Mike , Tenchii’s Adventure

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“No way, dude, Melanie’s got way bigger tits than Angela,” Mike stated with confidence.

His best friend and fellow eighteen-year-old, Tenchii Riyrotu, retorted hotly, “Mike, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Angela’s rack is huge; have you seen those things jiggle in gym class?”

Mike laughed and ran a hand through his short, brown hair.

“Yeah, she’s hot…too bad her boyfriend’s a total asshole…”

Tenchii grinned as he attempted to break the password code into a porno web site on his trusty laptop that he had received from his Uncle in Japan. The two guys were sitting in Mike’s room as they usually did on Friday night, while all of their classmates were out partying. They never had much luck with the ladies. It wasn’t that they weren’t good-looking kids; it was just that they started late.

Mike was average for his age, height and weight-wise, with plain brown hair and eyes. He did all right in school, usually passing with a B in most classes. Tenchii, on the other hand, excelled in every academic undertaking that he tried. He was tall and lanky, with spiky black hair and jet-black eyes. The two boys had been inseparable since grade school, and they were determined to spend as much time together this year before they both went off to different colleges the following fall. Tenchii was going to an elite University in Tokyo, while Mike was attending a nearby community college. It was all right, though; they’d keep in touch.

Another thing that Mike and Tenchii had in common was the fact that they both were virgins. Neither had ever made it past first base with any girl, but that didn’t stop them from talking about sex all the time. Tenchii had a major crush on Mike’s older sister, Katie, ever since the third grade and Katie was obviously aware of it. He went red in the face whenever she talked to him, and she often teased him by wearing skimpy bikinis and outfits around the house while he was over. This really didn’t bother Mike. He knew that his sister had an incredible body, and if they weren’t related, he’d be jacking off to her every night. Sometimes, he did anyway.

She was on the petite side, with straight, blonde hair that she bleached consistently to retain its angel-like color. Her eyes were plain and brown like his, but she used bright blue contact lenses to give her an even more angelic appearance. To add to the affect, she had a pair of pouty, pink lips and two rows of gleaming, white teeth. Her face was gorgeous, but it didn’t stop there. She spent hours at the local tanning salon to keep a steady, bronze tan that covered every inch of her smooth skin. Her breasts were on the smaller side, probably around a B-cup, but she made up for it with her round, shapely ass that made her the desire of every one of Mike’s buddies. Too bad she had the personality of a witch on her period.

Mike loved Katie, but there was no away around the fact that she was nothing short of a slut. She always had guys sleeping over, and it seemed like ever since she started becoming so sexually active, her relationship with her brother had suffered. Katie was only a year older than him, so they had been close their entire life, but lately, they’d been drifting apart, and she’d been being a complete bitch to him and Tenchii.

Tonight, Mike and Tenchii were just planning on staying home and watching some porno on Tenchii’s mega-PC, but as a scream from downstairs caught their ears, their plans were changed. Katie was waiting at the bottom, cloaked in what looked like a pound of make-up and wearing a tight, black tube top and a denim mini-skirt. She looked angry.

“Listen, Mom just called. She says that you little brats need to be watched, but I’m going clubbing with Christena, so I don’t know what to do.”

Mike’s stomach twisted at the mention of the name, Christena. She was one of Katie’s good friends who was surprisingly nice to him and Tenchii. She was a curvy Latina, with a chest that made Mike and Tenchii drool. She had flowing curls of shiny, black hair that hung down izmir escort bayan to the swell of her back and a pair of shocking, green eyes. Mike loved when she came over, since he felt that he could talk to her about things that he couldn’t even say to his sister.

Christena emerged from the hallway, clad in a very low-cut V-neck top that allowed Mike and Tenchii a mouth-watering view at inches of her luscious cleavage. She flashed them a quick smile and wave before turning to Katie.

“Did you figure out what’s going on?”

She groaned.

“No. Mom won’t even let these little fuckers stay home alone after what happened last time, so I guess we’re not going anywhere.”

Mike gulped as he remembered the incident that his sister was referring to. While spray-painting in the basement, he and Tenchii had accidentally lit a fire that had required the help of the fire department to get under control. He had been grounded for weeks.

Katie sighed heavily and sunk into a nearby armchair.

“Well, looks like we’re baby-sitting…”

She caught eyes with Tenchii, who in turn, blushed furiously.

“Hey, Karate Kid, get me a beer from the fridge.”

Tenchii stared blankly for a moment before rushing into the kitchen to obey Katie’s orders. Mike shook his head at her.

“Stop calling him Karate Kid, you bitch.”

She rolled her eyes.

“Oh please, Mike; don’t make me tell mom about all of those titty magazines I found in your closet.”

