Julie, Selection from Pedestrian

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We had all afternoon. Julie turned off her little blue phone and laid it back on the nightstand. “Didn’t you think you could wait until after dark?” She asked, propped up again on a pillow. “You took off your clothes. I didn’t feel like waiting so long.” I sat cross-legged, my knees almost touching the headboard. I kissed her again, more passionately than I did the first time. I focused my eyes on her face, pulling the sheet slowly down. Julie was fair, with a slight tinge of bronze. Her breasts came into view. She got up, pulling the snow-white sheets off her. I sat on the bed, my back to the other pillow, and then the woman-child got on her knees. She put my floppy dick behind her buttocks and sat in my lap. Julie held her breasts up to me like an offering.

Julie’s tits were splendid and very noticeable when we met; she bought small plus-size intimates for them, I figured. I was not on the lingerie sites that day. I was faced with a real woman, in all her glory. I placed my hands under her shoulder blades securely. Lovingly I kissed the incline of Julie’s breasts, rubbing my nose at the same time against the soft and creamy skin. Julie pulled me closer, her arms encircling me. I let my nose fall into the gorgeous woman’s cleavage, brazzers porno my arms going around the woman, holding her. Julie pulled her hair from her face and looked over at the nightstand. I held her steady while she picked up the condom. She looked at me as she put the package in my hand. Julie said “You are lucky today. Special, too.” Julie smiled at me, warmly and lustfully. “I want to with you.”

This one opened easily. I held the open package, my hands outstretched on the bed. Julie got up and sat back down with my phallus standing up in front of her vagina. Julie stroked me a little, then was masturbating me in earnest, making me harder. I never felt her put the condom on. She rose up from the bed and I placed my erection under her opening. Julie firmly engulfed my cock in her vagina. Julie was slick with juices of her excitement. My raging erection went all the way in. Julie’s mouth was shaped in the ancient “O”. Julie and I faced each other, watching each other, our faces graced with ecstasy. I had to see it all. Most men are said to be that way. I can’t seem to help it. My partner was beyond beautiful and I looked.

Julie’s eyes closed and opened. She focused away, concentrating on clip4sale porno keeping me inside her, keeping me turned on and hard. She pushed down on my shoulders, but not very much. Her legs were strong. I only added balance to her with my arms. I had no one to compare Julie to, she was amazing. My hands were fastened to the girl’s waist, guiding her back down and boosting her. I rocked my hips and Julie said “Damn, don’t, baby don’t, not like that, easy baby. Yes honey, like that, yeah.” I was entwined, perfectly, with a woman in a position I’d never been in. It was a lover’s position that Julie could carry out. I was not a spectator and so glad of it. In a subtle battle of power. I tried to slow her tempo. Julie’s was fucking me too fast. I wanted Julie to plateau often, and I meant to keep making love with her a little longer. I put my hands around her ass, and held the girl momentarily in the air. I was completely rigid when I slipped back in, all the way in, sweetly.

We were together in delicious sexual union. Julie was enjoying herself, and enjoying me. We were more than moving parts. When I was at my hardest, Julie bent over and kissed me on my mouth. I took her breasts in my hands and kissed colette porno the center, then brushed against her nipples with all of my face. My mouth pressed against her neck and I looked. Julie’s eyes were closed. She rubbed my arms, and she squeezed my cock with her pelvic muscles. When Julie came, I felt her contract around my shaft, thrilling both of us.

Julie was at the helm, I wanted her right there if it was her wish. But Julie’s hands hooked under my shoulders, upturned. She pulled me forward until she was on her back. I was now above the girl, holding my body up in the air. She relaxed now, her legs spread out across the thin quilt. I pushed in and out of Julie steadily. I pulled Julie’s knees up and pushed one of her legs to the side. I placed my left foot beside Julie, and banged my my cock into and out of her fast, feeling that I was getting near release. I wanted to come badly. Julie looked at me and I felt so close to her. She pulled our bodies together, almost possessively. Julie brushed my neck with her lips, then my ear. I felt Julie’s channel spasm, and she yelled out in the little motel room. Some of the sweat from my face fell on Julie’s chest. Seeing the droplets roll down Julie’s own perspiring body, I felt the hot surge impending. I put my lips on Julie’s and pushing my tongue into her mouth. My eyes were shut. Julie’s tongue met mine, and my lips felt Julie smile. I had a tremendous climax. I pulled my mouth away and moaned loudly “Oh baby”. I turned my head from my lover’s face as I hollered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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