Arctic Clipper

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Winter began closing in on the Midwestern plains of the U.S. as an Arctic Clipper blew in. This band of frigid weather drove temperatures into sever range, below zero temps were forecast for at least the next week. Outside activities came to a standstill as schools and businesses closed because of cold frozen plumbing, broken pipes, and lack of adequate heating. This is the worst Arctic blast in history says the local prognosticator.

I had a load of firewood laid in just in case power goes out. I have a high efficiency furnace but it has electronic ignition and no bypass for power outages. A fireplace fire will give a little warmth but we will have to huddle in the basement near the fireplace.

The we I’m talking about is me, Bryce and my dog, Dog. We live in a cozy small house in an old neighborhood in the heart of a small town in rural Iowa. We are new to the town and just starting to make friends.

I am single by decree of court and living within my means. Stated another way, she got the gold mine and I got the shaft. Living within my means is living on a shoestring budget and trying to keep my small advertising business afloat. Most of my work is from home and that helps save overhead and I get a tax break for having a home office.

My neighbors are friendly and as I moved in, several visited with house warming gifts of baked goods, cakes, cookies, and bread mostly. That was in the waning weeks of summer when folks were out and about enjoying themselves. A couple neighbors are also single making me less of an anomaly.

One neighbor is a youngish woman, thirties I guessed. She carries a little extra weight but not unattractive. She needs more exercise, but hell, so do I. Another neighbor is a single male in his early forties. I think he is gay but he never gave me any proof and I didn’t pry.

I’m in my late thirties, 40 next birthday and just slightly over six feet two inches tall and have an extra pound or 15 around the middle. I keep in reasonable condition but can’t seem to rid myself of my stomach bulge. Dog is four years old, a tan short hair Chihuahua that loves to play.

I settled in for the bitterly cold night.


Morning arrived and I read my outside temperature gauge. Eighteen below zero and the winds still howled. I looked toward Ann’s house and saw exhaust streaming from her furnace chimney. I glanced over toward Jimmy’s and saw the same. At least we survived the night with power and heat.

Ann is the thirty something woman I briefly introduced and Jimmy is the other neighbor who I think is gay. I decided to phone each and make sure they were safe and secure in their homes.

“Ann, Bryce here. Just checking, did you make it through the night okay?” Ann thanked me for calling saying everything was fine with her.

“Jimmy, its Bryce. Checking up on you, did you get through the night?” Jimmy gave an affirmative answer and thanked me for asking.

I made it clear to both that I have a fireplace and a lot of wood for fire and heat if the power goes out and they are welcome to share. “It’ll be cozy but safe and warm.”

I left it at that and got into my morning routine. Dog didn’t get further than just outside the door to do his business and was back in his blanket. “Too cold to play, Dog?”

Jimmy was the first to call back. “Bryce, plumbing is freezing, can’t keep it warm enough in this old house.”

I gave him some steps to avoid major breaks in his pipes. “Shut off the main, open all your faucets, and flush your toilets, open cabinets to circulate air under sinks, then grab some clothes and essentials and get over here. You can ride it out with me.” He knocked about 20 minutes later.

“How come your pipes aren’t frozen,” Jimmy asked as he came in. “Our places are similar construction.”

“Come in and get settled, Jimmy. Just leave your things here for now, we’ll figure out arrangements later. Yeah, I had my pipes double insulated and put automatic pipe warmers on the most vulnerable places. If the power goes out, I still could have some problems. I leave a little drip running, too. Flowing water doesn’t freeze as fast as still water.”

Jimmy nodded he understood, “I’ll do the same thing as soon as I can get Matt over.” Matt is the local plumber.

I called Ann again, told her about Jimmy and invited her to come share with us. She accepted and was at my door about an hour later.

I made sure there were stacks of pillows and blankets near the fireplace and a big load of wood stacked in case. The fireplace was ready to light and a few old oil lamps would give us light if the power did go out.

I called my clients who were expecting storyboards for new ads. I faxed my initial ideas and explained the weather situation. “My office phone may go down with the power. If you don’t get an answer, call my cell. I can keep my cell charged from my car battery.”

We began settling in as we listened to the updated forecast; the worst was yet to come with temps possibly falling to the minus 25 range by night. casino şirketleri The winds were supposed to die down by next morning; however, they would howl all night.

Jimmy insisted Ann take the spare bedroom, “I’ll take the sofa.”

