Competition Cups Ch. 03

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“Come on babe, Get up,” shouted Brittney as she watched Jeff’s opponent try to turn him over onto his back.

Jeff struggling to get to his knees looked over at Brittney in the stands. He loved her and was going to do everything he could to please her.

Seeing her boyfriend looking towards her, she leaned forward displaying her enormous cleavage inside her homemade tank top, and mouthed, “Fight for them.”

Seeing Brittney’s exposed cleavage, Jeff’s opponent grunted “Damn your girl has some nice tits. I’m sure she’ll let me feel them after I beat you.”

That was all that Jeff needed to hear. He pushed himself up to his knees, grabbed his opponent’s leg, and flipped him off, straight onto his back. He then locked in his signature headlock and the ref blew the whistle and slapped the mat.

Before getting off the mat, Jeff growled in his opponent’s ear, “Two more matches and those tits are all mine.”

He then stood up and the referee raised his hand.

The crowd cheered, and Brittney jumped up and down with excitement, causing her huge breasts to bounce wildly in her tank top.

As Jeff was getting off the mat and heading towards his bag, she ran towards him.

Running while in her tank top put tremendous strain on her bra so that when she was almost by him she felt a snap as her bouncing boobs broke free from their confinement. She quickly grabbed Jeff’s hand and rushed behind the stands with him.

Once they were behind the stands Jeff noticed that Brittney kept her huge jugs cradled in her left arm.

“What’s wrong,” asked Jeff.

Brittney pushed her massive mounds into him and gave him a long sensuous kiss, “Congrats baby, I knew you’d win, and to answer your question.”

She giggled as she reached into her enormous cleavage and pulled out her bra, “My big tits broke free while I was running.”

“What are you going to do though,” said Jeff, staring at her huge breasts, “Now that you don’t have a bra.”

She arched her back and pushed her big boobs out further, “Hold my big boobs for me baby.”

He took her large tits in his hands and gently rubbed them.

“Mmm,” moaned Brittney as her boyfriend fondled her big jugs, “I could just let your hands be my bra. After all, you’re the only one who knows how to hold my big soft babies.”

“But babe, you need a bra when we go back out there,” said Jeff.

Brittney then reached into her purse and pulled out another bra and a sports bra.

“I always have a spare,” she giggled.

“Good thinking babe, but what’s the sports bra for,” said Jeff. Brittney stepped back and pulled off her homemade tank top, letting her massive mounds bounce free.

She fastened her bra around her ribcage, rolled it around, put her huge breasts in the cups and raised her straps. She then slipped on the sports bra and jumped up and down, causing her huge rack to bounce wildly.

“Now my big boobs can bounce all they want and I don’t have to worry about breaking my bra,” said Brittney as her huge boobs jiggled from bouncing. She then moaned as she shoved her huge bust into Jeff’s chest, “Mmm, I love doing that.”

Jeff moaned and started breathing heavy.

“Mmm,” said Brittney as she rubbed her large tits up and down his chest.

She then gave her seductive smile as she saw Jeff’s bulging cock throbbing through his spandex uniform.

Brittney licked her lips, lowered the straps of Jeff’s uniform, and pulled it down to his knees, brushing her huge jugs against his crotch.

She lowered his jock strap and his 7 inch hard cock sprang free.

Brittney then took the head of his dick in her mouth and began to suck.

The sensation caused Jeff to moan loudly and his cock erupted in Brittney’s mouth.

Brittney gave a muffled moan as his cum rushed into her mouth and down her throat.

“Oh Britt, Mmh,” moaned Jeff as his girlfriend continued to suck on his manhood, “Oh babe, I love you so much.”

Brittney then pressed her massive mounds into his legs causing him to climax and his cock to erupt again into her mouth.

She rubbed her large breasts against his legs while his cock emptied all of his cum into her mouth.

“Oh god,” said Jeff, running his hands through Brittney’s hair as she sucked and licked his dick clean.

She wiped her lips, grabbed Jeff’s water bottle out of his bag, and rinsed her mouth out.

Brittney then tucked his cock back into his jock strap and pulled his uniform back up, “That should hold you over until we get home.”

Jeff brought Brittney up, gently pressed her against the wall, and started kissing her.

“Mmm baby,” giggled Brittney as his hands mauled her big boobs, “Mmm, squeeze em honey, bounce em, and do whatever you want to them. You deserve them babe.”

She pushed her huge breasts completely into his hands and he began to squeeze and rub them.

While Jeff massaged her large tits he began to chuckle.

“What’s so funny,” asked Brittney.

“The guy that I beat,” said Jeff, “He said that he would grab your boobs once he ataköy anal yapan escort beat me.”

