Amy, Jim, and the Professor Ch. 02

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Big Tits

And, the story continues …

I usually sleep on my back wearing a tee shirt and boxer shorts, but this night I was subconsciously hoping for a visit from Amy, so I slept in the raw.

I wasn’t to be disappointed as I woke to the wonderful sensations of Amy sucking, basically swallowing Silly. This time it was slow and sensuous … Her mouth and throat felt like a silky, wet cunt. I stayed very still and silent not wanting to interrupt her or the feelings she was generating in me.

After awhile (who knows how long, I was lost in the feelings), she glanced up and saw that I was wide awake and smiling down at her.

“Sir, why didn’t you tell me you were awake?”

“I didn’t want to interrupt you, Baby. You seemed to be having a good time and I definitely was.”

“Should I continue Sir?”

“Not now. Come give me a nice kiss and then we’ll cuddle, I want to hear how last night went.”

Amy moved up, kissed me passionately, and then snuggled up against me: her head on my shoulder; her breasts crushed against me; one leg thrown over me; and her pussy pressed hard against my hip.

“Does Sir mind if I stroke Silly while we talk?”

“No Baby, that would please me very much,”

She reached down and began stroking Silly as I asked her, “How did the night go baby?”

In a pouty voice, she replied, “It went fine, I’m sure he was very well pleased. … But … Sir, this was our first night together and I so much wanted to sleep with you.”

“I understand Baby; I wanted you with me, too. But it was very important for Jim to feel comfortable. This was the right decision, and you were a very good girl to do the right thing without complaining. You will sleep with me tonight and I will make it a night you will remember forever. Okay Baby?”

Amy’s face lit up with a big smile, she gave me another passionate kiss, and then she replied, “Yes Sir, thank you, Sir.”

“Good, now tell me about last night.”

“We’ll, Sir, when I arrived he was fast asleep, so I climbed into his bed. He sleeps on his side and was wearing a pair of briefs and no shirt. I snuggled up to him pushing my pussy into his ass and then I reached across him and began stroking his cock through his briefs.

“He is a very sound sleeper, Sir.”

“I’ve noticed that, those times I tried to wake him for breakfast,” I replied.

“Initially, it was very frustrating. His cock responded but he remained fast asleep. Then I had an exciting idea. It dawned on me that I’d never made love to a sleeping man. I should tell you that the idea was very exciting. Is that okay, Sir?”

“Of course Baby. To tell you the truth, I’m finding the idea pretty exciting myself. It might make a fun role play. Please continue.”

“Well, I threw back the covers, rolled him onto his back, and carefully removed his briefs.

His cock had softened a bit so I stroked it for a couple of minutes, ’til it got hard again. It was amazing to watch his cock respond to my stroking, while he remained in a deep sleep.”

I was finding this story to be very exciting and, Amy stroking Silly while telling me …. well ….

Noticing my extreme response to her story and her stroking, she said, “Would Sir like me to climb on top and fuck you now?” Amy asked.

“Not now Baby, please continue I am enjoying this very much.”

“Once his cock was rock hard again, I carefully climbed on top of him and slowly slide his cock into my very wet pussy.

“As he continued to sleep I began to fuck him, moving up until I could feel the head if his cock on the lips of my pussy and moving down until my pussy was pushed against his body. I started out very slowly, but I was so excited that I began pumping faster and faster. … Then I came, Sir it was one of the strongest orgasms I’ve ever had.

“I let out a scream of pure pleasure. And he woke to find me in the midst of my climax my pussy grinding into his pelvis.

“Sir, he may sleep soundly, but he doesn’t waste any time waking up. He quickly realized what was happening and he grabbed my waist and began pounding his cock into me, thrusting it as deep it could possibly go. His passion was palatable and as he whispered with a deep guttural voice, “Amy baby, I’m going to cum … I’m going to cum.”

I knew I would join him for my second climax in a few short seconds. In the same kind of whisper, I replied, “Me, too baby. … Cum baby, cum inside of me. Cum baby, cum with me. …. And we came together. Sir, it was wonderful.”

“I’m so happy baby. What happened then?”

“I was spent Sir. I collapsed on to his chest, my breasts pressed against him, his cock still buried in my pussy.

He put his arms around me, hugged me, kissed me on the forehead, and whispered in my ear, “Sweet Amy, it would pleasure me greatly if you would go to sleep now, just like this. I love holding you, I love the feel of my cock in your pussy, and I love the feeling of your breasts crushed against my chest.”

