Milking You Ch. 01

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Do you remember the day I milked you? The day you came so many times me that you swore you’d be sore for days? Mmmm I know I do. It all started one day that you came to my office. You see I specialize in helping sexy young men like yourself with your sexual hang ups (so to speak). When you come visit me you know that you will leave your inhibitions at the door. You may come in feeling nervous, but after I’m done with you, you’ll leave feeling more confident in your ability to pleasure any woman you like. I help bring that out in you.

When you came to see me that one spring day in April it was only after you have exhausted your patience with yourself. See at first you weren’t go to come see me. You didn’t want to admit that even though you were popular with the ladies that there was something missing. That even after you had cum deep inside each and every one of them that you wished you could keep going. The fantasy of being forced to do that kept you up most nights. You hungered to try it, to know what it was like.

All your friends told you how great it was. See they had all been to see me and I showed them what they were capable of. But each time they suggested it you brushed it off denying to yourself that you needed my help. Every time my commercial came on TV you found yourself trying so hard not to watch it. And when you heard my voice on the radio you quickly turned stations as not to hear it. You figured if you didn’t hear or watch me that the feeling to want it would go away. But it didn’t did it?

A few weeks went by and you were doing well (or so you thought). You had been doing very well in bed having had had sex with 4 women that week from your work. You felt confident in your ability to be a lover but in the back of your mind that voice still called to you. The urge still ate at you. You knew you couldn’t go on like this anymore. You had to do something but first you wanted to hear from your friends how good I really was. Oh sure they told you little details but you wanted to know it ALL. From how much I charged per client to how good I really was. You wanted to make sure you were making the right choice.

Knowing you would all meet up at the bar that afternoon you knew this would be the time to find out. Leaving work you got in your car letting the top down. The wind blew in your thick dark hair as you turned on the radio to hear some music and get the occasional traffic report. You could see traffic was bad on the freeway so you decided not to take it but stick to the back streets instead. As you drove you let your thoughts wander from how hard work was this week to how glad you would be once you got to the bar and had a drink. You really needed to take the edge off.

Just as you’re driving you hear my voice come on the radio. Oh god why is this happening now? Just when you were trying to hold it together you felt your body start to respond to me already. You knew you had to focus on the road though and ignore the fact that your cock was getting hard. But as my words filled your car you found you were fighting temptation. Hell you had heard this radio commercial so many times you knew it by heart. Reaching over you turned up the radio figuring you might as well hear it again.

“Hey sugar. Here at Seductive Thoughts I will make you feel like such an animal in bed. With my expert techniques you will come in feeling like a dud and leave feeling like a stud. Need some release? Come see me. I’ll make you feel so good. Call me at 555-7945 or stop by at 590 Longview St. I’ll be waiting,”.

As you hear my commercial for like the millionth time you know you have to get yourself in there to see me. This aching to be milked was getting too much for you to deny anymore. You know that no one else would do it because everything you asked you just got looked at like ‘what?’ You need a professional, someone who would understand and not think you were a freak for wanting it. But first you still had to find out.

As the bar came into view you sighed with relief. Finally you could get some insight. Turning on your blinker you pulled into the parking lot and quickly got a space. You knew you couldn’t go in there with this raging hard on. It would be very difficult to explain it. Turning off your engine you reached down and readjusted your cock to where it wouldn’t show. You then opened your car door and got out letting the sunshine hit your back. Walking up the sidewalk you took a deep breath as you opened the door letting the smell of peanuts and beer fill your nostrils.

Letting the door shut behind you, you walked over and sat down at your usual table. Seeing all your friends there you each gave them your usual high five. Yes you found you liked this ritual that you guys had every Friday afternoon. It was nice hanging out with the boys. Letting your eyes scan over you saw the TV was on sports and that the bar was packed to fill. Good thing you had your spot. Knowing that it would be a good time to just come right out and ask you quickly found your courage.

“So hey can I ask you guys a question?” escort ataşehir you say.

Your friend John turns to you first. He could tell the moment that you walked in that you had something on your mind.

“Sure buddy ask away,” John replies.

“Um well okay. You know that place on Longview Drive? The specialist. How good is she?” you ask.

