Cougar and her Five Virginal Cubs Ch. 15

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Chapter Fifteen, “I love you, Mommy!”

Then, now that I think of it, Joey was always sexually fantasizing about his mother. He was always talking about himself being incestuously intimate with his Mom.

“My Mom has a nice body. I’d love to fuck her. I wish she’d suck my cock.”

“Gross, Joey,” said Ralph. “That’s so fucked up sexually fantasizing about your own mother.”

Definitely, Joey was a Mamma’s boy but, now that I know he’s gay, I never thought of him as being that kind of Mamma’s boy, if you know what I mean. Even though he’s the most perverted one of my friends, I never thought he’d have incestuous sex with his mother. His Mom was a single mother and Joey’s Dad had never been around. Much like so many of our father’s living in the North End of Boston, we figured that Joey’s father was in jail. Some speculate that Joey’s Mom had Joey out of wedlock and was never married. We all wondered what the real story was but Joey wasn’t talking.

From puberty, Joey spent years trying to see his mother naked and, as confessed to us, he caught her plenty of times. Apparently, once she discovered he was looking, she wasn’t too shy about walking around their small apartment in just her panty and bra and/or a flimsy, transparent bathrobe that never fully closed all the way, so he said.

“My Mom is always walking around in her bathrobe that has a missing button by her breasts and another missing button by her pussy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen bits and pieces of her tits and pussy,” said Joey with a sick look on his face.

“That’s fucked up, Joey,” said Ralph reprimanding him just enough, without saying too much that would discourage him from telling us more about the incestuous relationship he had or hoped to have with his mother.

“While watching TV, she sits across from me on the couch with her legs open enough for me to see her panties or her pussy,” said Joey.

“As if she’s the Virgin Mary, my Mom sits, as if her knees are cemented together,” said Anthony. “I’ve never seen so much as my mother’s bra strap.”

Maybe Joey’s mother knew he had gay tendencies and was trying to seduce him, hoping to turn him heterosexual, something we know now that’s impossible to do. Still our best storyteller, whether Joey was making the whole thing up and telling us the stories that we all wanted to hear, it really didn’t matter. We all relied on his stories to masturbate over later and, no doubt, to make us think that he was one of us, a heterosexual, horny man with a brain filled with incestuous thoughts.

“When she drinks wine, sometimes she falls asleep on the couch with her bathrobe opened enough for me to see her panty and bra, sometimes, even her tits and pussy,” said Joey. “I had to help her up to bed several times,” he said giving us the assurance that he was telling us the truth by nodding his head. “A few times, I even helped her remove her bathrobe to help her on with her nightgown.”

“Fuck you, liar! You saw your mother naked,” said Anthony, “while helping her on with her nightgown? No way! I don’t believe you, Joey.”

“Yes, I did,” said Joey, “more than once. She was so drunk that I even got plenty of feels of her tits and ass. Once, I even fingered her pussy.”

Even though we all knew incestuous sex was wrong, even though we’d never try to have sex with our own mothers, and even though we only believed half of what he told us, hearing Joey talk about seeing and feeling his mother’s body always made us all horny. After one of Joey’s storytelling sessions, we’d always masturbate over all that he said later than night, while thinking about Joey having sex with his mother, us having sex with our own mothers and/or the mothers of others, too.

Joey confessed to us multiple times, over whist games in the park, all the times he saw his Mom’s tits, ass, and pussy. Being that he was always telling tall tales, we didn’t believe him. We never knew what and how much to believe. Yet, wanting to believe him, he always told a good story that we were always eager to hear.

“In the summertime, on those really hot days,” he said. “My Mom goes to bed naked and, every morning, while waiting for the sunrise to light up her room enough for me to see, I sneak in her room to awaken her. Rubbing her eyes first, while stretching and yawning and kicking off the rest of the sheet that covers her pussy, slowly she’d reach for the sheet to cover her nakedness but sometimes, still half asleep and/or half drunk, she didn’t even bother to hide her nudity from me.”

