Did This Really Happen?

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Stories from this exceptional time in history will be told for years to come. Parents trapped at home, attempting to do their jobs via the internet while also overseeing their children struggle with makeshift lessons from school, businesses closing, gas prices dropping, so many stories to be shared.

One such story, one which will most likely not be shared with the wider public, took place in our household today. It began when my wife completed a tele conference with her supervisor at school and then suggested that it might be a good time for sex.

This is not the kind of proposal which typically demands careful consideration, at least not from those of us who happen to be male. I quickly agreed that it would be a great idea and headed for the bedroom. My wife soon followed, and I watched as she disrobed and crawled under the covers. I reached out to draw her naked body against mine. It is not often that we have the opportunity to enjoy intimate time in the early afternoon.

She smiled and then slid down between my legs. I felt her breasts fall on either side of my cock and caress my balls, and then I watched as she readjusted her body, bringing her lips close to the head of my cock, and then her innovia escort head turned, and she glanced out the french door in our room.

“There is a turkey right outside the door!” she explained, “I have to go look.”

And, with that, she jumped out of bed, slid on her slippers, wrapped a small blanket around her body, and rushed to the door. I barely had time to react before she described multiple turkeys in the yard. She counted them. She talked to them. She grabbed her phone and took pictures of them. My cock which had been completely firm, was now utterly flaccid. I could not quite fathom what was taking place!

The turkeys were in no particular hurry, and neither was my wife. In fact, I nearly drifted off to sleep by the time she made her way back to bed. We started over. Once again, her breasts were caressing the inside of my thighs, my cock and balls nestled between them and then her warm mouth enveloped the tip of my cock. We were back in the groove.

Sometimes, the look in her eye, the desire to stroke my cock, to fondle my balls and to put my cock in her mouth is just as much a turn on as the actual sensation of oral sex.

A friend of mine once istanbul escort told me that it would drive him nuts when his wife would want to talk during sex

I told him that I was quite the opposite and that I love it when my wife talks during sex. I love it when she asks me to tell her a fantasy while I lay next to her and gently finger her pussy.

And that is just what happened next. She crawled up from between my legs and laid next to me and then spread her legs wide open and reached down to spread her lips with her fingers and asked if I happened to have a fresh fantasy in mind.

I put a drop of lube on my finger and reached down to dab it on her clit and began telling her a fantasy about taking the canoe out on a warm summer’s evening and paddling down to the end of the lake where there is a secluded beach and then spreading a towel and watching the sun begin to set before reaching over to unbutton her top.

I described our love making as I continued to circle her clit with my finger. In the early days of our relationship, this would bring her to a nice fulfilling orgasm, but, I am pleased to report that she has learned a lot since that point. Now she tells kadıköy escort me just where to touch and just how much pressure, and sometimes, even reaches out and places her hand on mine to help direct the sensation. The payoff is that now she enjoys much more intense, much longer, rolling orgasms. Her body bucks with pleasure. She moans with desire. She cups her breast and caresses it. I find the experience to be highly erotic. I love helping my wife achieve an orgasm, to watch as her body responds to my touch.

After she caught her breath, she asked me to fuck her from behind. It is a request that she often makes as it is her favorite position. These days intercourse is particularly special because we have only recently begun to enjoy it again after a two year period where my wife found it painful. The introduction of hormone therapy, along with the right lube has made all the difference, and it is a delight to once again be able to slide my cock deep inside her pussy. I love the feel of her ass against my groin and the sensation of reaching out to grasp her hips, pulling her tight against me, but I do miss the ability to see the look on her face as i am about to explode inside her.

As she got on her hands and knees and leaned down, I got on my knees and scooted between her legs. She reached between her legs to guide my cock into her pussy, and I happened to glance out the window at the head of the bed. She asked me what i was thinking.

As I slid inside I said, “The turkeys are back!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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