Amorous Goods: The Mirror

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A lifelong collector of goods and objects from far and wide has passed and left the entire collection and the business built around them to the only remaining relative, a niece on a career path of her own. Vikki has taken on the task of administering the estate and liquidating the business and collection. However, she has come to find out that many of the goods have been cursed or enchanted with amorous powers that affect those who encounter them. These are the stories of some of those encounters with objects found at Amorous Goods.


The bell above the door chimed as J.T. walks into the store. J.T. is an overweight middle aged man. His thin brown hair was falling out, leaving him with a big bald spot on top of his head. His brown eyes were flat and lifeless as if the world had completely broken him. His clothes mismatched and making him look decidedly worse rather than better.

Vikki greets him with her usual bright cheery smile. Her voice sounding clearly from the back of the store.

“Welcome to Amorous Goods. Is there anything I can help you find?”

“No thanks. I’m just looking.” J.T. says.

J.T. walks around the store at a leisurely pace. Stopping on occasion to look at something or another.

He comes to a full length mirror. Something about it catches his attention. He looks into the mirror and sees a gorgeous woman. He looks behind him, but there’s no one there. He turns back to the mirror, and she is still there.

Her legs are impossibly long. The black stiletto heels showing them off to their best advantage. His eyes tracing up them. He imagines how they would feel wrapped around him. Squeezing him as he pleasures her.

Her short black dress fits her body like a second skin. Hugging her curves and barely containing her casino şirketleri big breasts. For several minutes he watches the rise and fall of her breasts. Each time she breaths in it looks like her breasts will simply fall out of that dress.

He finally makes way to her face. Her sweet angelic face. Her ruby red lips are full and so kissable that he wants to dive into the mirror just to start kissing her. Her hauntingly beautiful blue eyes seem to promise all sorts of pleasures. Her scarlet hair falling down almost to her waist in waves.

The girl in the mirror smiles at him. He feels like he is the only person to ever get to see that smile. His heart races as he continues to stare at her. His cock straining against his pants. He tries to readjust, but it does no good.

Her mouth opens and she mouths something to him. He watches her lips closely. She mouth something to him again.

“Buy the mirror, and I will be yours.” Her smile seductive.

J.T. nods his head, and her image disappears. The last part to fade away is her ruby red lips.

“Excuse me Ms.” J.T. calls out.

“Yes sir.” Vikki says as she comes from behind the counter.

“I was wondering how much this mirror is?” He states.

Vikki looks for the tag but isn’t able to find one. She looks the mirror over as if trying to decide something.

“How does a hundred sound?” She asks after a few moments.

“I can do that.” He states as he reaches back for his wallet.

Vikki takes hold of the mirror and rolls it with her to the front counter. She rings it up, and J.T. hands over his debit card.

He impatiently waits for the transaction to go through. When it does he signs the receipt and takes the mirror back home. The entire way he swears he can feel warmth coming casino firmaları from the mirror, yet the woman is not there.

When he gets home, J.T. puts the mirror in his bedroom. He sits down on the bed and looks into the mirror. Slowly the woman comes back. It looks as if she’s sitting on the bed next to him. J.T. looks next to him but of course she isn’t there.

He looks back at her. “I want you.” He confesses. “Will you come out of the mirror?”

She gives him a smile and points up. J.T. looks up and sees writing on the frame of the mirror. He thinks it might be writing but it is in a language that he doesn’t know.

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.” He says. His voice full of despair and longing.

She makes a gesture with her hands and mouths a few words. J.T. watches her. Wondering what she’s doing. She points up again. This time when J.T. looks up he can read what is written.

“From the inverse of time and space, I free you. Come to me Xenova.” He recites.

Xenova steps out of the mirror. Her perfect body moving with a fluid grace that any athlete would love to have. Her blue eyes locked on his.

“Oh Master. Thank you for freeing me from that awful mirror. An evil wizard trapped me in there ages ago. I am yours now and forever more.” She says right before leaning in to give him a kiss.

Xenova presses up against J.T. Pressing him back onto the bed. She straddles him. Kissing him passionately. J.T. responds in kind. Kissing her. His hands caressing her back through the material of her black dress.

Xenova sits up, pulling her dress up over her head. J.T. marvels at her lithe body. Her full perky breasts. Her sleek midriff.

He moans with desire and rolls her over so he’s on top of her. Starting at his lips he güvenilir casino kisses his way down her magnificent body.

He quickly undresses. Watching her reaction to see if she’s put off by his naked body. Just the opposite though. She stares at him while biting her lower lip. Reaching up she pulls him back down on top of her.

She reaches down between them, and takes his fully erect cock into her hands. Squeezing it ever so gently as she guides him inside her.

J.T. gasps in delight as he slides inside her. He delights in how she is just tight enough for him to slip inside of, yet also tight enough that there is frictions.

J.T. starts pounding into her. Her cries echoing in his small bedroom. J.T.s mind a complete blank as his body takes over.

A loud frantic knock sounds just as J.T. is about to finish. J.T. tries to ignore it. Nothing is more important to him at that moment then filling her with his seed.

“Sir? It’s Vikki. From Amorous Goods. It’s imperative that I speak with you. That mirror you bought wasn’t supposed to be on the floor yet. A Succubus was trapped inside and I haven’t had time to get her out yet.”

Something about the word succubus filled J.T. with dread, yet he couldn’t stop himself. His need for her so absolute that nothing else mattered.

J.T. felt his body clench as he began to cum. Xenova holding him against her as he squirted thick stringy ropes of cum into her.

J.T. could hear Vikki trying to get into the apartment, but he couldn’t move. Xenova opened her mouth and sucked his soul from his body. When she finished his body had shrunken. His life extinguished.

Xenova got up and got dressed again. Vikki and another guy burst in just as she finishes dressing. She smiles at them, and jumps out the window. Vikki runs to the window and looks out. Watching as Xenova flies away.

“Come on Mark. I guess we better find out what to do about this one. You really need to be more careful with what you put on the floor to sell.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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