt. I could see Todd’s balls contracting, and I knew that Sam was getting a mouthful.

Sam gurgled a little. “How’s it taste?” I asked.

He shrugged his shoulders. “I’ve had worse.”

I knelt in front of Todd, gathered a little bit on the tip of my finger and tasted it. “Yeah, when he knows he’s getting it from me, he eats broccoli beforehand.” I held his cock up and said, “What, you didn’t even lick him?”

“You interrupted us,” Sam answered.

I sucked each ball into my mouth and watched Todd get hard again. “I don’t even consider it a real blow job if I don’t cover every inch.”

“Take her top off,” Todd said to Sam. I already had Todd’s dick in my mouth, so my hands were free. I unzipped my sweater and moved my hands back. Sam pulled the sleeves back to reveal my basic black bra. He didn’t wait to be told to unhook it. I shrugged my shoulders forward, and it felt off on its own. “Did I lie?” Todd asked.

Sam moved around. “They’re as big as you told me,” he answered. My tits are only average-sized, but I knew they were talking about my nipples, which are roughly the size of quarters. Sam ran his finger around my left nipple and then the right.

I decided I may as well get ready for what we all wanted. I rose up a little and unbuttoned my jeans. Sam pushed them down to my knees. I’m not in the habit of wearing sexy underwear to work, but it was a fresh pink pair. He put his hands on my hips right at the waistband. I welcomed the attention, but I pushed one hand away. “Watch and learn,” I told him. I stroked Todd’s cock a few times and licked a line up the underside of his shaft. When I got there, I pulled back on the foreskin and licked around the crown.

“Oh, God,” Todd moaned. I stepped aside and Sam duplicated what I’d done, but not as smoothly. “See how he twitched? That’s how you know you’re doing it right.”

We didn’t say anything else meaningful. Sam and I tried to push each other away and just licked and sucked whatever part of Todd’s dick we could reach. At one point, I had the head, and Sam was trying to suck Todd’s balls into his mouth. He needed Todd to stand still, so he tried to hold Todd’s ass in place. Judging by Todd’s reaction, he must have gotten his fingertip close to Todd’s asshole. “Do it!” I told him. “I got this.”

Sam moved behind Todd. I don’t have X-ray vision, but I could tell by the way he moved his hand that he got at least halfway past the first knuckle. Todd was moving back and forth, fucking my mouth while Sam fingered him. I couldn’t tell whether he yelled, “Oh, fuck!” before or after Sam got the next knuckle in.

“Give it to me,” I commanded, but I didn’t want it in my mouth. I moved back so he could come on my tits. Sam pulled out and got behind me. He put his hands on my hips again, and this time I let him. In fact, when I saw Todd start to come, I rose up a little and Sam’s thumbs pushed my underwear down a little. The first spurt got on my right tit. I lifted my left leg, and Sam got my pants down past the knee. Seeing what we were doing, Todd moved the other way. The next spurt got on my left tit. This time Sam got my pants down past the right knee and pulled them all the way off. Todd’s next spurt landed on my chin just as Sam got his hand inside my panties. He was coming hard enough that he could still control the path. He turned a little to the left and got his next spurt on Sam’s lips. “I think you two should kiss,” I said. Todd hesitated, but Sam maltepe escort didn’t. He stood up straight and pulled Todd toward him. “Put your arms around him, Todd,” I said. Sam leaned in and kissed Todd on the lips. I lifted Sam’s hand and put it on the small of Todd’s back.

Todd told Sam, “You’re enjoying this a little more than I hoped.”

“And you’re enjoying it more than I hoped,” I told Todd. “No, I take that back. I’m living every guy’s dream!”

“Watching two girls together?” Todd asked.

“No. You keep talking about seeing me with another girl. I’m watching you with another guy, and it’s hot as fuck. Grind those hips, boys!” Sam ground his cock into Todd’s crotch, making both of them stand back a little because they were so hard. I stood behind Todd and asked, “Are you getting hungry, Todd?” I pulled back and Sam put his hands on Todd’s shoulders.

“Well, I guess turnabout is fair play,” Todd said. “Lie down.”

Sam lay on his back and watched as Todd licked his balls. “That’s it,” he said. “Just do what you like her doing to you.” Todd licked up Sam’s shaft and took the head in. He bobbed up and down, just like Sam was doing when I opened the door. Sam looked at me and said, “Hey, you shouldn’t be neglected.” He nodded his head, urging me to come over. I still had my underwear on. Sam pulled it to the side and found the base of my pussy. He put his hands on my back and pulled me down a little so he could go from top to bottom. I came down the rest of the way and almost bumped heads with Todd. Just as Sam and I had done earlier, Todd and I took turns licking and sucking different parts of Sam’s cock. As a bonus, Sam was able to get his tongue deep into my pussy when he wasn’t licking my clit. Todd left me to suck Sam by myself. Remembering what Sam and I had done to him, Todd licked his index finger and reached under Sam’s butt.

“Finding it okay?” I asked.

Sam bolted up as much as he could and shouted, “He sure did!” He could barely pay enough attention to me to keep licking me, but I didn’t mind. Seeing how enthusiastic Todd was about fingering Sam kept me plenty excited.

