Eve Visit’s Louise Bellman’s Clinic Ch. 02

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“Eve, that was incredible” I heard through a distant fog. The voice was Louise talking to me. I had just peed my panties and masturbated myself to a tremendous orgasm in front of her and William, the therapy assistant. “I’ve never seen anyone so stimulated from a debasing act. There’s no doubt that you are a piss slut, but we’ll need to expand your degradation to properly evaluate your entire personality.”

“I have some questions about what happened. Please tell me, do you often cry just before you cum?” Louise asked.

Do I cry? When? I didn’t remember crying, but thought back to the first time I peed my panties, fanaticizing that my degradation guide, Margaret, was watching me. When I finished peeing, I lowered my panties and while I rubbed my sex I cried from the humiliation of what I had done. Then I had a body shaking climax.

“No, I usually don’t cry” I finally answered. “It’s just that I felt so ashamed about what I had done. Ashamed that you and William saw me do such a filthy thing.”

“That’s perfectly normal Eve. That definitely establishes a link between shame and sexual stimulation with you” Louise explained.

“Now, have you shamed yourself in any other ways?” she asked.

I related how I had gone to a pharmacy and asked a mature woman behind the counter for advice on condoms and lubricants as another customer stood by. Margaret had suggested this as another way to humiliate myself. The clerk had to have the pharmacist come to the counter to answer my question about using a warming lubricant for anal sex, again within hearing distance of the other customer. Finally, I asked her to direct me to the single use enemas, realizing that everyone thought I was going to be sodomized.

“Were you?” Louise asked.

“Was I what?” I answered.

“Were you sodomized after that?” Louise replied.

“No. I’ve never anal sex. I’ve thought about it, casino şirketleri but …” I didn’t have a reason to give her. My ex-husband had never been interested and I haven’t been able to bring it up to my current lover.

“Never!” Louise exclaimed. “Never had anyone play with your ass. Never had a finger inserted while your cunt was being filled by your man? Never put your own finger in while you masturbated?”

“No, never” my words barely escaping my lips. Somehow I felt embarrassed to be a 40 year old anal virgin.

“Well as you are about to find out, your ass plays a major part in being a true degradation slut” Louise explained.

“William, please get Eve ready for the next portion of her therapy.”

William removed the restraints and moved my legs out of the stirrups. Then he began pulling my panties down and I obediently lifted my hips to assist him. Finally I lay there completely naked.

As William directed my feet and legs back into the stirrups, Louise reminded him to use the leg and arm restraints, and also to strap my hips down. “I think the reaction from this phase will be more intense than the last” Louise explained to both of us.

“Now, William will prepare you for the next phase of your treatment” Louise told me. “I would urge you to relax and let your body adapt to the intrusion.”

I looked down between my knees and watched as William applied a generous amount of lubricant to his gloved finger. Then he began pushing his digit against my tight sphincter.

“Just relax Miss. I promise I’ll be very gentle” William said directly to me. “Push down as though you are having a bowel movement” he said, and I did as his finger slowly entered my virgin ass.

William worked first one and then a second finger into my ass. “She’s very tight Miss Bellman” William said to my therapist.

“That’s what I expected William” Louise said. casino firmaları “We’ll need to start with the smaller probes and work up to find her capacity.”

Then for what seemed to be an eternity, William probed my rectum with various dildos and artificial phalluses. Each time he encountered strong resistance, he stopped, told me to relax and push down, and finally I would open and accept the violation. He and Louise discussed each insertion and Louise made notes in my file.

As William worked on my tight anus, I noticed that Louise had opened the front of her lab coat. As I had suspected before, she wore nothing underneath. She watched my therapy closely and as she did, she rubbed her own breasts and her sex. “You’re doing very well Eve” she told me. “It’s quite obvious from your hard nipples that you’re excited, and as you can see, I am also.” Louise continued to stroke herself even as she gently pinched my tingling nipples. “Feel free to enjoy yourself. Let me know if you want me to touch you in any way. Your physical enjoyment is just as important to us as your clinical evaluation. Once your restraints are removed, you are welcomed to touch me also”.

“William, it’s time to administer the enema” Louise said. As William prepared his equipment, Louise asked me “Have you had an enema recently Eve?”

“No, I haven’t” I replied nervously, recalling back to the last time, in labor for my son, when the nurse gave me an enema while my then husband watched. Even then I had a twinge of sexual excitement, and then the shame as I evacuated into the bed pan the nurse put under me.

“Enemas are very therapeutic, both cleansing you and stimulating you for sexual activity” Louise explained. “William will be giving you a generous dose of warm water, then we’ll help you hold it before letting you release into the pan that William will hold. We’ll watch you shit and observe your reactions.”

Oh güvenilir casino god, I thought. How can I let myself be so debased. Then as I looked down at the bag with the hose running between my legs, William pushed the nozzle into me, before releasing the clamp on the tube, allowing the warm water enema to enter me.

As I was being filled, Louise began softly rubbing my lower abdomen. “Feels wonderful doesn’t it?” Louise asked.

I must admit that initially I enjoyed the warm feeling in my bowels. Then as I became more full, I felt the discomfort of needing relief. The enema continued to flow, filling me until I felt actual pain deep inside. When I cried out, William shut off the flow. Louise continued massaging by tummy.

“OK William” Louise instructed. William removed the enema nozzle and replaced it with his finger. “Now Eve, hold on. William’s finger will keep you from leaking” Louise said as her hand moved lower, between my spread legs. “Are you enjoying this?” she asked as her fingers penetrated my sex, finding my clit. “Are you ready to shit into William’s pan?”

My feelings were running wild. My pussy was on fire, wanting more of Louise’s ministrations. I knew that she and William were watching me, more exposed than I had ever been. My belly was filled, desperate to relieve myself, even though it would be a filthy act while William and Louise watched.

“Now, it’s time Eve” Louise said. As William removed his finger, I knew that I didn’t have any control of what my body wanted to do. While William held the pan under me, my bowels evacuated forcefully.

“Oh god! I’m shitting all over” I cried while Louise and William watched me, in total shame of the act I was involved in.

“Go ahead. Shit you filthy slut” Louise urged as I filled the pan William was holding.

Then without any warning, Louise leaned over, kissing me hard on the lips, her tongue pushing deeply into my mouth. Her hands roamed over my breasts and then her fingers drove deep into my pussy. As the smelly mess ran out of my ass, I came, right there with Louise kissing and touching me. It was wonderful…

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