Ami Ch. 01

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Ami sat at her desk thumbing through the sales records of the high-class 5th avenue corporation that she worked for. She was the executive sales manager, hired because of her expertise. That alone allowed her to travel to all parts of the globe. Many of these trips were to exotic places like Hawaii. She was often accompanied by her husband, William. She was not aware of it, but this time, her journey would take her to Delhi, India, where she would encounter a man who would show her the true world of the Kama Sutra, as well as the beautiful sites of the country.

The phone rang. It was her boss, asking her to step into his office for a moment. She grabbed her legal pad and headed towards there. Once inside she reached out, shook his hand and then sat down.

“I have a proposition for you. I know this is short notice, but I need you to fly to Delhi this Friday, to help them iron out a few problems they are having.”

“Delhi? You know I don’t like going to India. I love their culture, but I hate the dust and the horrid accommodations at the hotels I have to stay in. Oh, come on. Can’t someone else go?”

Her boss reached out, took her hand, and said, “Ami, they could, but I feel you are the only one qualified to assist them in getting their sales back on track. I have faith in you, and I know you will make the best of it.”

Ami sighed as her shoulder slumped. She felt torn between her responsibility and desire; in the end her sense of duty to her job won out. She dejectedly announced, “Well, since you asked me nicely, I’ll go. But you owe me one.”

“Thanks, Ami. Now, I don’t expect you to be gone for more than a week. I hope you don’t mind, but my secretary has already booked you a flight. It leaves this Friday at 6am. She has also arranged an escort from the company while you’re there. His name is Gopal. Oh dang it, I can never pronounce their last names. Oh well, here is his name and phone number. He’ll meet you at the airport when you arrive. We’ll go over your detailed report when you get back.”

Ami knew that there was no way in hell to change her boss’s mind. She decided to make the best of it and take William with her. After all, she could have some fun at night with his cock buried deep in her hot pussy.

That night while they were having supper, she told William about her business trip to India. She stated that she would make the best of it. Then added you know we could go and have a romantic holiday. “I would love to go darling, but did you forget about the annual businessmen’s convention in Nashville? I’ll be gone casino şirketleri for a week starting Friday.”

Ami felt her cheeks flush red. “Damn-it, you mean I have to go to that God forsaken place alone?”

“I’m afraid so. Hey, I have something that will keep you from becoming too bored. I know you like to read erotic books, so I bought you a new one.” “I was planning to give it to you when I leave Friday. You can read it when you are there alone. The book is called, “The Kama Sutra, The Ancient Indian handbook of Love.”

Her eyes lit up and the frown turned into a smile. “You are right, I love reading erotic books. Well, darling I’ll take it with me, that way my nights will not be too dull. My pussy will be on fire while reading it and I will crave for your touch. I can take my toy with me. It is not you, but it does satisfy my desires when you’re not here.”

He eagerly grinned. “Oh Ami, you do have a way of making my dick stand up and notice at the most unexpected times. I think I just might have you for desert.”

“Can you wait until we go to bed dear? Friday is just three days away and I want to start packing tonight, that way I won’t feel hurried the rest of this week. Then I want to relax for awhile and thumb through the book.”

“Ok, why don’t you go start packing I can clear the table and do the dishes.” With book in hand, she headed for the bedroom. She placed the book on the night table next to the bed, and then went about gathering up her clothes. However, she could not keep her mind on packing. The erotic figure on the book seemed to lure her, and she was anxious to examine it.

She sat down on the bed and started thumbing through the pages. The vivid artwork of various positions caught her eye, making her nipples harden and her clit swell. She wondered, “Just how many of these sexual positions could her and William do? To hell with packing! I need him to ravish my body and slide his hard cock into my pussy right now!”

Ami put the things aside and stripped. Then she walked toward the kitchen with book in hand. She stood at the doorway staring at him until he turned around.

“Hey big boy, why don’t you come over to my place, you can show me how to have a good time?”

William almost dropped the plate he was holding. “I take it that book is good and your cunt is screaming to be fucked right now!”

She said, “Why yes, how did you guess?”

William walked over to Ami, pulled her into his arms, and kissed her hard. “Because your naked body and hard nipples told me you need to be fucked. Now, how casino firmaları can I resist such a beautiful sight?”