John smiles at you. He knows what you’re asking and he’s so glad you finally found the courage.

“Well she’s real good man. She’ll get you there and take your cock between her hands. She’ll stroke you until you cum and then she’ll take you in her mouth where she’ll make you hard before stroking you again. She won’t let up until you’ve cum at least 5 times or until you’re begging. Then, and this is the best part, she lean down and give your cock a quick kiss,” John says.

You find yourself intrigued. From what you’ve heard you want to experience it yourself. But there’s something you must know. Something you have to know.

“That’s great. But will she let you fuck her? Or is that against the rules?” you ask.

“Oh yeah man but you got to pay extra. That’s not included in the standard package,” John says.

“Well okay that’s fine. How much more?” you ask.

You have to know. Money isn’t so much of an object for you. You don’t really care so much about the expense. You just need to know.

“Hmm well it varies per client but usually it’s about $40 dollars more to get some pussy,” John says.

Damn! 40 dollars! That’s some expensive pussy. But you know it will be worth it.

“But what a minute man. If you want to get into her pants she’ll only do it after you have come at least twice. She wants to have some of your cum saved in a jar first before you get to delight in her sweetness. And yes if you’re wondering you do get to cum inside her but she will just end up make you eat it afterwards. You know a creampie. So do you want her number?” John says.

Hell you’re okay with that. You already know how you taste anyways from past experimentations. All that you’ve heard so far sounds so good and you know you’re going to do it. You just to need to call first.

“Sure that’d be great,” you say.

Taking a piece of paper John writes my number on it and hands it to you. He knows once you get there you won’t regret your decision. With paper in hand you get up from the table and excuse yourself.

“I’ll be right back in a minute,” you say.

As you walk away you know it’s either now or never. This is the only time you’re going to really get the courage. You see a hidden spot in the bar where it’s just a stool by itself. It’s perfect. Walking over you suddenly hear a girl catcall to you.

“Hey nice cock baby. You ever need someone to help you with that just come over,” she says.

What the fuck? Who said that?

Turning your head you see a redhead with long flowing hair and a tight body winking at you. She is quite a piece of work with a tight black dress on practically showing everything. She definitely is the fuckable type. Normally you would go over and hit on her only to take her home later to fuck her brains out but not now. Now you need to focus. You flash her a quick smile then walk over to the bar stool sitting down.

Lifting the paper up to your face you reach in your pocket and grab your phone. With a lot of courage you dial in my number and wait for me to answer.

Back in my office I sit at my desk feeling quite bored. Business has been good lately but it’s been the same old faces and the same old cocks. I need some new cock in my hands. I need to help break someone of their fears and open them up to every possibility. It’s quite a warm day so I get up and turn on the fan next to my desk. Doing this causes me to have to bend over which exposes the top of my luscious breasts to anyone who might be passing by. I love the thought of being seen knowing I’m probably making some strangers day.

With a sigh I step away from my desk and walk over to the window looking out. I purposely press myself against the window as I stare out. I see people walking. Some alone, some with their S/O. I see many men turn and look at me even having some stop at my window. With a playful wink I take my right hand and lower my strap of my shirt allowing more of my breasts to show. I see their eyes bug out and watch them lick their lips. I then tap on the window pointing to my services and tell them to call me or come in if they want. But you know they never do. They just stare and then walk away. Okay enough of the free show. Fixing my top I turn just as I hear my phone ringing. Walking over I pick it up praying it’s someone new.

“Thanks for calling seductive thoughts. This is Stephanie. How may I help you today?” I say.

Wow automatically you are loving the sound of my voice. Damn already you getting more aroused.

“Um yes my name is Kevin and I’m looking to inquire about some of your services,” you say.

Whoo a Kevin. You’re definitely a new one.

“Well Kevin. I just love your name kadıköy escort bayan btw. It’s so sexy. What would you like to know about?” I ask.

“Heh thanks. Well I would love the full service package. I know that includes a full milking session with the option of sexual intercourse,” you say.

“Yes Kevin that’s right. For the price of $100 I will milk your cock until you are spent. And as for the intercourse that’ll be an extra $40 dollars for you big boy. So your total would be $140.00,” I say.

