Gemma Shaves Her Head for Charity

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Gemma sat in the barber’s chair, trembling with both nervousness and anticipation. Her beautiful black hair, which normally fell nearly to her waist was tightly bound with a rubber band. She faced out into the crowd, and gave a nervous grin as she felt a pair of scissors begin cutting above the rubber band. In moments, her remaining hair fell around her face in a ragged bob.

“Thank you so much for your generous donation!” the announcer called out, and the happy crowd clapped and cheered.

This whole thing started out when the beauty salon she worked at announced a charity event to donate hair for cancer survivors. Each participant would also shave their heads in solidarity. Gemma decided to participate, now was the moment of truth.

“Are you ready?” the woman behind her whispered in her ear.

“Yes, before I change my mind!” she replied shakily.

She looked out at the crowd as the electric clippers started at her forehead and cut away a wide path of hair to the nape of her neck. Beneath the cloth covering her clothes, she carefully reached under her denim miniskirt and pulled aside her thong. She couldn’t believe how wet this was making her, and had to resist the urge to fully masturbate in front of the crowd. She was pretty sure her orgasm would be noticed.

Within a few minutes, most of her hair was gone and the woman was using the clippers to remove the last wisps of hair from her scalp. She placed a hand on her head, feeling the rough velvet texture of the buzz cut. It was amazing to her how cool the room felt without an insulating layer of hair.

The woman brushed of the hair, and unbuttoned the cape. Gemma got to her feet, somewhat unsteadily.

“You’re so brave, thank you again!” the announcer said. “Let’s all give Gemma a round of applause!”

The crowd cheered and clapped as Gemma left the stage. She could hear the announcer calling the next volunteer forward, but it felt muted because of the pounding of her heart. She gingerly felt her scalp, fascinated by the alien feel of the short stubble. She had to find a mirror!

She worked her way through the audience, and found the ladies room. Leaning both hands on the counter, she stared at her reflection. Her beautiful delicate features looked almost elfin without hair to obscure them. The only thing that disappointed her was that the fine stubble showed against her skin.

The door opened and a young blond woman entered. Seeing Gemma, she exclaimed “Oh, you’re so brave! I could never do that!”

“Well, it grows back, and it’s for a good cause,” Gemma replied.

“I guess, I just don’t know how I’d deal with it.”

Gemma smiled, and headed to the exit. Outside the door, her boyfriend Chris took both her hands and gave her a quick kiss.

“You look amazing!” he said, with an enthusiastic look on his face.

“Thanks! I’m so glad you said that. I was worried how you would react.”

“Why? You’re beautiful, with or without hair!” he replied. “Are bahis firmaları you ready to get out of here?”

“Sure, let me say some goodbyes and we can get going,” she replied.

She made her way to the front, and said goodbye to several of her co-workers. In a few minutes, she met Chris at the exit, and they walked to his car. He reached over and lightly brushed the palm of his hand on her scalp, looking down at her and grinning. She gave him a punch in the arm and said “Pervert!”

“Hey, I can’t help how hot you look!” he replied in mock defensiveness.

“You think so?” she replied in an uncertain tone.

“Absolutely,” he said firmly.

The got into the car, and before he started it, he took her left hand and moved it to his crotch. She could feel his hard cock through his jeans. “I guess so,” she said with a grin.

“The only thing I hate is the stubble. I want it to be smooth.” She said, looking to see his reaction.

“We can do that. Hey. I have another idea. When we get home, why don’t you buzz my head as well. I’ll do this in solidarity, so you don’t feel like you’re alone in this,” Chris replied.

She leaned over and kissed him, reaching with her right hand and squeezing his cock. “I love you so much…” She whispered.

When the apartment door closed, they wasted no time. Gemma pulled Chris’s black t-shirt over his head, exposing his lean muscular torso. She fell to her knees and began pulling down his jeans. He stopped her as she reached for his hardening cock and said, “Hey! hold on there. We have some work to do first!”

She gave him a disappointed expression, but stood up. Chris reached for the bottom of her tank top and pulled it over her head. At the same time, she unbuttoned her miniskirt and pulled both it and her thong to the floor. She stepped out of it and posed for him, knees together and slightly bent, and both hands gracefully above her head like a belly dancer.

He took in the sight of his beautiful girlfriend, marveling again at his luck. Her delicate features were drawn out by the lack of hair, and even the shape of her skull turned him on. He drank in her small, pert breasts and admired the barbells piercing her nipples. Her body was slender and her bare mound called to him.

Gemma turned her back and headed towards the bathroom and Chris followed, watching the sway of her hips, and the large tattoo of crow’s wings covering most of her back.

She took out her electric clippers and said “Sit!” pointing to the toilet. She plugged the clippers in, and ran her fingers through Chris’s short blond hair. A few minutes later, she made short work of his hair, leaving him with stubble similar to hers. She turned on the hot water and pulled the shaving cream and fresh razors out of the medicine cabinet.

She put a hot washcloth on his head, and when it cooled, she removed it and squirted a generous amount of shaving cream on his head. She used her hands to spread it over his scalp, and used a fresh kaçak iddaa razor to carefully shave the remaining hair from his head. She took a few minutes to find any remaining stubble, then wiped his head clean with the washcloth.