“Yeah right,” giggled Brittney as she arched her back, making her jugs balloon in his hands, “These babies are gonna be all yours.”

“Two more matches babe,” said Jeff.

“What does that mean,” said Brittney.

He kissed her and said, “You’ll find out soon enough.”

He then grabbed his bag and headed off to the locker room.

After putting on and readjusting her tank top, Brittney walked out from the bleachers and to her shock she saw the three drunks from the casino.

“Hey guys,” said one of them, “Look who it is, Miss Huge Tits.”

Brittney, breathing heavy, and with a look of fear on her face, backed up against the wall as the three men closed in on her.

“What are you three doing here,” said Brittney, trembling nervously.

“Well we heard that your boyfriend was a big shot wrestler,” said the one to her right.

“So we decided to come see how tough he really is,” said the one on her left.

“And to get our hands on something,” said the one in front of her.

The two on either side of her grabbed her arms and the guy in front cupped her massive mounds and started squeezing them.

Brittney then fired her leg up, kicking him square in the crotch.

The guy doubled over in pain before getting back up.

He then pulled his open hand back, “You’re gonna pay for that.”

Suddenly a hand grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back.

“You lay one hand on her and I break your arm,” said Chris, throwing him to the ground.

Two more teammates grabbed the other two men and forced them against the wall.

Brittney ran towards Jeff who had just come out of the locker room. She threw her arms around him and started crying.

“What’s wrong,” asked Jeff.

All Brittney could do was point to where Chris and his two teammates were restraining the three men.

Jeff threw his bag down and calmly said to Brittney, “Wait here.”

He stormed over to Chris, grabbed the guy that he was holding down, and pulled him up by his collar.

“I thought I had warned you three,” snarled Jeff, “To leave my girlfriend alone.”

He then shoved the guy back towards Chris, “Get these assholes out of here,” and Chris and his two teammates dragged them out of the gym.

Jeff then walked back over to Brittney who was still shaking and gently wrapped his arms around her. “You gonna be ok?”

Brittney nodded and kissed him.

“C’mon,” said Jeff, “Let’s go home.”

They headed out of the gym and got in their car. As they drove out of the parking lot Jeff turned to Brittney, “Hey, why don’t I take the back road. Will that make you feel better?”

“Mhmm,” said Brittney with her seductive smile.

Jeff then made a right and headed into the woods.

“Mmm,” moaned Brittney as her huge breasts bounced and jiggled in her tank top, “Oh god this is making me feel much better.”

Jeff moaned as he struggled to keep the car on the road.

Brittney giggled and saw his cock bulging through his pants. Smiling, she decided she would have some fun and started squeezing her huge boobs.

“Mmm,” said Brittney as she cupped and squeezed her large tits, “Oh god my boobs are so big. Mmm, they feel like they’re ready to burst out of my top.”

Jeff moaned as his cock started to throb.

Brittney giggled and whispered in his ear, “Just imagine baby, my ‘big’ boobs bursting out of my top into your hands. My tits breaking through my bra and surrounding your big dick,” she said rubbing his cock through his pants.

She then gave a loud moan and shoved her huge bust against Jeff’s dick.

Unable to concentrate on driving Jeff swerved off the road and stopped the car in the woods.

Turning off the engine, he turned to Brittney with a wild look in his eyes.

“Come and get ’em babe,” said Brittney as she pushed her huge tits towards him.

Jeff took his girlfriend’s large boobs in his hands and started squeezing, rubbing, and bouncing them.

“Mmm,” moaned Brittney, “That’s it baby. Go ahead and rip my top open.”

“Are you sure,” asked Jeff.

“Mhmm,” said Brittney, pushing her large jugs completely against his hands, “Make my big babies explode out of my top.”

Jeff grabbed the front of Brittney’s homemade tank top and ripped it open, causing her boobs to bulge outward in her sports bra.

“Mmm,” said Brittney, reaching behind to pop the hook of her regular bra.

She the pulled both bras off and her huge naked breasts spilled out into his hands.

“Fuck em baby,” said Brittney, in a lustful tone, “They’re all yours.”

Jeff pulled out his hard throbbing dick, shoved it into Brittney’s enormous cleavage, and started thrusting, “Oh baby, you’re tits are so fucking huge.”

“Mmh, mhmm,” moaned Brittney, her massive mounds bouncing and jiggling with each thrust, “Oh god, baby this feels incredible.”

Jeff started ataköy bdsm escort thrusting faster and started to breathe heavy.

“Mmm, that’s it baby;” said Brittney, “Fuck my E-Cup boobs.”

“E-Cup,” said Jeff still fucking her huge boobs.

“That’s right baby,” whispered Brittney, starting to orgasm, “These are E-Cup boobs and they’re all yours.”

