A Dirty Dog Doggin’ Around Ch. 09

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It was quite a while after Bob and Nan moved away before we got new neighbors in the duplex we lived in on post. We had a very young couple show up for about a month and left without any explanation. Mandi and I never got to know them, as they stayed more or less sequestered the entire time.

Bob and Nan had left their fencing materials with us and we took advantage of the situation by fencing in the entire area behind the house so our dogs had plenty of leg room. This was a happy situation for us, and we were glad to oblige the housing agency folks by keeping the entire area mowed and trimmed, and they handily overlooked the fence encompassing the entire area.

I got home early one day from work and Mandi told me as soon as I walked in the door that there was someone looking at the other half of the duplex. I grabbed a couple of beers and wandered out behind the house to find a young man standing on the back stoop of the other side with his hands in his pocket, whistling to himself. I walked over toward him, only to discover a small mutt of a dog came wandering around the porch toward me.

“Hi there, little guy,” I greeted the strange dog.

My dogs wandered up and it appeared obvious that they had already met. Mandi had left that little tidbit out. I traded a beer for a handshake and the guy told me his name was Blaine, and his wife’s name was Molly, and they were moving into the other half of the duplex. Blaine was about 10 years younger than me and seemed to be a rather easy going, casual type. My initial impression was that we could get along just fine.

“This is Alky,” he said, pointing toward the mutt.

“We call him that because you can’t set a drink down with alcohol in it or he will drink it dry. Then he gets drunk and falls down a lot!”

I wasn’t sure whether I should be appalled or laugh, so I chuckled and asked what he was mixed with.

“Don’t know,” Blaine said quickly, “but Molly liked him and we decided to give him a home.”

I had a border collie/black chow mix that was mostly black with white patches and white spotted feet. Alky looked like the result of the spare parts left over when my dog was built. He was white in all the black places, black in all the white places, and about 1/3 the size. We chuckled over the concept.

Blaine was giving the place the once over before he signed his name on the dotted line to take it, and we drank two or three more beers before he left. He said he liked the house, the location, and decided he would take it.

“What about your wife?” I asked.

“She doesn’t care. She just wants out of the place we are living in now. It sucks.”

I wondered to myself why she had not accompanied him on this inspection trip, but kept it to myself. After he left, Mandi asked me what she thought of him.

“Nice enough, real laid back,” I told her.”

“Same here,” she agreed, which made me wonder what was up, since she never came away without a distinct opinion that she would share with me whether I wanted to hear it or not.

About a week later, Blaine showed up driving his old, rust eaten pick-up, followed by a classic Oldsmobile station wagon that seated at least nine people, maybe 30! They got out, and I tried to be casual and not stare. I could tell little about the female who left the car and went straight into the house. I went out back and in a couple of minutes, Blaine and Alky appeared out the back door.

I asked if he wanted a beer, and he said. “Sure.”

I grabbed a couple out of the refrigerator, and went out back. Mandi and Molly came out about the same time. I looked at Molly and was stunned. She had a beautiful face, but what struck me was the fact that even under a loose shirt I could see some monster tits, so big no amount of camouflage could hide them, and while she was about 20 pounds overweight, she had a very tight waist, and an incredible ass. Let’s be honest here. Molly was the epitome of plush! You know, the Mae West hourglass figure that flowed upward to a great chest and flowed downward to large, overstuffed hips. That she was with a goof like Blaine was stunning.

We made introductions all around and Mandi offered Molly some wine (of course). She quickly accepted and the two of them dashed off into our house. Blaine and I chatted about his move-in schedule (there wasn’t one) and if he needed any help (didn’t know) and what his military job was (a machinist), and did he mind if Alky went with me and my dogs for a walk at a private area we loved (he didn’t).

The ladies came back out with full glasses and a bottle uncorked. We sat out back for about an hour just making small talk, and getting to know each other. They went back in their house at dark, and Mandi and I went in to grab a quick bite to eat (Blaine and Molly had already had dinner).

We hadn’t much more than stepped in the kitchen that Mandi said, “I guess you got an eye full of Molly!”

I proclaimed my innocence, saying, “I don’t know what you are talking about at all. I have been a gentleman and kept my eyes to myself.” pendik escort

“Bullshit…..not with those tits!”

