Mom’s Call Ch. 01

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Carla sat at the end of the large leather seat of the limousine, her back to the driver, crying softly into a large white handkerchief as she stared out of the window at the wintery surroundings of the cemetery.

Daniel, her 28-year-old son, sat across from her with his wife, Diane, and their two children, a boy and girl.

The long black Cadillac began to move. Daniel studied his mother in her stylish black dress, the hemline dropping a couple of inches below her knees when standing, but was now sitting atop her knees. He thought back to his 19th year when he had arrived home to find her laying across her bed stark naked and apparently asleep. He remembered not being able to move, staring at her well-formed, but ample, ass, her smooth legs being spread enough that he could see a considerable amount of dark pubic hair.

He now dropped his eyes to study her well-toned calves, lifting his gaze to her knees and what little amount of inner thigh he could distinguish.

They were leaving his 71-year-old father behind, he, leaving his treasured, but still youthful and vibrant, 48-year-old wife to carry on. Daniel remembered his father’s words as they sat alone in the hospital room two days before he had passed away.

“You must promise me you will to take care of your mother!” His father had said to him with concern.

“Pop, you know I will!” He had answered.

“Those sons-of-bitches that call themselves my friend will be all of her. Your mother is a good woman but she has her needs. Do you understand what I mean, Daniel? One of those bastards will find a way to get her in bed. You can’t let that happen. Promise me you will take care of her sexual needs?”

Daniel was only surprised for a few moments because he knew his father well enough to know that he worshiped the ground his mother walked on, but considered her a valued prize that he had won ago from her many other suitors. He did not want to give her up even in death.

“Pop, do you understand what you are asking me to do?” He had asked with an incredulous tone.

“It’s either you or them.” He had insisted. “She has promised me she would never remarry and I believe her. But she has needs, Daniel. And they are strong needs as you will discover. She will agree. You’ll see.”

Studying his mother now as her sorrow poured forth, she seemed frail, but he knew otherwise. He knew her to be strong-willed, full of love for her grandchildren and daughter-in-law and himself. He knew there would be no seduction. If he fulfilled his promise, it would be a straight forward affair.

Two weeks later they were in the large, family lakefront cabin at Smith Mountain Lake, not far from their home in Raleigh.

“Your father left the cabin to you. Please promise never to sell it while I am alive?”

“Mom, I expect to leave this cabin to my kids asking the same promise.” Daniel assured her. “I have already talked to a contractor about replacing these aluminum windows with vinyl, three paned insulated windows. There are a few other things that need to be repaired or updated.”

“That’s good, Daniel.” Carla said, looking down to the lake where Diane and the kids were kayaking. “It’s so cold out there. If they tip over they are going to freeze to death. AWW! Good! They’re getting out.” She watched them climb the multi-staired climb back to the cabin, opening the door for them.

“Mom, do the kids and I have enough time to run down to the store and get some ice cream for dessert?” Diana asked.

“Sure honey. It’s a good half hour before dinner will be ready.”

As the threesome exited the front door, Carla took a seat across from her son at the kitchen counter. She stared at him happily sipping her coffee.

“Mom! I have something very sensitive and personal we need to discuss while we have a few moments alone.” Daniel said, taking note of her immediate attention and concerned look, he continued. “Dad made me promise to do something and I told him I would, but you must agree. He wants to take care of you and you need to read between the lines because I don’t want to be disrespectful or common in my wordage.”

“Does he now!” Carla replied sarcastically. “He told me he was going to approach you about “taking care of me” (she made rabbit ears with two fingers on both hands). So! You promised, but how do you really feel about such an idea? We’re talking incest, you know?”

“Do you remember a long time ago – I think I was 19 – I came home and found you stretched out across the bed apparently sleeping. You were naked. You could not see me of course, but I stood at the doorway staring at you – and your…very lovely… butt – for what seemed like a long time. I finally went away – to the bathroom – I had to pee really bad – for a couple of minutes and when I came back you had pulled the covers over your backside. I’ve always figured you knew I was there. I still have that vision in my head. I’ve never been able to rid myself of it. Mom, you have a fantastic looking backside and pretty legs. I made a promise to dad – a promise that I would be pleased ataköy escort and fortunate to keep – but it’s your call.”

Carla dropped her head to stare at her coffee cup. She did remember that time and felt she needed to explain.