She then started to moan louder as Jeff’s cock started to spurt cum into her cleavage.

“Mmm, that’s it baby,” whispered Brittney as she began to climax, “Cover my big E-Cups with your cum.”

She then pressed her huge jugs and squished them around his dick, which then erupted, drenching her huge rack in cum.

Jeff moaned loudly as his cock drained itself all over Brittney’s E-Cup boobs.

“Oh god,” said Jeff, collapsing back into his seat. Brittney rested her head against the window.

“Mmm,” moaned Brittney, “That was the best tit-fuck that you’ve ever done babe.”

She then reached into Jeff’s bag, pulled out his towel, and started cleaning and drying off her massive mounds.

Jeff moaned as he watched his girlfriend clean her huge breasts. Brittney giggled and cupped her large boobs, “Mmm, do you like my big E-Cup boobs babe?”

“Mmhmm,” said Jeff, putting his cock back in his pants.

Brittney tried to put her bra back on and the hook snapped, “Oops, guess I’m too big for that bra.”

She then put on the sports bra, which her huge tits bulged inside of.

“Nice and tight,” said Brittney, rubbing and squeezing her large jugs, “Just the way I like them.”

“It’s getting late,” said Jeff, looking at his watch, “We better get home.”

“Ok babe,” said Brittney, pulling her cell phone out of her purse, “I’ll call for pizza.”

Jeff started the car and drove out of the woods.

Soon they were on the back road again which sent Brittney’s boobs into a bouncing frenzy. Jeff found it both sexy and funny because while Brittney was placing the order she would moan at each big bounce of her tits. Once she was done with the order, Brittney stuffed her phone into her cleavage and leaned back in her seat enjoying the pleasing sensation of her bouncing boobage.

“Babe,” said Jeff while reaching the end of the back road and entering the city. “How did that happen?”

“How did what happen, baby,” asked Brittney.

He then motioned towards her huge jugs.

“Oh,” giggled Brittney, “I’ve been wearing an E-Cup bra for weeks now. I wanted to surprise you.”

A few minutes later they pulled into the complex.

As they were getting out of the car, Jeff said to Brittney “Babe, why don’t you head over to the pool. I’m gonna get the pizza and a few things.”

“Ok babe,” said Brittney, cupping her huge boobs in her sports bra, “We’ll be waiting.”

He then headed up to the apartment where the delivery guy was waiting. He paid him, grabbed his and Brittney’s swimsuits from the apartment, and went back downstairs.

Brittney pulled her cell phone out of her cleavage and put it on a poolside table. She then went over to the edge of the pool.

“Mmm,” moaned Brittney as she scooped water from the pool and let it trickle down into her enormous cleavage.

“Having fun babe,” said Jeff as he came by the pool.

“Mhmm,” said Brittney, taking the pizza and putting it on the poolside table.

He then held up her bikini, “I thought you might wanna have fun in the pool, so I brought our swimsuits.”

Smiling seductively Brittney took her bikini and went behind one of the bushes near the pool.

A couple minutes later Brittney came out slipping her sports bra over her bikini top.

“Why are you wearing the sports bra babe,” asked Jeff.

“It’s my boobs, hun,” said Brittney, adjusting her bikini cups through the bra, “They keep popping out of my top.” She then moaned as she shoved them into his chest, “Mmm, they’re so big that only my sports bra can hold them.”

She gave him a quick kiss before jumping into the pool.

Jeff quickly undressed, slipped on his trunks, and dove into the pool.

He swam over to Brittney in the middle of the pool and wrapped his arms around her.

“Mmm,” said Brittney, “Is my big strong lifeguard here to protect me.”

“Mhmm,” said Jeff, kissing her, “But first I have to check you for flotation devices.”

“Be my guest,” said Brittney, pushing out her massive mounds.

Jeff cupped her huge breasts and started squeezing them, “These feel like they have can float but maybe I should get a closer inspection.”

Brittney giggled as she pulled her sports bra off, causing her large boobs to immediately burst out of her bikini top, “Mmm my babies are so big.”

She then wrapped her arms around him and squished her huge naked jugs into his chest, “And they’re so soft.”

Jeff moaned as Brittney rubbed her huge naked tits up and down his chest.

“Mmm,” said Brittney as she rubbed her massive mounds in his face, “Don’t you just wanna suck on these huge tits babe.” ataköy elit escort

“Mhmm,” said Jeff, pulling his face away from her cleavage.

“Do it baby,” said Brittney, lustfully as she thrust her huge rack towards him, “Suck on my big boobs.”

Jeff lifted her huge right boob, took her nipple into his mouth, and started sucking on it.

