A Night In With The Boys

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My friend peter had decided to have a night in with his mates, l always opted out of these nights as they were all beer, porno and boys stuff, not that the beer and porno bothered me just that l was always out numbered and would maybe feel a little left out. Well anyway, this time round l didn’t really fancy going out and opted for a night in my room with a couple of girly DVD’s and a bottle of wine, quiet relaxing night, or so I thought!

Well I retired to my room early so I wouldn’t get caught up in the introductions and end up fetching all the drinks and food. I stripped off as always when l chilled out in bed with my bottle of wine and set up my first video, a real girly film, and lay on bed. I poured out a nice glass of chilled wine and settled back to watch my movie, I was sooooo relaxed and the chilled wine went down a treat one glass after another. Before I knew it the whole bottle had gone and the first movie had finished. I could here the lads getting a little rowdy so I presumed they were getting along well with their videos too and probably wouldn’t really notice if l popped in to get another bottle of wine.

I slipped on one of my big T shirts and a pair of panties and headed for the lounge. The lads were all crowded around the TV on the sofa’s enjoying the porn and beer and making loud rude remarks about the girls on the videos when l walked in and I managed to get all the way to the fridge and half way back across the room before Peter foiled my get away.

‘What about a drink for us before you go’ Peter shouted to me.

Of course as soon as he said it all eyes turned to me stood there with a bottle of wine and just enough clothes to cover my assets.

‘I only popped in for another bottle’ I said as I started move towards the door. Of course as soon as I moved toward the door Peter decided to block my exit in order to get me to pass out the drinks, what was the point in arguing, might as well just do it and then l could go back to my girly videos and fresh bottle of wine. So there l am getting bottles of beer out of the fridge to pass around in a pair of panties and a T shirt. And by the time I’ve got all the bottle’s out and topped them my nipples are like bloody coat pegs with the chill, sticking out through my thin T shirt. So l grab all five bottles, hug them to my chest to cover my huge nipples and begin to pass them out.
As soon as I pass out the first two bottles my right nipple is on view for all to see and the comments start.

‘Fuck me, can l hang my coat on that’ says Danny who got the second bottle.

‘Can l hang my top lip on it’ says his mate Steve

‘Yeah go for it lads’ says Peter laughing along with his friends.

I just carry on handing out the bottles until I get to peter who decides to grab me and force me to sit on his lap.

‘Why don’t you stay for a bit and let me warm you back up’ says peter setting his beer down with one hand while holding me on his lap with the other. ‘I could do with a bit of something now I’ve watched this stuff’

I don’t mind giving him what he wants because bahis firmaları he takes good care of me.

‘Sure honey, of course, come with me and I can sort you out’ I say smiling at him but he had other ideas as I was about to find out.

‘I think we all need a little something baby’ Peter says as they all begin to gather round and grab hold of me.

‘Hey!!’ I shouted as I was lifted off Peters lap and onto the large coffee table in the centre of the room by four pair of hands, each holding a limb and peter still holding my ass. The cold of the glass only makes my nipple problem worse and all eyes were drawn straight to them.

‘Give them a suck boys and see how they feel’ peter then encourages them by sucking on one of my nipples and getting the fabric wet, this makes the fabric see through showing my large brown nips to their best. I struggle a little and scream at them to back off as each man in turn takes my nipples into his mouth.

‘Okay’ says Peter ‘you can do this the easy way and I won’t have to gag you or you can carry on shouting and I will’

So I shut my mouth and let them all have a good taste of my fabric covered nipples. I can’t help but be turned on and cry out a little as my nipples are serviced by two bobbing heads at a time. This is not enough for peter so up goes my T shirt so everyone can have a go at my naked nipples. This sends them all into a bit of a feeding fest and while l have two on my nipples sucking them hard into their wet, hot mouths the others are kissing and teasing my neck and chest while they wait for a turn at my rock hard nips. My arms and legs were held by each of Peter’s friends as he winds them all up by telling them what he wants to do, all I can do is lie there and listen to what will happen to my body over the next few hours.

The first thing to come is the bottle of wine I was hoping to drink myself and as soon as I see it I know where that is going, straight into my tight pussy. Peter shows it to his mates and then asks the two holding my legs to open them nice and wide so they can all see it sliding in. So my legs are pulled wide apart and my panties ripped off exposing my naked tight pussy and asshole. Then peter gets down on his knees and begins to push the slim neck of the bottle into my pussy, it’s so chilled it makes me gasp and this just sets them all off again sucking and biting at my nipples, neck and any other bit of skin they can get to. I can feel the neck of the bottle starting to get wider and wider as Peter forces as much of the bottle as he can into my pussy. I can’t help but cry out as the bottle stretches my pussy wide open for them all to see.
‘More! More! More!’ all the boys start to chant as I’m forced to take more than even I thought possible.

Then Peter begins to pull the bottle out again as slowly as he put it in and I relax back onto the table only to have it shoved back in hard and fast making me scream out in surprise. Then there was no stopping them, he drove that bottle in and out of me so fast I could hardly get my breath and the boys all continued sucking and kaçak iddaa biting and pulling at me.

