Meeting At Last

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Finally they met. All the months of flirting, of chatting and dreaming, they had a chance to meet face to face.

“John? Is that you?”

Without speaking he smiled, then pulled her close to kiss her deeply, passionately. He pulled back, leaving her breathless. “I hope so, Susan. Otherwise I’ve just kissed the wrong person.” They laughed and went up to their hotel rooms to drop off their suitcases. The rooms had been chosen for location, the fact that one had a Jacuzzi but the rooms were separated by a door, in case things didn’t go the way either of them wished. They were friends first before anything else.

“Well, the flight was hell; do you mind if I shower before we go to dinner?”

He smiled slowly, nodding as his eyes swept over her from head to toe. “Need someone to scrub your back?” She smiles, her green eyes twinkling.

“Why don’t you shower as well; I won’t take a minute…I’m not washing my hair.”

She went into her room, leaving the joining door open as she went into her bathroom and pinned up her hair.

She stepped into the shower, humming as she scrubbed her body with a loofa. The water was nice and hot, running over her skin. A draft from the curtain being opened behind her made her shiver, then he puts his hands on her shoulders.

“What are you d..doing, John? Shower doesn’t work in your room?”

He chuckled, kissing the nape of her neck. “I like the view in yours better.” She blushed, her ears and cheeks turning pink. She sighed then, as he traced his lips over her shoulder. He turned her to face him, and she gasped at the sight of him naked before her. He arches his eyebrow and smirks at her discomfort. “You didn’t think I’d get in the shower dressed, did you?” Before she can answer he turns the shower head to spray against the wall and pulls her close, pressing his obvious arousal against her stomach as he kisses her, his tongue dancing over her lips as he tangles his fingers in her hair.

She moans against his mouth, rubbing her body against his as she puts her arms around his waist. She pulls back from the kiss and looks up, her jade eyes dark with passion. “I think dinner can wait…”

She kisses slowly down his throat, scraping his skin lightly with her fingernails, trailing over his stomach until she wraps her fingers around him, the skin taut and hot against her hand. She strokes him slowly, licking his nipples and trailing her other hand lightly down his back, over his rear end. She lowers herself to her knees before him, taking him in her mouth. Lips stretched wide around him, she circles the head with her tongue, flicking the underside lightly before taking him slowly deeper into her mouth. When she’s nearly got him in her mouth all the way, she tightens her lips and slides slowly to the head, then just as slowly back down the shaft. She smiles at his groan, then moans in turn as she feels his hands on her head, guiding her back down. Sliding her hands up over his thighs, she wraps one around the base of his shaft, the other cupping his scrotum gently. Her hands are slightly cool, compared to the heat of her mouth, and he shudders at the temperature differences.

She revels in the feel of him in her mouth, the skin tight, the vein throbbing against her tongue as she strokes him lovingly with her lips and tongue. With her hand cupping his sac, she feels him tighten and sucks harder, her mouth creating a hot vacuum in which he can’t help but be pulled. She hums softly against his skin, her lips and tongue vibrating as she sucks him deeply into her mouth.

He feels himself tightening and moans softly, grabbing her hair tighter. “Yes Susan…mmm don’t stop, princess…” She increases her motion, sucking harder, faster, deeper until he comes, exploding in her mouth with a groan. She swallows, tasting him for the first time. As he softens slightly in her mouth she stands, licking her lips and grinning at him. He opens his eyes and looks at her.

“That was incredible, Susan…but now it’s my turn.” She raises an eyebrow as he kisses his way down her throat, pausing to nibble at her breasts. Her nipples harden and she gasps, his mouth warm against the damp skin. She arches against him, pressing her breasts against him. He bites at her nipples harder, causing her to gasp, then moan. He trails his hands over her stomach, sliding down her thighs until he is at the backs of her knees. Gently he pulls them apart, making her spread her legs a bit further. He pushes her back then, until she’s pressed against the back of the shower. He feels her trembling. He looks up then to see if she’s okay to see her head back against the cool tiles, her bottom lip caught between her teeth.

