Chris Dunn Ch. 02

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2: Confessional

Christine Dunn, MS was employed as a sex therapist at the congregation’s Family Life Center. She took cases that the other staff could not deal with effectively. Her deep spirituality and her excellent clinical skills combined to help the parishoners work their way through whatever sexual problems they experienced.

She maintained the highest ethical standards and had gained enough clinical stamina to avoid the entanglements that come with doing sex therapy. It was not that she was unaffected, just that she had found a way to hold her client’s pain without it staining her own psyche. In fact, she had found a way to discharge her pent-up emotions and restore her own spirit.

Chris was single and, honestly, bi-sexual. She understood sexual attraction as a matter of proximity, action, and desire. That knowledge allowed her to explore her feelings. She was not in a committed relationship at the time and thus needed to work out her sexual energy alone. Or nearly so.

One of her clients confided to her that the manager of the Hilton Hotel downtown maintained a Glory Hole operation. Her client had often wanted to experience a Glory Hole as a way to have oral sex with another man, yet not have to go through the emotional involvement. He did not want to make love to a man or to kiss him. He was not gay, he proclaimed. He only wanted to feel another man’s cock and to suck him off. As they worked together, Chris got the client to explain more about the Glory Hole operation. Together, they concluded it would be safe enough for him to try it.

After several sessions her client felt satisfied that his need to take a man orally had been satisfied and he did not feel the need to return either to her office or to the Hilton. Chris had learned enough by now that she felt the need to investigate it herself. She explained it to herself as professional curiosity. He supervisor, Alan Beal, PhD knew that some of the inquisitiveness was driven by Chris’s own sexual urges. The fleeting encounter, he explained to her, was as powerful for her as it was to her client.

“You’ll know whether it is a good thing for you or not. Just be sure to go only as far as you want to go. There is no pressure to do anything you don’t want to do freely,” he counseled. It was the identical advice Chris had given to her client. With her supervisor’s encouragement, she decided to check it out.

It was a Thursday night and James, her last client had just left. He had masturbated in front of her and the sight of that magnificent cock and the semen he shot all over himself had demanded a lot of concentration. She needed to relieve herself of the sexual arousal that session had caused.

She drove to the Hilton and went to the bar. She ordered a cosmopolitan and relaxed. Several guests were in the bar watching the news and paid her no attention. After her second drink, Chris decided it was time to check out the Glory Hole. She left the bar and went through the lobby and found the private restroom at the end of the hallway. The concierge nodded as she passed. She looked familiar, but Chris could not place her. Chris smiled and said, “Yes, thank you.” That was the signal she wanted some action.

The restroom seemed to be the one that conference guests would use, being away from the rest of the hotel activity. As she stepped in, Chris noticed it was a large, well-decorated room. The plumbing seemed to secondary to the décor as if the room was really a place meant to house other activity. Indeed, it was intended for more than personal hygiene. Chris sat on the toilet seat and unbuttoned her blouse. She took her bahis firmaları stockings off and hung them from the rail. Her skirt came off next and then her panties. The pungent aroma of her arousal during her last session wafted to her nose. A grin crept across her face. She folded a terry towel and sat on in as she opened her blouse and unsnapped her bra.

The drinks must have been strong ones, because she felt no compunction about getting undressed and getting ready for whatever might follow. She was locked in a room by herself and felt safe enough. “So, where is this hole?” she wondered. After a little exploration, she found it at the right height behind a framed mirror. She took the mirror off the wall and set it down. The room on the other side of the wall was dark.

Chris sat back on the toilet, spread her legs, and began touching herself. She was moist already and that gave her a kind of relief. She was carrying so much of her clients’ sexual energy that she needed to release it soon. Getting wet meant that she could bring herself off even if no one showed up on the other side of the wall. With the lights on in her room, she was clearly visible to anyone who happened to look through the six-inch hole.

