Brian Owns Me Ch. 02

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Every week I am sent to this particular hotel on an assignment. I have the room key already. I’m there to meet a mystery lover. He has given me specific instructions. I pull the curtains together to darken the room… I undress putting my skirt and blouse on a chair, leaving my stockings and high heels on as instructed…. I then kneel on a foot stool at the end of the bed. I face away from the connecting door.


On the bed, Brian has neatly set out my soft, purple velvet hood. Atop it he has laid out my nipple shields. My eyes gaze at the two objects of my torment. Minutes from now, I know, he will hood my face and slip on the nipple shields. The knurls will slide over my nipples, making them even longer than mine usually are. And their tightness will make impossible for them to slide off accidentally. They will come off much later, on my way home, to excruciating pain. I shudder.

Suddenly I remember that I am to keep my legs wide apart when I am kneeling on the foot stool. I part them as wide as I can, leaning over a bit more. Soft footsteps and my heart skips a beat.

Brian is here!

My joy is infinite! I am not allowed to turn back but I know it must be him. The cue is a touch on my neck: I raise my head just a bit. He slips the soft velvet hood over my face. It is a new model; Brian designed it himself, just for me. The part over my eyes is very tight: no light can possibly get through. No matter what is being done to me, I cannot even try to peek. The hood fits snugly over my head and there is a round opening at my mouth. It has been hemmed with precision so it does not tear. And I know its diameter is… well, Brian made it to spec so I could take the thickest cock he wants me to suck.

Embedded in the velvet hood, at ear level, Brian has molded hi-definition stereo speakers. A gentle click and sound is piped though them. My body shakes. I know Brian is admiring my nudity, my grandma breasts pointing down; my total anal exposure showing him how vulnerable I become under bahis firmaları his influence. He raises the volume and my body trembles.

It is me!

Brian has been secretly recording my moans and screams and pleas and shrieks and gasps — all the noises I have made as Brian and his friends have repeatedly and savagely been raping me.

It is me!

His hand caresses my derrière, softly and gently, with an open palm, lovingly as only Brian knows how to do it. I start to relax a bit. Suddenly, he slaps me, really hard. I scream and my back lurches up. He gently pushes my head back down. I resume breathing normally. Again, Brian slaps my ass extremely hard. Again, I scream and again he motions my head to go back down. He slips the nipple rings on my nipples and tweaks them to set them afire.

I scream over the sounds piped through the headphones, the sounds of my previous rapes. “Brian I want you, my sweetheart! Brian, please fuck my ass. Brian, please!”

Two or three more slaps, followed by tweaking of my nipples, even sharper this time. I feel something in my hand. He has handed me a tube of anal lube, warm because he kept it under warm running water in the hotel bathroom sink.

I know what Brian wants me to do. Words are not necessary: I know what pleases Brian just like he knows what terrifies me.

Fumbling because I cannot see because of the blindfold, I uncap the tube and pour lots of lube into my hand. Spreading my legs even wider apart, my hand lubricates my very tight anus. I know Brian is watching my every move. I know that any mistake will be severely punished. But there are no mistakes. I want to please Brian with my performance. I want him to know I am his, and only his.

A tap on the shoulder tells me it’s enough. Again, he tweaks my nipples, this time pinching them very hard. Only Brian knows that my nipples are my most sensitive part. Only Brian knows that I used to be able to climax only with nipple play. Only Brian knows that I like it when he does kaçak iddaa it harder. “Much harder, darling; much harder: you will be surprised how much I can take.”

I scream.

I feel his cock touching my anus. Just touching it. It’s is more than I can bear. It matters not if I clench my sphincter tight or if I try to dilate it open. Either way, he will thrust his huge cock up my ass. “Now, Brian, now! Please fuck my ass, sweetheart, now!”

The tip of his cock slides up and down my anal crack. He is making me moan and sigh and plead. Any minute now, I know, and yet he still makes me beg and plead. I know he likes to see me under his control, squirming like the bitch that he has made me, his bitch, his bitch in heat.

Without warning, his entire cock thrusts way up and deep inside my ass. I scream! All the way in, with no warning and no time to prepare, all the way in to the hilt, the pain all the more intense.

And I panic.

It is NOT Brian!

No, it is not Brian. After all these countless times of anal rape, my nerve endings in my ass have become extremely sensitive. I know exactly how Brian feels when he is deep up my ass, how his skin and veins and contour feel when he slides up and down inside my ass. My ass knows Brian’s cock better than I know the palm of my hand. Not even my vagina ever had such exquisite sensitivity to my husband’s penis. It is not Brian’s cock inside me!

All of a sudden it all makes sense. Brian is not fucking me up my ass. I suddenly realize what went wrong. When this unknown gentleman entered my ass, he plunged right in. A moment of intense pain when his cock tears into my sphincter and then he is all the way in.

Brian never did it like this. Brian knows me far better, Brian is an expert at anal intercourse. He pushes his rock-hard cock head against my ass. Slowly, methodically, ignoring my body language. The moment his cock head opens my sphincter, the instant when I am in most pain, Brian holds his cock head right there. He forces me kaçak bahis to feel that dull, throbbing pain, his perfect cock moving neither in nor out. He makes me feel the pain until he knows I am about to faint. He lets me feel my intense pain in my ass while his cock pulsates, telling me he is the man for me. And only when Brian has prolonged my agony — only then — does Brian plunge into my ass.

Brian is perfect.

The other man is sliding his huge cock in and out of my ass. He must be enormous because I almost feel it coming out of my throat. Being very thin, I can feel his huge hands reaching over and kneading my tummy, feeling his cock moving deep up my ass.

A hand pulls my head up. I am forced to raise my head, the man’s cock pumping my ass harder now, his hands roaming my tummy and reaching up to pull my nipples hard.

A finger touches my mouth. My lips part instinctively. Brian’s cock slides into my mouth!

Yes, it’s Brian!!!

I suck lovingly, avidly, without cease. My hands caress his perfect cock and squeeze his loaded balls. He slaps my hands away. Brian is interested only in my mouth working on his cock.

My cell phone rings. I could have sworn I had turned it off. All action stops. Brian slides out of my mouth, hands me my cell phone and makes me hold and stroke his perfect cock in my free hand. The man up my ass stays inside: I can feel him throbbing, a few strokes from exploding inside me.

“Grandma, when are you coming over to play?”

I hear Brian’s voice whisper softly, “Keep talking.”

As I continue to talk to my granddaughter, I feel the man exploding up my ass, at least a few gallons, and Brian squirting his precious ejaculate all over my breasts.

“Grandma, do you love me?”

“Yes, my darling, I love you with all my heart.”

She thinks it’s for her.

Brian knows I meant it for him.

Never ever has a woman been so humiliated, fucked up her ass and giving her lover a handjob while talking to a naïve child, knowing my husband is awaiting me at home, “Do you have a nice day today, Stacey Lynne?”

How can I ever tell anyone how Brian makes me feel!!!

Brian, may I please be allowed to masturbate now, my sweetheart?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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