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I was so angry with myself as I drove down the road. I sure hadn’t been thinking straight this morning. I had sat down at the computer to hammer out another erotic story and I didn’t think I’d have the problem I had now. Usually my husband is home to take care of the after-effects of one of my stories, but today he had gone fishing, and now here I was. I was almost 2 hours away from my home, trying to ignore my frustrated body, my wet bikini bottoms and the fact that I was horny, and needed him right now. I had decided to drive for awhile to distract myself, seeing as I wanted the real thing between my legs, and not some toy. Finally I looked up and decided I’d better get back home and edit the piece, so when my husband got home he could take care of the job. I turned my car around in the driveway of an old, run down and abandoned home, then proceeded to head back the way I’d come.

I guess I was about half an hour into my return trip when I noticed these two young gentlemen hanging out on the front porch of a nice log cabin home. I slowed my car down and let my eyes take in a pair of bare-skinned chests and tight jeans. I knew they had seen my car slow and had noticed me, or they had noticed my red and black 1969 Chevelle SS Convertible. Either way I didn’t care; I needed relief and I needed it fast. My bikini bottoms were still damp inside my shorts and I could still smell the musky aroma of my sex. Pulling into their drive, I slid my car into park and stepped out. I knew I had their interest. It had been a hot day at home and I hadn’t bothered to toss on a top over my bikini. The shorts I had slipped over the bottoms were very short and tight. I knew I looked good enough to eat, and that is what I wanted.

I walked around the front of the car, chuckling to myself as they noticed first the car and then me. “Can we help you out?” the blonde asked, after running his eyes along the sides of my car, then taking his sweet time to admire my legs, crotch and large breasts. I think he may have had blue eyes. I really can’t remember if he even looked at my eyes, but again, I didn’t care. I had mine fixed on his crotch, and wanted so badly to see what was under those jeans. The brunette walked up behind his buddy and looked over at me, and he too offered his assistance. I told them I was lost and gave them the name of a town that was 30 minutes south of where I actually lived. No reason to get these two so excited they may come looking for me! I just wanted to get laid real bad. I didn’t want a constant boy toy while my husband was away. They proceeded to tell me how to get where I needed to go, and I proceeded to act dumb. I told them I’d pull out a map and they could show me where I needed to head. I made sure I bent over real well as they ogled my ass, as my shorts rode high up my cheeks. I knew they enjoyed what they were looking at, because I heard the murmurs of approval that I wasn’t meant to hear.

I handed the map over to the blonde and went to work caressing the other gentleman with my eyes. I knew the blonde was interested in what I had to offer, but I had to make sure to snag his friend. I had decided when I saw them, I wanted to have them both against me. I let my eyes stroke his cock, and ran my tongue across my lips, then over my teeth. I placed my finger at my mouth and slowly dipped it inside to suck on the tip, as I made sure his eyes kept contact with mine. I saw his face redden and I knew I had perked more then his interest. Sliding up next to the blonde, who had my map spread out over the hood of my car, I let my arm brush his as I carefully pretended to follow the route back home. Smiling up at his eyes, though his were looking at the curves of my breast, I pressed my head closer to his, letting my breath caress his skin. He shifted slightly, so his arm would rub against my breast, and I let a little moan of encouragement escape out. Turning to the brunette, I asked if it the two of them would mind if we went inside and wrote all these directions down on paper.

Now, at this statement, I didn’t quite get the reaction I was expecting. It was obvious by the growth in their jeans that these men wanted me, and were more than willing to satisfy my primal urge. I did notice how their manner changed, and I was curious as to why. I followed them into the log cabin home, letting my eyes take in their tight asses, just begging for me to grasp them as they took turns slamming into me. I could feel my pussy getting as wet as it had been earlier, as I stepped across casino şirketleri the threshold of their house. I let my eyes take stock of my surroundings. I noticed the well-decorated home. There was not really much of a feminine touch to it, but more of a masculine feel. I was curious as to the situation of the two men, but really didn’t want to pry too much into their personal life, since I wasn’t planning on coming back. There was a door off to the right of the dining room, and I saw that it was open, a bed peeking out from inside it. I waited for a brief moment while the blonde ran upstairs, for what I assumed was paper and pen. I let my eyes slide back to the brunette, and once more let them roam across his bulging jeans. It was then that I heard a rustle from the room to my left. Turning, I looked at the form of a sleeping man lying on the couch. ‘Ahhh,’ I thought to myself, ‘That is why they didn’t want me inside.’

I saw the man asleep, and shrugged my shoulders. He wasn’t a bad looking man at all; obviously older then the other two, but not old enough to be their dad; maybe an uncle or close friend. Well, he was asleep and I really didn’t want my plans to be spoiled, so I pressed up close to the brunette while I heard the blonde coming down the stairs. “Why don’t we move into one of the other rooms?” I asked, angling my head towards the dining area. “That way we won’t wake up your friend. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind. Would you?” I let my voice take on a sound that would not be easy to ignore, as I hooked my arm through his. He led me into the dining room and offered me a seat. I declined, setting both my elbows on the table, and resting my chin in my palms. I slowly let my fingers play with my lips, as both men stammered out directions from opposite side of the table. I could tell they were frustrated and unsure of how to handle the situation of getting me to stay. I, too, was growing more frustrated, so finally I reached out and caressed the blonde’s hands. “You both know I really don’t need directions. Don’t you?” I watched them look at each other and back to me.