I obliged him and was fast asleep in a casino siteleri few short seconds.

I woke this morning lying next to him as he was kissing me softly on my lips.

Seeing I was awake, he looked deep into my eyes and said, “Sweet Amy, last night was the most exciting, erotic experience I have ever had. You are truly a blessing.”

I asked him if he would you like to play some more?

He said, “It’s sweet of you to ask, but Jon made a big sacrifice last night and I think he’d love to see you early this morning”

“I thanked him and told him that I missed you very much. And, Sir … I came directly to your bed.”

Her story finished, I looked at her, kissed her passionately, and said, “It’s time for you to climb on Baby.”

And she did, and our excitement caused by the reciting of her experience, translated directly to our love making. She rode me like a cowgirl and I was the perfect bronco … I, too, was blessed to cum in sync with my sweet baby girl and the afterglow as we laid tighter tightly hugging each other was beautiful.

I now knew for sure that Amy and I were destined to be together for a long, long time, destined to experience together the entire world of pleasure. There was nothing she wouldn’t do for and with me, and so much I wanted to do for and to her.

And I thought, *After breakfast we will see what new sexual escapades we can indulge in.*

Then I fell fast asleep, holding tightly to my sweet baby girl.

Breakfast was ready at 9 a.m. sharp. Amy didn’t eat with us, grabbing her breakfast on the fly as she carefully served us, making sure we had everything we needed. It was a pleasure to watch her serving us breakfast without a stitch of clothes on. I took every opportunity I had to swat her gorgeous bottom; and each time I did, I was rewarded with the cutest little giggle. How I loved my sweet baby girl.

After breakfast I called her over and whispered to her, “Baby, breakfast was perfect, you’re a very good girl. Once you’ve cleaned up in the kitchen, I want you to go clean yourself up real good. You’ll find everything you need in the master bath, including an enema kit. I going to want to play with your ass this afternoon and I want it sparkly clean for me.”

“Yes, Sir … by the way Sir, you’ve never played with my ass before so I haven’t had the chance to tell you how much I love it!” Then she giggled, kissed me, and began cleaning up the breakfast dishes.

Getting up from the table, I looked over at Jim and said, “Come with me and I’ll give you an idea on how I plan on spending the morning and early afternoon.”

I led him to the exercise room, now a playroom, and pointed out the various toys I’d assembled, and described how I planned to use them in conjunction with the mattress and the padded sawhorse.

“What if Amy says, ‘I’d rather not do that,” wouldn’t that spoil your plan?” Jim asked.

“It wouldn’t spoil my plan only change it a bit. … However, I doubt very much I will get that response. If I were to tell you what Amy and I did the first time together and then the second time when Lisa became Mistress Amy’s sub, … well, it would blow your mind.”

“Are you telling me that you had something like we’re experiencing with two girls at once?” Jim asked incredulously.”

“Fraid so … but, I can’t share the specifics with you, that’s very private between the participants. Just like last night, today, and tomorrow will never be shared with anyone else. What happens during these sessions is a shared secret only known to the three of us.”

Then Jim and I went back to the living room, turned on the TV, and watched a bit of a football game while Amy finished cleaning up the kitchen and then got herself ready for this morning’s activities.

It wasn’t long before she came into the living room and said, “I hope I’m not interrupting your game, Sir … but I’m ready for you.”

I quickly turned off the game, turned to her, and said, “I’m thinking I’d like to tie you down baby, how does that sound?”

“Please Sir, you know how much I like to be tied down and lose all control.”

“Okay, let’s get started,” and I took her hand a led her into the, now, playroom.

Amy immediately saw the toys and other things I’d brought along, plus the sawhorse, and the queen-sized, blow-up mattress.

“Oh, Sir, this looks like you and Jim are going to have a lot of fun with me,” she said in a breathy, excited voice.

“Baby, I expect it will be fun for you, too,” I replied.

She giggled.

“We’re going to start with you on the sawhorse, Baby; lay face down on top of it.

She quickly moved to the sawhorse and laid down on it. It was the perfect length, her ass ended up right at one end of the horse and her head was right at the other end. This meant that her mouth and her bottom were perfectly situated for what I had in mind.

I grabbed a couple of zip strips for each of us, saying to Jim, “I’m sure you know how to use these. You secure her wrists slot oyna to the front legs and I’ll secure her ankles to the back legs.” When we finished she was effectively attached to the sawhorse and completely in our control.