It was Mike’s turn to redden, as he glanced quickly at Christena, who was frowning at her friend. He, however, had a comeback ready.

“Katie, my dear, I hardly think that she’ll be as pissed when I let her know about the time I caught you and your ever-so-horny boyfriend, Danny, fucking in her and Dad’s bed.”

She narrowed her eyes and gave up. Mike smiled proudly in his victory.

By now, Tenchii had returned with a six pack from the freezer. He handed one to Katie who graced him with a forced smile, and then another to Christena who thanked him aloud. Mike and Tenchii grabbed one as well. It was one of the first times that they had drunk, but they were still enjoying it.

`For the next hour or so, Tenchii and Mike listened with great interest as the two women chatted about clothes, movies, people that they knew, and finally, their boyfriends. Everyone had since finished off at two and a half six packs, so Katie and Christena were speaking a little more freely.

“Danny’s…Danny’s got a six-inch cock,” slurred Katie, “but it does the job.”

Mike couldn’t stifle his chuckle and laughed out loud. His sister turned around to face him.

“What’s so funny, Mike? Do you…do you think that Danny’s cock is small? You’re one to talk; how big are you again, four and a half?”

Mike blurted, “Try seven and a half, you whore…”

She looked taken aback.

“Yeah, all right…”

In his drunken stupor, Mike didn’t stop to think and instantly popped up from his seat and ripped down his jeans and boxers in one smooth motion, allowing his seven and a half incher to flop out. Christena gasped and Katie squinted her eyes to get a better look.

No one spoke for a good few seconds, before Christena broke the ice.

“Katie…I dare you to touch it.”

She didn’t answer but instead got up and kneeled in front of the couch in on which Mike was sitting. She didn’t just touch his stiff cock, but instead wrapped her entire fist around it, gently rubbing up and down. It felt fantastic, but he didn’t dare show any signs of pleasure. Katie’s eyes widened when she saw it up close.

“Shit…you weren’t lying…”

Christena edged nearer and stood over her shoulder. Mike was beginning to feel somewhat embarrassed with both of these gorgeous girls just staring at his erect dong. He was praying that he wouldn’t shoot any pre-cum out and humiliate himself. By now, Katie had released his shaft and took a seat on the couch beside her brother. She looked up at Christena.

“Hey…I bet you won’t escort izmir put your mouth around it…”

Christena, like his sister, didn’t say a word and kneeled in front of him. She placed one warm hand on his knee and used the other to take his throbbing cock and gently push it between her soft lips. It was unlike anything he had ever dreamed. She closed her eyes and tenderly sucked his shaft, gently kissing the head and balls. Her lips moved up and down his shaft in a smooth, rhythmic motion, pausing only to lovingly nibble the underside.

Mike couldn’t help but moan softly. Christena finally removed her lips from is cock and sat up, licking her lips. She winked at him as everyone continued to stare at his glistening pole, which lay erect in my lap. Finally, Katie turned to Tenchii and spoke.

“Well, let’s see yours, um, Tenchii.”

He looked shocked.

“I, er, I don’t know if I want to…”

She grinned seductively and straddled his lap, pushing him back onto the couch. She gently kissed his lips, finally slipping her tongue into his mouth and sliding her hand all over his tense body. She made her way down to his lap and started massaging his obvious boner.

“I’ll suck on it for ya, baby…Don’t you want that? Hmm?”

That was too much for Tenchii. He waited until she had stood up before tearing down his jeans and underwear, allowing his rigid pole to pop out. It almost poked Katie right in the eye, who was kneeling before him. He was a little longer than Mike, but less thick. Katie smirked alluringly and didn’t waste any time. She plunged her face into his lap and immediately started sucking him with gusto. She noisily slurped every inch of his shaft as he swallowed nervously and gripped the armrests of the chair, beads of sweat trickling down his forehead. It was turning Mike on so much to see his best friend getting head from his sister, and he couldn’t help it. He watched intently, watching her technique. She would spit him out and then trace her tongue up and down the bottom of his pole, causing him to shudder with pleasure.

Katie had been sucking Tenchii off for about 10 minutes before she finally stopped and turned to her friend.

“Christena, you take over this one. I want to taste my brother…”

Mike didn’t waste any time making his way over to the couch. He plopped down on the seat and she pinned his legs down with her hands before snatching his pole and stuffing as much as she could fit in her mouth. She loudly slurped her brother’s shaft, and then positioned his hands behind her head, telling him (with a mouthful of penis) to pump her head in and out. I obeyed and shoved her face into my lap over and over again. He looked over and watched as Christena slowly and flirtatiously lashed her tongue all over Tenchii’s cock. He was in heaven.