Ann and Jimmy got their things stashed away; they would have to share the bathroom. I have a shower, sink, and toilet in my bedroom.

Nothing much resembling work was getting done, I shut down my office for the day and maybe the next couple days. I called the town constable telling him about Jimmy and Ann at my place for safety.

“You know, Bryce, I can’t order you to stay in, but stay in. If you have to go out, call me. The town is pretty much shut down.”


I set a fire in the fireplace as much for additional warmth as for atmosphere. Jimmy helped me stack more wood and Ann made her way to the kitchen to put together a simple dinner of sandwiches. We stayed away from alcohol drinks drinking instead some herbal teas.

Conversation was light and friendly with my neighbors, we were in it for long haul according to the worsening weather reports. I was glad to have company and I felt they were equally happy to have been invited to weather the weather gathering.

As the night began closing in and the winds made no attempt to diminish, we set about getting ready for bed. Jimmy told Ann to use the bathroom first and he would stir up the fire and put on a couple more logs. I watched as Ann strode across the room and down to the spare bedroom. I thought to myself, if Jimmy wasn’t here, I’d move on Ann.

As if reading my mind, Jimmy made a simple brief comment, “Wonder what it would be like, just you and I.”

In that short statement, Jimmy confirmed for me what I expected. “Well, you would have the spare bedroom,” I smiled. Maybe he was hitting on me but under the circumstances, I wasn’t upset or angry.

“Bryce, Ann talks as though she likes you. Problem is, I like you too, and maybe in the same way.” Jimmy made his revelation clear.

“Jimmy, I have never felt a desire for a man and I don’t know how I feel hearing you say you’re interested in me like that.” In reality, I felt pleasure in knowing I’m attractive to both my guests. I wondered what would happen if we had to huddle under blankets next to the fire.

“Hope I haven’t hurt our friendship, Bryce. I appreciate you taking me in and bringing Ann in, too. Maybe I should have just kept my mouth shut.”

I looked at Jimmy directly in his eyes. “I like you being honest with me, no harm done and no offense taken.” Perhaps a manly embrace was the call for the moment but we both extended hands for a shake. The handshake lingered a second longer than perhaps it should.

Ann emerged from the bathroom ready for bed in a purely utilitarian red flannel pajama. “Gaze your eyes on the hottest woman in town boys.”

We turned to see Ann pose in a very unflattering way and we all burst out laughing. Jimmy disappeared to the bathroom, Ann went into the spare bedroom, and I went off to my bedroom. We were down for the night.


The wind did not abate during the night and although the house was comfortably warm, none of us slept well. I heard Ann awake in the spare bedroom and it seemed Jimmy was not faring any better.

I heard Ann leave her room then start talking with Jimmy. They kept their voices low trying not to disturb me. They stoked up the fire and I caught a word or two now and then but couldn’t figure what they talked about. In the end, I got up to join them.

The fireplace glow in the darkened room looked inviting and seeing Jimmy and Ann wrapped in blankets enjoying the warmth added an element of sensuality. I guess they heard me approaching towing a blanket, they turned, smiled, and said good morning as though the sun was up and I was the late riser.

“You two look comfortable, make it a threesome?” I’m not sure why I said threesome, Freudian slip maybe, or a subconscious desire. I decided that it was probably a bit of both. Remembering what Jimmy said earlier, I sat between them and enjoyed the closeness.

We adjusted our blankets so we were covered securely and warm from the fire and warm from the close contact under the blankets. I wondered if they felt what I felt in their closeness to me, our closeness.

Ann initiated a conversation that fueled our mutual interests; “I wonder what others would say seeing us bundled like this in front of the fire.”

Jimmy laughed, “Is it freezing cold outside when they see us?”

“If it is,” I injected, “Then they are stupid for being out in it. I invited my neighbors for safety. Then, of course…” I didn’t finish that thought.

“Then, of course what,” Ann probed.

“Then, of course, they just might think threesome, was Bryce’s word.” Jimmy broke through the meaning of my unfinished thought.

I was getting warm and it wasn’t only from blankets and hot fire. “You cut right to the chase don’t you Jimmy.” We all laughed albeit nervously.

“Could casino firmaları we be a threesome,” Ann asked not joking?

“That would be up to Bryce,” Jimmy said. “I’m not sure where I fit in, you know how it is with me.” His inference was about being gay.