During this time, Amy was suggestively moving her ass back and forth and sticking her tongue out at Jim. Finished, I spanked her bare bottom, saying, “Baby, did I give you permission to tempt us in that way.”

“No sir, I was just playing with you. I’m sorry, Sir,” she said, with a giggle and she couldn’t keep the smile off of her face.

I continued to spank her with my bare hand, saying, “I know what you (spank) were doing Baby (spank) but from now on (spank) and I want to make this very clear (spank) you don’t do anything (spank) without asking permission. (spank) (spank) Do you understand?” (final hard spank)

She moaned louder with each spank and when I finished she said with a tiny whimper in her voice, “Yes Sir. I’m sorry Sir; I will ask your permission before doing anything, Sir. Please don’t spank me anymore.”

Even though I was sure she would really have liked to be spanked some more, I said, “Okay, Baby, just as long as you follow my instructions.” Then I caressed her bottom, gave it a number of kisses, and I asked her, “Does that feel better now, Baby?”

“Yes, Sir, thank you Sir, that feels much better now.”

Jim observed all of this with a smile on his face. He was beginning to understand how this worked and it looked like he was beginning to really enjoy himself.

“Okay, Jim, it’s time for us to strip.” We quickly took off our shorts and tee-shirts, which was all either of us was wearing and tossed them into a corner.

I went to Amy, bent over and kissed her hard on the mouth, and then, as I caressed her bottom, asked her, “Baby whose body is this?”

Holding her head up and looking into my eyes, she replied, “It’s your body, Sir.”

“Since it’s my body … I guess that means that I can use it in any way I want. Isn’t that true, Baby?”

“Yes, Sir, you may use this body in any way that pleases you. I am honored that you wish to use my body in ways that give you pleasure.”

“Jim, why don’t you check out my baby’s pussy and see if it’s ready for us.”

Jim moved behind her, tentatively spread her butt checks, and quickly discovered that Amy was very wet, already dripping sweet juices out of her pussy, seeing this he said, “It looks like you were right about her liking this … I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wetter pussy.”

I’d already placed Silly right in front of her face, and I replied, “I’m not surprised … you love it don’t you, Baby?”

She nodded her head, and said, “Yes Sir,” and then she opened her mouth wide inviting Silly inside.

Jim, seeing that, slowly pushed his cock into her soaking wet pussy and with Jim following my lead; we both began to slowly fuck her, really teasing her, not giving her the satisfaction I knew she desired.

After a few minutes, I said, “Okay, Jim that’s enough for now. We’ve only just begun to play with this sweet body.” We both pulled out and Amy moaned … she obviously did not want us to stop. But, after the spanking she was on her good behavior and didn’t say anything.

I grabbed my bottle of almond oil, my preferred lubricant, and a medium-sized butt plug. Then, oiling her ass real good, sticking my oil-soaked index finger deep inside, I prepared her for the butt plug; taking a few minutes to finger fuck her.

She dropped her head to the sawhorse and moaned out loud, saying in between my strokes, “Sir, … that feels … so … goooood.”

“If this feels good, wait ’til Jim fucks you with the butt plug in … you’ll really love that, Baby.”

“Oh yes, Sir, I know I will. May I please suck Silly at the same time, Sir?”

“Yes, Baby, That is exactly what I had in mind.”

“Mmmmmmm Sir, please hurry with the butt plug … I can’t wait.”

“All in good time, Baby, I want to make sure that you’re very well oiled,” and I continued to finger fuck her ass for a few more minutes. … I was having a very good time and didn’t want to be hurried.

Then Jim said, “Come on Jon, I want to have some fun too. I’m sure that she’s well enough oiled by now.”

To tell you the truth, I’d almost forgotten that Jim was even there.

“I’m sorry; I guess I got carried away. Here you insert the butt plug,” and I handed it to him.

He took it, but it seemed obvious that he wasn’t sure how to insert it properly.

As I moved to the front of the bench and Amy’s waiting mouth, I said, “Jim, make sure you oil up the butt plug, too, and then insert it all the way to the base. Her ass will automatically clamp around the indentation just before the base. It’s an instinctive response. Once in, it will stay in until we remove it. In addition to providing its own stimulation, it also tightens up her pussy, really heightening the sensation. Essentially, she gets a super fuck and will probably have one of the best orgasms of her canlı casino siteleri life. … Right, Baby?” But by then her mouth was fully involved with Silly and she could only nod in reply.

