A Chance Meeting with a Short Skirt

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Female Ejaculation

The bottle of wine Jack had just bought for dinner was hanging almost unnoticed from his hand. He stood outside the wine store and raked a hand through his curly dark hair watching the retreating back of a girl who was wearing a thigh-length black coat with short stiletto boots. Long legs disappeared beneath the hem of a very short skirt. The dark blonde ponytail flickered and he could just make out her profile as she turned the corner without looking back at him.

It had been a strange, random moment out of his day. When he entered the wine store there had been no one else inside, which was unusual for a Friday night in such a busy area of the city. He had been studying the racks of wine, trying to find a reasonably priced red he could take to dinner. When he looked up she, the black- jacket-wearer, was staring at him over the top of the wine racks. With smooth olive skin, full pink lips, and doe-brown eyes, she had caught his eye for more time than was comfortable. He looked away embarrassed, but when he felt her continued stare he was forced to look back at her. There was a smile in her eyes and a small dimple on one cheek. He smiled back.

“Hi,” she said, and he detected an accent. “I need you to do me a favor.” He stared at her askance wondering what she wanted as she skirted the wine racks towards him. Casting a quick glance a little fearfully behind her she seemed to be making sure no one was watching them. When she rounded the rack he noticed her body and her long slim legs for the first time and he hoped he could imagine what kind of favor she wanted. She pushed back a stray strand of blonde hair that had escaped from a rough ponytail and made conspiratorial eye contact again.

“I know this is a bit weird, but back home I can legally buy alcohol, and here, well I don’t have an ID and I’m not 21 yet,” she rushed as if he was going to stop her. “I totally understand if you don’t want to, but it’s just that I’m supposed to go to a dinner party and I want to bring wine. Would you mind?” While she was hurriedly explaining her predicament she had brandished a ten-dollar bill at him.

“Why do you think I’m old enough to buy wine?” He asked mock indignantly.

She smiled, “You are in a wine store for one and I’d say you were 25.”

“Close. 27.” He smiled again and knew that he would do it after he watched her squirm a bit. Maybe he could draw this out into something more interesting. “Do you often accost strangers and ask them to do illegal things for you?” he asked her jokingly.

“Yes. All the time.” She replied deadpan.

He laughed, delighted. “Well, at least you have to tell me your name.”

“I suppose that’s fair enough. If I tell you my name, will you buy me the wine?”

“A name for a potentially fine-inducing act? Doesn’t seem to have quite the equivalence does it?” He was angling for her number and she knew it. When she smiled he knew she liked him and he felt an excited rush of anticipation.

“You,” she pointed a long finger at him, “are quite the haggler aren’t you?”

He held up one finely boned hand, “born and raised,” he said.

“Myra.” She gave her hand and he took it, happy to have an excuse to touch her. Her fingers were long and thin, her hand was warm and fit in his nicely. “We shall see about the rest, after the purchase,” she said.

He grabbed two bottles of Bordeaux he wanted and wandered over to pay. The cashier looked blithely unaware of the illicit deal his customers had struck as he bagged the wine bottles separately. Myra brazenly grabbed one of the bottles along with a sharpie that was lying on the counter. Scribbling on the brown paper bag, she then handed it to him and grabbed the other one. They both turned to leave but she glanced at him, another small, mischievous smile on her face.

“You – are a darling!” She touched his arm and he felt a shock of electricity. There was a charged silence between them. She hesitated a moment at the door and seemed suddenly unsure of herself. Her age had caught up with her and she looked young and vulnerable. He made eye contact with her but she looked away and mumbled, “Thanks,” and headed out the door. Jack glanced down at the scrawled writing on the brown paper bag. It was her name and a street address nearby with the time 10p.m. circled.

* * *

When Jack arrived for dinner at the small gray house tucked away behind a swarm of tropical plants on a walkway a block from the beach, he had already figured out a way to make an early exit. Knocking on the heavy wooden door, he rehearsed his plans: a headache, a gig, or an early morning work call? His good friend Doug answered the door and let him into the living area of the house.

“Hey man, how are you?” His friend asked giving Jack a quick friendly hug. Jack sniffed appreciatively at the aromas from the kitchen.

“Good. How’s Terri? Cooking something spectacular from the smell of it?” He took the bottle of red wine out of the paper bag and handed it to Doug. He carefully folded the bag and slipped it unnoticed bursa escort into his jacket pocket.