Finally, Tenchii and Mike decided to take a break. They wanted this to last forever. The girls agreed and asked what they wanted. Tenchii actually spoke up, rather nervously.

“Well, um, you got to see ours…I guess that it’s only fair if you, uh, return the favor.”

They looked at each other and shrugged, and Christena replied.

“Okay. We’ll switch again. Mike, you can play with me, and Tenchii can play with Katie.”

Mike nodded.

“That’ll work.”

Mike took a seat beside Christena, who still had dribbles of his and Tenchii’s pre-cum on her lip. He put his arm around her neck and brought her in for a sensual kiss. They made out on the couch as he ran his hands through her wavy hair and all over her plump melons. They felt so soft and squeezable.

Eventually, she stopped him and pulled her shirt off to allow her naked breasts to bounce out. They were bigger than Mike had imagined, and it was obvious that they were all-natural. She grinned flirtatiously and shook her chest from side to side, causing her big titties to slide around captivatingly. Mike gulped and finally picked one up, squeezing it in his hand. He rolled them around between both of his hands and mashed them together, izmir escort jiggling them around. His heart was racing; he had never felt a girl’s chest before. She laughed and eyed his erect dick, which was dribbling drops of pre-cum. She licked her lips.

“Hey, Mike…have you ever been tittyfucked?”

He shook his head timidly. Christena smiled and stretched out on the couch. She instructed Mike to straddle her lap and lay his cock down on her chest. He obeyed and she grabbed her boobs and wrapped them around his cock. He started slowly driving his shaft in and out of her cleavage. It felt incredible. Over time, he started going faster and faster. This was great.

Mike looked over at Tenchii. He was nervously making out with Katie, who was vigorously pumping his pole in and out of her hand. He was in heaven.

When he looked back down, Christena had released her breasts and was closing her eyes in fatigue. He sat down in front of her and she opened her eyes again.

“How do you want to finish, honey? You can use my mouth, my hand, my tits, my pussy, my ass…what do you want?”

Mike ponder it for a while, and then decided.

“I er, think that I’ll um, take anal.”

She sat up and kissed him softly on the lips.

“Good choice.”

She pulled down her skirt and then her red thong before kneeling on the carpet and looking over at Katie. She and Tenchii were still making out.

“Hey, K, do you want to finish him off?”

She pulled away, but still had her fingers wrapped around his cock.

“Yeah…what do you want, baby?”

Tenchii swallowed uneasily and pushed up his glasses.

“I’d actually l-like to orgasm while inside of your v-vagina…”

Katie stared for a moment and then laughed out loud.

“Okay…pussy it is, then.”

She tore down her mini-skirt to reveal her bare, shaved pussy and plump, round ass. She laid on the floor next to Christena and commanded Tenchii to fuck her. He promptly obeyed and waited as she spread her lips and told him to enter her. He forcefully thrusted his cock inside of her wet pussy and moaned, his voice cracking unintentionally. She closed her eyes and gripped the floor as he sped up.

Mike and Christena had got so caught up with watching Tenchii and Katie that they had forgotten to do their deed. Mike shook out of it and spread apart her cheeks, exposing her star-shaped hole. He fingered it a few times before positioned his cock in front of it and driving it inside. She screamed and pounded the floor.

“Fuck! That feels so good…Do it, baby…”

He swallowed and started pumping, closing his eyes and throwing his head back. He was definitely losing his virginity the right way.

He was nearing orgasm when his eyes caught Tenchii’s, who was currently fucking his sister. That notion just sunk in, and he chuckled. They looked at each other and nodded with pride. This was, without question, the best night of their lives. They’d be talking about this for years.

Mike concentrated back on his climax, which was steadily approaching. He warned Christena, who nodded, her tits flailing around violently. He finished strong, with a final thrust and emptied his load in her shapely ass. He sighed deeply and fell back onto the couch. Christena got up and sat beside him. He put his arm around her and planted a kiss on her cheek. She grinned and laid her head on his shoulder. They watched as Tenchii climaxed and pumped his juice into Katie, who was arching her back and shrieking.

“Jesus fucking Christ, you’re huge!”

Tenchii was never prouder. Finally, he pulled out and collapsed onto the sofa. Katie edged over in front of him and jolted him awake by putting his dick back into her mouth and sucking again, until he became soft and limp again.

After everyone had calmed down and gotten dressed, Katie warned Mike and Tenchii.

“This never, EVER happened, all right?”

Mike nodded and Tenchii followed. Katie grinned.

“Good. Now, if we’re alone again, and you guys are in the mood, all you have to do is ask.”

Tenchii’s eyes widened as Katie and Christena walked off. He turned to Mike and the guys burst out laughing. This was the best thing that had ever happened to them, and they couldn’t tell anyone.

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