Even though we didn’t believe him that his mother slept in the nude, even though we didn’t believe him that he saw his mother naked, when we never saw our mothers naked, we all took the vision of his mother lying naked on top of the covers away with us to our bedrooms that night. Especially the way that he told it, stopping and pausing at the right times for us to imagine what he was seeing or imagining all that he imagined he casino şirketleri saw, he told a good story. With our hands around our cocks later that night, we all imagined ourselves as Joey walking into his mother’s room and seeing her naked or walking in our mother’s room and seeing our mother’s naked.

We always wondered how much was true and how much was figments of his imagination. Still, it was sexually exciting to imagine that it was all true and his stories, especially the incestuous ones with his mother, made for really hot conversation, especially, at the time, before Kathleen, when we weren’t getting any sexual action ourselves. Which is why it was such a big, sexual deal for us, when Kathleen walked her dog three times a day, climbed the cemetery fence, and flashed us all her panties. Five young testosterone filled, virginal men, we were masturbation machines.

Even though Joey continued his down blouse stories of seeing women in the supermarket, Stephen retold his story of seeing his sister naked, after her shower, and Anthony still swore that he saw Maryanne naked, seeing Kathleen’s panties on a regular basis was the only real time that we saw anything sexual. Oh, my God, when I think of how we were all so excited that first few times to see a flash of panty, that was so hot to see Kathleen’s white or pastel panties. Now, unfortunately, after seeing and feeling every part of Kathleen’s shapely, naked body, merely seeing her panty will never be the same.

Still, when we thought about the scenario of Joey seeing his mother naked, it all made sense what Joey said about his mother sleeping naked because no one had air conditioning back then, just the rich people. And, because it was so hot in our stuffy, small apartments, many of us slept naked in our underwear. With Kathleen flashing us her panties in conjunction with Joey’s incestuous stories, we were all masturbating, no less than, four times a day.

“My Mom pretended to be embarrassed, but almost every day, especially on those days that the temperature climbed with the humidity, it’d play out the same way. She didn’t move fast enough for me not to catch a glimpse of her naked body. She’d quickly throw a sheet over herself, while I brought her some coffee and toast and sat on the bed to talk. Then, as we talked and she moved around on the bed, the sheet would slowly slide down exposing most of her breast. She’d leave it like that acting, as if she didn’t know her breasts, areolas, and nipples were exposed to me.”

“Fuck you, Joey. You’re lying. You expect us to believe that your Mom is sitting in bed topless, while drinking her coffee, as you stare at her tits,” said Ralph, no doubt angry that he didn’t have a similar vision at home.

“Because my Mom has a bad back, after working all week, I give my Mom back massages on Sundays.”

“Get outta here, Joey,” said Ralph. “No one gives their Mom a back massage.”

None of the rest of us ever gave our Moms a back massage, we all had Dads and that was their job to do that. Other than to hug our mothers on their birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or on Mother’s Day, none of us so much as touched our mother’s hand.

“Just wearing her panty, she’d call me to come in her room, when she’s read,” said Joey. “She’d be lying on her stomach topless with the sheet covering her from the waist down. I could see the whole sides of her squished tits.”

“Yeah, okay, Joey. Tell us some more lies,” said Ralph, no doubt, hoping that Joey would, so that he could go home to masturbate over all that Joey had said about massaging his mother’s back.

“I removed my underwear and go in to her bedroom just wearing my pajama bottoms. Then, as soon as I get an erection from giving my Mom a back massage and from seeing the sides of her squished tits and parts of her panty, my cock would accidentally on purpose slip out of my pee hole,” he said with a sick, little laugh. “While kneeling on the bed, with a knee on each side of her hips, I’d rub my erect cock against my mother’s sheet covered ass and, a couple of times, I even dripped a little pre-cum on her sheet, but she never said anything.”

“Now I know you’re making this shit up, Joey. How can your mother not notice you humping her ass with your little prick,” said Ralph. “Maybe you’re telling the truth. With your cock being so small, maybe she didn’t notice you humping her ass,” said Ralph with a laugh.

“Blow me,” said Joey. Now that I think of his favorite retort being blow me, now that I know he’s gay, I can’t help but wonder if he really wished that Ralph would blow him. Undeterred by Ralph’s insulting interruptions, he continued. “She falls asleep, as soon as I start massaging her back,” said Joey with a sly laugh and an answer for everything.