The tension in the room was thick now that sexual innuendos were out in the open.

“Jimmy, relax. If it came to that, whatever that is, we could be a threesome.” The shock of my statement rattled me and appeared to rattle Ann and Jimmy as well.

Now Ann shifted a bit, sat taller, turned slightly to get a full view of my face trying to gauge my meaning. I sensed her unasked question.

“Ann, I like you and think you are attractive, not in red flannel. I think you and I could have a strong deep relationship if we wanted it. I don’t know how I’d react to a gay man having an interest in me but hope I could respond. So, yes my neighbors, a threesome is a probability.”

Jimmy looked at me then Ann and back to me. “Even if you don’t mean it, thanks for saying it.”

I took his hand in one of mine and Ann’s hand in the other, “I didn’t waste words on a meaningless statement.” The three of us settled back again, all holding hands.

The first hints of the rising sun broke across the horizon, “I think it is time for coffee and some breakfast,” I suggested but we were slow to break contact.

As the pot began gurgling and heated water began flowing over the basket of grounds, Ann found eggs and sausage, Jimmy cut slices of bread from the loaf and I got out fry pans. Breakfast was very warming after a mostly sleepless night. We agreed that naps were in order.

Our town constable phoned checking on us. “Yeah, we are fine. What’s happening in town?” We learned that everything shut down when the wind chills hit a staggering 32 degrees below zero. We checked the forecast only to learn that a break in the weather was at least three days away.

I decided to drive Ann and Jimmy to their homes to collect more essentials. We went together so no one person was alone. Ann grabbed a few things and rummaged through her refrigerator for some food to share.

At Jimmy’s, he and I inspected pipes that were visible. He did as I told him and it looked like he didn’t have any breaks we could see. “I really appreciate your kindness, Bryce,” Jimmy said as we added his contribution of food and snacks to the load Ann gathered.

“Oh, one more thing, Bryce,” he led me down the hall to the main bathroom. Behind the door, he gave me a hug. “Just an installment in case something else occurs.”

I returned his hug, “Just in case.” I felt something stirring in me.

“Yeah, Jimmy, bathtub plumbing looks okay, too.” I’d had manly hugs before but this was the first time a sexual connotation was attached. It felt nice.

Back in the car and driving the 50 yards back to my house, we discussed having naps since we didn’t sleep much the previous night.


We put away the food and snacks, hung clothes, and all decided to rest. Jimmy was on the sofa, Ann in the spare bedroom, and I in my room. Sleeplessness overcame us and we were out for a few hours. I woke hearing Jimmy piling more wood and stoking the fireplace, I joined him. Ann was still sleeping.

I needed to tell Jimmy that his hug stirred me somewhat but couldn’t come up with the right words. In desperation or for a lack of words, I blurted out, “I felt something in your hug, Jimmy.”

He smiled, “I felt it too.” Nothing more was said.

I began putting together a late lunch when Ann finally emerged. “Can I use the shower, Bryce, I’d like to clean up.”

I gave her the affirmative and told Jimmy he could shower as well. “When you both are done, I’ll take my turn.”

Ann showered and came out refreshed and dressed in a pair of slacks and blouse that accentuated her shape. She had put on some makeup that made her even more attractive. “Bryce, you are so kind.” She came to me with arms stretched out.

Her hug had the same meaning as Jimmy’s and I knew they both had a hidden agenda that wouldn’t stay hidden long. I returned her hug and she nestled her head on my shoulder.

I had three thick mats that would be perfect in front of the fireplace; I laid them out before Jimmy finished his shower. Ann saw them and knew immediately that this night would be different from last. Neither of us said anything.

I was in my shower and didn’t see Jimmy’s reaction to the mats by the fireplace. When I rejoined them, Ann and Jimmy had sheets tucked under the mats, blankets and pillows spread, and wine and snacks ready to enjoy. Only thing left was to stoke the fire and I guessed that was my job.

We all gathered in the living room taking seats in various chairs. The atmosphere was awkwardly silent as we all knew where the evening was headed and unsure of where to start. Jimmy opened and poured wine and that simple act opened the floodgates of dialogue.

We talked openly about our relationships as neighbors and what lay ahead when we güvenilir casino take the next step. How would we feel about each other later? What would the community think of our newly found lust? Jimmy and I talked about how ready I was to cross the line with a gay man.

“I don?t know how far I’m willing to go, Jimmy. However, I am willing to find out how far I’m willing to go.’

