And Then There Was Katie Ch. 02

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“Hey Mike, can you sign these paychecks for me?”

“Sure,” Mike answered with a false cheerfulness. Mike hated Thursday. It was the day that everyone expected to get paid, come hell or high water. Whether they had actually contributed the previous week or not, everyone had their hand out to get what was coming to them. Mike had considered personally giving a few people what he thought they had coming to them, but he knew he couldn’t.

Not all Thursdays were bad. After all, it was exactly two weeks earlier that Mike had spent a Thursday evening in a motel, making love to his sexy sister-in-law Katie.

Mike and Katie agreed at the outset of their affair to be obsessively cautious and secretive, meeting only under the most perfect conditions. Both of them were happily married, and neither was interested in changing that fact. But when the love they shared for each other could no longer be ignored, they decided to move their relationship onto a sexual level, albeit unknown to everyone else.

Mike and Katie communicated primarily through e-mail, using anonymous internet mail accounts they had set up exactly for that purpose. In the two weeks since their first and only tryst, their e-mails always contained at least a bite of lustful sex talk.

Their relationship was as much about love as it was about sex. They truly loved each other, and their desire for each other was fueled equally by wanting to enhance their love and by just wanting the fantastic sex.

In one of Mike’s e-mails to Katie, he told her that their one evening together “was the most exciting, most intense, hottest sex” he had ever had.

Katie responded in kind. “Mike, no man has ever made me cum so hard for so long so many times in such a short time. Thomas is great in bed, but he doesn’t do the things to me that you did. I shouldn’t have to tell you where that rates on my all-time best sex list. The most exciting thing about it is that I know that the longer we have to go in between getting together, the hotter we’ll get for each other, and the more intense it will be when we finally are together again. That’s the biggest thing that made it SO unbelievably passionate – wanting you for so long before finally getting you.”

Mike and his wife Jennifer were having more sex than they had ever had before. From what Katie told him, the same was true for her and Thomas. Mike’s constant desire for Katie kept him perpetually horny, and he would release his sexual energy into his wife nearly every night, often more than once. Jennifer was in heaven, and the couple’s relationship was the happiest and most fun it had ever been. That fact helped Mike suppress the guilt associated with his cheating on this woman he so adored. That he was cheating on her with her sister made the guilt all that much stronger, but even the guilt he poured into his nightly fuck sessions with his wife.

Mike and Katie were constantly looking for safe opportunities to get together, but their schedules just didn’t present any chances. They would usually at least see each other once a week at a family gathering of some sort, but seeing each other only fanned the flame of their desire even more.

Another week passed, and then another. It had been nearly a month, and the two in-laws-turned-lovers still hadn’t been together for a second time. Mike wanted Katie more badly than he ever thought possible, but he still thought it best to play it safe and wait for the opportune time.

Katie apparently had begun to think otherwise. On that Friday morning, four weeks and a day since their first meeting, she e-mailed Mike with the following:

“Dearest Mike – I want you so badly it hurts. My stomach has been in knots for two days with this incredible longing to feel your touch again. I feel like a drug addict needing a fix. I know we said that we’d religiously uphold our “rules,” but I think I’m ready to bend them at least a little bit. I’ve got to see you! I’ve got to press my lips to yours! I’ve got to feel your hard cock cumming inside of me again! Please please please say that you’re also ready to do whatever it takes to be together again, even if it’s not for long! I have some ideas that are relatively safe, so why don’t you call me on my cell and we can talk about them. I’m working today until 7:00, so if I don’t answer, leave a message and I’ll call you back. I love you Mike, and I don’t think I can go another day without you making love to me – – Katie”

Mike swallowed hard as he read the words on his screen. What did “relatively safe” mean, he wondered? He longed for Katie terribly, but the whole point of their “rules” was to keep them from taking excessive risks in the midst of their emotions.

He thought for awhile about what Katie had said. He hadn’t gotten any action from his wife the last two nights because she was sick, and he was more than a little horny. Ultimately, it was the force in his pants that won out over the force in his brain.

He walked over and shut his office door before picking up the phone and casino şirketleri dialing Katie’s cell. He usually always had to leave her a message, so it surprised him when she picked up on the third ring.

“Hello?” Katie answered.

“Hey love, it’s Mike.”