“Not only spectacular smells,” he said to Jack as he turned to a small bar area to open the wine. A tall, red haired woman with pale skin and freckles entered the room from the kitchen wearing an apron, she smiled when she saw Jack and gave him a hug.

“Good to see you Terri,” Jack smiled back at his friend’s wife. He’d known Doug and Terri since high school. They were the only couple that had lasted the distance.

Just then a girl’s voice drifted out from the kitchen. “Shall I turn the burner down on the sauce, Terri?” It was a familiar accent and Jack felt a strange sense of the familiar. He was about to shrug it off when the blonde girl from the wine store, with long thin legs and the short skirt, appeared in the doorway of the kitchen. Jack stared at her in shock. The expression on her face replicated his. A red glow suffused her face and her mouth fell open. After what seemed a minute of them staring at each other, she recovered suddenly.

“Hello.” She smiled disjointedly at him.

Terri hadn’t seemed to notice the awkward moment and said, “Thanks, Myra, I’ll get the sauce. This is Jack, I was telling you about him the other day.” She winked at Jack as she headed back into the kitchen and called out. “You should close your mouth Jack; the slack-jawed look doesn’t suit you.”

Jack closed his mouth feeling bewildered and wanting to ask the burning question, what are you doing here? But Myra came forward and caught his eye quickly, proffering her hand toward him. “Hi Jack, it’s nice to meet you.” He shook it awkwardly but noted the warning in her hazel brown eyes. It’s too hard to explain, lets not go there, it said.

He couldn’t think of anything to say to her, the questions he wanted to ask froze on his lips. Myra could sense his confusion and smiled a small smile and said, “I’ll go help Terri in the kitchen.”

Doug had poured him a glass of wine and handed it to him. Noticing Jack’s bemused expression, he chuckled. “She’s a new friend of Terri’s, from a yoga class I think. Terri has plans for her. Nice skirt, huh?”

Jack shook his head amazed at the strange coincidence and smiled. “Right – great skirt.”

Dinner was a mixture of familiarity and tension. Myra, sitting across the table from him, was a constant distraction. He kept glancing over at her amid the conversation, noticing the way she moved her hands as she talked and the smoothness of her cheeks and neck and how the low cut t-shirt hugged the shape of her small round breasts. He felt agitated and kept up a steady stream of anecdotes. Always animated, he was even more so tonight and he was delighted to find that Myra was holding her end of the conversation up, even laughing good-naturedly at his feeble attempts at flirting. He could feel the wine kicking in, making him even headier.

“Are you playing tonight?” Terri asked him suddenly. He’d forgotten about his plans for a quick escape and couldn’t decide whether he needed the excuse of a gig or not.

He thought quickly. “No.”

Terri smiled at Myra and boasted proudly. “Jack is a musician.”

“Really?” Mira smiled coyly.

“A good one. You should see him play some time,” Terri continued.

“Maybe I will,” Myra said with a grin at Jack.

“If you can get into the club,” Jack teased forgetting the ruse for a moment.

“What makes you think she couldn’t get into the club?” Terri asked lightly.

Jack shrugged, recovering quickly, “What are you? 19?”

“Twenty, almost 21,” Myra smirked appearing to enjoy the game.

“Really?” Terri said to Myra, surprised. “I thought you were older!”

Myra shrugged and cast a quick sideways glance at Jack. Another bottle of wine later, they somehow found themselves departing at the same time. Jack knew it was the result of Terri’s machinations but he didn’t mind at all, as he felt the warmth of Myra’s arm graze his. They walked together slowly down the lane.

It was a warm night despite being late September. The low, overhanging trees felt almost tropical and he was tempted to walk toward the beach. But instead they walked up the ally in the opposite direction. “Quite a coincidence, huh?” Myra said as they walked together comfortably.

“Spooky.” Jack said.

“So, you still want to go to this party?” Myra asked him.

“What party?” Jack asked.

“The one that I scribbled on your wine bottle.”

“Oh this one?” Jack grinned and produced the folded up paper bag from his jacket.

“Yes. That one.” Myra replied mockingly. “Would you have come if I hadn’t happened to be at Doug and Terri’s?”