Time stops as he hovers in front of her, his breath heating her lips. She moans, her hands resting on his shoulders. Without moving forward, he raises his eyes until she looks güvenilir bahis at him. He raises an eyebrow and whispers. “Are you okay, Susan?” She whimpers out loud at the feeling of his breath stirring the trimmed hair covering her sex and nods. She groans as he moves a bit closer. “John…please….”

She nearly collapses as he presses his lips to hers, barely gliding his tongue over them. She feels her knees buckling and is glad for the cool tiles at her back. She drops her hands to her sides as he slides one hand up between her legs, brushing the undersides of her cheeks before gliding one finger into her as he curls his tongue around her clit, tapping it quickly but gently, barely brushing the sensitive bit of flesh. Her whimpers grow louder, frustrated as she tries to pull him closer but he resists. “John…you tease…please baby…”

He chuckles softly, his breath causing her clitoris to twitch. “Please what, Susan…what is it you want?” She looks at him, begging with her eyes. She whispers then, her voice barely audible.

“Eat me…please….”

He smiles at her furious blush, and complies, his tongue driving into her moist heat, tasting her arousal; tangy against his tongue. He licks deeper, his fingers gripping her ass as he eats her. He pulls away, then sucks her clit into his mouth, nibbling gently as he taps it with his tongue.

Her knees buckle at the sensation as she presses on his shoulders, trying to keep herself upright. She rolls her head side to side against the tile, the feelings tightening the coil of her orgasm in the pit of her stomach, her entire body trembling under his persistent onslaught. He slides his finger into her again, feeling the muscles there quiver as she gets closer to orgasm. Sensing just how close she is, he slides another finger into her beside the first, then curls them back toward him, pressing against her g-spot as he rolls there clit between his lips.

“J….John……mmmmh…..oh yes…….don’t…..don’t stop…..” Her brow furrows as she gets close, her body stiffening all over as she climbs the peak of an intense orgasm. With a cry she hits the top; he feels the muscles around his fingers clamp down and slows his attack on her clitoris, feeling her body quiver like an tightly strung bow. She slides down the wall until her face is level with his, then kisses him passionately, tasting herself on his mouth as she drives her tongue into his mouth.

John shivers from the chill water splashing back on him from the wall, remembering they’re in the shower. He stands, helping her to her feet and steps out of the shower.


They go down to the hotel restaurant, both dressed to the nines. She smiles, her hand tucked in the crook of his arm. She’s wearing a dark green cocktail dress, the skirt reaching mid thigh. Her shoulders are bare, and the back of the dress is cut low, almost to her waist.

John’s dressed in a black suit, the fine material tailored to perfection. They sit at a quiet booth at the back of the restaurant, watching the people passing by as they sip the water at the table. He leans over, his gaze traveling over her like a caress. “You look fantastic, Susan.” She blushes, face pinking slightly at the praise.

“You don’t look so bad yourself, John…that’s a great suit.”

They order dinner, and when the salads arrive she tucks in, eating carefully. She watches him as they eat in silence, relishing in the sight of him. They finish dinner, hardly paying attention to the food. He pays the bill and they go upstairs, locking both their doors tightly against the world.

“Susan, let’s not go out…we can just order a movie up here if you want.”

She smiles and nods. “Get a good one, I’m going to go change out of this dress.”

She disappears into her room and changes, pulling on a filmy negligee. She hears him leave his room, then return. As she peers in, she sees he’s grabbed a bucket of ice from down the walk, and smiles.

“If there’s rum in the room fridge, I’ll take a rum and Coke.”

“Sure thing, princess.” He pours the drink, using up one of the small bottles in a plastic tumbler, topping it off with a bit of soda. The curl up and flip on the TV, his hands roaming lightly over the front of her negligee, tugging at the ribbons there.

“Susan…you should take this off…I don’t want to tear it.” He growls at her, nipping lightly at her ear. She smiles and whispers back, toying with his buttons. “Why do you think I’m wearing it, John? I want you to.” She chuckles as he pounces, straddling her, holding her arms over her head. “What are you doing, you crazy guy?”

He says nothing, but grabs a pair of silk scarves from under the pillow she’s laying on, quickly tying her arms over her head with one. “I’m going to show you something you’ve ached for, baby.” With the other scarf, türkçe bahis she covers her eyes, making sure she can’t see anything.