“I do remember the time you speak of.” She began, but faltered for a few long seconds. “Your dad around that time, for a short period, had a hard time keeping it up. To pacify him, and his concerns about his friends,” She saw the surprised look on her son’s face, “oh yeah, I knew how crazy jealous he was, but I liked his jealousy. I agreed to seduce you – to keep it in the family so to speak. I was quite proud of myself. I timed it perfectly and I knew you were there. I heard you leave and I chickened out. That is why you found me covered when you got back.” Moments passed. “What would you have done had you returned and found me still laying there naked or, more brazenly, turned over with my legs spread waiting for you?”

“I don’t know if I could have done it, but had I returned and found you still laying there I was going to creep up and either caress your butt or jerk off standing there looking at you.” Daniel replied. “I had made up my mind to do one or the other. Had you been awake with your legs spread waiting for me,” Moments passed, “I have no doubt in my mind I would have climbed between them. Dad made no secret of his love for your sexual prowess. I would have wondered why you would do such a thing, but I could not have turned away form such an invitation. I was still a virgin.” He chuckled. Moments passed. “Why did you chicken out?”

Carla smiled knowingly. “That would have been a sight. The jerking off! Had you thought about what you are going to do when you ejaculated?

“Not really!” Daniel chuckled again.

Carla continued, “Unfortunately, you have my genes when it comes to sexuality. Diana talks. I chickened out because of my my love for your dad – my love for you. It would have caused problems eventually – my needs – your dads jealousy. I had no idea I would leave a sexual image of myself in your mind – in your thoughts – for so many years. I apologize for that. It must have been hard on you.”

“It caused more than a few fantasies. Your “mom” image was changed forever. So how did you cope,” Daniel queried. “with dad’s ED?”

“I purchased a dildo for your father to use on me. We saw a Doctor who fixed him up just fine. He performed quite well up until his passing. Damn pills probably didn’t help his health any. I was – am – selfish.”

Carla took a few sips of her now lukewarm coffee.

“I saw you studying me in the car the day of the funeral, you know. I was tempted to show you a bit more but with Diane so near she would have instantly been aware. Are you two good in that department?”

“Very much so.” Daniel assured her. “But sons always visit their mothers, so who would be the wiser.”

“Well! From that little tidbit, I will assume you’re more than willing to take care of your mother, reading between the lines as we are? I accept and pleased at your concern for my well being in that department.”

Daniel was interrupted from answering the question by the return of Diane and the kids. Mother and son rose in unison and rushed to greet them, acting as though they had something to hide. They recovered quickly and as Diane moved pass them to put the ice cream in the freezer they eyed each other knowingly, each acknowledging that they needed to be more careful and relaxed.

Nothing more was said at the cabin though there was plenty of opportunity. Each one had accepted that their incestuous relationship was on. It would not take long to consummate their desires.

“Hello, Diane, I’m sorry to bother y’all but I have noticed a wet area in the basement bathroom and was wondering if Daniel could come over and have a look?” Carla said over the phone less than a week, a Wednesday, after returning from the cabin.

“I don’t see why not, mom, he is just reading the paper.” Diane replied in a happy tone. “Honey! Pick up the phone. It’s your mother!” She shouted.

“Hey mom. What’s up?” Daniel said into the receiver.

“Do you give Diane oral sex?” Carla asked, hearing Diane’s receiver click, getting right to the point and surprising her son.

“Of course.” He replied.

“I’m not much on reciprocity.” Carla returned.

“Neither is she.” Daniel returned with a lowered voice. “It’s not at all necessary.”

“I told Diane that I had a leak in the basement bathroom. I would very much like to see you tonight.”

“I can be there in about 30 minutes.”

“Use your key, honey, I’ll be waiting for you in the bedroom.”

Daniel arrived at his mother’s rather large single-story home. He entered a dark house, worked his way across the living room to the left, to the entrance of the hall that led to the bedrooms. The master bedroom was at the very end. He passed a bedroom to his left the shared bathroom to his right and a bedroom to his right, then, another bedroom to his left, where he heard his mother’s ataköy eve gelen escort soft voice.

“I’m down here on the floor, sugar.” She warned him. “Don’t trip over me.”

Daniel stopped in his tracks and focused his attention on the luxuriously carpeted floor. He made out the shadowed form of his mother, made out her lifted head, apparently on a pillow, and apparently nude as there was no distinguishing colors of underclothing.

