College Sex Ch. 01

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It was a nice sunny day, and He was sitting in the classroom listening to the lecture; the lecture wasn’t too difficult or wasn’t too boring — it kept his attention. He let his gaze lingering over some of the students in the class: some were using the paper they were writing to fan themselves from the heat, others had a glazed look in their eye from the boredom mostly and others were caught in rapt attention, mostly wanting to get good marks. His gaze now focused on a girl he didn’t really know, but who talked mostly about sex, but she had these huge tits which her hand was now clawing at. He noticed because of the constant jiggle of her tits and his now growing sensation in his groin. God, her boyfriend must have a lot of fun, he thought as she now pushed her tits together….right in front of him. Ohmygodohmygod, I have to go and masturbate in the toilet. He couldn’t wait for the lesson to end…

The lecture finished a short forty-five minutes later, due to his now dying need to masturbate with the mental image in his head, and all the students headed out of the classroom. He went and sat down in a nearby seat — for obvious reasons –and watched most of the students file out of the classroom, though his interest was more focused on this girl he was ogling, well her tits, actually. Every step she made her tits jiggled and this he photographed later for his productive use. The girl was nice looking with a shapely body, those curvy and large tits, nice strong legs and a curvy body; though he couldn’t see her face from where he was sat. Just those tits, though…

In his opinion she looked great and what he would call fuckable in every sense — mouth, tits, arse, and pussy. He thought, right that’s it I’m off to the bathroom. But as he made to move, something grabbed his arm.

“Hiya,” the girl said, smiling, the girl whose tits he was ogling. Oh great, he thought, just remember to keep your eyes up. She had really nice eyes, a short nose, nice lips and smile. She had a round, shaped face with brown hair coming down to just above her shoulders.

“Hi there,” he replied, smiling back, shifting his weight a little bit so that wouldn’t notice his erection…she wouldn’t notice, right? “Interesting lesson back there, huh?” he asked her.

“Yeah, definitely,” she replied. “Um, where are you off to now, cos I don’t mind, but I kinda caught you staring my tits earlier on?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that, they were just in front of me, and I couldn’t help myself.” He blushed brightly, feeling embarrassed.

“Oh no, it’s okay…they’re big, aren’t they?” She giggled slightly, a rosy colour coming to her cheeks. “You were off to the bathroom, right? To do your…you know…business?”

“Yes, I was…I’m just…I just,” he wanted want to feel your tits, but instead said: “I just want to masturbate.” He felt himself go really red now.

“Could you use a pair of hair hands? If it’s yes, meet in the girl’s bathroom in the minutes. I’ll be waiting.” She leaned in close to him, pecking him on the cheek, before walking off to the girl’s bathroom.

Ten minutes passed by and he made his way to the girl’s bathroom. Which was, luckily, a short walk down the hallway; he didn’t pass many people on his way, hoping to hide his downstairs problem. Though bahis firmaları a million things ran through his mind, though most undeniably what she was going to do in there. Hopefully she’ll give me a blowjob, oor…or…right…just rub my dick for me. Orr orr orr! She’ll fuck me…As he thought that he almost came in his own underpants…

He arrived, checking the sign above the door, noticing how it was just man what looked to be like a skirt the figure was wearing. Definitely the girl’s, he thought. He checked to make sure that no girl was approaching or no guy was looking or passing to see him enter the girl’s bathroom. It was eerily silent as he entered and he felt relief that there were no girls here, he took a few more steps forward into the bathroom, closing the door silently behind. In fact he didn’t actually know the girl’s name so he called out to her referring to her as the ‘big tit girl.’ A door creaked, and slowly he saw one foot placed by another, he looked up to the see the girl had changed out of her clothes that she wore in class. Instead she was wearing a lacy black number; it covered most of her body apart from past her knees, and only to her elbow. He wondered whether or not she wearing a bra or any panties. Her hair was done up beautifully so that it showed the features of her face. Make up too, which brought out her eyes.

The girl grinned at him and ran to the door “let me just get this,” she said locking the door firmly, and placing an “out of order sign” on it, so that no one would walk in on them. She turned around to face the boy, oh jeez, she thought, noticing that he was staring directly at her tits. Though in a way it was making her very wet downstairs; she took a few more steps towards him, noticing the plop plop of her shoe-less feet on the floor. They almost were touching face to face. “Go ahead,” she whispered gently, and when the boy didn’t react (probably in shock) she reached down, grabbing his arms by the wrists and bringing them up slowly to feel her tits. “Feels good, doesn’t it?” she asked the boy and he nodded, slowly rolling round her tits in his hands.

He noticed just from feeling them that they were huge; and he also noticed that she was wasn’t wearing a bra. He groped them a little longer, trying to feel for her nipples, and when he did, he took them in his hands and slowly pinched them. The girl moaned and brought her hand up to her mouth to try and cover the moan, but it slowly seeped through. He pinched a little more until the girl turned bright red and her moans got a little louder, but the girl again grabbed his hands by his wrist and pulled them away. He looked at her with disappointment in his eyes but she whispered “it’s time to show me yours.”

With that the boy slowly stepped backwards and moved his hands down where the zipper for his jeans was; he took the clasp of the zip and slowly pulled it down, noticing the ziippppp sound echoed around the bathroom. He undone the button of his jeans and slowly pulled them down to his ankles, righting himself again feeling a bit shy just standing in front his girl with just boxers on. The girl stepped forward and teased the seam of his boxers gently, whispering: “I want to see it,” and slowly brought down his boxers, as they were brought down over his penis, it kaçak iddaa sprung back up in delight. The girl noticed this and sighed, getting even wetter now. When they were down, he stepped out his clothes and kicked them away, he stepped towards the girl and she knelt down, oh god, blowjob time, he thought.