When I asked what exactly I did, she refused to go into detail, but later, after a couple of more glasses of wine, we went to bed, and I threw down a serious pussy eating on her and then pounded her pussy doggy style until she got a couple of good orgasms. The subject was dropped.

Molly turned out to be an interesting person. She was a harpist. Yeah, that’s right, someone who plays a harp. We took this with a grain of salt until we saw a strange van pull up at their house about a month later. A couple of hours after the van arrived, Molly came over and asked us to her house. When we entered, an older couple was seated in the living room, who she introduced as her adoptive parents. Standing in the corner in the dining area was a beautiful concert harp.

She asked me if I knew what a tuning fork was. I did, and she handed me a velvet-lined box of several, and asked me to help her tune the harp. I struck the forks while she made adjustments. Mandi chatted with Molly’s parents, and we had the harp ready shortly. Molly pulled up a chair, strummed the instrument a couple of times, and launched into an exquisite piece of music.

Mandi and I were almost dumbfounded to hear such wonderful music coming from a harp we were sitting beside. I had never met anyone who played classical music on any instrument with such orchestral flair. While she was playing, Molly slipped out and returned with some wine and beer in a cooler on ice, and Molly’s parents joined us for drinks while Molly played some wonderful music.

Time went on and months went by, and Blaine and Molly would party with us sometimes, have dinner, or go with us to take the dogs walking. One Saturday evening, we asked them if they would like to grab some hot dogs and burgers, a tent, and all the dogs, and head down to a local area by a large creek where we could swim, build a fire, and chill for the evening.

We decided to stay out all night to avoid having to run a gauntlet of military police checkpoints for drunk drivers. They decided that would be fun, and we jumped into our vehicles and headed off to our little private area. Upon arrival, I gathered some wood and built a small fire. We had some drinks before getting there, and after a few more, decided that we should go swimming in the creek.

Now it wasn’t very deep, barely over waist deep in fact, but what the hell. It was wet and cool on a hot summer night.

Of course, not long after we headed into the water, Mandi said, “Forget this shit. Let’s go skinny dipping!”

We hauled out of the water, and Mandi and I dropped our shorts and t-shirts. Blaine was right behind us, but Molly seemed a bit shy. Mandi and I went back into the water, and a short time later, after a head to head discussion with Blaine, Molly and Blaine joined us. I had a difficult time not getting a raging hard on when I saw Molly naked.

Her tits weren’t just huge, but they sat up on her chest like some Vargas drawing from Playboy magazine. Like I said, she was plushly plump, in just the right places, including a high-rise ass and nice legs. I was looking at her out of the corner of my eyes when Mandi came up behind me and grabbed my cock.

“I thought so,” she whispered, “She’s a doll, isn’t she?”

“Are you jealous?” I asked.

“Just a little” was all she said.

When we came back out of the water, Blaine had Molly sit pretty much behind him instead of facing the fire like the rest of us. I figured he was a bit jealous of her and didn’t want anyone to be able to see her completely naked. We stayed naked for most of the night, finally crashing on sleeping bags, leaving the dogs loose as our sentries. Next morning, we quickly cleaned up and left for home.

Molly got a job playing her harp at Sunday brunches. This led her to practice a couple of evenings a week. I was taking some college courses and had a paper to work on, and Blaine had just gotten himself a game console. Mandi grabbed a couple of beers and some wine and told me I could work on my school stuff over at their house, while she and Blaine played with his new game console. Molly would be practicing on her harp.

Not long after we got there, while Blaine was in the bathroom, Molly told us, “My boss at the hotel told me something the other day after brunch that I’m not sure whether to be offended or not.”

When we encouraged her to go on, she told us, “Well he came up to me as I was putting away my harp and said that I did a great job but there was one thing that disturbed him. He would really like to see me dressed in my white high heels and nothing else while I played my harp. It was sort of a fantasy of his”

I asked if he had made any further comments or done anything overt that could be construed as harassment, and she said that he hadn’t. We told her to keep things cool for the time being but if she didn’t want this kind of attention make it clear to him.