I looked at Ann, “How will you feel when Jimmy and I are hooked up? I mean I have feelings for you, too.”

“We all have feelings, Bryce. Feel them and we will all feel them together.” Ann’s face showed her honesty and showed a glowing desire for someone to start something.

We migrated to the sofa with Jimmy on one side and Ann on the other just as were last night around the fire. Our proximity, touching lightly, was the spark and the fuse caught fire and burned hot.

We merged into a three-way embrace struggling to kiss and fondle. The touch of Ann’s fingers on me burned into my mind. I felt her breasts full and natural. Jimmy touched me in ever so cautious ways, fingers on my chest, exploring my torso kissing me as I tried to kiss them both with my one set of lips.

Ann slowly drew her hand down to my crotch; she was not surprised that I was already hard and waiting for someone to touch me. The moan that escaped my lips must have been more of a scream because Ann pressed and squeezed hard.

I couldn’t believe my free hand next to Jimmy began moving up his leg until I reached his upper thigh and felt something hard at my finger tips. It was the first time I ever touched another man in a sexual way and it felt good.

Pieces of clothing began loosening on our bodies and falling away. We were completely comfortable with our naked selves and more wine flowed. It was early evening and after naps, we were ready for the twilight. We snacked on crackers and cheese and sipped wine in our new found relationship.

We kissed and hugged, Jimmy and Ann put on a show of sexual fantasy and I wondered if Jimmy might be bi. I was jealous of their show and conflicted with which one I wanted to start my fantasy. The answer came as Ann collapsed from an orgasm of oral making.

I turned to Jimmy, went to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. I had no clue what I was doing but soon discovered Jimmy liked it. I sucked him for several minutes until I had a sixth sense that he was ready to cum. I took his load in my mouth.

Ann was recovered now and motioned me to her. She opened her legs to my view and I drank in her loveliness. I still tasted Jimmy’s cum in my mouth but Ann pulled me into her for a passionate kiss. I pressed my weight onto her and my cock found her opening and sunk in. I was on my way to my first orgasm and Ann her second.

Jimmy watched for a few minutes until we saw new life growing between his legs. He kneeled next to us with his cock in our faces. We knew he wanted us both to suck him and we did.

My first orgasm hit me hard and I filled Ann with my seed before I could pull out. I worried that cumming in her might have been wrong. I went down on her sucking my cum and hers out of her pussy and into my mouth. Ann had a spectacular orgasm in my mouth, Jimmy had another cum in her mouth and my cock was ready for another. I didn’t wait long, Jimmy returned the favor I’d done for him and he drank my offering.

We all took a bathroom break to freshen up.


The wind and the cold continued to make the outside miserable; however, inside the heat of our highly sexed bodies melted our inhibitions and fuel round two. I wanted to experience my first anal sex and knew Jimmy had the tool for my deflowering.

Ann watched as Jimmy fondled me and I him. Instinct took over Jimmy’s actions. He carefully guided me to a chair where he bent me over the cushion exposing my ass to him. I felt his tongue probing me where no tongue had ever touched. I shivered with anticipation and rocked back getting more pleasure.

Jimmy found his place at my rear and his cock replaced his tongue. He pushed against my tight opening. I relaxed as much as I could trying to accept what was happening and suddenly my anal ring opened. He was in me and slowly sinking deep. “It feels good, Jimmy,” I panted in rhythm with his slow thrusts.

Ann was breathing hard watching Jimmy and I. “Don’t cum, Bryce. I want you in me again,” Ann pleaded.

Jimmy sunk his tool to the hilt and I whimpered. If he was like most men after a couple orgasms, I was in for a long and exciting anal fuck. I wanted to fuck Ann as Jimmy fucked me. With some coordination and without breaking his contact with me, I beckoned Ann to lie over the cushion I was on so I could enter her. I was sandwiched between them.

Ann’s pussy swallowed my cock hard and fast as Jimmy pushed into me. Jimmy set the pace. His thrusts pushed me into Ann. Ann pushed back against me forcing me back against Jimmy. Something was happening in my rectum, pressure built as I took his jabs and thrusts. The three of us were getting close to something big.

Ann moaned and cried as my cock jabbed her, I moaned and cried as Jimmy did his damage to me. Jimmy was moaning loudly as he came closer to his conclusion. When it happened, I screamed with the most pleasure I’d ever felt.

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