A click sounded in the next room and lightning-like a lamp lit up. She could see a man briefly and then the light went out. Chris fingered herself lightly, swirling around her swelling clit. If the man wanted a show, she was giving it. With her right hand, she pulled her tit and pinched her nipple. She pulled on the other tit and both nipples stood hard and firm. Her reddened areolas shrank as the skin formed a lengthening nipple. She lifted each full breast and flicked her tongue at the nipple. Her nipples were firm and thick. Then she circled the nipples and gently sucked on them in turn. The whole time she worked her clit in delicious rhythm. Her juices began to flow in earnest now and Chris dipped her fingers into her pussy.

It was hot and wet in her pussy and she worked her fingers in and out slowly but forcefully. She wanted the watcher to become aroused knowing that she was giving him all she could. Her body responded to the unfolding scene, but her mind did wandered. She began thinking of her clients that week. How many of them were sad and lonely? As she sat there fingering herself, it aroused not feeling of passion, but feelings of compassion. Not lust but love. Even the man in the other room, for whom she was performing, was benefitting from her ability to put others ahead of herself. She accumulated the sexual pain that others carried and gave herself up as a sacrifice for them. With her orgasm, all the energy she stored in herself would be released and the pain would be expiated.

A tear formed at the corner of her eye and she let out a deep exhale forcing some of the tension from her body. She stared at the hole. Was someone actually watching her as she watched her clients? Was he getting turned on? She hoped so. Soon more tears began to fall on her cheek and splash on her breasts. She lifted them to see if she could lick the tears away. All the while she thrust her fingers, now three of them, into her sopping pussy. Whether or not someone was going to join her in the action through that Glory Hole, Chris was feeling the urging need to cum. She felt the pain building in her.

As she stared at the hole, she saw a cock wave in front of it. Light from her room illuminated the first several inches of the room next door. A man was walking toward the hole. His cock was hard. He had been watching her and it gave him a raging erection. Chris watched as the cock came closer, just kaçak iddaa outside the hole, it lingered. Then slowly the man’s clean cockhead appeared through the opening. Then followed seven more inches of firm, pulsing man-meat.

The cock was thick with striking veins along the sides. The last third of it arced slightly upward. It was a good cock for fucking because with each thrust, it would rub against a woman’s G-spot. Even as she watched the beauty of that gleaming cock, Chris’s clinical training kicked in. She knew a good cock when she saw one. And this one was a lovely, perfect, beautiful penis. The man stood against the wall with his cock sticking through the wall. He waited. Occasionally he made it bounced up and down. He was signaling to her.

Chris leaned forward and examined it. She could smell the cleanness and his cologne faintly seeped toward her. The man had shaved recently and the cock was smooth. The light from her room lit his balls and she saw they, too, were smooth. He cared about his equipment and took care of it. Chris liked that about the man.

She leaned in farther and held her cheek a fraction of an inch from the smooth corona of his cock. She could see it pulse with each heartbeat. She felt its heat on her cheek. She let the cock head graze her soft cheek. The man sighed on the other side of the wall. She let the cock run over face, the weight of it pressing on her eyelids, its heat searing her flesh. She rubbed her face all over the cock, her tear-stained cheek being rubbed by this model of firmest manhood. She felt more tears well up and fall from her eyes on to his cock, bathing it. Then she reached for it and held it in her hand, directing it all over her face soaking it with her tears.

She turned her face slightly and felt the length of his straining penis slide along her cheek. The head caressed her chin; the shaft, she supported by both her soft hands. Her face rested against his cock and she smiled briefly and then began to sob. Holding the man’s penis against her face, she sobbed with great silent wails of sadness. He could feel her heaving. The warm tears and smooth skin were pleasant and her heaving made him think she was giving him a facial.

With the head of his cock by her chin, Chris instinctively opened her mouth. She moved her lips up along the shaft as if it were a harmonica. She was crying freely and licking her tears from his cock. She lwashed him with her tongue and licked up all the wetness along his shining tube. The feeling of his wet cock painting her face opened a torrent of emotion in her. All the week’s events came pouring out of her.