Well, this image dived into maltepe escort my brain like an A10 Warthog on a close support run. I felt a twinge of hardness creeping into my shorts. I was sitting at a small table, so it wasn’t noticeable. After some game time, Mandi asked Blaine if he had any beer in the house. We had put off making a beer run, and when he didn’t have any either, they decided to make a run to the store.

After they left, Molly was still sitting at her harp working on a rather difficult movement when she noticed me looking at her.

“What?” she asked curiously.

“I can’t help thinking about what you said. I understand completely why your boss said that. I think it would be absolutely fascinating to see you playing your harp in just your white heels.” She laughed and told me I was just dreaming, but gave me an impish smile as she continued to play. A couple of minutes later, she said she had to go potty, and would be back in a minute. I dived back into my writing, and barely noticed when I heard her coming down the hall.

She stepped into the room, and said, “Is this what you’re talking about?”

I glanced up and then did a double-take. She was completely nude except for those kicky white high heels. She was luscious. I almost failed to wipe the drool off my mouth.

“God, you’re beautiful,” I sighed.

She smiled, and sat down behind her harp. I noticed that she was completely bare of pubic hair, and had a flawless body. When she pulled the harp to her, I had a nice view of her hairless slit as she nestled the harp between those enormous breasts. She played “Fur Elise” by Mozart for me. I was entranced.

After she finished playing, she smiled and said, “I better get dressed. Blaine and Mandi will be back shortly.”

I thanked her profusely and watched her disappear toward the bedroom, that fine, fine ass bouncing up and down with each step. Later that evening, as I gathered up my books and papers and headed for the house, I saw Molly head for her bedroom as I was leaving. Mandi and Blaine were still engrossed in a game on the console.

As I stepped off the back porch, the bedroom light came on and I noticed the curtain was partially open. When I stopped, Molly was removing her shirt. I waited until she finished undressing, enjoying the show, when she seemed to look directly at me. She gently caressed her breasts, half closed her eyes, slid one hand between her legs and stroked her pussy. This went on for about 20 seconds, and then she reached down and grabbed a large t-shirt and pulled it over her head and turned out the lights.

Molly was about 2-1/2 months pregnant at the time, something neither Mandi nor I knew at the time, and I didn’t see her naked for a while after that. She had a baby girl, just a little doll, who grew like a weed. Molly and Blaine though, seemed to argue more, and didn’t seem to like each other’s company. Blaine was drinking a bit heavier too.

We partied with them once in a while but most of the time I hung out with Blaine and Mandi would sit and talk with Molly and the baby. It was getting close to Blaine’s end of service, and he was starting to take on a short timer attitude. This really bothered Molly. She had gone back to playing her harp at brunch at one of the clubs on post, and was making good money in both salary and tips.

One afternoon after I got home from work, I started up the street to get the mail from the communal mailboxes about four houses up. Molly came out about the same time, with her kid in a backpack, and walked up the sidewalk with me. She told me she had no idea what Blaine would do once he got out of the military, and he wasn’t looking for any jobs back home. She bitched about his drinking so much, and general lazy attitude. Even Alky was staying away from him and spending more time with my dogs. She told me that they would be moving in about three months.

I smiled at her and said, “Wow. We better hurry.”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Well, I have wanted to spend a long, leisurely afternoon with you showing you what experience and talent can do for your mental health and well being, not to mention I would throw in a nice massage too!”

She stared at me for a minute and then sighed.

“What?” I queried, playing my most innocent but impish look.

She giggled, and finally replied, “Why are you just now getting around to asking me? I thought you would have noticed that I wanted to sleep with you a long time ago.”

“Well, I knew that, but the timing wasn’t right, and Mandi knew I thought you were drop dead gorgeous, so she was keeping me on a tight leash.”

“Well that’s too bad because now that I have the rug rat I don’t have near the body I used to,” she complained.

“Not from where I have been standing,” I told her confidently. “You are still drop dead gorgeous in my book!”

She blushed a bit, and then whispered to me conspiratorially, “We better hold it down. The neighbors might be listening.”

I laughed and whispered back, “Okay. kartal escort So are you up for that massage?”

She looked at me closely, and finally said, “Sounds fine to me. Let me know when.”