Wow $140 bucks. That’s a lot of just some sexual pleasure. But luckily you’ve got it. Knowing you better make an appointment before you lose your nerve you decide to just fuck it and go for it.

“Um that’s fine. I’d like to make an appointment to come see you,” you say.

“Okay. Let me see what’s available,” I reply.

Reaching over I grab my schedule book and flip it open. Hmm it’s already 5 now so I’m not taking any more clients. But I see that I have a spot open for tomorrow at 10 a.m.

“Well Kevin I don’t have anything for today but I do have a 10 a.m. open for tomorrow. Will that work?” I ask.

Well seeing its Friday you know that you don’t have any plans made. Besides even if you did you’d cancel them because you really don’t want to miss out on this experience. So yep tomorrow is fine.

“Sure that’ll work,” you say.

“Okay that’s fine. I’ll pencil you in. See you tomorrow Kevin. And don’t be nervous baby. I’ll take really good care of you,” I reply.

“See you tomorrow,” you say.

Hanging up the phone you find your heart is racing and your cock is throbbing. That had to be one of the hottest phone calls of your life. Holy shit you realize you really are going to be getting pleasured tomorrow. Knowing you better not jack off tonight you find yourself whistling as you make your dinner. And as you eat you can’t help but smile. God damn tomorrow is going to be good.

Back at my office I quickly pencil you in as I sit down my phone. So mmm I finally get my wish. I get to handle your cock tomorrow. Just hope you don’t mind having your cock head squeezed and even your prostrate massaged. I just love it when a guy cums like that. It’s so hot. And I just know you are going to love it. And seeing you are paying for my pussy I know I better keep myself ready for you. Normally I would masturbate after a session but tonight I’ll hold off so you can enjoy me. The delicious thought of you eating your own cum out of my pussy crosses my mind. I know I will enjoy that.

It’s time to go home so I grab my things and shut the door locking it behind me. I then get in my car and drive home. Arriving home I walk in and go to my bedroom where I store my toys. Going over I open my drawer and grab some lube, a prostrate massager, and a vibe for me tomorrow. The vibe is in just in case you want to play while you are fucking me. Some of my clients demand it and some don’t. Some like to hold the vibe to my clit while they pound and some say they aren’t worthy enough. It just really depends.

Grabbing my bag off the floor I throw the items into the bag zipping it up. I then place it next to my nightstand as I lay down on my bed. It’s been a long day seeing that I had 5 clients today. Each one wanted the basic package. Just a milking only. So as you can see my pussy has been slightly neglected. But, with a smile, I know it won’t be and I find I can hardly wait. Turning over on my bed I fall asleep quickly thinking of your hard cock in my hands.

Back at your house you quickly clear away your dishes and head to your bedroom stripping down to your boxers. You then go lay down on your bed letting your eyes scan over your selection of porn. Knowing it won’t hurt to watch just a few minutes to help you get to sleep you take your remote and turn on the TV selecting some dominance/fetish porn.

You watch as domantix comes on the screen and walks over to her subject. Getting down on her knees she starts stroking his cock demanding that he tells her how much he is enjoying this. You know from watching it before that it is going to be quite like what you are going to experience tomorrow well except with the dark room part. See you’ve passed by my business before and see how I treat everyone. You know you will indeed be in good hands. Suddenly finding yourself yawning you look at your clock seeing its 10 o’clock already. Damn how did the time go so fast? Turning off the porn you roll over and fall asleep dreaming of my pussy wrapped around your cock.

The night goes by quickly and before you realize it it is daytime. Looking at your cock you see that it is 9 a.m. Getting up you go and take your shower making sure to dress to impress. You then eat some toast for breakfast followed with a cup of coffee. Taking one more glance at your clock you see it’s time to go. Grabbing your car keys you whistle as you head out the door and jump into your car heading to my shop.

While you are on the way driving to see me I have already woken, gotten dressed, grabbed my bag and headed to the escort bostancı shop. Upon arriving I unlocked the door, checked the mail, and went into the back putting my things on the table. Now I am sitting at my desk waiting for you to show up. I am ready to do this.