“So you want to come for me?” The girl whispered seductively, taking the length of him in her hand. He nodded and she grinned up at him, noticing how wet her vagina was. Oh god, let him come quickly and fuck the hell out of me, she willed internally. She took him in his mouth and slowly ran her tongue over the length of him, she continued this for about ten minutes, slowly building in speed, but by then he still hadn’t come. As she went to go for seconds, she thought fuck this and removed the straps of her dress from her shoulders, slowly bringing it down to her hips and revealing her huge breasts. He noticed this and she felt him jump in her mouth with excitement. She let go of his penis, gently holding him with one hand and stroking his testicles with her other hand. “What about a titjob will that make you come?”

They moved over to where the sinks were and he sat up on the surface, his penis jiggling wildly about the place. The girl stood up and moved him with, and they embraced gently, kissing each other gently. He fondled with her tits and she, the same, with his penis. They parted and, before kneeling down, she got some hand wash from one of the dispensers and rubbed quite a lot over his penis. She now got down on her knees and took him between her cleavage; she wanted to make him come so badly. She started off slowly at first the hand wash was helping to be some sort of lubricant, which it made it feel good to slowly slide his penis up then fast back down. She gradually got faster with time and he began to moan quite heavily, and his penis began to get big too, she continued until he gently whispered “I’m going to come” and she slowed down slightly, teasing him. She began to build up speed and when his moaning got loud again she slowed down to hard single strokes, being rough as she jammed her tits on the downthrust stroke, she did it a few more times before he finally tensed up, shooting a thick white liquid at her face and some over neck, even some spooled over creating a thick pool in her cleavage.

“Mmmmm,” she said, “you had a lot of it in you.” She wiped off some of the semen on her tits and tasted it with the tip of her finger. “Tastes good, too” she said, wiping and tasting some more. She brought her fingers down to her vagina, lifting her dress up and over head, so that she was finally naked, and threw the dress onto the floor. He watched her in rapt attention, noticing as everytime she moved her tits jiggled a little, feeling himself beginning to grow stiff again. He undressed himself as well, hoping to turn her on as she did to him; the girl noticed this and whistled softly. After undressing, she moved her fingers down to her groin, seeking out her pussy. She took both hands and parted her vagina lips and began to rub it, already feeling the moisture that had built there from what they had just done. “I bet it’s tasty down there” she looked over at him and puckered her lips. He leant over and kissed her whilst reaching and roughly grabbing and squeezing kaçak bahis one of her tits, which just caused to grow even wetter down there. “Mmmmmm,” she moaned. Pushing him away, but keeping his hand on her tit, she said “I think it’s your turn” He brought his hand away and grinned at her, slowly getting down.

He got down on his knees as she parted her legs widely to allow him access, which he approached slowly. She brought her fingers away she felt beginning to lick and kiss her, he said “I’ve never done this before”. She looked down on him and giggled a little, “Its ok, I’ll tell you if you’re hurting, but now you’re not” So he began to continue whilst he slowly probed with his tongue; she moaned and pushed her head back as he moved his tongue up and down her vagina. Then finally he slowly pushed his tongue all the way in soaking up the juices that were slowly coming out, he moved his tongue upwards until he found her swollen clit and slowly licked his tongue over it. She moaned, throwing her head back and groping her tits as he began to lick, her clit was nice and swollen and gently he began to suck on it, flicking his tongue every so often; she moaned slightly louder, clamping her legs around his neck.

“Mmmmmm! You’re doing great! I’ll tell you when I’m about to come, ok?” He adjusted his eyes slightly to look up at her and nodded. He noticed that her face was flushed from the pleasure, and a lazy grin formed at her mouth. He continued to work on her vagina; he brought two fingers up to her opening and pushed them gently inside, using his two fingers to thrust in and out whilst using his thumb to stimulate her clit. He pushed his fingers slowly in and out, the girl moaning all the while, but gradually increased his speed as he became comfortable. At every third stroke he stimulated her clit with this thumb, drawing it around in circular motions, and he now brought his mouth into play, using his tongue to add another sensation to her clit altogether. By now, she was moaning loudly, and her breathing had become very heavy, and her groping had become serious now — so serious that now she was groping both tits.

He ran one of his hands down the inside of her which caused her to shiver in excitement and at the same time moaning, even beads of sweat had formed on her forehead. “Ohmygodmygodmygod,” she cooed. “Can you slow down a bit please? I think I’m almost there,” even though she asked nicely, he didn’t slow down. Instead he increased the pace of his fingers, wanting her to have a big orgasm; the girl pleaded through her moans for him to slow down but to no avail, and he reached his fastest speed — using his fingers, thumb and his tongue. The girl moaned loudly one final time, her entire body clenching up; releasing the grip of her legs on his neck and clenching her tits also as she came, spewing a clear liquid out of her pussy. It went over his hands and some on his face and gently removing his hands, he slowly and gently kissed her pussy, and she finally calmed down, taking one her hand away from her tit and placing it on her head. Her breathing returned to somewhat normal and she looked down on him and said:

“That was great! Now I was thinking maybe sex time?” She edged her way slowly off the surface and slowly got off, helping him to stand up again. They embraced again, kissing each other firmly. First he groped her tits, then moved down to her legs and slowly worked his hands round to her ass, wanting to fuck her right there. Oh god, I could do this all day, he thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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