“Can you get another finger in?” I asked Todd. He could. “Three?” He couldn’t.

“Two’s plenty,” Sam panted. “Oh, shi-i-i-it!” Knowing what was happening, Todd and I both bowed down to see who could get more of Sam’s cum. Sam didn’t have quite the control that Todd had, and he shot it everywhere.

I caught some in the air, and Todd licked some off of Sam’s legs and stomach. Sam was shaking so hard from Tom’s fingers that he tore my underwear. Since it was now useless, I took it off. “Well, as long as I’m naked, I guess it’s time for fucking,” I said.

“Awesome!” Sam said. He and Todd both got up at the same time, and they both faced me.

“Looks like you’ve got a decision to make,” Todd said. “Your boyfriend or his buddy?”

“All of the above,” I answered. I motioned to Todd to get on the floor. I knelt over him, facing him, and took his cock into my quivering pussy.

Sam knelt behind me and asked, “Where do you want me?”

I leaned over until I was horizontal with Todd and said, “I want both of you in my cunt.”

I felt Sam sliding in, and Todd told him, “You’re right there, Sam.”

“Let’s go, guys!” I cheered. Sam thrust in as Todd pulled back. They went back and forth like that for a few minutes, and then I pushed down on Todd for a moment. Once I let go, they both thrust in, and they fucked me in unison. It wasn’t my first time being double-teamed, but it was the first time that the two guys hadn’t been uptight about their dicks pendik escort touching. In fact, the way they squeezed me tighter when they touched, I got the feeling that it turned them on.

“How’s it feel?” Todd asked.

I said, “Unbelievable,” just as Sam answered, “Fantastic!”

“How ’bout you?” I asked.

Todd pulled me down and thrust deeper inside me. He went motionless and I felt him coming. “That answer your question?” I mashed my hips into his to take all his cum inside me. When I did, Sam slipped out. Soon I was coming with Todd.

“Dammit, I didn’t get to come!” Sam complained.

When Todd stopped spasming, I got off him and excused myself. I came back with the bottle of lube that Todd keeps in his bedroom. I lifted Todd’s knees and told Sam, “Here’s your chance.” Todd gave me a look of fear. “What? You do it to me,” I said. I had come hard enough when we were fucking that we didn’t need a lot of lube. I dribbled a little over each side of his crotch. Sam put Todd’s knees over his shoulders, and I guided his cock into Todd’s ass. “See? It’s not that different from when I pegged you.”

Todd sat still for a moment and agreed. “Better, even. It’s softer.”

Sam added, “Plus, it’s human contact.”

“Hey, don’t knock toys,” I said.

“I’m not,” Sam assured me as he gathered speed. “Just saying the real thing’s better.”

I was barely listening to Sam’s words; I was too drawn into the sight. “That’s it, Sam, fuck my boyfriend!” I sat there and watched him pound Todd’s ass while I fingered myself. They didn’t notice when I got up again. When I returned, I had the strap-on that I’d left here. I got behind Sam and poured lube onto his back. I watched it dribble down his crack and massaged his asshole and prostate.

Before I could ask, Sam told me, “I’m ready. Give it to me!” I lined my “cock” up with his ass and slid in. “Oh, shit, Kim!” Once I was safely inside, I leaned to the side so I could see Todd’s dick waving back and forth.

“Fuck him,” Todd told me. “Fuck me!” he said to Sam.

“Don’t just fuck,” I told them. “Make love!” I don’t even know what I had in mind, but Sam leaned down so he could kiss Todd on the lips. Todd returned the kiss with an open mouth, and Sam’s new position allowed me to fuck him even deeper.

“Fuck! Fuck!” Todd was groaning.

“That’s not making love,” I told him.

Todd rolled his eyes and said, “Oh, baby. Yeah, baby, that’s it!” He might have been forcing himself to call Sam “baby,” but it was obvious he meant what he said.

“Tell Todd how beautiful he is,” I told Sam. Sam lost it. He broke up laughing and fell to the side, taking me with him. Tears were rolling down Todd’s cheek, and I scolded Sam. “Look, you’ve hurt his feelings!”

I was wrong. Todd was laughing too. “Look, Kim, sucking and fucking is fun, but that’s it!” he explained.

I couldn’t hold my laughter in either. I rolled onto my back, pulling the dildo out of Sam’s ass. I saw the food I’d brought with me, sitting on the counter. “Anyone hungry?” I asked. We ate dinner and had a couple beers. After I’d finished my second, I said, “You know the problem with Chinese food, don’t you?”

Todd said, “A half-hour later, you’re hungry again?”

“And how,” I said. I knelt between them where they sat. I played with Todd’s dick while I licked Sam’s. They both got up, and we moved to the spot where we’d been sucking and fucking before. Sam and Todd both stood in front of me and offered me their cocks. I went back and forth, licking one and then the other. They moved in closer as I went, and soon I had both cocks in my mouth at once. The last thing I remembered was both of them saying they were going to come. Apparently I got too much cum in my throat at once and passed out. When I came to, I was naked in bed with my lover, and Sam had gone home. We both enjoyed it so much that we’re planning an evening with him and one of my girlfriends.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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