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This long distance thing sucks. I don’t even know how I let myself get attached to someone hours away. Philly seemed like worlds away from the Carolinas, but with modern technology, maintaining a long distance relationship was feasible. It was the nights and weekends alone that got to me the most.

I lived for that one extended weekend every other month when either of us would travel to the other’s home. But for now, emails, phone calls, and video chats would have to suffice. However, unfortunately, with our schedules being so hectic lately, emails and quick calls were most common during the week, while video chats and the like were saved for the weekend, if time permitted.

~Daddy143B is Online. Click to Chat.~

The message popped up over an email I was about to send my girlfriend. Unsure of your schedule, I thought this may be a email/ quick call type weekend; Thankfully I was wrong. I’d be lying if I told you my heart didn’t skip a beat. Forget the email, I’d rather have the real thing, or at least as close as I was going to get 10 hours away. I clicked the hyperlink and waited for the chat session to load.

~LadyA14 is Now Connected with Daddy143B. Please Wait.~

Moments later the view from her camera appeared and the image came into focus, mine must have too because her smile began to grow. Mine did as well. Something about not being able to see her everyday always gave me butterflies; I guess the saying’s true, absence does make the heart grow fonder.

“Hi Baby.”

“Hey Baby!” I respond with a giggle. What can I say, I’m in my twenties, but you make me feel like a teenager in their first relationship, well the beginning of it anyway. “How was your day?”

“It’s been long. One of my line cooks called out so the kitchen was backed up a bit, then you know I told you the critic is making his rounds this month so everyone’s on edge. It’s a bit crazy, but I’m happy to say everyone’s stepping their game up accordingly.”

My girlfriend was chef and co-owner of a coffee bar and lounge named Blue’s. The food and atmosphere were excellent and when I visited her, as much as she didn’t want to go into “the office”, I made sure I stopped in at least once. They’d usually have a live jazz group in a couple times a week and poetry every Sunday. I loved that place just as much as I loved her and when she took me their the first time, I knew if this was her heart’s desire fulfilled, God created her just for me.

“But Baby, how was yours? How did that premier go?”

As the program coordinator of a local theatre, I’d done an exceptional job at acquiring our newly renovated, circa 1930s establishment new fame as well as big ticket funding in the process. The work came with planning the events surrounding bahis firmaları the premiere movies, each director wanting their event to bigger and better than the last. My work never ends, but I truly loved the thrill of it all.

“It actually went very well. I’m really trying to get Spike down here with his new film. Could you imagine? The state would go crazy!” I laughed with the thoughts of such a name as Spike Lee gracing the South with his thought-provoking presence. Trying wouldn’t hurt.

Daddy143B: so imu like crazy an ur sexy right now

Daddy143B: not saying ur not always sexy but ur super sexy now

My girlfriend and I had a nasty habit of having two conversations at once. One directly within our video chat and the other allocated to the built in text-chat field. The latter was usually reserved to incite ‘play’, until things got too hot to type.

“That’d be great Baby. I’m happy for you. Maybe Blue’s could cater, who knows.”

“That sounds great Bae. Between you and the support I get at work, the possibilities seem endless!”

LadyA14: hmmm how you tryna act lol 🙂

Daddy143B: im tryin to act real nasty

LadyA14: mmm me too daddy, me too

Our second conversation seemed to be getting warm, but I knew it was nowhere near where it would soon go. You rarely being the one to begin our secondary conversation, I knew when you did, there was no turning back.

Daddy143B: oh yea baby?

Daddy143B: im trying to make love 2u all nite long

LadyA14: hmm, we can do that

“Have you purchased your ticket yet? I’ve scheduled a showcase of area poets for the Sunday you’re in town.”

“Not yet, but I’m going to handle it before I go to bed tonight.”

Daddy143B: when can we do that

LadyA14: give me a couple weeks


LadyA14: make me want it and you could have a chick on the road tonight

Curious as to where this conversations was headed, I had to throw her some bait, and bite she did

Daddy143B: Damn girl. I want to lick the shit out of your wet ass pussy til you drip cum all down my throat and make me lick all of it up baby

LadyA14: ummmm well damn, I don’t know what to say

Caught off guard, I was truly left speechless. Usually you left the wordplay to me, but you obviously wanted something tonight and were completely willing to work for it. I loved it! I could see you feverishly typing and I couldn’t wait to get whatever message you were over there working on.

Knock, knock, knock. “Alivia?”

Damn, the message would have to wait a bit. My roommate was at my door.

“Come in!” I yelled for her to enter.

“Hey Alivia,” noticing I’m on the computer, “oh, hey Bria. kaçak iddaa Um, Liv, can you please remember to put the vitamin D milk behind the 2% milk? I organized them by fat content.”

“Sure, sweetie, sorry about that.”

