A Quick Encounter

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My heart was beating heavily as I looked at myself in the rear view mirror one last time. I looked down at my heaving chest, knowing that I will be showing off some of my best assets, to a man that I’d only met briefly months ago, in just a few minutes.

I checked that my lip-gloss was still intact and took a deep breath as I climbed out of the car and pressed the fob to lock the doors. Number 35 was directly in front of me. I tried to steady my nerves as I walked through the gate and up the path, before reaching out to press the door bell.

Within seconds he opened the door. Neither of us said as word as I unbuttoned the front of my coat and his eyes widened as he realised that the only thing I was wearing underneath was matching bra and knickers. He pulled me inside the door and put his hands on my waist, under my coat and pulled me towards him as he shut it behind me, pressing me against it as he kissed my lips, our weeks of texting and online chatting making the pressure within each one of us reach exploding point.

He pushed the coat off of my shoulders and began kissing the side of my neck and my shoulder bone as he brought his hands up and began to cup my breasts in his hands, reaching his fingers up to find my nipples that had already begun to harden. He pinched them gently, making me moan into his mouth, making me pull him closer to me, making me reach under his shirt to feel his hot skin against the cool of my hands. I ran my hands up his back, pressing my nails lightly into his skin, and then I brought them back down to his waistband, sliding my hands inside, gently, prising casino şirketleri the waist of his boxers away from his body. He moved his lips down to the top of my left breast, and pushed the material aside so that he could take a hard nipple into his mouth. I threw my head back to allow him better access and after a few seconds I moved my hands around to find his belt buckle to be able to undo it, and to undo the buttons of his jeans. He moved over to the other breast, giving me a better view of what I was doing, allowing me to find his thick, hard cock and to pull it out of its confines and hold it in my hand.

I pulled away from his mouth and slowly slid my back down the door so that I was in a crouching position, directly in front of his dick. I placed my other hand on it and squeezed, moving my other hand so that I could massage his balls gently. He looked down at me as I looked up at him through my eyelashes, slowly reaching out my tongue to stroke the tip of his cock, slowly letting my tongue caress its shaft, and allowing him to push his hard cock past my lips, towards the back of my throat. I began to move my head back and forth, building up momentum, as he placed his hands on the back of my head, pushing his dick further and further into my mouth, so much so that I gagged occasionally. Every time I did he would pull his dick all the way out of my mouth so that he could see the saliva coating it, and giving me a chance to catch my breath before he continued fucking my mouth. I reached down between my legs and moved the side of my knickers out the way so that I could push my fingers casino firmaları inside my wet pussy and touch my clit, before bringing them up to my mouth, where I stopped sucking on his cock long enough to take it out of my mouth and replace it with my wet fingers, which I began to lick clean as he watched from above. The sight of this made him reach down and pull my hand away from my mouth and up to his, pulling me up to a standing position. He slowly licked my fingers clean himself and turned me around so that my back was now facing the stairs that led up to the bedroom.

He pushed me gently towards them, so that I eventually fell softly onto the third or fourth step up, leaving him standing above me. He pushed so that I was leaning backwards, offering him my chest which he began to assault with his lips, finding my nipples with his teeth, biting them. He began to work with his fingers as well, squeezing and cupping each breast before reaching down with both hands, to either side of my hips, pushing down my underwear so that he could access my pussy. He pulled my knickers off and threw them to one side, ran his hands from the inside of my thighs all the way up to where my legs met and pushed my legs open so that he could lean in and lick my wet cunt. For a few minutes I was lost in ecstasy as I concentrated on the feeling of his tongue lapping up my juices, stroking my clit and his fingers pushing inside me, making me want his cock in me.

I pulled his wet face up to mine to kiss his lips, covered in my juices and tilted my hips so that he could see that I was ready for his dick güvenilir casino that was pointing right at me. He positioned it at my entrance after having slipped on a condom and he teased me, knowing that I was yearning to be filled, by only allowing the tip of his cock to touch my pussy entrance. I grabbed his ass and pulled him into me, revelling in the feeling of being penetrated, finally.

He pumped in and out of me furiously for a few minutes before I made him stop, and told him that I wanted him to fuck me from behind. The stairs were no longer the ideal place to continue so he helped me up and we moved to the lounge, him following behind me. I positioned myself on the sofa, on my knees, facing the wall, offering him my ass, knowing that he would be taking me any second. I felt his hands on my waist, drawing me closer to him, so I reached down between my legs, squeezing his balls before directing his dick to my waiting pussy. I loved the feeling of him fucking me like that, animalistic and raw. I moved my body in time with his, thrusting back every time he moved into me, moaning my delight even more when he reached a hand towards my clit and began to rub it in circles, I knew that I was close to coming and began to moan louder as he began to thrust harder and faster, telling me that he loved the feeling of my tight pussy. I could feel the muscles begin to contract around his hard cock, as he told me he was coming and moved in and out until he had finished.

He slowly removed his dick from my wet cunt and turned me around to kiss me. I reached up and kissed him back before pushing him to one side, so that he could sit down next to me on the sofa. I stood up and went into the hall to retrieve my knickers and coat and as quietly as I could I opened the front door and slipped outside into the night, doing up my coat as I went.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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