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The granite felt smooth against the skin of my buttocks. In those places where my panties gave way to the outside world it was cool. In the places where my kitty was touching them, they were wet. Every now and then I would sway my hips from side to side, just to rub the seam in a little more. I imagined it was his finger teasing me there.

I could feel the smooth edge of the countertop where the backs of my thighs met it. My legs and feet dangling off the side. My shoes were nearly falling off, but I didn’t feel like lifting them back into place. Besides, I didn’t think that they would be on my feet much longer. He was coming back to the kitchen now.

I liked the way that he looked. His youthful face grown into a much stronger man’s. The way that he carried himself with so much confidence. His shirt was tucked into a pair of Levi’s. He was toeing off his sneakers into the corner of the room. He looked at me; then paused.

“You’re still dressed.” He said to me.

“Am not.” I replied.

“You have clothing on. Still dressed.”

“What? My bra and panties are not clothing.”

“I can’t see your whole body. Still dressed.”

I felt like a child playing with fire. It was a dangerous game to test him this way. To push his buttons, the way that he always pushed mine. He wasn’t going to give up, and I didn’t want to give in. Damn it, I was the one always giving in. Couldn’t he give in this time? He just looked at me, waiting.

He crossed out of the kitchen and towards the bar. “We can start when you’re naked.” He said without even looking at me. He went about his work of making his drink. As if knowing that I would simply do as he wanted. He was right. As always.

I began by kicking off my heels. I literally flipped my foot up and the shoe went flying across the room. Bang! It sounded as it clanked towards the tile floor. Not a single word or concession from him. I felt like throwing the other one at his head.

I reached back to unfasten my bra. It was the only thing I really hoped to leave on. After all, with breasts as big as mine, one needed the reassurance of the bra to hold them up, so as not to drag to my navel. I felt fingers with mine. Warm strong fingers. His fingers. The fingers I hoped would be touching me and my growing wetness, soon. I gave another wiggle.

“Here. Let me help you.” He said.

“Thank you.” I began to push the straps down and over my shoulders.

“Can’t have you accidentally damaging the china with your tantrum.”

“I’m not having a tantrum.”

“Aren’t you?”

Damn it. He was too good at calling me out on my shit. Yes I was being a little overdramatic about my undressing. But I wanted to look good for him. I wanted him to want me. If he saw my middle-aged boobs hanging down to my waist, he wasn’t going to want any part of that.

Off my bra came. He held his hand out for it. Keeping my one hand up under my breasts, I handed it to him. He folded it up and laid it gently down on the table behind him. He picked up his drink and downed it in one swallow. He stood there just looking at me. My hands holding my breasts up. I wanted to offer a hardening nipple to his mouth. Would he take it?

“Almost ready.”

“Almost?” I was shocked.

He just looked down at my pelvis. Sitting here on the granite for so long it had warmed to my own body’s temperature. I had nearly forgotten about the little bits of fabric that made up my panties. They were as warm, as the granite. I felt completely naked already, but wasn’t as naked as he wanted me. Oh this was really going to happen. I began to fidget nervously at what we had planned. I let my breasts go.

“Help?” I inquired of him. I placed my hands on the granite behind me. It was cold and hard under my palms. I lifted my feet up to the counter’s edge, and lifted my pelvis up off of it’s warmed spot.

He seemed to take forever just examining me in this position. My ass lifted up, into the air. He wiped his finger along the granite where it had been moments before. He rubbed his forefinger and thumb together. He then lifted them to his nose and inhaled deeply. “You made a mess.” He wiped them on his pants.

I felt my whole body blushing at his acknowledgement of what was happening to me. He knew how much I was enjoying displaying my body for him. I liked it when he looked at me. I also liked seeing how much looking at my body was making his own react. He had a bulge in his pants now. I couldn’t help but look again, and again, to see it growing there.

