Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 09

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My name is Kyle Blanchard. A big and tall young Black man of Haitian descent living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. By day, I’m a Massachusetts State Police Officer. One of the many patrol units keeping order in the cities, towns and highways of the Commonwealth. At night, I’m something else entirely. What am I? The answer will surprise the hell out of you. I am a BDSM expert and dungeon master. I’m a bisexual stud who loves to have fun with the ladies and the gentlemen. I don’t discriminate. I like people of all colors and backgrounds. Especially sexy people. Life is too short to obsess with racial or gender issues. Sex is natural. Do it with whoever is willing. That’s my motto and it should be your motto too. Sex is cool, I enjoy showing it off. That’s just how I roll.

I recently ended a relationship which mattered a lot to me. My partner Lucien Armand and I called it quits. Lucien Armand is a man I met during my last year at the University of Massachusetts. A tall, good-looking Black man of African-American and French-Canadian descent. At first, things didn’t look like they would work between us. Lucien had recently left his girlfriend Nikki because of her lack of acceptance for his bisexual identity. I was still struggling with my fledgling bisexuality at the time. I was also dating a young Black woman named Monique Dexter, whom I met at school. I fell in love with Lucien and ended up leaving Monique to be with him. We moved in together. Ours was a very loving relationship. Lucien supported me through my trying days at the state police academy and he was there for me when I became a rookie cop.

Yeah, my beloved partner did all that while attending Suffolk Law School. Lucien was a very awesome guy. He’s traveled all over the world and knew so many people from diverse cultures. He’s the one who introduced me to BDSM and to date, he’s the only person I ever submitted to. That’s because I loved and trusted him. We were a sexually adventurous couple. Sometimes we invited other men and even women to our bed, just to spice things up. Unfortunately, canlı bahis this proved to be our downfall as a couple. Lucien ended up leaving me for Ramon, a sexy Hispanic stud we actually had a threesome with. Yeah, betrayal is a bitch. I forced myself to move on after the loss of my partner. I threw myself into the world of kinky sex and never looked back. It’s been fun.

Just last week, I had a lot of fun with a twenty-something, blonde-haired white female submissive named Marjorie Rosenberg. A wealthy Jewish chick from the nearby town of Stoughton. One of those young white women with a real fetish for bossy Black men. She wanted to experience sexual submission at the hands of a truly dominant Black male. That’s more than okay by me. I put Marjorie Rosenberg through her paces, folks. A submissive must know who the boss is. No ifs, ands or buts about it. First, I told her the rules of the game and asked her to explain her interest and her limits. Marjorie Rosenberg was down with that. Once I knew for sure that we were on the same page, the games began.

I tied Marjorie up, bound her hand and foot, and then gave her pale ass a good spanking. I spanked the white slut’s ass until she turned beet red. Then I made her suck my long and thick, uncircumcised Black cock and big balls before pissing all over her face and making her drink it. Afterwards, I whipped her with my belt and then fingered her pussy. Marjorie was curious about rough anal, and I indulged her fantasy. Spreading her ass cheeks wide open, and applied lubricant all over her anus. Then I pressed my cock against her asshole and entered her with a swift thrust. Marjorie squealed as my long and thick Black cock slid into her asshole.

A lot of Black men like to fuck white women in the ass. I’m no exception. Gripping Marjorie’s narrow hips, I thrust my cock deep into her asshole. Marjorie screamed and urged me to fuck her harder. I fucked her hard, thrusting my cock into the forbidden depths of her booty hole. I made the white chick scream, fucking her ass as hard as I could. She howled as I went balls bahis siteleri deep inside her, plunging my cock as far up her ass as it could go. Anal sex is one of my favorite sexual activities. I tapped that ass, folks. I fucked Marjorie’s ass until the white chick begged for mercy. Then I pulled out of her. Marjorie thanked me for a wonderful session of rough sex and domination. I sent her on her way. I can safely say that we both had a good time.

Today, I’m dominating a six-foot-one, busty and big-bottomed, deliciously heavyset Black woman named Roselyn Joseph. She’s one of the deacons at my church. A forty-something broad trying to relive her glory days by hooking up with sexy younger men. One of those horny Black church sluts who love the dick. She loves being dominated and I’m more than okay with that. Presently, Roselyn is on her knees, properly kneeling before her dominant Black Master. She’s wearing a collar just like a good slave should. In my hand I hold my long black leather belt. I use it to thoroughly whip Roselyn’s chest and thick ass. Hell, I even give her face a good hard smack. Just to remind her who’s in charge here. Those feisty Black chicks from the hood will get you if you’re not careful. You’ve got to keep them in line.

It’s been a while since I dominated a Black slut. Usually, my submissive base is made up of straight and bisexual white women, gay and bisexual white men, queer Arab men and the occasional horny gay Latino guy or sexually adventurous Asian person. Dominating a mature Black woman, now this is a refreshing change of pace for this Black Master. Like a lot of modern Black males, Black females frustrate the hell out of me. Seriously. Roselyn is one of those rare Black females who actually like a dominant Black man to take charge and put Black females in their place. Like nature itself intended. I got no problem putting a Black woman in her place. It’s my duty as a strong Black man.

After admiring the sight of a mature Black woman on her knees for a bit, I turn Roselyn around and put her on all fours. Face down and bahis şirketleri fat black ass up. I liked the way she looked in that position. Seriously. I whipped her big black ass with my belt. Roselyn squealed as I gave her big black butt the sound whipping that it deserved. I let her have it, loving the way her big black ass jiggled as I whipped. As I gave her ass a sound whipping, I cut loose. My way of cleansing myself of the frustrations visited upon me by the annoying Black chicks in this brother’s life. After giving Roselyn’s ass a good whipping, I decided to re-introduce her to the wonders of anal sex. A chick her age has definitely ridden down the Hershey highway before. I’m just here to remind her of what she’s been missing.

I told Roselyn that I was going to fuck her in the ass. It didn’t phase her a bit. I lubricated her asshole, then pressed my dick against her backdoor. With a swift thrust, I went inside. Roselyn groaned as I penetrated her. Her asshole felt warm and tight around my dick. Although she was definitely no anal virgin, this chick hadn’t done the backdoor loving thing in a while. I licked my lips. This was going to be sweet. I placed my hands on Roselyn’s wide hips and thrust my cock into her asshole. Slowly but surely, inch by inch, I worked my dick into her asshole. Yeah, the big Black woman’s asshole took all of my dick. Nice. Smacking her ass, I resumed fucking her hard. I drilled my cock into that woman’s asshole like a Texan miner prospecting for gold. Roselyn howled as I gave her ass the pounding it deserved. Her howls and squeals were music to this brother’s ears. I guess you could say I tapped that ass. It was absolutely frigging awesome.

After this memorable experience, I added Roselyn Joseph to my racially diverse stable of horny women and sexy men whom I fuck whenever I feel like it. I’m loving the single life, folks. I’m a young Black male police officer in the state of Massachusetts. I’m not trying to get hitched. Just having some fun. I like the way my life is right now. I don’t need the emotional complications that a relationship with anyone, male or female, would bring. Life is better without that kind of stress. I’m making my money, keeping the streets safe and I get laid whenever I feel like it. This Black man’s life is just about perfect.

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