College Niece Strips Then Screws Me

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This is a short but true story which saw my secret fantasy come true.

My niece Laura (my wife’s sisters kid) has always been a looker, an absolute babe in fact, but as the years have gone on I started to see her as a fantasy girl, the girl I would find myself thinking of when I tossed off, and sometimes when my wife and I made love. Often it would be when we were ratted having got back from the pub, and we would fall into bed and have wild abandoned sex for hours, fuelled by the drink, and I would close my eyes and be shagging my niece in every position I could muster.

Of course, all this was a fantasy, nobody – least of all my niece – knew how I felt. Many times we had visited the family and I had to take myself into the toilet to jack off such was the intense feelings she stirred inside me. Sometimes my wife Jayne had been taken by surprise on the way home when I stopped the car in a country lane and begged for sex, the desire in me desperately needing release. Laura had certainly perked up our sex life, unknown to Laura or Jayne! As I rammed my cock home and spurted my hot juices into Jayne my mind would be focussed on Laura and imagine the 18 year old underneath me, begging me for it as Jayne was now. Not that Jayne isn’t gorgeous. At 27 she is one year older than me and a lovely girl, but I have always yearned for the innocent youngsters and Laura was the cream that I think of when spurting my cream most often!

Laura started at Aberystwyth University last year, in mid-Wales. Jayne and I used to visit her occasionally at weekends and often the pattern would be the same, we would stop on the way home in some quiet lane, I would strip Jayne naked and we would shag the hell out casino şirketleri of each other! However, one Saturday Jayne had gone to see her sister for the day when the phone rang – it was Laura. She was bored and wondered if we wanted to go down to see her. I explained that Jayne had gone to see her mum but I could come down if she liked – we could go and see a film or something. She said that would be great and I assured her I would be with her in an hour or so.

I couldn’t believe it – this was the first time I would have time alone with her and my cock was swollen at the thought of it as I showered and sprayed my favourite edt over me, selected the shirt and kegs Laura had once commented on “you look great Ben – you’re so lucky Auntie Jayne”. I had never forgotten this as I had had to leave the room shortly after as her comment and smile had made my rod swell and I was scared I might just shoot my load there and then!

I arrived at Aberystwyth at lunch time and found my way to Laura’s little bedroom. I had fantasised about being alone with her here so many times and here I was! She opened the door to me and I tried hard not to gawp in ecstasy – she had a beautiful cropped top which showed her cleavage and a short skirt which exposed her fantastic slim legs. I had never seen her look so gorgeous and she had never said anything to make me think she fancied me but looking at her now I wondered, and hoped…..

We hugged and kissed in an uncle/niece way except she clung to me just a bit longer than usual. Or was I imagining it? Well, we sat and chatted for quite a while about how she was getting on and what me and Jayne were up to. I offered to take her out for lunch but she casino firmaları said ‘nah, lets stay here and chat, I will order a pizza – I have got some wine in the fridge in the kitchen…… she disappeared down the corridor with me gawping after her, my imagination working overtime! The time just flew that afternoon, we sat in her little room drinking the wine and eating the pizza, then she produced another bottle.

By 5pm the third bottle had arrived and I suddenly realised I couldn’t drive home now, I was quite tipsy! “Laura, I can’t get home now – I’ll be over the limit, I never thought” I whined. “Good” she said, “you can stay here with me – we can have more time together!“ I never asked where I would sleep, I phoned Jayne and explained I would stay in a B&B and Laura and I hit town.

We did her local pubs, she introduced me to some friends – including several gorgeous girls – and the evening became night time. We headed back tipsy but happy and into her tiny room again. At this point I suddenly stopped and gathered my thoughts. “Laura, I will have to find somewhere to sleep, darling” the last word slipping out due to the drink allowing my mouth to say what my mind was thinking! “Darling?” she giggled. “Well, you can stay right here”. “Rrrright” I stammered “what can I put on the floor then” I looked back at her to see she was slowly removing her blouse.

I stood transfixed as she then unbuttoned her skirt and stepped out of it. She stood before me in her knickers and bra and I was sure I was now in a drunken fantasy, and that I would wake up in a ditch or a field! “Don’t put anything on the floor, come to bed with me” she whispered as she climbed between the sheets.

Now güvenilir casino it was my turn to remove my shirt and then my trousers. My cock was straining at my pants as I lifted the sheets and climbed beside her in her single bed. Her warm body pushed next to mine as her arms embraced me and her hands explored me. Our mouths met and our tongues joined. Deftly she hooked her fingers inside the elastic of my briefs and slid them down. Her hand stroked my cock, which twitched then deposited a large wad of semen over her belly. “Oh god, I am so sorry” I croaked. “Don’t be, we have all night” she giggled. She unclipped her bra and slid down her knickers and climbed onto me. My cock, still rigid now sprung up again as I felt the inside of her young slender legs each side of my buttocks.

She lowered her body and stroked my chest with her breasts – I was gone now, just in total and complete ecstasy. She lowered herself and I felt her hand guide my cock into her wet pussy. Our sexes met and then fused together as she lowered herself fully on to me. My semen from my premature ejaculation was now wiping from her belly to mine as she gently but firmly started to make love to me. She pounded up and down and I started to groan. She began to moan high-pitched moans every time my penis fully reached into her vagina. Suddenly her moans became a constant scream of passion and delight and she jacked up and down rapidly just brushing her clitoris with the tip of my penis. Then she let out one load shriek and slowly dropped her whole weight onto me, her breasts pushing against me, her mouth locking on to me again and I felt a huge surge of orgasmic pleasure. I pumped up towards her three times then felt a surge of semen jetting inside of my niece, the passion overcoming me as I raised up, flipped her over onto her back, pushed down onto her and my hands and mouth devoured her as my last pulses of orgasmic juices spurted inside of her.

To be continued………..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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