Happy New Year

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One of the things I really liked about Rob dating Ann was that she had so many girlfriends; whenever she threw a party, there was always a vast array of women in attendance. The one I really had my eye on, though, was her best friend, Jen. She had short, dark, curly hair, big boobs despite her petite size and a really nice ass. I didn’t know if I really had a chance with her as she seemed a little apprehensive around me, but I flirted anyway, just in case.

When Ann threw a New Year’s Eve party, I was looking forward to trying my luck with Jen and, failing that, pursuing another of her friends. I headed out feeling optimistic and expecting to garner at least some initial attention since I’d just had my long, blonde locks shorn in hopes of landing a summer internship during the next semester. Imagine my surprise to walk into Ann’s house and immediately have Jen all over me, running her fingers through my short hair and telling me how sexy my haircut was. Believe me, I wasn’t complaining.

She remained by my side, her fingers still running through my hair, right up to midnight when we shared our first kiss. As the champagne flowed around us, she whispered into my ear an inquiry as to whether I would like to go upstairs with her. I replied that I had wanted to for a long time and we stealthily slipped away up the stairs, locking ourselves in the master bedroom. We made out some more alongside the king-size bed before Jen said that she wanted to do something for me and had me lie in the middle of the bed. She climbed up onto the bed and, standing near the foot, started to unbutton her blouse. Her bra was a navy blue lacy number that looked incredibly sexy against her fair skin and was cut low enough that the milky flesh of her breasts almost seemed ready to spill out of it. With her blouse cast aside, she unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, revealing a pair of matching navy bikini panties as she worked them over her hips. My cock was throbbing in my jeans as she stood before me in a hot set of lingerie.

She smiled at me as she dropped to her knees and reached for the waist of my jeans. Once she’d unbuttoned and unzipped them, providing me with an outstanding view of her cleavage, I raised my ass so that she could slide them down. She took my underwear down with kartal escort bayan my jeans, allowing my cock to spring straight up, attracting her full attention. She managed to get my jeans and underwear off despite the distraction and moved between my spread legs, where she grasped my rigid cock. My attention was drawn from her hot body to her lips as they parted and she lowered her head. Her lips closed around the head of my cock and slid down my shaft, engulfing my tool in her hot mouth. I moaned and ran my fingers through her dark curls while she slid her lips back up my cock.

I couldn’t believe my cock was being engulfed in Jen’s hot mouth so I stared at the sight before me while enjoying the feeling it provided. Her mouth felt so good sliding up and down my cock as she pumped the base of it in her warm hand. I didn’t know where her other hand had gone, but it looked almost as though it was tucked back between her legs. I finally accepted that I wasn’t dreaming and started to really get into having Jen sucking my cock. I was pushing my hips up toward her face while still running my fingers through her hair, moaning at how good it felt and relishing the sight of my stiff cock disappearing between her lips.

After a little while of great cocksucking, Jen raised her head and reached behind her with both hands to unfasten her bra. It went slack and she shrugged it off her shoulders and down her arms to reveal her milky white globes topped with large pink aureoles and hard nipples. She massaged them as she smiled at my reaction, my stiff cock twitching in appreciation. Leaning forward, she hung them down on either side of my cock, so I reached forward to take a side of each one and squeeze them against my stiff tool. Supporting herself on her arms, she moved herself forward and back so that I was essentially fucking her luscious tits. The warm, soft flesh felt fantastic as it squeezed and slid against my cock.

She lowered her head as she moved her tits up and down my cock, jutting out her tongue to lick the head of my cock when she could. Gradually, she started moving further back so that she could take the head between her lips and, eventually, she started sucking my cock again. I released her tits, confident that I’d have my hands on escort maltepe them again soon, and went back to enjoying her cocksucking skills. She sucked my cock, tongued my balls, and pumped my shaft for a bit before straightening up again and moving up to straddle my legs. With one hand still pumping my cock, she used the other to pull her panties aside, giving me a glimpse of her dark bush as she guided my cock to her pussy.

I held her by the hips as she lined up my cock and lowered herself onto it, but moved them up to her tits as my cock slid up into her. With her eyes closed and her mouth hanging open to let her moans escape, she started slowly riding up and down my stiff shaft. While I played with her tits, running my hands over the soft, smooth flesh and her hard nipples, Jen dropped a hand down to massage her clit as she rode me. Her pussy was unbelievably slippery and tight; if she hadn’t been so wet, I don’t know how I would have managed to slip into her. Consequently, her pussy felt outstanding as she slid it up and down my throbbing, rigid shaft.

I lay there, letting her ride me and enjoying the feel of her snug pussy, while toying with her breasts and letting my eyes roam all over her tight body. As she started riding me harder, still massaging her clit vigorously, I could feel an orgasm just beginning to well up within me. I gradually slid my hands down to her hips, to pull her down on my cock as I raised my ass up off the bed to push into her. I watched her tits bouncing on her chest as she bounced up and down on my tool, her pussy feeling hotter with each passing second. Finally, she dropped down onto me and let out a low moan of pleasure as I felt a shudder pass through her. She rode out a long and obviously intense orgasm before nearly collapsing on top of me.

She opened her eyes and smiled at me, still trying to catch her breath, and asked if I’d mind if she finished me off with her mouth. I told her that I was game, with two conditions: she had to strip off her panties and she had to let me eat her while she sucked me. Her smile got wider and she leaned down to kiss me before standing up, my still rigid cock slipping from her slippery pussy. She worked her bikini panties over her hips and let them slide down to her ankles pendik escort before stepping out of them, then stepped around so that she was standing over my head. I watched as her trim, dark bush approached while she squatted over me, reaching out to run my hands over her ass as she grasped my throbbing tool and stroked it again.

I felt her lips wrap around my tool and journey down my shaft as I raised my head slightly and ran my tongue down her slit, first passing over her clit. She was still flooded with abundant juices, which I lapped up while enjoying her oral talents as she sucked and pumped my cock. I slid one hand that had been massaging her ass down between her legs and slipped a finger into her snug pussy as I licked and sucked her clit. The more I tasted her, the more I wanted to devour her pussy. After a few minutes, with my impending orgasm continuing to build under her oral ministrations, I rolled her over onto her back with hardly a pause.

With her pussy spread out below me, I went back to sucking and slurping and fingering while now starting to fuck her face lying below me. My cock was swelling as Jen held her lips tightly around it while I slid it in and out of her mouth. One of her hands was kneading my ass while the other massaged my balls. She moaned a few times as I ate her pussy and I could feel the vibration through my cock. I was doing a little moaning myself as my orgasm was finally looming over me, continuing to build to an almost unbelievable level of pleasure. When it was finally imminent, I paused in my pussy eating allowing the full feeling to wash over me before I started spurting into her waiting mouth. Jen milked every drop of jizz out of me as I went back to devouring her pussy.

I was pumping a finger in and out of her while licking and sucking her clit as she started rocking her hips in rhythm with me. She was moaning more continuously now, having removed my cock from her mouth, and continued to get louder and more passionate the longer I ate her. I would have been content to eat her pussy until the sun came up, but Jen was quickly on the verge of orgasm number two. When she grabbed the back of my head with both hands and forced it against her pussy, then started to shudder, I pulled my finger free and started lapping up a fresh flow of her juices. When she was done, she maneuvered around to lie beside me in the middle of the bed.

We made out for a bit before pulling back the covers and slipping underneath. The party continued on below us but we were content in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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