Housebound Men

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Ed agreed to hang the new drapes in his mother-in-law’s luxurious home. The 6’0″ tall 35-year-old man with short black hair and a well-toned 170 pound frame needed help so got his friend Pat to help him out. Pat is 5’11” tall and has thick clean-cut brown hair and a 175 pound well toned frame brought over his ladder and two hours later the two men had the drapes hung in the house. It was a very hot and humid day and Ed adviced Pat to bring his swimsuit so they could have a swim in the pool.

Both men lounged around the kidney shaped pool in their Speedos, Pat’s was red and Ed’s black, unaware that two burglars had snuck in the house. Ed went inside to get a couple more cold beers and was grabbed from behind as he entered the kitchen! Before he had a chance to warn Pat a knotted towel was stuffed in his mouth and tied behind his head. The burglars then tied his hands behind his back, ankles together and wrapped more red nylon rope around his arms and naked chest. He was scared and tried to cry out, but the gag was too effective and Pat was outside too far away to here.

Pat went inside to use the bathroom about twenty minutes later and wondered what was taking his friend so long, but it wasn’t his house and he thought may-be the mother-in-law returned. He hoped so, after all Ginger, the 5’6″, gorgeous 59-year-old, widow, with thick short auburn hair, and a voluptuous 180 pound frame, and a firm 40DD bosom that he enjoyed looking at, was worth seeing again.

He barely made it out of the bathroom when a knotted white towel was stuffed in his mouth! He tried to scream for ‘Help!’, but only Ed was around and more helpless than him! He was soon tied up the same way as his friend and struggled on the livingroom carpet while the two burglars went about their business robbing expensive homes!

Ed tried to shimmy to the phone near the red leather couch on the other side of the room.

He was three feet short when the bigger burglar, a 6’2″, 190 pound man in black wearing a black spandex hood picked up the phone and laughed. “Looking for this stud?”

“Well we better make sure he doesn’t do anything like that again.” The 5’9″, blue eyed, long haired blonde, with a shapely 160 pound figure that casino şirketleri her black spandex catsuit, black boots and even black spandex hood did little to hide suggested as she held another 20′ of red nylon rope.

Soon Ed and Pat were tied face to face with the rope and placed back on the floor. The air conditioner was turned off and the two helpless men began to sweat. They both felt slightly aroused when the gorgeous blonde burglar checked their restraints, her ample 38EEs stained in the black spandex. They were both embarrassed as their packages were pressed against each other in their tight Speedos.

The door opened. The two gagged men tried to yell though their gagged mouths to warn Ginger, but they were too effectively gagged and restrained!

Ginger looked extra sharp in her gold top, red spandex pants and gold 5″ highheels that showed off her curvaceous frame to perfection. She had just gotten her hair and nails done. She walked into the livingroom and was stunned! Her son-in-law and his friend were bound and gagged together on her livingroom carpet!

Before she had a chance to grab a phone, the brown eyed burglar with big dangerous looking brown eyes stuffed a worn pair of pantyhose in her luscious mouth! She meowed through the nude pantyhose she had worn the day before, scared, confused, and for some strange reason slightly excited, it wasn’t often in her crazy adventiures she saw two handsome men bound and gagged together no less!

The blonde ordered her to open the safe in the livingroom, behinf the old painting over the fireplace, while the man knelt next to Ed and Pat and held his unloaded revolver, although the robbery victims didn’t know that.

Just as Ginger stepped aside, the doorbell rang! The blonde held Ginger and made sure she didn’t spit out the pantyhose as the man went to the front door!

“Ginger!” Tina, the 5’2″, well-tanned, 40-year-old, Avon lady with shoulder length curly platinum-blonde hair and a very shapey 140 pound frame that her tight yellow spandex mini-dress, nude controltop pantyhose, wide white belt and 6″ white stiletto highheels showed off a little too well, it looked like her 34EEs would burst out of the dress, called. “I casino firmaları have your order!”