Reduced to only sound, she chuckles nervously as she feels him get off the narrow bed, then hears a rustle of material. Her legs are pulled straight, spread and tied to the end of the bed. She nibbles at her bottom lip nervously, aroused and slightly worried at the same time. “John?” Her voice is hoarse, yet curious. She feels his finger against her lips. “Shut up or I’ll have to gag you, Susan.” She swallows, nodding.

He stands up, viewing his handiwork. She’s stretched out on the bed, her arms bound overhead, her legs tied to the foot. He can feel her nervousness, see it in her trembling. He takes a sip of her abandoned rum and Coke, thinking. An idea forms and he kneels over her. She startles slightly at his weight against her hips. She feels him lean over her, his tie brushing against her barely covered chest as he kisses her forehead. “Easy angel…you’re going to enjoy this I swear it.” Her trembling slows, and she feels herself responding to the unique feeling of being completely helpless. She nods again, a bit more sure this time. “Good…now relax baby. I’m going to get rid of a couple things that are in my way.” He pulls out a pocketknife and cuts the material of the negligee slowly, the fabric parting like water over the sharp blade. He gets up and spreads the material open, baring her pale skin to the lamplight.

She’s a picture of alabaster, her skin milky by the light, her chest slowly blushing pink from her arousal. Her large nipples pucker at the cool air, drawing up tightly like a pair of cherry gumdrops, aching to be nibbled. He ignores them for the moment, focused on the filmy thong stretched over her pussy. He can see how wet she’s become, the material dark between her legs. He takes the knife and cuts through the sides of the thong, pulling the material away and tossing it to the floor.

She’s open to him now, her body a buffet of possibilities. He sips the drink again, feeling the rum heat his stomach with it’s welcome fire. He takes one of the ice cubes into his mouth and walks around to the head of the bed, leaning down over her chest. She senses he’s near, but can’t place him until he takes her left nipple in his mouth, pressing the ice cube to the tight peak. She gasps, jumping at the sensation, pulling against the ties holding her down. “John!!!” He chuckles, then bites the nipple in his mouth. Her gasp changes to a moan, the riot of sensation blocking all thought from her mind.

He chuckles again as he feels her respond, first pulling back, then arching against his mouth, pressing her nipple to his mouth. Her own mouth is open, gasping as he gnaws lightly on the tight bud in his mouth, watching her face as she moans. He pulls back, then takes another sip of the drink, getting another ice cube. He grips it lightly between his teeth, then trails it down the center of her body, delighted as she shudders at the cold. He slides it down until it rests against her pubic hair, watching her writhe as the melting ice drips into the hair and running over her aching center, pooling between her legs. She tosses her head from side to side, helpless to move out of the way of the cold water. He stands at the foot of the bed then, watching the remains of the ice melt away, seeing her body vibrate at the sensation.

“You look so good, princess…I’m going to enjoy this immensely…” He growls deep in the back of his throat, causing a shiver of another sort to wrack her body. He strips out of his suit then, leaving it in a heap at the foot of the bed before climbing between her legs, tracing his tongue up the inside of her thigh. As he reaches her lips, she whimpers. He takes his time, lapping at the water clinging to her pussy, tasting her arousal as well as the rapidly warming water. His breath is hot against the freshly shaved lips and he nibbles lightly at the sensitive flesh.

She moans louder, writhing against the restraints. “John please… I don’t know if I can take the teasing…” She begs him, arching her body helplessly against the silk bonds as he chuckles.

“I already told you to shut up once, Susan…you’re in no position to ask for anything right now.” As if to prove his point, he dives onto her pussy, licking her quickly until she’s close to orgasm, then stopping, hopping off the bed, his own arousal aching as he watches her collapse against the bed, writhing, attempting to bring herself to orgasm without his help in frustration.

He walks next to her then, reaching over to pinch her nipples roughly between his fingers, her moans growing louder at the sensation. “That was your last warning, Susan. Next time, I gag you.” His tone is stern and she quiets down, biting her bottom lip between her teeth. As her motion subsides he kneels between her güvenilir bahis siteleri legs, his erection jutting out from his body, seeking her warmth. He leans down for one last taste of her, watching with a smile as she bites her lip harder to keep quiet. He licks her navel, drawing a wandering line with his tongue up between her breasts before stopping at her chin, kissing it. He kisses her and as she respond he slams into her, ramming himself into her tight pussy until he is fully inside her, catching her cry in his mouth.