He was momentarily disappointed as he wanted to see and study his mother’s feminine attributes in the light, but brushed the thought aside as he began to disrobe.

A knew her to be 5′ 6″, a pretty enough face and a well toned body as she ran often and the house had an exercise room outback across from the pool which she used regularly. He remembered the black pubic hair he had seen years ago and it matched her jet black hair, ear lobe length, bobbed hair style. Her breast never seemed to stand out, small actually, with her ass being the prominent, and sexy, attribute, drawing your attention to her. He smiled, knowing it would be a good padding for what was to come.

As he disrobed, he tossed his clothes through the door of the bedroom door to his left.

“In our early years your dad always liked to screw me right here on this spot.” She said quietly. “The first placed we screwed after the house was completed. I thought this might be appropriate.”

“I think so too.” Daniel replied as he lowered himself to his knees, maneuvering himself down into position between already spread thighs, wrapping his arms around her thighs, pushing them back a bit and placing his face to his mother’s incestuous treasure.

His tongue flicked, causing an immediate involuntary moan to escape Carla. She had washed her pussy with an expensive perfumed soap, but Daniel could still detect an underlying feminine odor that was as pleasant, if not more so, as the soap.

“I really needed this, baby!” She sighed with elation. “Swooo! That is so good!”

Daniel had perfected his technique of oral over the long years with Diane. She liked oral more than screwing and partitioned him, much to his unspoken displeasure, to mount her and cum quickly more often than not, after giving her one or two orgasms orally.

He learned to tease by moving his tongue slowly, exploring, withdrawing to kiss thighs making Diane, and now his mother, plea for him to return to their pussy.

Carla held her legs aloft as her son’s hands moved up her sides to her breasts.

Daniel found them as expected, small but firm, the nipples firm and, surprisingly, berry sized. He caressed, compressed her breasts and raked his thumbs across her nipples as his tongue flicked at her clit, causing her ass to lift, her intense moans to be confined to no more than a few feet away from them.

Carla lifted her head to view the activity between her legs, more shadowed imagery than actual sight. She pulled her legs further back, having to grasp them with her hands to keep them back. She, too, now wished she had waited in the bed with a lamp on. She wondered if her son’s cock was equal to her late husband’s.

“It’s good Daniel! Please don’t stop!” She pleaded. “Right there! NO!”

Daniel did not heed her plea, sticking his tongue into her pussy pushing deep. Her “NO” slid into a most positive moan as she pushed her ass to take his tongue deeper, humping his face aggressively. After long moments, he returned to her clit only to repeat the process three or four times, over long minutes, sending her into a frenzy.

“Dammit, Daniel, you’re driving me crazy.” She finally exclaimed. “Light somewhere and make me come!”

Again, he ignored her plea and maneuvered quickly up to mount her, guiding his cock into her. She gasped loudly as his cock stabbed her and he proceeded to screw her aggressively.

Carla matched his rhythm instantly and she was soon huffing and puffing with her effort to keep up. She was not upset with her son, actually impressed with his male prowess as a lover, even more impressive than his father in his younger days. Her mind had transitioned easily from wanting to come, to wanting to passionately screw. Her nails dug into his shoulders, but she caught herself and withdrew her claws, knowing it would not be fruitful to leave marks on her son for Diane to discover. As long, long minutes ticked by. she evolved from being screwed to actively screwing herself on the rigid cock inside her, thrusting her ass up determinedly, not allowing it to withdraw but a fraction of it length.

She was surprised again when he pulled out of her and crabbed down, slipping his hands under her ass as she involuntarily lifted, placing her feet on his shoulders as he once more concentrated his tongue on her clit. She lifted her head again to stare down, pleading silently that he would not stop this time but bring her to orgasm.

Soon, her body stilled, head held high in the air, her eyes looking down wide with anticipation. The orgasm gripped her strongly and she ataköy grup yapan escort bellowed loudly, her taunt position holding her as if in a straitjacket. As the orgasm released her, she dropped her head back to the pillow feeling spent.

Daniel quickly maneuvered up to mount his mother. This time she sought his stiff cock and placed it to her. He pushed deep, causing both to moan, then, proceeded to screw her with a slow, sensuous rhythm, sending his cock deep into her with each thrust.