Jim inserted the butt plug very carefully with Amy moaning and sucking Silly during the entire process. I was taking it easy, allowing her to control what was going on with Silly and her mouth. Mostly I was watching Jim, making sure it didn’t make a mistake and hurt her. But, there was no worry, the plug went in, and her ass clamped down, just like I said it would. He looked up at me and smiled.

“Don’t just stand there … it’s time we fucked the hell out of her.”

Jim inserted his cock into her pussy and I grabbed her head and began to really give her a mouth fuck she’d remember for a long time. “Come on Baby, take it all in. I want my cock as far down your throat as it will go.”

She gagged, but then thrust her head forward determined to take me all the way in.

Jim began to fuck her even harder, thrusting his cock as deep as it would go into her pussy.

Amy began to moan even louder, it was obvious that she was getting close to cumming.

“Baby, I haven’t given you permission to cum. Not yet … don’t cum until I say it’s okay, Baby … Not yet baby.”

With my cock deep in her mouth and Jim fucking her like a wild man, she looked up at me, her eyes pleading with me to let her cum.

I shook my head and grabbing her hair, again, forced her to take my cock all the way in. Then I began to mouth fuck her with the same passion Jim was pussy fucking her. The whole time shaking my head; not giving her permission to cum, pulling out every so often to give her a chance to breathe.

Then, when I was sure she couldn’t hold out any longer, I nodded my head and she let out a scream filled with passion and ecstasy as her orgasm rolled through her whole body. She collapsed her head to the sawhorse, unable to hold it up any longer.

Jim continued to fuck her, but neither of us were ready to cum … we were saving that for later. I bent over and began kissing and caressing her.

She moaned again and the combination of my kisses and caresses plus Jim’s fucking caused her to cum again.

“Did you like that, Baby?” I whispered into her ear.

She nodded her head, sighed, and asked, “Sir, can we please do it again?”

“I don’t know, Baby.” Then looking at Jim, I winked, and then asked, “Baby wants us to fuck her again … do you think you’ve got the energy.”

His cock was still buried deep in her pussy, he had been moving it slowly in and out, however, seeing my wink, he stopped, pulled it out and quietly replied, with a violent nod of his head, “I’m not sure.”

“Baby, neither of us is sure. I’m wondering how we can solve this. … Maybe, we could switch places, and you could suck Jim’s cock while I fucked your pussy. … That might work.

“I know what would work. Baby, we’d probably get real excited if you’d beg us to fuck you. … You’ll have to beg real hard and let us know how much you want to be fucked and how much you want to cum again. Can you do that, Baby?’

Without a moment’s hesitation, Amy began to beg, “Sir, please fuck my pussy … please fuck it slow at first and then faster and faster. Please, Sir, pound your body against my ass, thrust you wonderful cock as deep into my pussy as you can. … Please, Sir, please fuck me. And my dear sweet Jim, please come here and let my suck on your cock as Sir fucks my pussy. Please, grab my head Jim and force your cock deep down my throat and then please mouth fuck me until I cum again. Please Jim.”

“Jim, her begging has convinced me, how about you?” He nodded and moved in front of Amy’s head, offering his cock to her waiting mouth.

I moved to her ass, got down on my knees and began to suck and lick her pussy (she moaned); she wasn’t able to voice much more with Jim’s cock filling her mouth. After a few minutes, I began finger fucking her pussy with my index and middle fingers while I licked and sucked her clit (her moans got louder). I pulled back and said in a commanding tone, “Not yet, Baby. Not until I give you permission (she whimpered).”

I could feel her pussy tightening on my fingers and knew she wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. I got to my feet and inserted my cock into her soaking wet pussy. I started slowly, but, her ass moving against me as she tried desperately not to cum was hard to resist. Very quickly I began to pound my cock into her, her pussy tightened even more and I knew it was time, “Cum baby, cum for me, it’s time Baby, cum … cum for me.”

And she pushed Jim’s cock out of her mouth, screaming, “Oh God, Oh God, OOOOOOh Guuuuud …” Her head, again, dropped to the sawhorse, and she laid there whispering, “Oh God … oh God … oh God.”

Jim moved around to the side of the sawhorse, turned her head toward him, and said, “Amy, don’t just lay there, suck my cock, lick it … play with it with our mouth.”

She looked up at him, and replied, “Yes Sir Jim, whatever you say, Sir Jim,” and then she opened her mouth and began licking and sucking his cock.

I looked over at Jim and nodded my approval as I continued to stroke Silly in and out of her sweet pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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