“What do you need ma’am?” the blonde asked me. His eyes dipped low, staring at one nipple and then the next. His face reddened as I took the opportunity to press my arms into the sides of my breasts, and squeezed them together.

“I think she wants to get fucked,” came a voice from behind me. Turning around, I saw the man that had been asleep on the couch earlier. I let my eyes rake over him, and I noticed the difference between the man facing me, and the two standing behind me. This gentleman was older then the other two, who I figured to be in their very early twenties, or even more like 19 or 20. He seemed to be, maybe, early to mid 30’s. I could tell that he was more mature about his reactions to me, and my obvious reason for being there. He let his eyes slowly undress me and he showed no embarrassment at having done it and making it so blatantly obvious. I felt my body tighten as I returned the favor, and could tell that even though he wasn’t fully erect inside his black boxers, he was hard enough now for me to get the impression that he had a magnificent cock; one that I needed to sample.

I walked up to him and stood just a few inches away from him. “Yep, that’s what I want.” I saw a challenge in his eyes, and his right eyebrow raised slightly higher then the left, and a smile of deviousness crossed his face. I returned his look and gave him my own smirk while I waited for his next statement. I will admit I was surprised by what came out of his mouth next.

“All three, lady.”

That’s all he said; three words that left my mouth hanging open. I quickly closed it when I saw the humor in his face. I heard the collective gasps from the two men behind me, and I heard them shifting around where they were standing. He looked over my head and fired a steely stare at them, and they quieted their shuffling. He returned his eyes to me. He saw my refusal leave my eyes and I in return saw his smirk, as he knew that he had called my bluff and won. I got pissed at that point, and I saw something in his eyes spark, as he too saw the difference in my expression and my body language. Squaring my shoulders and pressing my hand against his boxers, I stroked his large cock and leaned up into him.


He groaned and took my hand from his crotch, then led me into the room I had seen earlier. He motioned with a nod for the other two guys to follow behind us. My pulse was racing as we all headed casino firmaları into that room. I watched his ass move as he walked, and I let all these erotic images of the four of us playing around flash through my head, as I continued to get myself aroused. This was unlike anything I had ever done. Sure, I had had a flew flings and fantasies, but nothing like this, and I wanted to make sure I enjoyed it. He pulled me close to him and worked the braided ponytail from my hair, running his fingers through my curls. Turning me away from him, he pulled me against his hard cock. I felt it pressing against my shorts as I heard him tell the other two men to get undressed. Neither one objected to his demands, but leapt into action. I watched as they each opened their jeans and slipped down zippers. All the men were barefoot, so the two just slipped their jeans down and stepped out of them. Next came their underclothes. My blonde lover wore a pair of gray boxers. I saw the tent he had in them, and ran my tongue across my lips before turning to stare at the hard cock behind the briefs of the brunette. Each man took their clothes off and stood naked before me.

“Stroke them.” I heard him say in my ear.

Turning back I looked into his dark eyes and over his dark hair. “With pleasure,” I answered. I slipped off my sandals and moved away from him and up to both men. Grasping their cocks, one in each hand, I proceeded to stroke each one, using opposite rhythmns. I’d slide up Blondie’s cock, while I slid my hand down the other one that I had my fingers wrapped around. I watched my hands caress these two fine specimens, and then I let my eyes take in their lust for me, as drops of pre-cum slid out of each man’s cock. I put my tongue against the nipple of one man and sucked gently, before moving to tease the nipple of the other. I so much needed a cock inside me as me, as my pussy contracted and more liquid slipped along my walls. Then I felt the big cock pressed against my ass as I came up from sucking on the brunette’s nipple. I pushed my ass against the man behind me, realizing he had removed his boxers while I had been stroking his buddies. I felt his hands come up around my breasts and grasp them, his fingers rubbing and teasing my nipples as I worked on the cocks in front of me. He moved his hands away from my breasts, and slid them up to the straps of my bikini to untie them. Soon my bikini top joined the rest of the lost clothing in the room. He told each one of the other men to take over the work on my tits. They readily complied, as he tugged off my shorts and then ran his fingers through the curly red bush between my legs.

I bit my lip as I waited for the invasion of his finger. Pressing my pussy against his hand, I silently begged him to slip inside, but he pulled his hand away and kissed my neck. He instructed me to get on the bed and move into position, so I was on my knees with my hands layed flat on the bed. “Oh yes!” I told him, as I climbed onto the bed. He had me turn around with my head at the foot of the bed and my hands grasping the edge of it. Next, he told the brunette to climb up behind me, and he told the blonde to slide his body onto the bed so he could angle himself to be near my hip. I was so wet, as I waited for each of the younger men to move into position! I felt hands caressing my ass, and I felt warm kisses being pressed against my hip, as the sexy blonde pushed his head under my belly, and then moved himself to rest with his mouth just inches from my moist cunt. I bit my lip, waiting to drop my pussy onto his face. With one hand supporting myself, I reached over and stroked his hard cock again, and felt his tongue lick my pussy.

