Brother Visits for the Weekend

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My brother is good looking but I had never thought about having sex with him. However one time, when Alex was visiting Lucy and I for the weekend, I came home on the Saturday morning, and found her (we had an open relationship) having sex with him. I was annoyed at Lucy for fucking my brother. I was going to storm out and did not want to be around a family member (literally …lol) when they are fucking.

Lucy caught me at the doorway and said, “Laura, don’t leave. I mean, you can’t storm off angry. You love watching me have sex. Please stay.”

I asked Alex, “how do you feel about your sister watching you?”

Alex replied, “Since you have now seen me totally naked with an erection, you may as well stay and watch. Not too close.”

He indicated the dressing chair in the corner.

I hesitated, before realising the chair was in a dark corner of the room, and I could watch them without them really noticing me. The light above the bed was on fully making the bed almost floodlit. After a while I started to get seriously aroused.

I said to Lucy, “What a horny sight, seeing that nice cock pumping into you!”

Alex sniggered, and pointed out, “Should you be commenting on ‘your brothers manhood’?”

They continued for some time, with Lucy shouting, “Fuck me….fuck me hard….mmmm harder.”

Alex slowed for a bit and Lucy turned to me and said, “How aroused are you, Laura?”

Without thinking in my aroused state, I said, “I am so wet and my panties are soaked.”

Alex withdrew from Lucy’s pussy, turned to me, his hand massaging his glistening cock, and winked at me. I blushed, realising I had told Alex that I was aroused by watching him.

Alex repeated Lucy question, “Are you REALLY aroused?”

Feeling daring, I said something like “I am very wet from watching your lovely prick fuck my girlfriend!”

Lucy told me it was about time I undressed. I hesitated and Lucy asked Alex, “Would you like to see your sister naked and aroused?”

“Oh god yes……..please.”

I was turned on by Alex wanting me to undress, and I thought there is no harm in us being naked, we have seen each other naked before, especially given the darkness of the corner of the room.

A few times since puberty we have accidentally walked in on the other dressing or undressing. I once walked into the family shower room and caught him rubbing his erection….At the time I said sorry and left…..we were both really embarrassed.

I slipped off my pop socks. Then I unbuttoned my blouse, and as I pulled it over my shoulder, I could see Alex staring at my bra, licking his lips.

I unbuttoned my Jeans and stood to remove them, dropping my blouse on the floor.

As I stepped forward out of the Jeans, Alex said, “Pretty in pink!” commenting on the Pink Lepel Fiori set I have chosen that morning.

Still standing, I reached behind my back and unclipped the bra and slipped the straps off my shoulders. Without thinking I had moved much closer to the bed, away from the dark corner.

Alex said, “What fabulous titties you have!”.

This made me blush, I was slightly annoyed by the expression and now regretted undressing, standing topless, in a pair of semi sheer lacy briefs. I shivered, though it was not at all cold in the room.

“Are you cold?” Alex asked, “Your casino şirketleri nipples are so erect!”

Lucy interjected, “Her nipples get hard when she is really turned on. Come on Laura, much as Alex likes your pink panties, he wants to see your pussy!”

I was now much closer to the bed and could smell the aroma of sex. I considered running from the room and started to back off.

However, Alex had resumed stroking his cock, and Lucy was fondling his balls and licking his chest. I wanted to see more. I retreated to the reassuring darkness of the chair. I pulled my legs up onto the chair, and carefully removed my lacy briefs. Now in the gloom, with my legs up, no one could see anything.

Lucy said, “Oh no you don’t, Alex wants to see you properly. Come on.”

Thinking I had gone this far, and that the corner is dark anyway, I slipped my legs off the chair and opened my legs slightly.

Alex remarked, “I can tell she is not shaved like you, Lucy. But it is too dark to see anything else.”

Lucy whispered something in Alex’s ear. He nodded.

Lucy jumped off the bed and came over and stood naked in front of me, blocking Alex from seeing me. She said, “Give me a hug, to reassure me you are happy to be here, naked in this room.”