Katie let out a hesitant sigh. “I need you Mike. I take it you got my e-mail.”

“Yes, I did,” he replied. “Katie…”

“Mike,” she interrupted, “I know we said we wouldn’t do anything unless it was 100 percent safe, but I just can’t live with 100 percent. Can’t we go for 95 percent or 90 percent and still be okay?” Her voice sounded desperate.

“I think so sweetie. I’m ready to bend our rules a little bit, because I don’t think I can wait any longer to be with you again.”

Katie sighed again, this time in relief. “Oh I’m so glad we’re on the same page. Well here is what I’m thinking. Aren’t you able to get out of the office every once in awhile to run errands or go to the bank or something?”

Mike saw where she was heading. “Yes, it’s not too hard for me to get away. I’ll usually try to throw in something legitimate that I need to do so that I don’t come back empty-handed, like running by the bank or the office supply store or something like that. As long as it’s not excessive, nobody ever questions my going and coming.”

“Great, well my thought is for you to come up here to the ER. There is an entire pod that’s not in use, and it has all kinds of rooms that we could sneak away to. It’s all locked down, so you’ll have to meet me to get inside, but you can leave from anywhere in there. What do you think?”

Mike was still thinking cautiously. “So does nobody ever go in there? Will they not know if you use your ID badge to get us in? Will they not miss you in the ER if you’re gone?”

“No, nobody ever goes in there. It’s actually pretty spooky in there. Our ID badges are only coded for various security levels; the system doesn’t have the capability to know whose badge, just that it has the necessary clearance to open that door. So no, there’s no way for anybody to know that I went in there. And they won’t miss me because I’ll be on my lunch break, so I’ll have a little under an hour. Can you be gone that long?”

Mike was relieved to know that Katie had obviously thought through this scenario. Feeling much more at ease, he answered, “Yeah, I can make up something so that I can be gone for an hour or two.” After a brief pause, he asked, “So – what time is your lunch break?”

He could almost hear Katie smiling through the phone. “I go from 1:30 to 2:30 today. Can you leave around 1:00?”

“That shouldn’t be a problem,” Mike said. “Where am I going?”

“Okay,” Katie had it all planned out. “Just park up in the garage and come across the sky bridge. You know how to get down here from there, right?”

“I think so.” In his mind, Mike retraced the path he had taken a few times before. “Yes, I remember.”

“Great,” Katie said. “Okay, you know where you turn left at the ‘Children’s Emergency’ sign? Instead of turning, keep going straight. At the end of that hall, turn left and about ten feet ahead there will be wide double glass doors on your left. That’s the back way in to the place I’m talking about. Make sense?”

“Yeah, sounds easy enough,” Mike said. “So you’ve picked us out a spot in there somewhere?”

“Well of course I have,” she responded playfully. “You act like I haven’t been thinking about this for the last week.”

Mike chuckled and glanced at his watch – 11:10. “Okay, well I’ll plan on leaving here around 1:00. I’ll just wait around in the hall for you to show up. Call me if something happens or if you get delayed, okay?”

“Alright, sounds good.” After a long pause, Katie continued. “Mike?”

“Everything okay?” he asked.

“Yeah. It’s just…well, I don’t know. Never mind.”

“Oh no you don’t,” Mike detected the concern in her voice. “Out with it!”

“Well, it’s just that – I just want you so badly, and I love you so much.”

“Well Katie, I love you too,” Mike responded. “You know that.”

“I know, it’s not that. It’s just that the feelings are so strong that it scares me.” Katie’s voice trailed off with the end of her statement.

“What do you mean? Do you mean that you frequently dream about running away with me and leaving everything and everyone else in our dust? Do you mean that you would rather be with me every chance you could get regardless of the risks? Do you mean that you sit around all the time wondering if you might love me more than your husband?”

“That’s exactly it,” she responded quietly. “How did you – ”

Mike cut her off. “Because I’m right there with you. I think about all of those things constantly, and the conclusions I come to scare the hell out of me too.” He sighed. “Katie, being together isn’t an option for us. Deep down we both know it. We’ve said it from the beginning. Yes, I think we could run away and live very happily together – for a while. But carrying the baggage of guilt that casino firmaları would come with hurting all of the other people we love would snuff out that happiness in a really short time. So the only thing I know to do is exactly what we’re doing: sharing our love however and whenever we can, as long as it doesn’t mess up our ‘real lives.’”