They walked arm in arm to the bedroom. William stripped and joined her on the bed. She began showing him the various positions depicted in the book. The more he looked, the harder his cock got. He said, “I don’t know about you, but I want to see how many of those positions we can do right now.”

She flashed him a steamy look and purred. “Well, the first position in the book is 69. You know that I can’t resist sucking your cock.”

“Well, I can’t resist eating that cunt of yours either. Enough talking, doll, it’s time to fuck!”

He lay on his back and she straddled his face. Grasping his cock, she flicked the pearly drop of pre-cum off the tip with her tongue. Then she proceeded in licking his organ and balls before engulfing his shaft. She sucked it slow and hard until her lips brushed his pubic hair.

William trembled and held on to her hips as he spread her pussy lips. Then he tantalized her hot flesh by flicking from cit to ass repeatedly.

Slithering his tongue all the way into her pussy he tongue-fucked her. Then he encircled her clit and took it in his teeth, nibbling it gently. She cried out, “Oh God, I love what you’re doing to me. Don’t stop, make me cum!”

William shoved two fingers inside her hot hole, finger fucking her hard as he sucked and bit her sensitive clit while she deep throated his throbbing dick. As his mouth worked its magic on her pussy, it wasn’t long before she bathed his face in her juices.

She continued sucking his cock deep and hard while rolling his balls.

“Slow down, baby. I want to slide my dick inside your hot cunt before I blow my load.”

She purred in a seductive tone, “Fuck me darling, I need to feel your cock deep inside my pussy!”

“Your wish is my command. Honey, let me see what the other positions I want to try fucking you in a different way this time.”

As they looked into the book, they saw the position called, “Penetrating the eye.” They decided to try it. She got in front of him on her knees with her upper torso erect, her ass facing him. She then spread wide, so she would not lose her balance when he fucked her.

He got behind her like the picture showed, with his knees bent and torso erect. This way she wouldn’t be able to resist his advances. He spread her ass, grabbed her hips, and slid his cock deep inside her pussy. While fucking her, his reached his hands around to the front of her and started pinching and rolling her nipples.

He güvenilir casino told her that he loved this position, because it felt like her pussy was clamping down on his dick like a vice and he could climax easily this way.

Ami shivered and told him that she loved it too while grinding her hips towards him. “Oh God this is so hot, cum for me honey!”

“Not yet doll. I want to try one more position before I dump my load inside that cunt of yours.”

She picked up the book and as they looked, the next position was, “Climbing the Tree. This is one of the most beautiful and rewarding positions in the Kama Sutra. This position raises the sexual energy along the spine and the lovers will feel a more satisfying orgasm.”

They moved, and stood mimicking the images in the book. While facing each other the woman standing next to the man wraps one leg around him as if she is attempting to climb a tree–with the difference that she is using his cock as a strong branch to prevent her from falling. That way, they can caress, nibble and kiss each other as they look into each other’s faces, showing their escalating arousal.

It took several attempts to get it right. She slid her pussy onto his cock as he held onto her. Then with one hand, he started fucking her vigorously, as his other hand rolled and pinched her hard nipple. Soon they both shook so hard while climaxing that they almost lost their balance.

She snuggled deep within his arms, basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking. “Wow that was awesome. I can’t wait until we can try the other positions in that book.”

“God that was some hot fucking, I can’t wait either, when you get back we will see just how many positions we can do. As for right now, I need to rest. Woman you wore me out.”

“Rest for awhile love. I’m all energized now, so I’ll finish my packing.”

William fell asleep dreaming of the other positions they could do. He awoke with the sun kissing his skin softly. Her lips were around his throbbing cock. “Oh God, I love it when you awaken me this way. Now, turn around, I want some pussy pie for breakfast.”

She turned, and as his lips worked their magic, she continued sucking him deep, until she felt his sweet nectar flowing down her throat.

He shoved one finger in her ass and the other one in her pussy, as his lips sucked her clit. She shivered hard while covering his face with a delicious delight he called pussy honey.

She told him she was still frustrated about her trip to India, adding that his lovemaking was just the kind of distraction she needed. She then got up and headed for a shower in preparation for the trip.

Would she really be alone, in a cheap hotel, with nothing to do? Her journey will surprise even her, as the best is yet to come.

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