I stood and embraced her. We kissed, our tongues intertwining. Her hands fondling my bottom. I started to rub my leg up against her leg and my hands carressed her back. My brother’s presence was totally forgotton, as Lucy’s hand started to assault my pussy. A finger slipped in to my vagina, making me groan loudly.

I never noticed Alex come past me and pick up the chair. With me totally aroused, she started to step backwards towards the bed. I followed, hungry for her body.

Suddenly, Lucy removed her finger from inside me, and jumped back on the bed. Leaving me standing by the bed, sweat running down between my breasts. One leg touching the duvet and the other touching the chair which had been moved right next to the side of the bed.

“Well, hello,” said Alex “Where do you think you are going?” “Sit on the chair!” he ordered.

I had forgotton about my naked brother!

I did as he told me. Sitting down with my legs together, aware of my wet pussy in contact with the fabric of the chair. He swung his legs over the bed and sat down facing me.

“Come on Laura,” he said “You are happy looking at my erection, I want to see you properly.”

I opened my legs a little.

“Laura, your brother wants to see your cunt. The wet labia I have just been fingering.” Lucy exclaimed.

I then thought “what the hell”. I moved back into the chair and lifted my legs over the arms, presenting myself fully to him.

Lucy giggled, “Dirty bitch,” she said, “What do you think of your sister’s CUNT?”

Alex said, “I love looking at my sister’s CUNT. She has a beautiful CUNT!”

He kept repeating that word, placing emphasis on it.

“Mmm, Laura’s CUNT is really wet. Such an aroused CUNT. A sexy CUNT. Lucy, you must love licking this open CUNT.”

It obviously turned him on, and turned me on too. Alex was stroking his erection the whole time.

I felt a bit self conscious and put my hand over my pussy.

Lucy immediately said, “Oh look, Laura is going to finger herself!”

I wasn’t, but my casino firmaları finger was wet and I could not help myself. Lucy then said, “I want to kiss her and fuck her. Laura, join me on the bed.”

Alex got off the bed and said he would get a drink. With my brother out of the room, I was happy to oblige. We started to have sex, rubbing our legs up against each other, carressing each other, kissing etc.

Alex came back with a coke and sat in the chair. I kept making sure he had a good view of me, wiggling my arse at him. I thought it funny at the time. Lucy and I were side by side, Alex sitting in a chair at the right side of the bed, nearest me.

Lucy mouth was over my left tit and she was sucking it and biting my nipple. It hurts when she does this, yet when I am aroused, it can make me cum.

Suddenly Lucy moved her face away and said, “Alex, come over this side and lay down beside me?”

By now I had cum a couple of times and was sooo aroused and thought as long as Lucy is between us, it was alright. My hand was over Lucy’s pussy as Alex lifted her leg and slid his erection into her cunt from behind. His cock ran across my hand as it went in and his balls were still touching me.

Lucy said “Go on Laura, fondle his balls?”

I had only touched them by accident and I thought what difference does another touch matter?

Lucy loves anal sex and asked Alex, “Your cock feels lovely in my pussy, but I would love to feel you slide inside my ass.”

Alex replied, “I love fucking a sexy girl’s bumhole.”

I was shocked at my younger brother, “Alex, you are rude!”

I watched as Alex’s cock slid out of Lucy’s pussy. Alex spat on his cock and moved it towards Lucy’s bottom. He parted her cheeks and presented his cock to Lucy’s brown eye.

“Watch this,” he said to me as he pushed his cock slowly into my lover’s ass.

Lucy groaned and panted and exclaimed “Oh god, yes!” several times.

When he was fully in she told Alex, “Your sister likes a nice cock inside her shithole too.”

Alex looked at me and asked me, “Laura, do you like a cock in your ass?”

I looked at Alex’s cock, making sure he saw me, and said casually, “I would much rather have it in my pussy!”

Lucy was squirming and clearly uncomfortable being ass fucked.