Carla deemed his cock more than ample over her husband’s in his heyday. She remained passive for long minutes just lying there, her feet flat on the floor, her thighs spread extra wide, enjoying their incestuous union.

“Do you like my pussy, Daniel?” She asked. “No more need to fantasize.”

“More than I can ever express, mom.” He replied. “Do you like my cock?”

“I do believe it is a bit longer and considerably thicker in your father’s. I like it very much. I know what you said at the cabin, but does Diane like it? The times she talks she doesn’t seem to like to screw. Your dad never heard you complain.”

“She never tells me no but I don’t think she likes a lengthy screw.” He answered.

“Well, sugar, I do.” She assured him. “And I will gladly pick up the slack. Now that I have rested a minute, how about picking it up a bit and give me that cock fast, hard and deep. You have something I want and need.

Daniel did as asked. Carla lifted her feet from the floor as her ass began to pace his rhythm as best she could. Soon, they were both breathing heavily. Daniel supported his weight on his forearms with his hands supporting his mother’s shoulders. Carla hugged her son tightly. Only their labored breathing could be heard as mother and son screwed each other. Long, long minutes passed.

“Do you feel my balls against your ass?” Daniel whispered in his mother’s ear.

“I do! I do.” She whispered back. “I bet their full of some nice warm cum. You going to shoot it in my pussy – fill my belly? “

“Are you ready?”

“I am, Daniel.” She exclaimed. “I want it so badly. Give it to me, baby!”

Daniel maneuvered to grip his mother’s ass with both hands. Her ample ass was going to do its job, acting as a shock absorber as he hammered into her, flattening out on the floor with each strong thrust.

“I’m not too heavy?” He moaned.

“Heavens no!” Carl answered. “If you stop before you give me that cum, I’m never going to let you screw me again!”

“Are you ready!” He panted.

“Yes, Daniel!” She passionately assured him. “Come on! Do it! Fill my pussy! Come in your mother’s pussy!

Daniel shoved his cock deep as it strongly erupted and jerked one, two, three times, filling her with his sterile semen. Quickly, he repositioned his hands to support her shoulders once more.

Mother and son kissed passionately as they continued to screw slowly in the darkened hallway. Neither cared to move, content to be when they were, content to continue their union.

“You’re not ready to quit are you?” She whispered an inquiry.

“Unh unh.” Daniel answered. “Do you want to move to the bed?”

“I’m happy right here, if you are?”

Daniel did not answer. He increased his rhythm slightly. Carla wrapped her legs around the back of his and wiggled her ass to position his shaft against her clit.

“Ohhh! Right there! Whooouu! Damn that little button is sensitive. Just like that!”

Daniel was more than happy to keep contact and keep the rhythm nice and slow like she desired.

Carla began a simple “humming” type moan that told Daniel the flowing peaks and valleys of his mother’s pleasure.

“I’m close, baby.” She whispered desperately. “Another couple of minutes.. Don’t stop. Just like that. Just like that! Don’t move! Ahhhhhh!”

It took just over a minute. The orgasm flowed through her slowly as she pushed her ass firmly against her son, taking his cock deep, enhancing the incestuous orgasm. It seemed to last forever but finally it slowly evaporated.

Daniel was now aroused once more and began to move determinedly, shoving his cock hard and deep into his mother.

Carla lifted her legs, bringing her knees back, her hands behind her legs, happily letting her son have at her. She could feel the wetness of their coupling and knew the carpet would have to be cleaned, but she care not.

As Daniel sought his release, his mind focused on the one under him, his mother. He focused on his slippery cock now lubricated with his cum which he had spewed inside his mother’s pussy. He thought of her lavish bush that he had not been able to view like he wanted, but knew he would soon. His back was beginning to hurt but he kept at her until at last he felt the orgasm begin to build. He moaned softly as he shot off, causing his mother to moan appreciatively.

“I don’t want to stop but we can’t have you getting home too late.” Carla said with a concerned tone. “I’m just guessing, but I bet we have been at it for more than an hour and a half. There is a box of tissues around here somewhere.”

They both reached around until Daniel found the box and offered it to his mother. He had not pulled out of her yet, knowing the necessity of the tissues. When he did withdraw from her, she placed the tissues between her legs, rising from the floor and hurried though the bedroom to the master bath.

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