“Tell her I said ‘hi’.” My girlfriend speaks into the one earbud left in my ear.

“Bria says ‘hi’. Have a good night.” I pasted on a grin and released my lips once she closed the door. Rita was by far the weirdest person I knew, but her rent was always paid on time, she kept a clean house, and she stayed fairly quiet so if she wanted me to organize eggs from smallest to largest in the 12- count container, I might just oblige her.

LadyA14: omg she is soooo naggy, but let me get to this lllooonnnggg nasty message…

I wasn’t prepared in the least bit.

Daddy143B: then while its nice an wet ill slide that big chocolate dick inside of you just how u like it till you tell me stop daddy or till you say daddy I need more. Baby ive been craving you and that oh so wet pussy that you have all damn day. I love it so much. And how you taste. Damn girl I love that wet ass pussy of yours an how it taste an how you squirt all over my face when that pussy cums hard. You know like when you have to work for that cum an you squirt all over girl? I love that shit

Somewhere during reading I began biting my lip and by the end my bottom lip was numb and my lower lips were wet. Damn.

Daddy143B: yeah, she real fuckin naggy

LadyA14: that’s not fair

LadyA14: now im wet and all I want is you fucking me from the back. Hard!

Daddy143B: why isn’t it fair and damn 😛

LadyA14: cuz, it just isn’t! you know better. you know I love when you do it like that daddy

Daddy143B: welp get on the road

Daddy143B: how wet ru

LadyA14: real wet daddy

Daddy143B: can I see

I pushed my laptop back a bit then slide my hand between my thighs to my panty-less pussy. You looked as if you’d faint from your view. Licking your lips as if you were preparing to eat, I smiled at what control a simple gesture had. Moments later two of my fingers emerged, glimmering with juices from my extremely pussy.

Your eyes widen at the sight.

“Damn, Baby.”

“What? You know how your pussy reacts to you, Daddy. I miss sucking my cum off you big dick, baby. You know, like this.”

It was my turn. And I never disappointed. I stuck my tongue out and met my wet fingertips with the tip of my tongue, all while looking directly at you. Tongue still out, I slowly glided the fingers into my mouth, along my tongue, until they disappeared, nearing my throat. The sensation made me lightly gag and contributed to the moisture now reaching my thighs.


LadyA14: y kaçak bahis daddy?! 😉

Daddy143B: lol girl cause im thinking bout fucking u so I need to take my mind off it

LadyA14: remember when I’d try to get it all in my mouth

LadyA14: You’re too big so it would never work

Daddy143B: HELL YEA

Daddy143B: im super horny now STOP

LadyA14: but I’d try and gag… something about it got my pussy all wet again

LadyA14: and id want you back deep inside me

LadyA14: naw hoe, we both gunna be hot and bothered, that’s what you get


The reality of our situation deterred my thoughts for a moment. I couldn’t wait until our lives finally allowed us to live in at least the same state.

LadyA14: i wish i could baby

Daddy143B: U CAN BABY

That was always your answer. Blue’s was truly a success, but I just couldn’t see myself living off of you as a stay-at-home spouse. I enjoyed being active and I already knew your made up position of Events Coordinator would more than likely consist of me being on my back in your office trying to muffle the sounds of my ecstasy. Enjoyable yes, but I desired more. I figured I’d get us back to a lighter mood and ignore your suggestion.

LadyA14: … or remember when you’d push just the head in and pop it back out. that shit always made me scream and beg you to stop

Daddy143B: how could I forget you know I know my pussy

LadyA14: yes daddy you do. I love when you claim it. Just like I know that’s my dick

Daddy143B: DAMN

LadyA14: or when we couldn’t fuck and youd finger me… that shit made me squirt every time.

LadyA14: i always think about squirting my pussy juice on your face while youd be between my legs

LadyA14: damn, this convo has your pussy dripping…

You laughed at something on TV.

LadyA14: and youre not even paying attention

Daddy143B: sorry, new show on the Foodie Channel

I rolled my eyes. This woman was addicted to everything food. Thank goodness she revered my pussy as such, naming its juices cake batter.

Daddy143B: i would love it if u did that all on my face

LadyA14: and id love to kiss you so i could taste it baby

Daddy143B: DAMN

Her eyes travel back to the tv beyond her computer screen. I shake my head to myself.

LadyA14: YO! ima take care of some things… ill call you back

Daddy143B: NO!

LadyA14: ill tell ms palmer you said hello

“Wait! No, Ba-“

I closed the video chat application and opened a file containing videos. You may have been preoccupied, but a video from your last trip here would do just the trick. I slipped my hands between my thighs and pressed play. The image of my legs spread eagle as you prepare to push inside me appears. Damn

~Daddy143B wants to Video Chat with You.~

I guess I could use some help.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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