We didn’t believe that one either, but now, suddenly, I do. He was such a little pervert. Even though we didn’t believe him, we all wanted to believe him. His stories gave us lots of masturbation material. While fantasizing that casino firmaları it was our mothers that we were massaging, we all used to jerk off over Joey’s stories about his mother and over her showing her naked body to him. We even jerked off over his cock falling out of his pajamas. We all wished we had mothers like Joey’s mom. All of our Moms were fat and weren’t as young and as good looking at Joey’s Mom. A real MILF, before the MILF acronym was even invented, Joey’s Mom had a great figure. She was hot.

“Did you ever flash you Mom your cock?” Ralph looked at Joey with as much disgust as he did with sexual excitement.

“I tried giving her a show a couple of times, but I was always up before she was. Yet, hanging around my bedroom naked, while pretending that I was getting dressed, whenever she came in my room to put away the laundry, she caught me naked plenty of times. A couple of times she caught him jerking off,” said Joey.

That was one story we believed because he was always jerking off and even our own mothers caught us masturbating.

“Knowing the little pervert that you are, Joey, I believe that story,” said Ralph.

“Yeah, I did,” said Joey.

“You would expose yourself to your mother,” said Ralph. “You’re nothing but a little pervert, an incestuous pervert.”

“Blow me,” said Joey.

“Homo,” said Ralph.

He told us that they never talked about sex and that when she caught him, she’d just say, “sorry” and leave his room closing his door behind her. He told us that he was always fantasizing about his mom, when jerking off. With all of us only having one small bathroom, he told us more than a few times that he walked in on her, while she was taking a shower on the pretense that he had to pee really bad.

“Mom, I have to pee real bad.”

“Just don’t flush the toilet, Honey and no peeking,” he told us she always said.

Yet, he always peeked. The shower curtain didn’t close all the way or maybe she didn’t close it all the way, knowing her little perverted son would pretend that he had to pee to sneak another peek at her naked body.

“Yet, after I peed, when I stood in front of the sink, taking m time, while washing my hands, I could see her naked reflection in the bathroom mirror.

He took great relish in describing her body, her ass, tits, and pussy to us. He was so convincing that his stories were hard not to believe. Joey definitely had a thing for his Mom. He was infatuated with him mother, an understatement. He was always talking about her. We used to call him Norman Bates, after we all saw the movie Psycho.

His Mom was cute, 5’3″ with B cup tits, maybe 110 pounds, and had brown hair. We always asked him if we could stay over, especially in the summertime when his mom supposedly slept naked, but he never invited us. We were all so horny back then. I even asked him to take a photo of her with my Polaroid black and white camera, but he never did.

Now, that I’ve witnessed this little display of affection between Joey and Stephen, it made me wonder what other incestuous, sexual games Joey’s mom played with him that made him like this. Much like which came first the chicken or the egg, it was a time when none us knew, except for human behaviorists, knew if someone was born gay or made that way. It made me wonder how far he had really gone with his Mom or if he made up the whole thing. I didn’t know what to believe. Joey was always lying about everything. Moreover, it made me wonder if someone is born gay or is turned gay by what happens or doesn’t happen during their sexual development. It made me wonder if his Mom had turned him gay by teasing him like that or if he was just born that way. Just as I didn’t know if Joey’s stories were true, I didn’t know if Joey was born gay.

Certainly, I know that he was always so devoted to his Mom and overly protective of her. He was jealous when she had a couple of guys take her on a date and he questioned her afterwards, as a father would question his virginal daughter. One time, he admitted to us that he was so horny that he pretended that he had crabs, just so that his mother could examine his cock and balls and he could jerk off about it later. Truly a creative plan and one that worked, that is, unless he made the whole thing up, but he sounded so convincingly believable at the time, we all bought it. Without doubt, Joey was our best storyteller.

“She never took her eyes off my cock the whole time she was examining me,” said Joey with obvious sexual excitement.

“Well, yeah, you asked her to examine your cock for crabs, Joey, and she’s examining you,” said Ralph. “Duh!”

“As soon as I pulled down my pajama bottoms to show her my balls, I got an erection.

“Don’t be embarrassed Joey. I’m your mother,” he told us she said. “It’s normal for you to get excited.”

