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They met on an internet dating site, but living in different states, were yet to meet physically. Alan worked in Finance and Monica worked in Sales; swapping stories from their workplaces – helped to break the ice. Their internet relationship had progressed at a very rapid rate. Over a period, they shared stories of failed romances and disappointing one night stands, both amused by the fact, that they had a lot in common. Over time, their intimacy grew in the wildly erotic emails that they wrote to each other, looking forward to each evening with keen anticipation and thoughts of exciting arousal.

They shared many photos with each other over the internet. Some of every day life and others a bit more risque, which left them so damn hungry for each other.

Alan couldn’t keep his hand away from his throbbing and very swollen member as he and Monica chatted and they both shared the excitement as they masturbated to very intense orgasms. With one hand caressing her pussy and one hand on the keyboard, Monica felt that she was multi-tasking – in the most lustful way possible!

After sharing erotic thoughts in their emails, Monica would often go to bed dreaming of Alan thrusting his swollen cock into her very moist and aroused pussy and would caress her pussy intensely with her fingers until she came and then fall asleep – wanting more, so much more.

Sitting at their keyboards in highly aroused states, often late into the evening, they planned the next move. Monica found a good reason to visit potential clients in Alan’s city and she was arriving that Thursday afternoon and planning to visit clients on Friday. Then she hoped to spend a very exciting and lustful weekend with Alan.

Alan booked a nice downtown local restaurant quite close to where Monica would be staying and he made the booking for dinner, requesting table 15, which they had humorously worked out was the closest to 69 … 6 + 9!

When Monica arrived, Alan was already seated when the waiter brought her across and she looked absolutely stunning – tall and shapely, with her long dark hair and wearing a spectacular black dress, which showed off her ample breasts in a spectacular way – much better than any photo. Monica was also impressed to see the real Alan, very handsome and wearing a blue shirt with dark pants.

Table 15 was in a secluded corner of the restaurant and was nicely dvd porno set up with a candle burning in the center. Alan stood up and gave Monica a great smile and kissed her passionately on the lips, as they pressed their bodies together for the first time – and enjoyed that wonderful feeling and warmth of their first physical touch. Alan also noticed Monica’s exciting and very arousing perfume. Their passionate kiss went on and on, as their tongues caressed and explored intimately.

They sat down, ordered a nice bottle of chardonnay – and just talked and talked, about their jobs and how they were both eagerly looking forward to some wonderful lovemaking sessions over the weekend. Both were really enjoying this first special evening – the dinner, the wine and each other in the restaurant corner, gazing across the flickering candle.

After months of very ‘intimate chat’ on the internet, it was incredibly exciting to be physically together and gazing into the eyes of ‘someone special’.

Both were really ‘turned on’ by the person on the other side of the table, who they found to be very special, seductive, humorous and physically attractive.

Monica was in a ‘touching mood’ and feeling a little ‘wicked’, kicked off one of her shoes and starting to caress Alan’s legs under the table, and working up between his thighs, she could feel that the presence of her toes, was making his cock lovely and hard. Not to be outdone, Alan, slipped off a shoe and caressed the inside of Monica’s thighs with his foot.They were both quietly laughing at this ‘under the table’ action, well hidden by the linen tablecloth.

Wanting to ‘enjoy each other’, in an amorous way for the very first time, they decided that ‘desert’ could be sharing each others’ intimate company in Monica’s hotel room.

Alan paid for dinner and they walked out into the street, with their arms around each other, to head across to the hotel.

Once outside in the street, Alan stopped, and gave Monica a very passionate kiss, which she responded to in the same manner as they enjoyed feeling each other’s body pressed up very close with their tongues caressing together.

They arrived at Monica’s hotel room, opened the door and locked it.

Both were feeling so delightfully horny and aroused, as they held each other, kissing intimately with their tongues and running ensest porno their hands over each other’s fully clothed bodies.

“Oh God …I want you and I want to be inside you” whispered Alan as Monica rubbed up against his body and kept his aroused cock so very, very hard.

