Cindy’s Trip to the Adult…

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Cindy’s Trip to the Adult Movie Theatre

Cindy had never been to an adult movie theatre before in her life. And she probably never would have gone if it were not for a new sense of sexual desire and adventure she had been feeling for the past few months.

The movie theatre was not the usual sleazy, run of the mill type one usually associates with sex movies. In fact she was quite surprised at how clean it was inside. She also noticed a number of women with men and a few men and women by themselves. Women’s lib had come a long way.

She bought her ticket and found her way to her seat in a relatively sparsely seated area of the theatre. There was no one sitting near her except for a tall muscular kind of rugged looking guy who looked to her to be in his 30’s. There were some couples and a few individuals sitting a few rows up but there was no one else near them. She and the young guy were sitting only a seat apart. He was wearing jeans and a nice shirt.

The movie started out rather slowly with the characters actually trying to put on a show with a plot. Of course the only plot was sex. And after awhile it started to become gradually more sexually explicit and Cindy found herself becoming very aroused by what was taking place on the screen. Her heightened sexual feelings made her realize her surroundings and she happened to look over and see a very large bulge in the younger man’s pants. She thought to herself that his cock must be very large to make such a lump in his jeans. She feels herself drawn to this cock near her as she becomes more and more aroused.

Rick has come to this movie theatre about once a week for awhile now. The flicks are pretty good and he always manages to stroke his cock and cum at least once. This time he just got settled when a foxy looking older woman took the seat close to him. She is dressed real sexy with a blouse on that shows off her tits and a loose skirt that makes her legs look nice. As the movie goes on and he starts güvenilir bahis to become aroused, he realizes that she keeps glancing over at his cock. He decides that she is not going to spoil his fun. So without a look in her direction he slowly undoes his zipper and takes out his cock.

Cindy sees him taking out his cock but he does not seem to notice her looking more and more frequently at him. She feels like someone watching a very personal moment of sexual expression and this heightens her sexual feelings to a fever pitch. She gets up and goes to the washroom where she takes off her panties and bra and puts them in her purse. Now naked underneath her street clothes she returns to her seat in the darkened theatre.

Rick sees the gorgeous blonde leave her seat and thinks she has left because he pulled out his cock. With her gone he feels more uninhibited and starts to stroke his long thick cock.

Cindy finds her seat and as she sits down she glances over and sees the young guy rubbing his hand up and down his huge prick. The sight makes her knees weak. Once she is sitting her hand reaches up under her skirt and she feels her soaked pussy. She moves her skirt up higher and slides her fingers between her swollen lips.

The action on the screen heats up. Two younger men are seducing an older woman. They are all naked and she is kissing one man while the other kneels in front of her licking her pussy. The man she is kissing is fondling and sucking on her breasts. His cock rubs against the side of the face of the man eating her pussy.

She reaches down to stroke his thick cock and inadvertently brushes the oozing cock tip against the face of the man eating her out. This excites her. She takes the man’s head with her other hand and turns it from her pussy to the cock. She brushes it against his lips and whispers, “Suck this cock for me”.

Cindy is amazed at what she is seeing on the screen. It is arousing something in her that she has never felt türkçe bahis before or even thought about.

Her hand is slowly massaging her very wet, very swollen pussy. She hears a noise from beside her and looks to see the young guy stroking his huge cock and giving the odd moan of pleasure. Before she realizes what she is doing Cindy moves to the seat beside him and lowers her head on his massive prick. He is so surprised that her mouth closes over the nice bulbous head and thick shaft before he can react.

Rick can’t believe what is happening to him. The gorgeous blonde woman has moved to sit beside him and she has his cock in her mouth sucking and slurping on it. God it feels so good. Her lips and mouth are so soft and wet. He reaches out to grab the back of her head and moves it slowly up and down on his rigid prick. He feels her reach a hand down between his legs to fondle his heavy sac. One of his hands caresses her face as she mouth fucks him.

He cannot stand it any longer. He lifts her head off of his penis and leans forward to kiss her luscious mouth. Then he whispers in her ear, “Meet me in the men’s washroom in two minutes”.

Cindy cannot believe her ears. He wants her to meet him in the washroom. Despite her nervousness, she nods yes as he tucks his cock back in his pants and stands up to go to the washroom. She moves her legs to let him by and sits feeling her wetness between her legs. She knows she will go to him. She needs to feel him inside her, taking her with that nice big cock.

She gets up and heads for the men’s washroom. It is just at the end of the foyer area. A red curtain covers the hallway leading to both the men and women’s washroom. She is relieved that at least there is no risk of anyone from the foyer seeing her enter the men’s room. In fact the foyer is deserted except for a concession stand clerk.

She stands for a moment in the darkened hallway just outside the men’s room. Torn but knowing she wants what waits inside güvenilir bahis siteleri for her. She enters the bathroom and walks past the urinals to the stall door he is standing beside. She goes into the small toilet area and he closes the door. They embrace and kiss passionately. Tongues meet and explore. His hands squeeze and fondle her sensitive breasts, sending shivers of delight through her body. She reaches down and frees his big cock from his jeans. Running her hand along its length, her need for him reaches a fever pitch. She turns and raises her skirt to show him her bare ass and dripping wet pussy.

He needs no further urging. With one thrust he buries his straining penis deep into her waiting pussy. It feels soo good she thrusts her hips back to meet him and encourage him to really fuck her. He responds by grabbing her hips and begins pumping his thickness deep into her faster and faster. His hands grip her hips and he pulls her back onto his cock with wild abandon. Cindy thinks to herself that she has never been fucked like this before. She matches his penetrating rhythm and feels herself getting ready to cum.

She reaches between her legs to massage and fondle his heavy sac hanging down. No sooner does she start to milk him for his load of cum, when she feels his cock head swell inside her. Her orgasm is upon her and just as he rises on his toes to release his thick white cum inside her she explodes on his cock. Her juices soak him, her thighs and drip onto the floor to be mixed with his oozing strands of cock juice.

He collapses over her back and they lean against the stall wall trying to recover from their incredible moment of passion. Suddenly Cindy realizes where she is and what she is doing. She stands up and pulling her skirt down she pushes him aside, opens the stall door and rushes from the men’s room. She goes into the woman’s room to stand in front of the sink to see her flushed cheeks in the mirror. She straightens her hair and skirt.

As she leaves the theatre Cindy wonders what she has done but feels a deep sense of sexual satisfaction from her unusual tryst. She heads for home to make dinner and a quiet evening of reminiscing about the day’s events.

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