“I know you’re right, Mike,” Katie replied. “It’s just hard. I didn’t expect that loving two men at once would be so emotionally draining.”

“I know, love.” Neither of them spoke for several long seconds. Finally, Mike continued. “Well, enough of this melancholy shit! In two hours, you know what we’re gonna be doing?”

Mike could hear Katie’s smile as she spoke. “Yes I do, my sexy sexy brother-in-law! I can’t wait! I’ll see you then – don’t forget the plan!”

“Don’t you worry! I’ll be there by 1:30! Bye!”


Mike hung up the phone with a smile on his face, even though it made him sad to think about what they had just discussed. “Well what did I expect,” he wondered. Mike knew that cheating on his wife wouldn’t be an easy thing to do, especially not with his sister-in-law whom he loved dearly.

Mike forced those thoughts out of his head. In a couple of hours, he would be burying his cock deep inside Katie’s amazing pussy again. The prospect made him shudder, and his already hard cock twitched in his slacks.

He forced himself to concentrate on his work and try to actually get something done. A few minutes later, Randy stuck his head in Mike’s office. “Dude, you wanna go eat with us?”

Mike knew his answer, but tried to act like usual. “I don’t know; where are you going?”

“Up here to that Chinese buffet place,” Randy answered.

“Nah, you guys go ahead. I’ll probably end up running errands for my lunch break.”

“Whatever, dude. Later…” Randy disappeared down the hall.

In about thirty minutes, the second lunch wave came through. This time it was Scott that asked. “Mike, we’re going up to Richard’s to grab a burger. You hungry?”

Again, Mike casually declined. He managed to get quite a bit done through the quietness of lunch, despite being extremely anxious for 1:00 to roll around.

By 12:50, Randy’s lunch group still had not returned to the office. How typical, Mike thought. Randy was the ringleader for those who thought they were overworked and underpaid, and his lunch breaks frequently lasted much longer than the expected one hour.

Rather than wait for everyone to get back and possibly have to explain his departure, Mike decided to go ahead and leave. He would probably be early, but that was better than the alternative.

“I’m going to lunch,” he announced to the receptionist on his way out the door. He didn’t know if she heard him or not, and he didn’t care. Even if she did hear, in another five minutes she wouldn’t remember what he had told her. She was the poster child for being airheaded.

Mike climbed in his truck and sped out of the parking lot. The nervousness he felt prior to his first rendezvous with Katie was no longer a problem. It had been replaced with pure excitement. Mike cranked the volume on the stereo, rewarding his ears with the rich sound of Angus Young’s guitar and Brian Johnson’s vocals. “Workin’ double time on the seduction line, she was one of a kind – she’s just mine all mine,” the song blared. How fitting, Mike reflected.

The city Mike lived in populated about 250,000 people. That fact meant that he could basically drive from anywhere in town to anywhere in town in twenty minutes or less. Katie’s hospital was no exception. By 1:10, he was circling his way to the third level of the parking garage.

Mike carefully surveyed the parked vehicles on his way, looking for any that he recognized or that might recognize him. He picked an out-of-the-way place to park and headed across the sky bridge into the hospital.

Mike made his way down the stairs, through the lobby, and down the hall as described by Katie. He rounded the corner to his left, and there were the double glass doors. He glanced at his watch – 1:18.

Before Mike even glanced up from his watch, he heard a buzz and a loud click in front of him. Looking up, he saw what he came to see – Katie, pushing the doors open from inside, wearing a huge smile on her face.

Every time Mike saw her he felt like he should stop and pay homage to whomever it was due for this woman’s simple yet astonishing beauty. He adored everything about the way Katie looked. He loved her short, flared-out blonde hair. He loved her dazzling blue eyes and her perfect smile. He loved the way the curve of her breasts sloped into her slender waistline before giving way to her athletic hips. He loved her long, tanned legs. He loved the way she walked. He loved the way she talked. He loved the way she laughed. As Katie held the door open for him, Mike realized that he had it for her, and he had it bad.

“Hurry up before somebody sees us!” Katie said nervously. Mike apparently had just stood güvenilir casino staring, lost in his thoughts. He scurried through the door with Katie taking him by the hand and leading them off down the dark corridor.