I made arrangements to take off work at lunch, and called Molly at home and set up the time and date. She asked where we were going, and I told her not to worry about it. She could bring the baby, since she took an afternoon nap anyway. Mandi had started working a new part time job, and would be at work that day, so everything was set.

I dashed home. I had stopped and bought two bottles of champagne the day before and left it in my car. I iced it down, quickly cut up some cheese and munchies, placed it all into a basket and called Molly. She said she was ready to go, and I watched as she put the kid in her car seat. I drove with Molly following me in her car. We went out to an area that had once been a trailer park for military families, but had been abandoned, and now was simply a grassy area with a narrow street out in the woods. This was our dog walking area, and Molly had been there before, but only on the paved roads.

At the cul-de-sac was a narrow dirt trail that led down to a cliff about 1-1/2 miles away. While exploring this area, I found a turn-out that had been partially blocked with brush. When we got down through the woods to the turn-out, she leaned out and asked how much further it was.

“We’re here,” I called back to her. I moved some brush aside, drove my car in and she followed. I stopped, went back and replaced the brush, and we went to the end of the trail. It stopped at a grassy knoll surrounded by trees. There was a gentle breeze blowing and the temperature was reasonably nice for the time of year, when the normally oppressive heat and humidity would eat you alive. I spread out a couple of blankets and she brought the kid out in her car seat and gave her a bottle. I got out the food and champagne, and she seemed delighted.

“How nice,” she exclaimed.

We ate, sipped some champagne, and relaxed. After a few minutes, I asked if she wanted to really enjoy nature.

“You just want me out of my clothes, don’t you!”

“You bet, sweetheart,” I answered.

She sighed, got to her feet, and then said, “Are you sure you won’t think I look terrible.”

I laughed, and told her, “I don’t see how I could ever think you look terrible.”

She smiled her little, demure smile and turned her back and slipped out of her shirt.

“Come on,” I pleaded, “turn around. I want to enjoy the view.”

She laughed, faced me, and unhooked her bra. I watched it slide off her tits. If anything, since she had the baby they had gotten a bit larger, and since she was through breast feeding, I couldn’t wait to get a chance to chew on them.

“You have the most wonderful, absolutely gorgeous tits I think I have ever seen.”

“Why thank you,” she replied.

She slipped out of her shorts and panties with one smooth motion, revealing that slick, shaved pussy. I was pleasantly surprised to see that she hadn’t a stretch mark to be seen. I caught myself about to ask if she had actually had a baby, she was so wonderfully flawless.

Instead, I asked her, “Do you stay shaved for a reason?”

“Blaine liked me that way,” she explained, “and it just became a habit. I don’t think I could ever grow it back. Don’t you like it?”

“Actually, I love it,” I told her, “and I can’t wait to see how it tastes.”

She shot me a sly look and said, “I can’t wait either. Now it’s your turn.”

I had on a tank top and shorts with no underwear. I was naked in about three seconds. She watched me starting to get hard, and as we sat back down on the blanket, she leaned over for a closer look.

“When I saw you skinny dipping that night, I didn’t think you were that big. You sure do grow a lot. Blaine looked a lot bigger, but when he gets hard it doesn’t really change size.”

She reached over and gave me a couple of gentle strokes with her fingers, and my cock responded by getting bigger and harder by the second.

“Wow!” she gasped, “How much bigger do you get?”

I chuckled and told her to keep doing what she was doing and see.

Once I was fully erect, she patted my cock gently and said, “What about that massage?”

Never one to run down a naked lady, I grabbed my massage lotion from the car, moved her onto her stomach and began my magic fingers trick. I worked all the way down to her feet, got her moaning with the foot massage, flipped her over and completed the job on her front side. The baby had dozed off, completely oblivious.

I slowly kissed my way up her thighs, and she responded by opening her legs wide for me. I gently began tonguing her pussy, evoking some sighs, and then some squirming. Once I got to her clit, she had hold of my head and was arching her back off the ground. I worked her clit with my lips and tongue until she finally froze in what I call the three-point position. The only thing touching the ground was her heels, and the back of her head. An orgasm crashed its way though her guts, and she pressed down harder on my head. She rocked to a succession of spasms, quietly gasping in sharp breaths, until finally she bounced two, three times and dropped back to the blanket.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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