She asked me, “Laura, I need more stimulation, please go down and lick my pussy. I want to enjoy your brother’s cock in my bum.”

I loved Lucy and knew she found anal painful if she was not fully aroused, so immediately went down on her, even though I knew my face would be right next to my brother’s cock. With me licking and sucking and fingering her pussy and clit she soon started to enjoy the pounding in her ass.

After a few more minutes, Alex groaned and filled Lucy’s ass with his cum. He left the room, to shower.

With Lucy’s asshole still open from the onslaught, she asked me, “Laura, I need your soothing tongue on my bumhole.”

I started to lick her anus and she started oozing cum. I realised I was tasting my brother’s spunk from her ass.

By the time Alex returned his cock had recovered and he was obviously ready for more. She and I were now chatting on the bed.

Alex got back on the bed and kissed and carressed Lucy, she starting to stroke his cock.

Lucy said to güvenilir casino Alex, “You missed seeing Laura licking my cum oozing asshole. She enjoyed tasting and swallowing your cum.”

Without thinking I moved forward and grabbed his cock and shoved it in my mouth. He was surprised but Lucy egged him on.

She said, “Grab her hair and force her face harder on your penis!”

I was going to stop sucking him, when I realised what I was doing. A girl sees a cock and instinct takes over, I don’t think I was aware I was grabbing my brother’s cock. Anyway, my head was being held tightly. My 3 years younger brother was forcing me to suck him off (though I had started it myself). After he got hard, I managed to pull back and survey my handiwork. Some precum was dribbling and I stuck my tongue out and licked it.

I told Alex, “You are ready now, fuck my lover.”

Lucy said, “I have your cum in my ass, I want some in my CUNT.”

At that point, I realised we had been here before, except before I was sitting clothed on the chair and now I was naked and wet on the bed running my hands over Lucy and my stark naked brother’s body. He was on top of her and kissing her. I leaned over and Lucy kissed me. Alex’s face was near mine and we (I am not sure who moved first) started kissing.

Lucy moved off the bed and came round my side, all the time I was french kissing Alex. She got on the bed and started to finger fuck me…..Alex was kissing me and playing with my nipples. I was enjoying all this, and I knew my boundaries had changed, but at this point the limit was a few sucks of his cock and a bit of kissing and fondling.

After he and I had been kissing and carressing for a while I came from the fingering. I stopped kissing Alex and realised Lucy was sitting in the chair watching us, her fingers in her snatch.

I looked at Alex and said “Oh god…….how long?” He had been fingering my cunt for some time. He lifted his hand, which was obviously wet and started licking his fingers.

He asked me, “Are you upset…..that I have been fingering you….that you have cum under my efforts?”

I answered, “I was surprised thats all… are very good at it brov!”

He kissed me very gently on the lips, and said “Thank you sis.”

Sis was the affectionate name he used on rare occasions.

He questioned me, “Should we stop now?”

I knew at that moment that all boundaries had gone……..that I wanted my brother inside me.

“MAKE LOVE TO ME ALEX!”, I said loudly.

He replied, “I am not sure we both want this.”

I could see his cock was soo big and twitching slightly.

I opened my legs wide and smiled…….and mouthed

“Fuck me.”

Weirdly that was the nicest fuck I have ever had. With a guy, I mean!

It must have been about 4pm by the time we had lunch that day. We had all showered and dressed by then. After a leisurely meal, he brought up the subject of our intimacy. I told him flat out, that

“After this weekend we will never have sex again.”

I left the room to take the plates to the dishwasher. I was in the kitchen with my back to the doorway, when I heard him come in. He came up behind me, and shoved his hand up my skirt. He put his chin on my shoulder, kissed my neck and whispered in my ear, “Nice invitation.”

I heard my best CK panties being ripped off and felt his cock enter me from behind.

During this rough but fun sex, he told me that we would fuck so much that day and Sunday, that by the the end of the weekend, we would both be very sore. He was right too!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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