You drive fast seeing there is hardly no traffic on the road. Thank god for Saturday mornings. Remembering the address you find my place quickly. Putting on your blinker you pull into the parking lot and get a spot. You then turn off the engine and sit back feeling your cock throb through your pants. God you are so fucking horny right now. All night you kept having dreams of being stroked and enveloped in my silky folds. You could feel me and hear me. It was so real to you. Now here you are. Reaching down you adjust your cock and get out of the car. You are nervous but excited. Locking your doors you come up to my door and open it hearing the ‘ding’ as you walk in.

I am standing at my counter dragging my fingers along my binder still waiting. I then look up and see you. Holy shit you are fucking handsome! I find myself taken back as I stare at you. Oh my god you never told me you looked like a Greek god. I find I can’t keep my eyes off you. I let my gaze move from your hair to your deep green eyes. I then focus on your lips. Oh you have such kissable lips. They are so perfect.

You see me staring at you. You can’t help but notice I’m eyeing you up like a piece of candy. You don’t know what to do. Should you walk towards me and introduce yourself? Or should you just allow me to come over to you? Either way is a dangerous decision. But you know what you came here for and you are totally okay with me checking you out. Taking the first step you walk up to my counter.

“Hi I’m Kevin and I’m your 10 o’clock. I’m here for the full special with the extra special deal of intercourse,” you say.

I find I cannot speak. My tongue is glued to my mouth. My god what is wrong with me? I am a professional for god sakes! I must control myself. Opening my book I scan down and see your name. I of course know you are my only client today. I scheduled that on purpose so I can have you all day. I mark off your name and look back up at you.

“Yes. Kevin. Of course here you are. Well would you please come with me?” I say.

Turning away from my counter I walk into the back room turning on the lights. I just love the lights. They are a wonderful shade of red that really gives the room some depth. Walking over to the desk I watch you come in behind me.

You let your eyes get used to the darkness as you scan the room. You see standing at the desk by some toys. You smile and nod as you scan the room some more seeing a box of some kind. It’s wooden and as you get closer you can clearly see a hole where your cock goes though. Holy fuck you realize it’s a version of a glory hole. Oh man you’ve only see one of those in the movies. Feeling your cock throb you reach down readjusting yourself one more time.

While you look I stalk you with my eyes. I just love your body. All tall and muscular with quite a nice ass. I notice you adjusting your cock through your pants and I lick my lips dying to get you in my mouth once you have cum at least once. Of course you won’t be able to see me because you’ll be behind the glory hole wall. But I will be able to enjoy you and do whatever I want. I lick my lips as I keep watching you squeezing my legs together every so often to offset the arousal you have created inside me. I know you are going to be a special kind of client and a repeat one at that.

You feel my eyes on you still. The way I am staring at you is making you hornier. Letting your eyes turn towards me you start to approach me. You are ready to get started.

I see you coming towards me and I can’t help but gaze down at your pants. I see that your cock has left a stain of precum on your denim and that you are practically busting though your jeans. I move away from the desk and over to you meeting you in the middle. We both stop and stare at each other. I can tell you are reading my expressions trying to decide if I’m for real and I do the same to you.

“So are you ready?” I ask

“Yes,” you reply.

“Well good. First let’s get you undressed. Then I want you to go stand with your face facing the wall and place your cock inside the hole,” I say.

“Do you want me to undress or should you do it?” you ask.

I find the more I look in your eyes I am losing it. Damn it why do you have to be so fuckable? Normally I allow you to undress as I prepare the devices but this time I want to undress you. I want to touch your naked body with my hands. Reaching forwards I focus on you as I unbutton your shirt gasping like a nervous teenager every time I see your skin.

You don’t know what to do so you keep your hands to yourself as you let me undress you. But honestly that’s not what you want to do. That’s not what you ache to do. See as much as I am hung over by your looks you find you are feeling the same way. You can’t help but let your eyes gaze over my breasts under my shirt. You find you want to squeeze them and play with me so much. You then let your eyes roam down to my pencil skirt. You focus on the crotch area knowing right now I am probably soaking wet inside my panties. God the thought excites you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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