Jack hesitated as they crossed the busy road at the end of the ally. They jay- walked to the other side and since neither had commented on which way they were going, he kept on walking down a narrow ally-walkway on the other side of the road. Myra didn’t protest; she seemed content to walk with him.

“A strange girl gives me a random address bursa escort bayan for a party to meet her at, a party where I know no one except her? What would you do if you were me?” he asked her teasingly.

She smiled at him. “Well, of course I would go. But that’s because I’m twenty and adventurous.”

“I never thought someone would imply I was old and unadventurous at 27,” he replied dryly.

She chuckled but didn’t reply. They walked together in silence for a while. The narrow walkway winding between quaint old houses was hedged with large tropical trees and flowering bushes that draped themselves towards each other, sometimes making Jack and Myra duck or change directions suddenly to avoid entanglement. The silence lengthened and Jack could feel the tension mounting between them. He knew he should ask her where she lived. He really just wanted to ask her to come to his place. He swallowed and looked at her out of the corner of his eye.

When he looked back an unruly bush had taken over half the pathway immediately in front of him and he swerved to miss it knocking into Myra. He grabbed her arm and they stumbled sideways. She laughed as they staggered to remain upright. When they stopped Jack had an arm around her waist and was holding her upper arm. They were closer and he could smell soap and shampoo, it was fresh and clean. He breathed in deeply and caught her eye. She had moved imperceptibly closer, and tilted her face slightly up to his. The light caught her eyes and he couldn’t stop looking at her lips.

His hand on her waist moved slightly, caressing her hip and she closed her eyes and sighed softly. Then her hand moved and he felt her fingers in his hair at his neck, she was pressing him forward and he could feel the skin of his neck grow hot. He leaned in and kissed her because he could tell it was what she wanted. Tentatively, he touched her lips with his tongue. She opened her mouth slightly and there was a surge of pleasure as their tongues touched briefly. The kiss lengthened until she pulled away and smiled up at him, her eyes narrow and pleased.

“Well. You are adventurous after all,” she breathed lightly.

“Uh huh. You want to test how adventurous?” He smiled widely and her eyes were suddenly serious.

“You have a beautiful smile,” she said and traced a finger gently along his lower lip.

“You – are beautiful,” he said seriously and kissed her again. This time he could feel the breath go out of him when her body moved even closer to his. His hand slipped down her back till he found his way under the jacket, under the short skirt and touched the firm, round contours of her butt, pulling her even closer. Both her arms had wound around his neck. If he let himself he could put her down on the pavement right there and fuck her. Instead he pulled away and grinning said, “I live a few blocks away.”

She smiled at him and wrinkled her nose. “You don’t mess around do you?”

He shook his head. “Is it a problem?”

She stared at him intently for a moment, making up her mind. He hoped she would make it up fast. He thought he could count on her to make it up the right way. She took his hand, “Let’s go,” her voice was soft, sultry and he felt his hard on grow harder.

The night had folded in on itself, getting closer and warmer during the few blocks they walked back to his ramshackle little house. The house was dark, which meant his roommates were both out, another weird stroke of luck having the house all to them selves.

Myra waited patiently behind him as he unlocked the deadbolt on the front door. He could feel her presence behind him and his skin tingled with excitement. He opened the door wide and held it open, letting her pass by him, barely resisting touching her and kissing her as she passed. He flipped a switch in the living room and watched her as she stood in the center of the room surveying the clutter.

“You live here with other musicians right?” She said without looking back at him. An old piano was pushed up against one wall next to a beaten up old sofa. On the other wall was a bank of speakers and a stereo system sitting on the floor surrounded in piles of vinyl records. There was an upright bass lurking in another corner and several brass horns and flutes were hanging on the walls. An electric bass was leaning up against an amp next to the piano. Dishes were piled up in the sink in the dim recesses of the kitchen facing into the living room.

“How’d you guess?” Jack said with a smile in his voice.

She stuck her tongue out at him teasingly. He grinned and she smiled back, looking young and vulnerable again, like she had in the wine store earlier. He observed the fleeting emotional expressions on her face. Some of her bravado had slipped, he could tell she was nervous, but she drew it back around her as she turned away and set up a pretense of inspecting the room to hide her feelings.

“I bet you bring girls here all the time don’t you?” Myra said flirtatiously. Jack didn’t answer at once, letting escort bursa a small silence speak for itself.