Monica could feel her entire body becoming beautifully aroused and she wanted this adorable man – now!

“We are both grossly overdressed” she purred, as she pushed her body into his.

They both delighted in undressing each other, sensuously and piece by piece, of clothing.

Alan unzipped the back of the black dress and gently took it off, with Monica now just wearing her black lace bra and a black thong. Alan gently ran his hands over her body as Monica unbuttoned and took off his very nice blue shirt. She then undid his belt, unzipped his pants and Alan was left in his black briefs with his cock visibly swollen and straining to get out!

Alan put his arms around Monica and enjoyed feeling her warm body. He unclipped her bra, took it off and admired and caressed her beautiful breasts and very aroused nipples.

Monica removed Alan’s briefs and Alan knelt down and took off her thong. Both stood back and admired each others’ naked bodies and then held each other closely as their tongues explored and caressed and their hands just stroked and fondled.

Monica could feel her pussy getting delightfully moist as she felt her entire body becoming very aroused.

Monica admired and stroked Alan’s large cock and she whispered in his ear “it’s been a long wait and I’m looking forward to us sharing all those intimate and erotic pleasures, we discussed on the email, night after night and I want to feel your lovely swollen cock in my pussy”

He took her hand and led her over to the bed and they lay together kissing and caressing as he softly kissed her lips, ears, breasts and her aroused nipples and she gently stroked his cock.

“Lay back Alan and I want to make you and your cock feel very special”, Monica whispered.

She began licking and kissing his impressive cock and was excited to taste Alan’s juices for the first time as she licked the precum at the tip of his cock.

She took the head of his cock in her mouth and began sucking and stroking him and taking more of him inside her mouth and he started gently thrusting at the czech amateurs porno same time.

He stroked her hair, neck and shoulders as she sucked and licked her special man’s swollen cock.

Monica slowed down a little as she wanted Alan to enjoy her special ‘pleasure’, before he eventually came.

She felt his body tense up and then his love juice pulsed into her mouth and Alan moaned as Monica sucked every last drop out of his swollen cock.

Monica’s pussy was so aroused and very moist after giving Alan as much pleasure as she could and she longed for him to return the favor, as well as he used to describe in his wonderful erotic emails.

Monica slid alongside Alan and kissed him deeply and they both enjoyed tasting his love juice.

“It’s your special turn, Monica and I hope I can give you as much intense pleasure, as you have just given me – unbelievably mindblowing!”

Monica lay back as Alan caressed and kissed her breasts and nipples and she opened her legs so that Alan could have good access to her highly aroused pussy.

He gently kissed her pussy lips and began slipping his tongue into her pussy as far as he could and worked his way to her clit and then slipped two fingers into her very aroused pussy and massaged her in time with her thrusts.

Monica was feeling incredibly aroused and thrust her pussy against Alan’s fingers to maximize her pleasure and moaned as she reached an exciting orgasm, as she grabbed Alan’s head and shoulders.

Monica wanted to feel Alan deep inside her pussy and noted excitedly that he was getting hard again after concentrating on giving her pussy as much pleasure as possible.

She lay back and pulled Alan down on top of her, as she guided the tip of his cock inside her very aroused pussy.

“Alan, let me feel you deep inside me – I have wanted to feel your cock for so long”

He pushed his cock in as far as he could, deep into her moist pussy and then started thrusting in time with her movements.

“Oh God, Alan, you feel so good and my pussy is just loving every inch of your wonderful cock’

They both continued to enjoy each other’s bodies to the fullest and

Monica soon came a second time, with a wonderful orgasm, holding Alan tightly as he pumped his love juice into her highly aroused pussy.

After Alan’s cock had softened, they just curled up in each others’ arms, with Monica looking forward to a very romantic weekend and considerably more intense and highly enjoyable lovemaking.

Monica was also contemplating moving to this city, just to be with her ‘special and adorable man’ and his wonderful cock!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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