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I click send and see the message ‘room 7’ disappear off my mobile screen.

Looking round the room and trying to decide what to do to pass the time till you arrive; I go over and lie on the large sumptuous king size bed. Turning on the TV I absently flick through the channels. I hadn’t realized I’d closed my eyes until the sounds of someone fucking came to me. I open my eyes slightly to see a couple nearing climax on the screen. As I start to watch more closely I find myself aroused, knowing that I will be enjoying the same sensations very shortly.

Slowly I raise my hand and start fondling my hardened nipples, pinching and flicking them, licking my fingers, moistening them and returning them to my breasts, now afire. My other hand makes its way further down my body, over my stomach lower until I reached my mound, the gentle touch of my own fingers making me throb. I slip my hand inside my lace panties, not comfortable and feeling restricted by being still partly dressed; I remove them dropping çatalca escort them onto the floor beside the bed.

My hand finds its way again to my mound; this time my fingers spread my lips, now wanting to explore my own depths. Again I moisten my fingers and returned to my now throbbing clit. With slow circular motions I rub myself, raising my own desire. I spread my legs, my pussy now aching to be explored. I slide my finger deep inside. I clench the bed covers as I feel myself rising, and my hand comes across my vibe lying beside me on the bed.

I turn the dial igniting what I know is about to bring me so much pleasure. I circle my clit again as I feel myself moisten more, my pussy now dripping, wanting relief from the heat raising inside. I gasp as I plunge it deep inside me, in and out I pump, my breathing becoming short and ragged as I bring myself higher, faster I fuck my wet juicy cunt. I raise myself from the bed wanting and needing to cum.

It is then esenyurt escort I hear a moan, not my own. I open my eyes and see you standing there watching me, a smile on your face, desire in your eyes. With a look I invite you to join me. As you emerge from the shadows at the end of the bed I see you are naked as you move over to the bed. Your cock hard as you fondle and rub yourself. I lick my lips, my mouth dry and needing to taste you. You walk to the side of the bed and I move over and find the bed to be the exact height needed for me to flick your swollen red knob while you stroke yourself.

Leaving my vibe throbbing inside me, forgotten while I savour the smoothness of your knob against my lips as you allow me to take you in a little deeper. My lips move down past your knob and I hear you groan, my teeth just barely grazing the sides as I put my hand on your arse and pull you deep inside my mouth. Your knob hits the back of my throat making me gag slightly but of course etiler escort you enjoy the feeling as my throat and mouth constrict around you.

You start fucking my face, deliberately thrusting in harder with each stroke. I moan as I enjoy the taste of you. This only heightens your desire and you seem to lose control. Your spare hand now holds my head in place as you thrust your cock deep in my mouth over and over again, both enjoying the feeling of raising higher ready to explode.

I feel your cock start to throb and swell and I know you’re about to cum; you from fucking my mouth, me from you taking control over my vibe again pumping my cunt over and over. Sliding it in and out deeper and deeper, faster and faster. Again I pull you deep in my mouth and I hear the guttural growl from you as you start to cum. I deliberately pull back allowing your cum to fill my mouth. I want to taste you before swallowing. I feel your last shudder as you become drained, completely spent. You stand there for a moment still slightly swaying before you open your eyes and look down at my smile.

The taste of you is still on my tongue as you bend down to kiss me, our tongues entwined in a long luxurious kiss. With hesitation you pull away and as a smug smile grows on your face you whisper, “Hi……… wanna fuck?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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