‘We are not stopping till you cum hard bitch!’ shouted peter

Well I only needed telling once, I came so hard it made my whole body shake and made my nipples stand out even more than before. Everyone needed another suck of my rock hard nipples before we moved on for more.

‘Good Girl!’ said peter as he pulled the now wet bottle out of my bruised pussy.

Then he asked the others to hold me still while he went to fetch a few other items to share with them before they could all have a go themselves. A few seconds later he was back with a bottle opener and some ice cubes. I knew what was coming next as he had done something similar before while playing with me. Peter opened the bottle of wine and began to tip some of its contents into my already dripping pussy, followed by a few ice cubes. I couldn’t help but moan and cum while he was doing it, this always turned me on and l was rewarded with a little lick of my clit to make me cum once more. Peter then sucked one of the wine and pussy juice covered ice cubes out of my pussy to show the others what to do. They all moved round me in turn, licking my pussy till l came and then retrieving their tasty ice cube. After all of that licking and sucking I couldn’t have moved if I’d tried and they released my arms and legs to get ready for their next game.

All five men stripped off as l lay and watched on the table, they all had rock hard cocks at this point and l knew l would have to take them all at some point. Peter then began to lick my pussy again while he showed the others how to finger my ass in readiness for taking someone’s rock hard cock, first he slid his fingers into my wet pussy to lube them up ready for entry into my tight ass, then continued to lick my pussy as he pushed the first of his large fingers into my ass. At first my ass resisted the intrusion but the closer l got to orgasm the more his finger slid in till it was all the way up to the knuckle. Then as I came again he pulled it back out and asked his friend to insert two of his fingers while Peter made me cum again. This mans fingers were slightly bigger and longer but I took it like a good girl till he was knuckle deep in my ass.

After everyone had had a turn at licking my clit and fingering my wet pussy and ass till l had cum so many times I felt dizzy, peter decided it was time to fill me to bursting point.

Peter reclined on the sofa and asked the others to lift me onto his cock, so l was grabbed and positioned so Peters cock forced its way into my ass, then his first friend stood above me and shoved his cock into my mouth and deep into my throat, peter held a fist full of my hair to keep my head in the right place to be fucked hard and fast. The next two friends positioned themselves at my huge breasts ready to take a nipple each and l wrapped my hands around their big cocks ready to pump them hard, then the last of his friends slid his massive dick into my tight pussy, made even tighter by the fact that my ass was already full of peters kaçak bahis rock hard rod. Then they all began to fuck me so hard and fast I thought I would die, I just came and came again pumping my juices all over their cocks. Having my nipples sucked and bitten while l used my hands to rub two hard cocks and having my throat filled with cock too. Everyone seemed to cum at the same time filling my mouth, pussy and ass with cum. As soon as they had cum they just changed places and it all began again. I was fucked, sucked and used so badly that I’m sure I passed out two or three times but it all just kept going till they had had enough.

At last they all pulled back and I thought it had ended, I heard Peter run the shower as he always did at the end of a good session and l was carried to the waiting warm water. I could only just about stand after all that and had cum dripping from every hole so the hot water on my body felt great. All five boys came in to watch me wash off, lathering up l washed myself from head to toe. I turned to wash all the suds off and suddenly felt a hard cock on my ass again. Peter pushed my top half forward and entered my already bruised pussy with ease making me cry out as he did. He had me almost folded in half, pounding my pussy as hard as he could. He then pulled out, turned me round and grabbed my ass pushing me against the tiled shower wall and lifting me up onto his dick. The wall just served to allow him to punish my pussy harder than before with his rock hard shaft till he shot his load yet again into my tight pussy. Then the next man came forward, Peter held me in position ready to take more punishment. Again everyone had their turn until my pussy was dripping once again with 5 hot loads of cum.

This time l didn’t need to wash myself as one of the guys decided to help me out a little by washing my pussy out by hand. He soaped up his hand and slid first two fingers, then three, then he tried four, my pussy was still so tight it resisted this intrusion and he decided to ask for assistance to clean out my puss. My legs were once again pulled apart and extra soap added to help ease the way for his hand. Four fingers pressed into me again till I was screaming with the intrusion. Anybody hearing this would have thought they were killing me not fisting me but my puss was so tight all I could do was scream. Eventually he managed the four fingers and proceeded to push on with his whole fist, my pussy felt like it was being ripped open but the look of satisfaction on everyone’s face told me he had accomplished his task to his satisfaction. I couldn’t believe I had this man’s hand fully inside my pussy, slowly he began to slide his fist in and out of my pussy and I actually began to cum all over his hand. When he was happy that he had made me cum and that I was fully clean he pulled out his fist and they all left the room so l could get showered and dressed. Peter helped me to bed and tucked me in with his usual kiss and nipple tweak to sleep off the rough night.

The last thing I heard was Peter’s friends leaving and telling him what a great night they had had.

‘We will have to do it again sometime’ said peter

At least l know that I’ll never feel left out when the boys come round!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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