“Almost done!” she said.

“Almost?” What’s left?” he asked.

“Well, now that you’ve had your head shaved, we should do the rest of your body as well.” She said with a grin.

“Hey! Just leave my eyebrows! I’d look weird without them!” he replied with mock horror.

“You can keep your eyebrows. Just return the favor.”

For the next hour, Gemma carefully shaved all the hair from his body. She was soaking wet as she stroked his smooth skin.

“Your turn…” he said, exchanging seats with her.

“Luckily I keep my body hairless already.” She said. “This should go much faster.”

He placed the hot washcloth on her head, covering her eyes, then knelt down. He reached between her legs and ran two fingers up her slit. His fingers easily slid into her vagina and she gasped in pleasure.

“Hey, you’re supposed to be up here…” she said throatily, as her hips ground her swollen lips towards his hand.

“All in due time…” he replied, working his thumb in small circles on her clitoris.

It was too much for her, and in moments, she came explosively, covering his hands in wetness.

He stood up and tasted his fingers, then washed his hand off in the sink. He removed the washcloth and squirted shaving cream in his hand. He began massaging her scalp with it, covering every inch of stubble, then he picked up a razor. Carefully, he began shaving off the stubble, feeling gently with his fingers to make sure he got every bit.

Gemma felt the scrape of the razor on her scalp, and his light touch caressing the smooth left behind. One hand went to her aching nipples, squeezing and pinching. The other hand went between her legs, and began slowly massaging her swollen clitoris.

“Careful there, don’t move too much. I’d hate to knick you with this.” Chris said.

“Uh huh…” she replied, left speechless by his attentions.

She felt a warm washcloth on her head, and he wiped the remaining traces of shaving cream away. She opened her eyes to find Chris’s hard cock inches from her face. She leaned forward and took it into her mouth, sucking and bringing deep into her throat. She felt a warm hand on her smooth scalp, caressing the skin. His cock popped from her lips, and she smiled up at Chris.

“I want you so bad right now, it hurts.” He said, looking down at her upturned face. He leaned down and took her hand, gently pulling her to her feet. “Take a look,” he said in a husky voice.

She turned and put an arm around him, admiring their reflection in the bathroom mirror. Both of them were nearly perfect physical specimens, and she gasped in surprise at just how amazing their completely hairless bodies looked. “You are so beautiful…” she said to him.

“Not nearly as stunning kaçak bahis as you are,” he replied sincerely. He reached over and picked up his phone, and pointed it at the glass. She smiled, and posed with an arm around him, looking slightly down to emphasize her bald head. Chris put down his phone, and reached behind to take her hand. “Come on…” he said, leading her to the bedroom.

The afternoon light cascaded through the window and falling on the bed. He lay her down, then climbed in beside her, looking into her eyes. He took her smooth head in his hands and leaned in to give her a passionate kiss, feeling Gemma’s hands caressing his scalp in return.

He gently pushed her onto her back, and pulled himself over until he was on top of her. Gemma’s knees came up, and she reached between them to guide his hard cock towards her hole. He thrust deeply, eliciting a gasp at the suddenness of the action, and began pumping into her with increasing speed and intensity. In moments, Gemma was writhing below him, reaching her head up and biting his shoulder. In no time at all she came again, screaming with pleasure.

Chris withdrew, and turned Gemma onto her stomach. “On all fours…” he growled. Gemma complied, and soon he was guiding himself in from behind. Gemma’s back arched, and he leaned down reached around for her clitoris. Gemma moaned, then screamed as she came for a third time, her elbows collapsing under her, he ass high in the air.

He kept pumping in and out, and through gasping breaths, Gemma called out “Come…. On… my head….”

Chris nearly lost it then, but Gemma pulled herself off his cock. She turned and said, “stand up…”

Chris backed up the bed, and stood by the edge, as Gemma followed and sat on the bed in front of him. She took his cock in her mouth, tasting herself and looking up. She began sucking, taking him deep into her throat. She cupped his smooth scrotum in one hand, gently squeezing, while she jerked him off into her mouth with the other. In no time, Chris groaned, “I’m coming…”

She took his cock from her mouth, and looked down, presenting her hairless scalp to him. Chris took his left hand, and began caressing her head, while he looked down, jerking off. His eyes drank in her bald head, and followed down her tattooed back to her perfect ass and up again. Soon, he couldn’t resist any more and ejaculated long stringy jets of semen. Most of is splashed on Gemma’s head, and some down her back. He used his left hand and began rubbing into her scalp as she again took his cock in her mouth, cleaning it off. She looked up and smiled, her face and head covered with his semen.

“That was incredible…” she said.

“You’re amazing.” he replied.

“I have a confession…” she said as she ran her fingers over her messy head.

“What’s that?” Chris asked.

“The charity event was only an excuse. I always wanted to try this, I was just scared of peoples’ reactions.”

“I love you so much, there isn’t a thing you could do to bother me.” Chris replied. “Whatever you want, it’s yours to have.”

“Oh, I love you too!” she exclaimed, then asked in a small voice, “Can I stay this way awhile?”

“For as long as you want.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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