“Not as often as I would like,” he chuckled softly, playfully. She flashed him a quick glance, the corners of her mouth turned up slightly into an almost-smile.

“Do you want something to drink?” he asked, wanting to relax her.

“No. Do you?” she said as she decided to stop running her fingers over the dusty instruments and instead flopped down on the old sofa.

He shrugged and took off his jacket, throwing it on a seat. He watched her from the darkness of the kitchen as he pretended to scan his fridge for something to drink. She was staring straight ahead twirling a strand of her ponytail in one finger. Her long, thin legs stretched out in front of her made his mouth go dry. He imagined having them wrapped around his waist. He turned away and grabbed a bottle of beer and opened it. He took a swig and then walked back out into the living room and handed it to her.

Myra took it and took a long gulp. He sat down next to her on the beat up old sofa.

“So you’ve been here for six months?” He asked her as she handed him back the beer.

Myra nodded, “Six months.”

“Do you want to go back yet?”

“No. Not yet. I like it here. It’s crazy as shit. Unusual things keep happening to me.”

“Really? Like this?” He smiled and indicated himself and her in his house.

She almost blushed, but looked away instead. Her shyness was cute, Jack decided, it kept catching her unawares.

“No. Not like this. I don’t make a habit of hooking up with strange musicians.”

“So am I strange?” He teased and handed her the beer again.

“Probably,” she said, “but I meant strangers. I don’t usually follow strangers home to their dark houses.” Her sassiness was back.

“So why’d you follow me?” He asked her half wanting to really know the answer. She made eye contact in that fearless way she had in the wine store. He felt disarmed for a moment but held her gaze.

“Because I wanted to kiss you some more.”

“Just kiss?”

She grinned widely. “Probably not.”

“Good,” he said firmly and took the beer back from her and put it on the floor.

When Jack looked back at her she was smiling at him, an unmistakable look in her eyes. He moved closer and leaned in for another kiss. She tilted her head toward him and they kissed softly at first, then he coaxed her mouth open and they kissed deeply, hotly, feeling an intense, longing passion building between them. One of his hands was on her leg, moving slowly upwards, caressing her thigh just beneath her short skirt. Her body turned towards him, invitingly, as they continued to kiss and her legs opened slightly.

Reading her body language he pulled away from her lips for a moment. Myra’s soft pink lips were apart, her breathing was shallow and her eyes flickered opened in surprise. He held eye contact with her as if wanting to see the resistance she might have as he moved his hand under her skirt and touched the smooth skin of her inner thighs, lightly brushing against silky underwear. Her eyes held his intently without any look of disagreement as he reached under her panties and felt only smooth skin where there was usually some amount of springy hair. His fingers slipped down between the soft lips of her pussy, completely free of hair. He caught his breath sharply in surprise and Myra smiled at him, knowing the effect.

“Nice.” He breathed into her ear.

Sliding a finger between the folds, he pressed gently against the sensitive flesh of her clit. Myra’s eyes fluttered closed in obvious delight at his touch. His finger slipped down gently into the delicious wetness in the center of her pussy and he caught her lips again in a hungry kiss. She sighed and squirmed with pleasure and kissed him back hard.

One of her free hands had strayed down to his belt and nimbly undid it and the button, slowly dragging his zipper down enough that she could reach inside and stroke his erection gently through his underwear. At the same time he slid his finger out of her, coating her clit with her own warm juices, rubbing gently, insistently until her hips involuntarily rocked against his hand. Eagerly her fingers had found their way into his underwear and she clutched his cock in her fist, slowly rubbing the sensitive skin up and down the shaft. He groaned softly into the hair at the nape of her neck, the tingling sensations of her touch rocketing through his body.

Suddenly Jack heard a scrabbling sound at the front door, invading the hot intensity of the room. Myra tensed and froze. They both listened for a moment and heard the unmistakable sound of keys in the door.

“Fuck.” He swore as they swiftly disengaged, and then the door was open and his roommate Keith was standing there. Jack was zipping up his pants and Myra was pulling down her skirt, looking acutely embarrassed. Keith raised an eyebrow at him with a smirking, knowing look.

“Hey Jack, don’t let me interrupt…” Keith teased gently. His eyes shifted to Myra, appraising the long legs disappearing beneath the now, too-short skirt hitched up barely covering her. Jack realized Keith was waiting to be introduced to Myra who could not look at him.

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