Ginger tried her best to warn her friend, but only muffled meows left her pantyhose packed mouth. She was leaving her bright red lipstick on the burglar’s black leather gloved hand! She was very animated, but her movements were of no use since the blonde was so strong!

Tina was grabbed from behind and before she knew it a wide red bandana was wrapped around her mouth! She tried to cry out, but only muffled sounds left her mouth! Pat got even more excited as he saw the gagged buxom blonde stumble into the livingroom. Ed was just as aroused as he looked at his sexy mother-in-law!

The man had a handful of pantyhose he grabbed from Ginger’s lingerie drawer and ordered Ginger to tie Tina’s hands behind her back, which made her ample 34EEs look even bigger and fuller. She then tied the buxom blonde’s pencil thin ankles together, Ed and Pat wondered, to themselves how such delicate looking ankles could support such a busty curvaceous blonde. Ginger even wrapped a pair of suntan pantyhose above and below Tina’s ample spandex covered bosom, and really made thenm standout!

“Mm th wha u whamp?” Ginger asked with the pantyhose still in her luscious mouth.

“You did just fine Ginger.” The blond said as she began to tie her well-manicured hands behind her back with a pair of beige pantyhose, while her partner secured her dainty ankles together with black tights and wrapped a pair of nude pantyhose over her full rd lips to effective gag her. The blonde completed the job with suntan controltop pantyhose above and below the auburn haired buxom beauty’s enmorous 40DDs. Ed almost lost it when the blonde tied the knot behind Ginger’s back!

“Wish we could stay longer.” The blonde said as they fled out the front door with their stolen loot that included jewelry and about $3,000.00 in cash. The man even took some of Ginger’s panties and a bra for souvenirs.

The four helpless captives could only squirm on the plush red carpet and meow through their gags. Since it was so hot outside and the AC was not on they all began to sweat and both men could feel each other perspiration and dampness. They were güvenilir casino both a little aroused as their spandex covered manhood pressed against the other. It wasn’t their faults, but it was still embarrassing. Ed especially since his gorgeous mother-in-law was just six fet away from him and Pat.

Tina tried to crawl to the phone, no easy task and especially for such a buxom bound and gagged captive. The two men got a nice view of her firm rotund pantyhose clad bottom as she finally got to the phone and knocked it to the floor.

“Tr tu us or noise!’ Ginger said through her pantyhose packed mouth. “Pl hur mmp!”

Tina used her button nose and pushed 9-1-1 on the keyboard. She was unable to talk through her gag, but left it off of the hook. The police would figure something was wrong.

The four captives relaxed as best they could, although both Ed and Pat’s Speedos tented out prominently.

Officer Raquel Lopez, a 5’7″ rookie 23-year-old, police officer with thick brunette hair that was tied in a bun and an overripe 150 pound body that her tan shirt, matching riding breeches and brown riding boots hugged like a second skin charged into teh house pistol drawn. She scanned the house to make sure the burglars weren’t around while the four captives meowed through their gags for ‘Help!’!

She finally went into the livingroom and freed Tina first since she was the closest! The buxom platinum-blonde rubbed her hands and even stretched, unaware that her dress was still not covering her plump pantyhose covered derriere.

Raquel barely freed Ginger before the auburn haired buxom beauty fled to the bathroom!

Raquel noticed both men were aroused so ran her hands in between the two bulging Speedos just for fun! Both men exploded!

“Well that was a close call again.” Ginger spit out the pantyhose.

“I understand you are a regular damsel in distress.” Raquel continued to free the two helpless men.

“Perhaps you should hold off on untying them.” Tina smiled as she admired their sweat soaked almost naked bodies. “It isn’t often I get to admire such fine looking men bound and gagged.”

“Ed and his friend can wait another half hour or so.” Ginger agreed. “Iced tea ladies?”

“Oh yes.” Tina smiled. “I am very thirsty.”

“We here are four jewels that are still in place.” Raquel continued to feel up the two bound and gagged Speedo clad men.

“And fine jewels they are.” Tina agreed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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