A Short Tease

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You are alone in a room. There’s a door on one wall, but no windows. It’s lit by a hanging light above. The floor is carpeted with a thick pile red rug and the walls are painted red, with a black ceiling. There are few furnishings, a large circular bed, with black silk sheets and a black fur throw, a large oak cupboard, chair and a small end table. The room is warm but not uncomfortably so and slightly smells of peppermint and tea. You are wearing a black t-shirt over a white long sleeve t-shirt, jeans and desert style boots. A light jacket lies discarded on the chair. You sit on the end of the bed, waiting for me to arrive.

I enter, wearing a green Napoleonic military tunic, black leather combat trousers and purple leather boots, with tunic open and no shirt under it. My hair is tied back with ribbon and I’ve not shaved in a few days. You stand up and move towards me. I seize you up in a hug, lifting you partly off the ground. The door shuts behind us. You move to speak, but before you get a chance, I swing you round against the wall and kiss you, releasing the hug. You slide your hands under my tunic, running along my chest upwards. They reach up to my collarbones, when I break the kiss, taking your hands in one of mine and pinning them above your head. I kiss you again, holding your hands above you. I side my free hand along your body. It caresses along your side and your back, before I slip in under your jeans. My hand slides under your panties along your bare flesh. Skin against skin, gently stroking as I kiss deeply. You shiver at the touch of my cold hand.

I break the kiss. You pant a little and try to speak, but I remove my hand from your trousers and put a finger against canlı bahis your lips. You nod as I kiss your neck, my stubble prickling a little. I release your hands and take one in mine gently and lead you over towards the chair, and silently motion towards it. You sit in the chair. I run my fingers gently through your hair and slide my hands down your body. I run them down your leg, stopping at the end to slide off your boot. You flex your toes inside your white sock as they are freed from the boot. I tickle it a little through the fabric, making you giggle. I then slip off the other boot. You put your arms around my neck as I slip my hands back up. They slide along your side, up under both your shirts, lifting them together, upwards. Your shirts reach past your breasts as I caress your body. You lift your arms up pulling off your shirt, before pulling me in and kissing me, briefly. I stand and you stand with me, arms back round my neck. We move towards the bed, with your back towards it. I caress along your body, arms around your waist. I kiss you on the neck, and unfasten your jeans, the fall towards the floor. I sit you down on the bed, in just your socks and underwear. From a pocket I take out a silk blindfold and slip it over your eyes. I run my hand slowly down your cheek. Suddenly I quickly and briefly run my hand over your panties, between your legs causing you to gasp before I kiss you again.

I take your hand and lift up, you stand up and begin to follow me. I lead out from that room, along a corridor, with cool wooden floors under your feet. I lead slowly, so you can comfortably follow even blindfolded. We very slowly descend some stairs and I lead you along a colder stone floored bahis siteleri corridor. You hear a door open, and we pass through, before it closes behind you. The soles of your white socks now black with dust from the corridor. I lead you into the room and sit you down on what feels like a similar bed to the previous room. I lead you up the bed, until only your feet hang off the end. I caress along your body, and kiss your lips again. This is followed with kisses to your neck, collarbone and chest. You shiver a little, breathing quicker and blushing slightly. I undo your bra, removing it and freeing your breasts. I fondle one playfully before taking your right wrist and looping a silk scarf around it tying a knot in the scarf. I raise it above your head, and you feel a metal grill at the top of the bed, I slide the scarf through and take your left wrist, lightly binding it with the scarf. You squirm against the scarves but they keep you gently bound to the bed.

My hands move along your body, sliding down over your exposed breasts, teasing the hardening nipples. Down past your waist and along your legs, slipping off your socks. I tickle you again, causing a smile and a giggle. You squirm a little on the bed. You hear a thud as I remove my jacket. I slip my hands back up your legs, slowly caressing you. I run my hand over your panties again, causing you to moan gently. My hand moves back and forth as my free hand begins to fondle your breasts, making you squirm and breathe faster. I stop, and slowly slide my thumbs under the sides of your panties, before slowly slipping them off, leaving you naked on the bed. I kiss your lips again and your feel the cool leather of my trousers against your side. bahis şirketleri I kiss your neck, then collar again. Then your right breast, before teasingly nibbling on the hardened nipple, before kissing your stomach. I kiss just above your sensitive areas, before suddenly licking deep along them. I lick rapidly, my stubble running along your legs and brushing against your vulva. My tongue dives deep inside you lapping quickly, then up and rapidly over your clitoris. I lick faster and faster, causing you to squirm and moan louder and louder. You grow closer and closer to your orgasm before I suddenly stop. You lie there panting, your body squirming. I lean in and whisper, “Not yet” into your ear before kissing you again.

I untie your hands but leave you blind folded. You sit slightly, still panting and run your hands over my chest. You scratch down along me, until you reach my trousers. You unzip my flies and pull my manhood free. You begin slowly stroking and caressing it with one hand, while stroking over yourself with the other. It grows harder and hotter in your hand and I breathe faster. I pull the blindfold free and kiss you passionately. You pull me in closer and I wrap my arms round you. I slip between your legs, into you and you pant with pleasure. I begin thrusting against you as you lie on your back. I grow faster and faster as you begin to moan and squirm. I stop dead pinning you down with my body for a kiss as you squirm; with me inside. You blush and breathe faster and faster as I resume thrusting into you, deeper and quicker. Your hips rise and thrust against mine. Eventually after you can take no more, pleasure over comes you with your orgasm, shortly followed by mine as we writhe and grind against each other.

We slow and I withdraw and lie beside you, holding you close. I kiss you again and we curl up together. We hold each other close and cuddle, happy and contented.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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