My Beach Experience

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I went to the beach one day to lay out in the sun. The beach was so crowded because it was a hot summer day. Everyone wanted to be in the water. I laid out for a little bit but I really wanted to be alone so I grabbed my towel and walked off down the beach. I walked for quite a while. I was not paying attention to where or how far I had walked. I had some things on my mind and I was trying to work them out in my head. As I so often did by laying out in the sun. I finally got tired of walking and found myself in a little cove. I stopped and put down my towel and lay down on it so I could get some sun on my body.

I laid there quite a while before I was so hot that I just could not stand it any longer. I jumped up and ran into the water. The sand was very hot on my feet, stinging them when I ran to the water. When I got into the water it gave me such a refreshing feeling. While I was in the water I looked around on the shore and noticed that there was nothing or no one around for quite a ways. I was alone. Being alone did not bother me. I decided that I would get out of the water and lie in the sun some more. So I got to the towel and drip dried a little I put on some sun lotion and laid down again. I thought to myself “considering that I am alone I think I will take off my bathing suit.”

So I did. I slide the straps off my shoulders and down. Then sit up and peel the rest of it off my body. I put lotion on the parts of my body that had not been exposed to the sun before. They were terribly white. I laid back down and closed my eyes and listened to the waves washing up and back on the beach. I am very relaxed and deep in thought. I heard rustling, like the wind in the bushes but did not think anything about it. I had opened my eyes but did not see anyone or anything so I continued with what I was doing, thinking and catching some konyaaltı escort rays.

All of a sudden I felt this hand covering my mouth. My eyes opened and there you were kneeling over me. You told me that it was okay and that you did not want me to say anything. You ask me if I was okay and I shake my head yes. You told me that you were not going to hurt me but you want me to trust you. You did not want me to speak but tell me that moaning is okay. You take both of my arms and raise them over my head you laid a towel over them and told me not to move them. You ask me if I understand this I should shake my head yes. You then took my legs spreading them apart and over each of them you put a towel. You told me not to move them no matter what. You ask me if I understood, again I shook my head yes. You walked away to a cooler that you had put in the bush {that was the rustling noise I heard} you brought it closer to us.

You take out a bottle of something but I can not see what it is because the sun is in my eyes so I was squinting. Finally giving up I close my eyes. You opened the bottle and you gave me a little drink and then you proceeded to pour this ice-cold liquid down my chin, over my chest, my nipples making them extremely hard. {Not that they were not hard before} But now they are really hard, down across my belly and all over, even into my clean- shaven pussy. It was cold and yes I moaned almost screamed sucking in my breath with shock. I did very well holding my tongue as you had asked me not to speak. With my eyes still closed I felt you bend over and start licking the liquid off my face and chin. Then you moved to my neck and licked and kissed and lightly biting it off my neck. After you had completely cleaned me up you went for my chest. First with a flat tongue just licking then as you got closer to my nipples your kültür escort tongue became hard and pointed flicking my nipples then sucking them. By now I am moaning a little louder than I had been. I am horny now.

You stay there flicking and sucking on nipples and cleaning them up but you begin to head down my belly sucking the liquid out of my belly button. You went further down and positioned yourself on all fours over my body. I look up and your hard cock is looking me square in the face. You told me to open my mouth. I do as I am told and you slide your hard cock down my throat and I start sucking on it. The hornier I got the harder I sucked on your cock. You were licking and sucking the liquid out of my pussy. You were lapping up the juice and I was about to cum. You take two fingers and stuff them into your mouth getting them wet then you drive them into my pussy while you flick my clit. I am meeting your action of in and out with movement of my pelvis. I want you to fuck me so bad right now but could not ask you as I am not allowed to speak. I was moaning louder and louder.

I could not say anything if I wanted to because your cock was filling my throat. You stopped what you were doing and you moved. You told me that you did not want to cum in my mouth this time. But all the time you were moving you did not stop the finger action. You kept finger fucking my pussy and then you took your other hand and started rubbing my clit rather than licking it. You were going to make me cum. I was not going to be able to hold it much longer; you were working hard, rubbing my clit with just the right pressure. You leaned over while you continued this action and you took my nipple in your mouth and you lightly nip it, and suck on it hard. I could not hold back any longer I arched my back off the ground and with almost a scream I had an markantalya escort orgasm.

I was strong and hard. You just sat there grinning, So proud of yourself. You asked me if I was okay I shook my head yes… You said good. Then you told me that you were going to reposition me. You told me that you wanted me on my knees. I got on my knees and you stood in front of me putting your cock back in my mouth. I sucked it in and licked it up and down. I slid it all the way in my mouth and went up and down, up and down while I looked you in the eye. You keep watching me, with this smile on your face. You were so hard and so horny.

You then decide that you were ready to fuck me. You asked me if I was ready for this? I shook my head yes and waited to see where and what you were going to do to me. I knew that this was going to be the most incredible fuck that I had had in a long time. You put me on all fours and you slid your finger in my pussy making sure that it is wet and ready. You slowly slid your cock into my hot waiting pussy. You slid in and out slowly at first. Working up in speed sliding in and out faster and faster each time with more force than before.

With in a few minutes you are fucking me with animalistic fever. You are fucking me hard, slamming me. I was meeting each slam with force of my own I could feel another orgasm building inside me. Just about then you slap my ass with force {I like to be spanked} I had another hard orgasm this time, shaking and screaming. Just about that time you slammed your cock so deep inside of me just holding yourself there groaning loudly. I knew that you were Cumming. I like the way you fuck me. You laid me back down on the towel and joined me. We curled up together with your arm around me and your face nuzzled into my neck. We fell asleep together.

Waking up to find our bodies a little pink and darkness coming soon. We picked up and left, but you took me back to your place and we have something to eat, take showers, rub sunburn cream on each other, then you take me to bed. I love it when you surprise me like that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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