She pulled back to look at the cock in her hand and uttered a prayer. “Thank you for this magnificent cock. I have needed to feel such closeness for so long. Thank you.” Then she took the offered meal into her mouth. She felt the crown of his cock slide past her lips and graze the top of her mouth. The long tube of his urethra glided over her tongue. Its warmth filled her. She pulled on him trying to get to his balls. He stepped closer and she pulled his sack through the hole. With his cock in her hungry mouth and his balls cupped in her hands, she was complete.

On her knees, her naked body leaned into the wall. She pulled the cock farther into her mouth. She tried to take him all the way, but she coughed. The frustration angered her and she cried harder still. She tried again, and again she gagged. She remembered that she had to relax if she was going to deep throat this cock. So, she pulled away and let the cock come out. She looked at it lovingly and closed her eyes. She put her hands behind her back kaçak bahis and slowly opened her mouth to take him. He slid in again and pushed past the back of her mouth. Her forehead bumped the wall. She was a penitent, posed in reverence, defenseless, and impaled on a magnificent rod of salvation.

She meditated on what this must look like. She wanted to have a photo of it to help her remember the way it made her feel. She bobbed her head several times letting the man know he was deep in her. Then she rested against the wall, mouth stretched wide with a cock thrust deep inside. “Thank you,” was a constant refrain in her mind.

She brought one hand around and rubbed her clit. With the other, she lightly touched her anus. The whole of her sexual region was flooded with her juices. She concentrated on bringing herself off, now. She pressed harder on her anus and maddened her work on her clit. As she neared her crest, she dug a finger into her ass and mashed her other hand into wet box. The wave rose through her spine, over the top of her head and along her cheeks. She could not scream because of the cock still in her mouth. She sucked on him and wracked her head back and forward. Then her nipples tingled as the orgasm began to pour over her. She shook uncontrollably. Her head bumped against the wall and the man tried to pump his cock so he could release his load.

Chris hung on the man’s cock as she tried to regain herself. She put her hand against the wall to steady herself. Then she slowly removed herself from his cock. As the head came out it made a pop and she heard herself say, “Sorry.” She knew she had been sucking and biting on him very hard. She kissed his cock head gently and licked all around it trying to soothe whatever pain she may have caused him.

It was time to rescue the man from his own pain. She licked and sucked lightly on his cock. Then she came closer and placed it between her breasts. He began to pump again. She would, at times, lean down and let him pump his cock into her mouth. She loved the feeling of her nipples being rubbed by a firm cock and loved how it felt after it pierced her waiting lips.

The man was getting intense in his movements. He strained to come through the wall and penetrate her. She continued to lick him and ride him on her breasts. His balls began to contract and Chris knew he was about ejaculate. She directed his cock and her waiting mouth and he shot the first load right in. Chris lapped at it and opened again in time for the second sound. A third flew across the few inches and landed on her chin. She pointed his cock lower and let him come on her tits. She covered each one with his semen and rose slightly so she might anoint her nipples with his cock-seed.

He shuttered and spat the last drops of semen. As it fell, Chris caught it with her hand and rubbed in on her forehead. Then she rubbed the wetness of his spend all over herself. The metallic smell was like incense to her. She wanted to bathe in semen and be washed clean of all the sadness and frustration her clients had laid on her. She was their scapegoat, bearing the weight of all their sins. She went alone into the wilderness and allowed herself to be pierced by this man’s sword.

It was an act of contrition. This room was her confessional. She had brought deep pain into the room and now left it there. She was whole again.

The man withdrew his cock and leaned down to speak to her. He could see her face, wet with his come and her tears. “Thank you.” She sat back on her ankles and peered in the room. He was getting dressed. She only say him briefly as the light in the hallway lit him as he left.

Chris took her time getting washed and dressed. She was wobbly as she walked down the hall. When Chris passed the desk, the concierge licked her lips and smiled. Chris smiled back and stepped into the evening.

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