His hands found the roundness of my hips, and the fabric that encircled them. He let his finger bostancı escort bayan ease under it, and lift it; pulling it along my skin. I wanted his hands to be crawling across my skin, but the fabric would do for now. Over my hip bone, down along my outer hip, to my thighs. It was as if he was dragging this out for all it was worth. So slowly he moved down my skin. My hips arched up higher, my pussy clenching shut in wanting. I let out a little moan.

He came to my knees and I just had to sit back down. My butt slapping down, as it hit the stone hardness of the granite. Even my arms were shaking at the way my body was aroused. I ran my hands up and over my arms on either side, to release some of the tension growing in my body. I felt his hands still on my legs. Rubbing them for me. He did know how to do such nice things for me. To me.

“Better.” He said.

I wasn’t sure if he was asking if I was better. Or commenting on my state of undress. He ran his hands all of the way down my legs, taking my underwear with them. Off of one foot, then the other. Back up his hands came, to the underside of my knees, to my thighs. I could feel how warm they were against the skin of my outer thigh.

My hands came back up to my breasts. Lifting one and then the other. I let my fingers pull ever so slightly on them. I closed my eyes and just relished the sensation of the four hands on me. His fingers delicately strumming the skin of my legs, coming around slowly to rest on my inner thigh. Mine tugging harder at my ripening nipples. I lowered my head to my right breast and let my mouth engulf it.

My nipple was hard now. Really hard. It tasted like it always did, like my skin. I hoped that he would find my little trick at being able to do this arousing. I let my tongue get it all wet. Licking it over and under the sides. I kept my eyes shut, trying to concentrate on the ripples of happiness I was creating in my body. Lick. Suckle. Bite. My kitty clamped down hard.

He stood there. I could hear his breath quicken. I could hear him grunt under his breath. I stopped, opened my eyes and looked down at his waist. Oh! It was oh so obvious that my behavior was just what he liked. I let my breasts fall back down as I reached for the buckle on his belt.

I looked at him, square in the eye now, never wavering from my task. To free his body from it’s clothing confines. He didn’t bulk, or resist. He let me do what I wanted. Pulling the button loose, I yanked up the ends of his shirt and found his skin under my hands. It was as warm as I felt. Smooth with just the right amount of tickling hairs.

I kept hauling his shirt higher and higher up his chest. I found no opposition to my plan. He was gracious in raising his arms up and even more so, when he moved the shirt over his head and off of his arms. Even sitting up here on the countertop he was so much taller than me. He smiled at me, with that twinkle in his eye.

“Turn about is fair play. You tell me all the time.” I said to him.

“So it is.”

I let my hands enjoy the feeling of his chest. The softness of the hairs upon it. I gave a kiss to the spot on his skin, nearer to his left nipple. Then boldly licked his nipple too. I imagined doing to him what he does to my own nipple, and played with the sensations of nipping, licking, and biting. He vocally attested to my display, by muttering something about teasing, to that space right behind my ear.

“I can give as good as I get.” I told him.

“We’ll see about that.” He pushed me backwards from his body.

He finished his own undressing by pushing his pants down over his hips. He shimmed his way out of them, as only men seem to do, pushing the remains of his clothing out from underfoot to the side. He stepped closer to me, and I leaned back farther. He reminded me of one of those Animal Channel programs about wild prey being stalked. My hands come in contact with the cold hardness of the space where I was seated. I was suddenly grateful for it’s strength. Please don’t let me falter now, I prayed.

He put his hands on my knees and without pausing, forced them apart. In one fluid motion, he came to rest right between my now opened, and completely naked body. My thighs drew together, and I could feel the bone of his hips, resting up against my inner thigh. His skin felt surprisingly cool to mine. Except where the bulge of his body rested upon the opening of my own. I looked down, seeing the contrast of his milky white skin to the darker richer skin of my body. Thoughts of milk being poured into espresso came to mind.