He kisses her brutally then, his mouth seeking to punish hers for the outburst as he pulls almost completely out, then slams back into her again. She arches up, grinding her pelvis against his, seeking his next thrust. He braces his arms on each side of her head and slides up into her again, rubbing his own pelvis against her, grinding against her clit. Her frustration is evident as she tries to wrap her legs around him, forgetting for a moment that she’s tied down. Her whimpers as she arches against him urge him on, and he speeds up his pace. Quick staccato thrusts, then long languid strokes…her body responds eagerly to the loving abuse, gripping him as he slides out, then back into her.

“J….John…..har…harder…..please……fuck me harder…” She moans, no longer caring what he does, as long as he pounds her as hard as she’s dreamt for months. He fills her, feeling as though he was built just to fit into her; two puzzle pieces intimately made to lock just so. He chuckles and does the opposite, slowing his strokes and keeping shallow, enjoying her frustration as she attempts to meet his thrusts with no success. She whimpers, begging him with her motions.

He feels himself growing close to his own orgasm and finally accedes to her wishes, slamming into her roughly, rocking the bed with his thrusts. She sighs, panting as she gets pounded against the bed. “Yes John…..yes yes…..Fuck me baby……” She urges him on as she growls at her, biting her shoulder as he slams into her a final time, shooting his orgasm deep inside her. She hits her own at the sensation, clamping down on his cock with a hot, wet vise, her entire body quaking as she moans loudly. He stops and holds still, feeling her clamp down and release, the muscles fluttering against his erection.

He’s still hard and feels her orgasm subside, then surprises her as he starts thrusting again, long slow strokes that bring her quickly up out of her post-orgasmic stupor until she’s urging him on again. He feels her growing close once more, and stops suddenly. At her frustrated whimper he kisses her. “Just a minute susan…I want to feel you as well.” He unties her arms, then leans back and undoes the bindings on her ankles. She wraps her legs around his waist, pulling him down to her. She wraps her limbs around him tightly and he thrusts into her again, their bodies matching one another for each stroke. She digs her nails in and arches against him, grinding her pussy against his thrusts, moaning as she tilts her head back, her body reaching for him.

“God’re so hot…grab me baby…” He urges her, his whisper sending a thrill down her spine as their bodies rub against each other in an erotic dance. She tangles her legs around his and her breathing speeds up as they both get close again.

He pulls out of her swiftly, causing her another sob of frustration. “Turn over susan…I want to fuck you like a little bitch.” The harsh words cause her to shiver, nearly reaching an orgasm at the rough tone of his voice. She complies, rolling over on her stomach and getting to her hands and knees, thrusting her ass back against him. He places his hands on her hips, guiding her onto his cock again. He slides in then proceeds to slam into her again, reaching beneath her to fondle her clit as he fucks her roughly from behind, rocking her on her hands and knees. She arches, the puts her head against the pillow, thrusting back against him each time he slams in, feeling him deep inside her pussy. She bites down on the pillow then, muffling the scream she feels building as he speeds up, pounding into her eager pussy like a jackhammer. Just as he gets ready to come he pulls out, the clenching and unclenching of her pussy nearly unbearable as he nears his orgasm. She surprises him by turning around then, diving for his cock like a starving woman.

She tastes them both on his cock, sucking him deeply into her mouth as she moans. Sucking him swiftly, he comes with a growl, her tongue laving his pulsing cock as it spurts into her mouth. She swallows it greedily until he finishes, then collapses back on the bed with an exhausted sigh. He lays down next to her, trailing kisses over her belly and chest. She curls up against him, throwing one leg over his as she kisses his sweat-dampened chest. She sighs contentedly as she snuggles against him and he wraps his arms around her, hugging her tightly. He kisses her forehead and brushes her hair back from her cheek, caressing her face with his hand.

“You’re beautiful Susan…I’m glad we finally got together.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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