I turned back and looked up into the eyes of our leader in this affair. He pressed his hard cock against my closed lips and slowly rubbed it back and forth against my mouth. I let my tongue snake out and taste his skin, as I felt the beginnings of each man’s job on my body. Blondie was letting his tongue slide between the wet lips of my slick pussy, and my body relaxed slightly as I pressed my pussy harder into his face. I felt two fingers slide in next to the tongue that was stroking away at my clit, and I knew that the brunette behind me had found what he wanted so desperately. I let my mouth cover the head of the cock in front of me, and felt the swollen head fill it. I took a deep breath through my nose and pressed my mouth further down this thick, hard shaft. “Yes!” I heard him growl, as his hand went into my hair and güvenilir casino pushed my head deeper on his cock. Then I felt my ass cheeks being spread, and a couple of wet fingers slipping in and around my tight hole. I pushed my firm butt against these probing fingers, and kept sucking away on that big, hard cock.

I squeezed my muscles as my blonde lover-boy let his tongue slide up and down my pussy lips. He had used one of his hands to thrust a finger inside, and started stroking my pussy walls. I felt my body buck against his mouth, and he pushed his tongue into the hole with his fingers. Then I felt the cock in my mouth ease its way out, and I watched its owner lift it out of my way. He cupped his balls and offered them to me. I let my pleasure be known by the sound that radiated from my throat, as my tongue went to work lapping at each side of his sack, where I felt it tighten up to his skin. I let my hot breath caress his balls and his cock as I finally felt the hard cock slide between my ass cheeks. The lubrication that had been placed on his shaft was cool, and I shivered slightly when the cool sticky substance touched my skin. Taking my mouth away from the cock I had been enjoying and looking back, I yelled “Fuck me!” to him. I could feel the increase in rhythm on my pussy, as I knew my blonde was working real hard on my clit. I turned back the other way and looked at him. His hand was stroking his cock real fast, and I set myself to work, on sucking away on my third lover.

I worked hard, as each one of the men helped themselves to my body. I felt as though my pussy on fire, as each hard thrust of a tongue went into me, teeth bit at my flesh and warm air from a nose nuzzled the hairs of my pussy. My ass ached to be completely filled. Pushing back further, I felt each pounding stroke of the cock inside me. The hard shaft would partially move out of my ass, and then be plowed deep back inside. I’d squeeze my cheeks together and lock it inside me. I tasted the big swollen cock in my mouth, and hands on my head, lifting me up and down on this giant dick. My tongue swirled over the head, licking and tasting as much of it as I could. “Faster,” we were commanded. Faster we moved. Finally, I felt my first orgasm rock through my body, and I covered the tongue, lips and face of the blonde beneath my pussy. He lapped at my clit and swallowed my cum. Another wave of cum was shot against his face, as I felt the cock in my ass explode its seed deep inside me. I heard both men yell out, and I knew the blonde had brought his own orgasm out as he sucked away at the juices from my body. My ears rang from the shouts of pleasure, as I felt the cum from the cock in my mouth fill me up. I kept sucking and swallowing each load, until I felt each man slowly begin to ease away from me. I encouraged the cock in my mouth to stay put, as I supported myself on the edge of the bed with one hand and stroked the balls of my lover with the other. Finally, I knew I had all of his cum, and I moved my mouth off his cock, to lick the head and sides of his shaft.

Rolling over, I watched as the older man looked down at me. His face was full of lust, and I slipped my fingers across my breast and down to my pussy to gather some of the moist cum from my body. Rolling back onto my stomach, I sat up on my knees, resting my ass back on my bent legs. I offered my wet fingers to his mouth and he took them deep inside, cleaning each one, till all my sweet nectar had been removed. I sat back and pushed myself up, resting my back against the headboard. He then crawled up beside me and tossed an arm around my waist. I ran my hands along his arm as he told the other two to gather their clothes and shower up. Captivated, I watched his mouth capture my nipple after the men had left the room, and he sucked slowly on the bud before kissing me softly on the lips. He then slid away from me and pulled his boxers back on. Walking over to the bed, I saw a sweet expression on his face as he once again bent down and kissed my nipple. Taking my hand, he assisted me from the bed and helped me dress, before leading me to a desk in another room off to the left.

I walked beside him, and then looked down at a stack of computer paper. My eyes grew huge in my face, and my jaw dropped! Turning to look at him, I saw a big grin on his face. I picked up the first bundle of papers that had been stapled together and read the title to one of my stories and my name underneath it. “I’m a big fan,” he whispered in my ear, before kissing my neck and walking out of the room. I stood there a moment before turned to leave. Then, pausing I thought to myself, and walked back to the desk. Taking a pen, I grabbed the first story from the pile and wrote, “To a fan. . . Thanks! RH&F”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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