Falling Hard and Falling Wrong Ch. 01

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The blasting rock music on the stereo and the gyrating hyper college kids in the middle of the dance floor were enough reasons for me to leave Felt early, besides I had no intention of becoming the designated driver to those silly girls who called themselves friends, but I had ulterior motives than spending a night in a bar, getting high and wasted. I needed a room-mate, right now, ready to move in within the weekend and ready to pay the share in the coming days.

I had no intention of going back to the dorms nor calling my parents and asking them for money like the brat only-child they loved and spoiled. I was fed up with their shit, telling me what to do, who to talk to, what to eat, how to dress and the list was way longer than anyone’s imagination.

I nudged my tipsy friend again to catch her attention.” So where’s your mate. I need a room-mate tonight, you know.” I shouted pretty loud and apparently it was loud enough to get through her thick head. Staggering a bit she pointed to a boy over the hall and muttered, Tony. That was great, at least I had a name to stick to and spend the rest of the night looking for some possible room-mate called Tony.

I wasted a good half an hour looking for casino şirketleri that guy and it was no easy job to find your way through the swarming swishing sweating bodies, and they smelled disgusting, a mixture of liquor, sweat and bodily secretions of random faces making out in public, some people are so gross.

Tony was a big black guy in his twenties, all muscles with a chiseled face and a little intimidating in manners and other ways, so much that I started saying a silent prayer not to have him as my room-mate, but you have little choice under pressure.

I took a deep breath and approached him. Fortunately there weren’t any girls around and I caught his attention sooner than expected. “Hey sis, watcha up to?” he spoke with a slight lisp but that booming voice was giving me shivers and second thoughts. “Did I want someone that bad?”

He couldn’t do me any harm in front of so many people so I swallowed hard and stepped forward, starting to talk as fast as I could giving myself the chance to runaway before anything could happen.

“I’m a friend of Stacy and I need a room-mate, she said you could help.” and his help was the last thing I wanted then.

He opened his mouth casino firmaları once then shut it as if he’d changed his mind then he narrowed his eyes menacingly scanning the room, maybe looking for the next victim.

“Yea I can help, that kid playing poker, he was looking for a place of his own.” His hand showed some random table and I had to turn my head completely to follow .

“you mean that guy sitting on the table?” I asked rhetorically.

I moved forward before seeing Tony’s nod.

I got close enough to appraise the probable room-mate, he was younger than me, no doubt, but he looked too young to be drinking and actually being here. whatever his age was, obviously he wasn’t an awful player since the other guys were losing bad. The music wasn’t that loud there and I thought I could spend some time watching my future room-mate, he looked fine or at least better than other candidates and I was sure I could make him follow my rules.

“Hey PF, this lil chick seems interested in your talents, wanna show her a few tricks?” I felt a shove and then someone’s saliva ran down my neck, this was too gut wrenching.

The boy shoved a few cards in his pocket before looking at me, nobody güvenilir casino else noticed but he definitely was cheating.

“What’s your business? ” he almost hissed.

I had learned enough to tell these guys what I needed discreetly and quickly . “I need a room-mate and Tony said you needed a place.” that was it, as plain as I could say anything.

He started to dissect the deck in his hand, biting his lips nervously. He looked so…..cute.

Then he jumped off the table holding his hand close to mine. “Gimme a fiver ‘n we’re outta here.” I hardly knew him and he was asking me money, that was rude but I was too eager to leave that place to mind his offensiveness. He gave it to some guy sitting in the shadows then collected whatever was left on the table and within seconds we were walking in the streets heading to my place.

“So is your name PF? What does it stand for?” I asked only trying to make small talk.

“That’s for poker face, my nickname. I’m Keith. So can I move in tonight?” He asked shaking his duffel bag in front of my eyes. His eyes were begging for a yes. This boy was one of the most expressive guys I’ve ever met, definitely not a poker face.

“K, but there’s no extra bed so you have to sleep on the floor. is that all you have?” I pointed to his bag.

A big smile covered his face nodding a quiet yes to my question and did he blush? Oh my God.

I totally liked this guy, he was too cute to play the bad boy.

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