He told us the whole time she was staring at his cock; he was staring down inside her partially opened bathrobe at her tits. Every time she leaned güvenilir casino forward, he said, her bathrobe opened more giving him more of a view of her areolas and nipples and every time he saw more of her tits, his cock grew bigger and harder, until it was sticking out straight and only inches from her mouth.

“I so wanted to reach my hand down to feel his tits. I wished she’d beat me off, while I was feeling her tits,” said Joey. “Then, here comes the good part,” he said.

“I’m sorry, Joey, Honey,” he told us she said, “but Mommy has to handle your penis to lift it out of the way to check underneath,” he told us, she said.

“If your cock was sticking out straight, Joey,” said Ralph with skepticism, “then why did your mother have to lift it out of the way?”

We thought we had caught him in a lie. We thought he had ruined the story. Disappointed that we thought we caught him lying and that his stories were untrue, we wanted to believe everything he said. Yet, he explained what happened or maybe he just lied some more. Definitely, he’d make a great lawyer or negotiator.

“She moved it out of the way, before I got a really big erection. It was only semi-erect,” he said. We believed him because we wanted to believe him. We needed the fodder for tonight, when we were alone and horny and had our hand around our cocks. “Yet, as soon as she touched my cock, as soon as she held it in her hand, she never let it go.”

He said he couldn’t believe it, when she picked it up with her fingertips and held it in her hand. Immediately, he got so hard, while she held his cock in her hand. Even though all of us guys didn’t buy that, we still jerked off later that night over what Joey told us happened between him and his mom. Even though we all said that she could have asked him to lift his cock out of the way himself, we still believed him, when he told us that she did.

Then, he told us the best part. After his Mom checked his cock and balls and found no sign of crabs, he told her that he was really still itchy. He stood there scratching his cock and balls in front of her making it all raw and red. She went to her bedroom and returned with hand cream, whereupon she rubbed hand cream all over his cock and balls. With hand cream coating her hand, she stroked his cock to an even harder and bigger erection. He had her do that twice a day for three days, until she threatened to take him to see a doctor, after he had exploded cum all over his mother’s hand. Miraculously, his crab condition cleared up on its own.

We didn’t believe him back then. Still, it was a good story, especially the part about the hand cream and his mother stroking his cock, until he exploded cum all over her hand. Alone in our rooms that night, we could just imagine his mom rubbing hand cream the length of his cock and all over his balls, while giving him a hand job. Now, if what he said was true, then there was no way for her to apply the hand cream without stroking his cock a little bit. He told us that he had an erection the whole time and nearly came off every time she applied the cream to his cock and balls and really did cum off the last time she applied the cream to his cock.

He was always telling stories, just as he probably made up the story about the woman leaning over the cheese case and not wearing a bra, he probably made up these stories about his mother, too. Now, I wonder if his stories were all true, especially since he’s obvious gay. Why would he lie about his mom, if he’s gay? Still, it was hot to think of Joey’s Mom with her hand around his cock, while kneeling between his legs to examine his penis and balls for crabs, just as it was even hotter to think of her applying hand cream to his cock and stroking him, just before he ejaculated all over his mother’s hand.


We all wish we had thought of that as an excuse for our moms to give us a hand job. We all wished that we had the balls to try that with our own moms or aunts or sisters, but we didn’t. Still, when we thought of Joey’s story, we inserted our moms, aunts, and sisters in our own perverse sexual fantasy. We all jerked off over the image of Joey’s mom giving her son an accidental hand job, while putting skin crème on his erect prick.

He said that she wrapped her soft, little hand around his engorged prick and held it the entire time she was checking him out and that her face, her mouth, actually, was only inches away from his cock. If he ejaculated then, he would have cummed all over her lips. He even told us that she stroked him a little, but we definitely didn’t believe that. He said that her stroking him was an involuntary act.

“C’mon, seriously Joey,” said Ralph. “What the Hell? You’re such a little pervert.”

Yet, even though we didn’t believe that his Mom had stroked him a little bit or about the hand cream, or that he exploded cum all over his mother’s hand, we all still jerked off later that night thinking about Joey’s Mom checking him for crabs and stroking him, while putting lotion on his cock. Then, again, we wondered, what if Joey was telling the truth about his mother. Moreover, what if he and his mom did more than what he told us. It wouldn’t surprise us if they were having sex.

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