His hands were advancing right ümraniye escort up my body, over my hips and stomach. Reaching their destination of my breasts, he cupped each of them in turn. He didn’t falter as his mouth came down and encompassed my left nipple. His mouth was wet on my skin. His tongue lapped over my harden nipple. “Mine.” He growled between bites and suckles. “This one is mine.”

I felt overwhelmed by his statement. Or was it the sensation of my body’s response to his mouth. I felt warm. Almost too warm. The stone slab beneath me felt hot now. I could feel it becoming wet under my ass. I moved my thighs further out and they slid with ease, the water, or sweat, providing a nice lubrication. I wanted him closer to me; I pushed my body to the complete edge of the countertop. I felt his hard penis jump at the contact between us. My chest arched further up to his mouth.

I felt his right arm coming around my back, pulling me closer to his mouth. His left hand was never letting go of my left breast. Over and over his mouth pulled at my nipple. How much longer could I hold this position I wondered? My arms were starting to feel like jelly. My kitty was aching for some release. I couldn’t get my hand down to it, to rub at it and hold myself up at the same time. I tried to push my hips into his body. I was trying to get the hardness of his penis to give it to me. “Pllleeeaasssssssssssssseee” I moaned.

He stopped. He looked up at me, as if he had been waiting for me to respond. I could see the raw expression of lust in him. It shocked me. I don’t know why after all of this time, but it did. I lay backwards, fully onto the granite. My hands came up to my stomach. If I put them on it, would it stop the butterflies that were swirling around? I could feel my hair softly cushioning my head and neck. The hardness of the granite against my skull was a little too hard. He was going to be lifting my legs up into the air now. He had told me that he wanted to do it this way. I knew what to expect. Or so I thought.

His hands ran quickly down my body. My breasts flopping down against my belly; the inertia of which, caused them to flop back up and over to the sides of my body. Looking down my body, I could see the river of sweat that trickled all the way back up towards the hollow of my neck. His finger traced a line from that spot, all the way down the valley of my chest, and to the place where my hands were covering my stomach. He paused where they joined, waiting for the obstacle to be moved from his destination. I laid them to the sides of the counter. My palms pressed against the solid form beneath my body. Instantly I felt wetness forming under my palms. I wanted to wipe it off of them, to make it easier to grip.

He let his hands continue to travel down my limbs. Further they came, up along the place where my legs touched his own body, until he came to the end. Wrapping his long fingers around the tapered ends of my legs, he took hold of my ankles. He pushed my legs up so that they bent at the knees and hip. He placed my feet upon the countertop on either side of where his body bordered it. I could feel beads of sweat riveting down my skin. The air swept across the backs of my thighs. Its coolness was a welcomed relief to the growing warmth of my situation.

He was holding his own stiff member in his hand. Gently he rubbed the tip of it up and down along the soggy opening of my body. I could feel the spongy head of it caressing my lips. Using my hands as leverage, I pushed my body closer to this wonderful item. I wanted more. I craved to feel it deep inside of me. Up and down he let it slide; never actually entering. My thighs fell open, my knees hitting the granite. I momentarily felt a bit of pain at bone hitting stone, but it was soon replaced once again with that heavenly feeling. My toes curled and gripped his hips, under the sensation he produced in me.

Sounds of moaning were ringing in my ears. Long, drawn out, sighs of need and want. I felt like I was drowning in this need I heard. Where, oh where was the sound coming from? Waves of desire flowed now, like endless ripples on the surface of a pond. Over and over he let his penis slide up and down. Pausing to let it press hard and firm against either the top or the bottom of my opened and spread body. Refusing to put it inside of my hot and needy kitty.

My hands were flying over my body now. My nails scraping along the edges of my legs, my hip bone, and my stomach. My fingers digging into the flesh of my torso and my chest. My hands grappling at my breasts, as my mind was trying to grapple with the depth kartal escort of desire I felt for him. “Goddess!!” I screamed out loud to him. Wanting him to hear, somebody to hear, anybody who could squelch this hunger. “Oh God please!”