“Mmh, Oh god,” gasped Brittney as she started moaning, “Oh baby that feels amazing.”

Jeff started to suck a little harder and Brittney started moaning louder, “Oh God, Oh Yes.”

He then took her nipple out of his mouth, put her right boob back into the water, picked up her left boob, and took her left nipple into his mouth.

“Oh Baby,” whispered Brittney as she started to climax, “Oh God, keep sucking.”

Jeff started sucking on her nipple a little rougher and faster and she started to squeal, gasp, and moan at the top of her lungs as she climaxed, “OH YES, OH GOD.”

He then grabbed her right boob and began sucking on it again causing her to gasp and moan even more.

Jeff switched back to her left boob and began sucking on it and Brittney gave out one final moan as she collapsed against his chest.

“Oh baby,” said Brittney weakly, “That was amazing.”

She then grabbed his head and leaned it against her heaving chest, “Mmm whenever you’re tired babe, you can always rest on my big soft tits. They’re your personal pillows.”

“Mmm,” said Jeff, snuggling into his girlfriend’s huge rack.

He pulled away a few minutes later, “How about we go eat babe?”

“Mhmm,” said Brittney.

Jeff then climbed out of the pool, went over to the table, served up two slices of pizza.

A few minutes later Brittney, with her sports bra bulging once again from her E-Cup breasts, came bouncing towards him.

“Looks good hun,” said Brittney, giving Jeff a quick kiss and sitting at the table.

They both sat down then to eat.

Brittney giggled as her massive mounds kept bumping into the table which caused Jeff to stare opened mouth.

“Oh it’s no use,” said Brittney, putting her pizza down and gesturing to her huge rack, “I can’t eat with these big babies bumping into the table.”

She then lifted her huge breasts and rested them on the table.

“Mmm,” said Brittney, “Much better.”

Jeff, his mouth still hanging open, moaned at the sight.

Brittney giggled and decided to have more fun.

She got up and moved her chair and plate next to him so that every time she would reach for her pizza, her large boobs would bump into his arm.

After they finished eating, Brittney laid her huge tits on his arm, “I hope you’re ready for desert. My big melons are ready for you to taste them.”

Jeff gave a soft moan as his cock hardened in his trunks.

“Mmm,” said Brittney staring at his crotch and licking her lips, “Looks like it’s time for my desert.”

She pulled his erect dick out of his trunks, leaned towards his lap, and took his cock into her mouth, “Mmm,” moaned Brittney as she bobbed her head up and down on his throbbing dick and ran her tongue along his shaft.

“Oh God,” moaned Jeff, breathing heavy as Brittney sucked on his rock hard manhood, “Oh baby, suck me dry.”

Brittney continued to suck his cock as she ran her fingers along the base of his shaft.

With a muffled moan, she shoved her huge jugs into his legs causing Jeff to moan loudly as cum exploded into her mouth and down her throat.

Brittney started to suck faster and harder, causing more cum to spurt from Jeff’s dick into her mouth.

She began to rub her huge rack against his legs which caused his cock to erupt and drain itself into her mouth.

“Oh god,” moaned Jeff as her ran his hand through his girlfriend’s silky brown hair as she sucked and licked his dick clean.

Brittney wiped her lips and rinsed her mouth out, “Mmm baby, I just love sucking on your big tasty cock.”

She giggled as she shoved her huge breasts into him and they started kissing. Brittney moaned as Jeff started kissing down her neck.

“Mmm,” moaned Brittney as he started kissing the tops of her large jugs, “Are you ready for desert babe.”

“Mhmm,” said Jeff, rubbing his face in her huge cleavage.

Brittney pulled her sports bra off and her huge tits bounced free, “Suck em baby.”

She started to moan as Jeff grabbed her huge right boob and started sucking on her nipple.

“Mmm, oh god,” said Brittney, breathing heavy, “Oh baby I love it when you suck on my big boobs.”

Jeff rubbed and squeezed her boob as he continued to suck her small peach nipple.

“Enjoy them baby,” whispered Brittney, as she started to climax, “My huge tits are going to be yours forever. Mmh keep going.”

Jeff then took her huge left boob and started rubbing and squeezing it as he sucked on her nipple.

“Oh, Oh” moaned Brittney as she climaxed, “Oh God, Oh Yes.”

Jeff took her nipple from his mouth and started to bounce her huge boobs in his hands.

He then pulled his trunks down and shoved his raging cock into her cleavage.

His cock immediately began to spurt cum all over her huge rack as he started thrusting.

“Oh God,” moaned Brittney, “Yes baby. Fuck my big boobs. Fuck em, Fuck em.”

Jeff gave a huge moan as he emptied his cock into her enormous cleavage before leaning back in his chair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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