Just Your Average Workplace

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“And that just about sums everything up,” I clapped my hands together, schoolteacher fashion, looking out over the sea of male faces, all of whom stared back blankly. It was all I could do to keep from rolling my eyes and flipping them all off, but, professionalism. Whatever. “Thank you all for your time, and enjoy our refreshments.”

“Just in the nick of time, Andy,” I faked a smile, glad for an excuse to sit down. Not like anyone was paying attention at that point, anyway. But, sometimes it was for the best. It gave me a second to glance over at Carter, the station manager. Technically, he’s my superior, but as long as nothing happened between us…

The wet sensation interrupted my thoughts, and it didn’t immediately hit me that coffee had been spilled all over me.

“Fuck,” I muttered, and I didn’t really care who heard. They couldn’t fire me anyway, not when my little radio segment brought in as much traffic and revenue as it did. “Dammit, Andy, be careful!” Everyone started talking all at once, the jerks, but I brushed all of them off and rushed into the bathroom. It wasn’t really all that bad, but I figured I could milk this for what it was worth and they’d leave me alone for the rest of the day. Unbuttoning my blouse a little, I dabbed at the stain with a wet paper towel, still pissed. But whatever.

“Ilana, are you okay?” Candice, the assistant manager came in, pulling out a tube of lipstick and standing at the mirror next to mine. “Sucks that you had to ruin such a pretty blouse.”

Looking me up and down approvingly, she smiled and capped her lipstick. Grabbing another paper towel, she wet it and started blotting at the stain. It wasn’t much, but it was still noticeable, apparently.

“You should be all right now.” It wasn’t until then that I realized that I’d been holding my breath the entire time she was cleaning me off. “I’d hate to see you throw that casino şirketleri out. Oh, and…” Tossing the paper towel into the trash, Candice made to button up my blouse for me. I have no idea what came over me, but I pushed her hands away.

“I had something else in mind.” I could hear my own voice trembling, and really, it was like an out of body experience. I saw myself doing it, but I couldn’t stop myself. She raised a perfectly arched eyebrow, a surprised smile on her face.

Looking over my shoulder towards the door, her smile of surprise turned into one of mischief within seconds. Surprising myself, I was…intrigued.

“I knew we made the right choice bringing you on board.” That made me giggle. I couldn’t help it. I’ve never been attracted to another woman before, but somehow Candice was different. And there we were, me with my blouse halfway unbuttoned and still damp and her, eyeing me hungrily. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t turned on, but for fuck’s sake, we were at work! She wasn’t quite my direct manager, but close enough!

“I, uh, I really appreciate the opportunity to work here at – ” my words were cut off when Candice kissed me deeply.

I gasped, and she took this as a sign of approval. I mean, it’s not like I had any intention of stopping, either. Her tongue probed and probed until I opened my mouth and it found my own. I moaned unintentionally and I felt the warmth of her body against my bare skin. Fuck, I wanted her. Lifting up my pencil skirt, she grinned when she felt how wet my panties were.

“I guess we were on the same page, hm, Ilana?” she purred, easing one finger, then two, into me. I let out a small squeak, my hips bucking against her nimble fingers as she found all my sweet spots. “Mm,” she moaned as she kissed my neck gently. I bit my bottom lip, unable to think coherently by then. Guiding me closer to the sink, she deftly lifted casino firmaları my right leg and wrapped it around her waist, her fingers still in me. Finally, at long last, she pulled them out and I mistakenly thought that it was over. Boy, was I wrong. Licking both fingers and sucking them, she winked at me as I stared in awe. “God, you’re so sweet. I want to taste more of you. Now.”

Without her needing to give me any further instruction, I hoisted myself onto the cold sink, and the sensation gave me chills all through my body. Candice watched me silently, licking her lips in anticipation as I spread my legs slightly, teasing her. But she was not one to take that lightly. Apparently much stronger than she looked, she slid her hands under me, grabbing my ass and squeezing tight.

“Oh,” I threw my head back, almost giving myself a concussion from the bathroom mirror, and lifted my hips, which was exactly what she wanted. Lowering herself to meet my now burning hot cunt, I felt the tip of her tongue touch me and immediately I was hooked. Delving into my wet folds, she tasted every inch of me, then traced a wet path to my throbbing clit. Drawing small, tight circles, she had to tighten her grip on me to keep me from bucking myself off the counter quite a few times. My hands flailed for a brief moment before I grabbed a handful of her thick, curly, auburn hair and held her in place. Not that she needed me to guide her, anyway. Her tongue circled, then moved up and down, then circled once more around my tiny nub, sending waves of pleasure through me. “Yesssssssss,” I hissed through my teeth, feeling my orgasm getting closer.

Sensing this, Candice took the opportunity to slide her index and middle finger into me again, rubbing my G-spot rhythmically. Before I knew it, I was shaking uncontrollably, my juices flowing freely onto her pretty face. Out of breath, I couldn’t do much more than watch güvenilir casino as she wiped her mouth delicately, not a hair out of place, despite my grabbing at it. One of the pros of curly hair, I guess. Leaning over to kiss me once more, I tasted myself on her and was turned on all over again.

“Later,” she whispered pointedly, somehow reading my mind. “But soon.” Winking, she turned and made her way towards the door. Snapping out of my reverie, I hopped off the counter, not wanting any of my coworkers to come in and see me sprawled out awkwardly. Straightening my outfit, I buttoned my blouse and fixed my hair before walking back out.

Scurrying towards my desk, I was still processing everything. Processing, and if I were to be honest, reliving it, too. I was just about to sit down when Andy waved at me from across the office. Suppressing the urge to ignore him completely, I gave him a small nod and half smile, hoping he’d leave me the hell alone.

“Ilana, hey. Jeremy and Candice were wanting to see you in Jeremy’s office?” He shrugged. “I think he wanted to go over some stuff for next week. Just letting you know.” Raising an eyebrow, I nodded again.

“Thanks, Andy.” Grabbing my notepad, I blushed. Taking a deep breath, I sauntered over to my boss’ office, filled with not a little bit of trepidation. Knocking, I called out to him, “Jeremy? It’s Ilana. You and Candice wanted to see me?”

“Yes, come on in.”

Realizing then that I had been holding my breath, I steadied my breathing and walked in. This is ridiculous, I tried to tell myself.

“Ah, there you are,” he greeted me from behind his impressive mahogany desk.

“Uh huh. Um, where’s Candice?” I asked, more so for the sake of not having any awkward silences than any real concern.

“Right here,” I heard her voice from behind me as she closed the door. “I was just having a chat with Jeremy about you, Ilana.” Turning to face her, my jaw dropped when I saw that her blouse was completely open. She wore no bra, and her hardened nipples in full view. “A very, very productive chat,” she grinned.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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