Hands were pulling at my ankles. I could feel my legs in the air. The blood rushing down them as my feet were raised above my hips. My thoughts trying to keep up with the actions happening now. His hands were sweeping down the backs of my thighs, cleaning away the build up of perspiration. Firmly I felt his fingers on my slippery wet lips, pulling at them. Opening me up. So far apart. So wide he pulled them. I just wanted to close them down around something.

There. There it was. Oh it felt so good. He pushed himself into me fully. It fit so perfectly. It filled that chasm in me, as only he could do. I was sated for the moment. I opened my eyes to him. I wanted to express my gratitude to him for finally giving me what I craved.

I saw him standing there, joined to me in this primal way. His eyes closed, his head slightly upturned. He was lost to me in that moment. His hands resting on the backs of my thighs. Holding them steady, but not too hard. It was as if my thighs were the most natural place to lay his hands. His penis deeply embedded in my womb. I watched as he breathed slow and deep. The air filling up his lungs, all the way down into his torso; the way that he had filled me up so completely.

I reached out for him. To touch that place where we were joined. I put my finger out to gently probe our sexes. It was wet. My finger slid down into the space easily. Through my damp hairs I made my way. Letting them curl and uncurl around my appendage. My body was familiar territory to this finger, and my others. Then I felt it.

His hard body was sunk into the soft folds of my body. My curiosity broke the spell of his silence. His eyes flew open as he bent his head down to look at me. He cocked his head to the left, and his eyes winced slightly. It didn’t take him long to figure out what was down there, or what I was doing. “Looking for something?” He teased me. His eyes twinkling mischievously. I pulled my hand back up and grabbed the edge of the counter top.

“Yes!” I pushed my body closer to his; as if there was too much space between us. I grinned at the way his eyes flew open to my body clamping down on his penis. Letting my presence be known, I let my womb grasp him at the opening. Then clench tighter, further up his shaft. When I felt he was held tight enough, I seized the tip of it. He swallowed hard at the pressure upon his manhood.

Slowly, I released my muscles. Inch by inch, I relaxed my womb, until I had fully let go of him. I could feel him adjust himself in me. He shifted his weight from side to side, as if trying to get comfortable once again. He didn’t say a word, but he was smiling. He knew what I was capable of, and he knew that if he didn’t give me what I was craving, I would take it from him.

His hands pressed my thighs back towards my chest. He pulled his body away from mine in one long slow motion. It felt like a part of my body was being culled away. I arched my back, to draw him back to me. I used the edge of the countertop for assistance; clutching at it with both hands. It was no use. I was not in a position to change this.

His body came back into me. I was so relieved at its presence. He took my hands in his own, and guided them to my thighs. “Hold these.” I could feel the sweat on my skin under my palms. My whole body seemed to be covered it in now. My thighs felt strong under my hands, yet they shook in anticipation. My knees came down towards my head.

His hands reached up, and found the mounds of flesh on my chest. He held them, one in each hand. As he squeezed them, I could feel his fingers digging into my muscles. His face held concentration and strain. His hands were indignant as they kneaded them. He was anchoring me to the granite countertop, keeping me from moving away from him. As if I would, or wanted to. Then he moved.

His penis was stroking me now. His hands held me steady while he let himself glide in and out of my wet, oh so wet, body. Each thrust seemed to go deeper into me. I could feel this pulsing picking up speed. That bubble of excitement was growing rapidly. Magically he touched and caressed all of those places in me.

Oh it felt good. No, it was great. I felt nothing anymore but his body rubbing mine. His hands holding my body in place for his. He pressed himself, fully, as humanly possible into my vagina. To the hilt, as they say. Then he began to dance it seemed. Was it up and down, or side to side? My brain felt foggy. I could feel my body getting ready to explode from the pressure he had built up in me. OHHHHH! I screamed as my orgasm let loose. Beautiful rainbows danced around me now. I looked at him.

He was smiling.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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