She didn’t go far before turning a corner to her right. The brightness from the outer hallway quickly disappeared, and the only light now available to them was the eerie red glow of the fire exit signs that hung from the ceiling. Mike noted the sanitary smell that only differed from the rest of the hospital in its absence of any people. The soles of his shoes squeaked on the tile floor, and the sound seemed to echo in the silence surrounding them.

“I hope you know where you’re going,” Mike said as he gave Katie’s hand a squeeze.

“Of course I do,” she said, turning back to her left. “And yes, I can see in the dark.”

“Well that’s good to know,” Mike replied. “I thought you must be using the force or something,” he joked.

Another twenty yards, and Katie stopped in front of a door on her right. They stood nearly in total blackness, apparently in the middle of this hallway based on the distance of the exit signs ahead and behind them. She opened the door, pulled Mike inside, and shut the door behind them before flipping the light switch.

It took a moment for Mike’s eyes to adjust. When he could finally see, the room he saw was not what he expected. He had imagined a typical exam room with a hospital bed, maybe a chair or two, and all kinds of carts and medical equipment scattered about.

Instead, they stood in a small room with two small normal-looking beds, a long counter with a sink and a mirror, and another door, presumably leading to a bathroom. Mike noticed that only one of the beds was made up.

“What is this place?” he asked.

“It’s a sort of rest area for the staff. A lot of times, people will work double shifts with only an hour or two break in between. They have a few rooms like this so that they can get a little sleep and freshen up. There’s a shower in the bathroom there.”

“I like it…almost as much as the fact that I’m standing here with you right now,” Mike said.

Katie smiled, reached past Mike, and locked the door. Then she reached past him on the other side and turned a knob, dimming the lights in the room. Satisfied with the accommodations, she stood up straight and pressed her hands flatly against Mike’s chest.

Smiling, she looked up into his eyes and said, “I like it too.” She stood up straight and pressed her lips to his, and so it began.

Their tongues immediately got reacquainted, wasting no time in the process. Katie quickly took the lead, unbuckling Mike’s belt and fumbling with the fastenings on his slacks.

Mike didn’t fall behind. His fingers started working their way down the buttons on Katie’s scrub top. They both breathed heavily through their noses, their lips still sealed together.

Katie finally overcame the clasp and the two buttons on Mike’s pants, leaving her free access to the zipper. She made quick work of it and slid her hands down inside his underwear to his bare ass. She moaned into Mike’s mouth as she forced his drawers down his thighs with her wrists.

Once Mike had Katie’s top totally opened, he practically jerked it down her arms, forcing her hands up out of his pants and to her sides. Her shirt fell to the floor, but not before Mike broke their kiss, grabbed the elastic waist band of her pants, and slid them down to her ankles.

Katie kicked off her slip-on shoes and quickly stepped out of the pants. In the short seconds it took her to do so, Mike found his face only inches from her thong-covered pussy. He could smell the heavy muskiness of her arousal, and he knew right then that he couldn’t wait any longer to sample the delicacy between her legs.

Mike stood back up and made quick work of unbuttoning his own shirt. At the same time, he kicked off his shoes, and Katie removed her bra. Mike’s raging erection bounced in the air with every throbbing beat of his heart. She leaned down and pulled his pants the rest of the way to the floor.

Mike dropped his shirt behind him as Katie once again stood up. He placed his hands on her hips and started walking forward. She followed step and moved back until she hit the long counter. Reading his thoughts, she jumped slightly as Mike lifted her hips until she was sitting on the edge of the counter.

“Whoa baby, that’s cold!” Katie exclaimed at her bare skin resting on the countertop.

They both laughed momentarily until Mike stepped forward and resumed their hot and heavy kiss. Katie wrapped her arms around Mike’s neck, holding him closely as they made out. Mike’s hands couldn’t help but to find their way to Katie’s hard nipples.

As his fingers made their first pass over the long nubs, Katie squealed into Mike’s mouth, her voice cracking. He loved it, so he did it again, and was rewarded with another gasping squeal.

Mike went for broke and pinched both of her nipples not-so-gently. Breaking their kiss, Katie’s head flew backward, mouth gaping. In her deliciously erotic tone and pitch, half moaning and half squealing, she said, “Oooh yes! Oh baby yes! You don’t know what you do to me! Oooh you don’t know!”

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