500 Miles and 6 Floors Ch. 02

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7: Cleanliness Is Next To His Thigh

He splashed some water on his face and wet a washcloth to clean some of the cum from his crotch. If the bedroom was well appointed, the bathroom was even more so. As a “spa suite,” it had a big jacuzzi style bath and some bath salts, a loofa like brush, and some nice smelling soaps and shampoos. Not a big solo bath person, Christopher was suddenly glad he sprang for the bigger room. Closing the drain, he threw some salts in the bath and started the water flowing.

Quickly closing the door behind him to minimize the water noise, he walked back into the room, putting on a robe in the process.

She looked amazingly sexy in a white plush robe, hair tussled, and a bottle of water to her lips as she looked out over the city view from the window. “This is a really nice room, and beats my view of the HVAC system or dumpster or what ever my room looks out over. This is big too.”

Coming up behind her, he let his arms wrap around her waist as he hugged her from behind. She easily moved into him as they looked at the night sky, almost dancing together, sort of swaying with each other. He placed his hands on her hips and moved her side to side. She read the signals and started grinding, placing one arm above her head and moving lower in front, keeping her balance by pressing against him. “See, I told you I liked to dance. It’s just a shame that you don’t have a balcony.” Even though she had her back to him, he could see that devious teasing smile in the reflection of the window.

“Damn, I did not upgrade enough. Next time.” Next time? Where did that come from? “Here, take my hand. Follow me. I have plans for you. Kiss me first – like you mean it.” He spun her like they were in a 1940s swing musical, and she met his mouth full on, even biting his lower lip – ever so lightly. “Hmmm. You are good kisser. Ok, follow,” as he led her to the bathroom.

The bath was near full and needed only another minute. “You, get in. Let me take care of you.”

She giggled a bit, “Ok, I like the sound of this. Are you joining me? Come on, get in with me.”

“I will in a second, but . . . ” he pulled the terry cloth belt, “I need you in first. Trust me,” as he let his hands caress her body under the robe and slowly pulled it off her shoulders to drop to the floor. Their lips met as he roamed her body. She reached for his robe.

“Ah ah nah. You, tub. Go,” as he looked her in the eyes.

“Fine,” like a wounded puppy dog. She wasn’t fooling anyone. She loved this – whatever ‘this’ was going to be. She sunk into the warm, milky water. “Oh, that’s good. Bath is wonderful. You are missing out. Just saying!”

He grabbed a washcloth, avoiding the one he used before and soaked it in the bath. Lathering it up he said, “Get comfortable, but give me a leg.” They were facing each other, her right side next to his, with him on the edge of the tub. She extended her right leg up and pointed her toe in the air, before settling it down over the edge of the tub. “Your leg, sir.”

He ran the soapy cloth across and under her leg, building up a nice lather. Most of her thigh was out of the water so she was nice and sudsy when he finished. Christopher started to massage Lauren’s feet with a nice bit of pressure on her soles and ran the washcloth between her toes. “I have to be thorough. Let’s get every bit of you clean.”

“Ohmygawd, that is heavenly. Do you charge by the hour for this service, because worth every penny. I haven’t been massaged like this in for-ever. Promise me you won’t let me pass out in the bath?”

“Nope. No passing out for you. Keep your leg there. Ok, have you ever had a guy shave your legs before?” This was a telling moment. This could be super fun and incredibly sexy, but she could also think it weird and kinda fetish-y of him. He was willing to take some chances with her as the connection was so strong.

“Christopher, I have never actually had a guy do that, but this bath feels so good and your foot rubs are amazing.” Smirkingly, “If I have razor burn tomorrow, I get to shave you. I am all yours. Be gentle.”

“If you have never had someone shave your legs, you are in for a treat. Trust me.” He reapplied some soap to her legs and grabbed a new cartridge for razor. “This one vibrates, but maybe we save that for later. I dont think we will need this for your gams.” Holding her foot with his left, he started by her ankle and shaved a patch of skin clean, moving up her calf. “So far so good.”

“Oh, having someone do this for you is the way to go. No bending, no awkward positions. Yes, keep going.”

It was slow and deliberate on her calf, shin, and her knee, keeping her leg taut and gliding the razor across her skin. He would follow with a little soapy milky water to keep her bahis firmaları leg wet and smooth. He then moved to her thigh. Most of the soap had gone so he grabbed a bar and ran it across her skin, both above and below the waterline. She parted her legs farther as the bar ran between her legs at the top of her thigh.

She was in a bit of a haze. “Oh, this feels fantastic. Sexy. Good thinking. Sorry for any doubts. Just so we are clear, you are just doing my leg, right?” She was kinda dreamily entranced.

This gave him a clear boundary to work in – no pubic hair. He was good with that. “Yup, just the leg. Lay back and enjoy, let me move you as I need, deal?” It was more of a rhetorical question anyway.

He repeated the process for her thigh as she sunk into a deeper state of relaxation. Besides an occasional moan, deep breath, or sigh, there wasn’t much sound from her. But she did not object as his left hand snaked under and pulled her leg up higher in the water. Her ass was being fully cupped with his fingertips inside the crack of that delicious back side. This had been building from ‘hygiene’ to ‘sensual’ to ‘erotic,’ over the last few minutes, but that did the trick.

“I . . .am really enjoying this. Next leg?” It was a mix of desire, excitement, relaxation, and outright joy.

He finished her leg and released her back in the water. His hands running along her leg, he made sure to massage in some of the soaps into her skin. He rolled up his robe to his knees and placed both feet in the water and sat on the edge of the tub. “Ok, next one.”

She flipped her left leg up and out of the tub, resting against his. He hiked his robe up further so they were skin to skin as he soaped her leg and massaged her foot again. “Don’t want this leg to get jealous of the other?”

“No, we don’t want that. I think they are fine. Good massage.”

He ran a little more warm water in the tub and added some soap to keep it nice and silky, milky smooth. Even without the water, the desire was keeping them pretty warm and was leading them to a point of tearing into each other, so no point wasting time. But he had a job to do – a pretty fucking cool job – shaving this beautiful woman’s legs and watching her melt around his touch.

It was pretty incredible how far this has gone since this morning.

With care and efficiency, he completed the process of her lower leg, letting the razor glide over her skin. For the inside of her thigh, he placed her leg on the tub away from him. But there was no way for him to reach and pull her up. “Bring your leg up out of the water for me. Just for a minute so I can be . . . thorough,” with a smile.

She looked him in the eye and spread her legs and brought her hips out of the water, “Like this?”

Her patch of pubic hair was thick with bubbly soap and her lips actually shown against the light through the bubbles. She was smooth and wet and he was getting really hard under that robe. Christopher wanted to tug on his cock as he watched her, desire filling his face as he lost focus on her leg.

“Is this good? Like this? Is this what you were looking for?” The double entendres were obvious and playful and lustful.

He went back to shaving and kind of gulped a “yes” although he wasn’t sure any sound came out. Finishing her leg, he placed it back in the water again, massaging her before completing.

“Thank you. That was incredible. You sure know how to treat a girl.” She was sitting up in the water, her fantastic tits gleaming against the warm lighting. Her mouth was near his legs as she kissed his thigh, and moved her hand to between his knees, parting them slightly. She spun effortlessly against the tub and had her legs between his before he knew what had happened, now staring full on at his stony cock.

He was mesmerized by her. She was stunning – wet, and relaxed, and happy.

She pulled the robe open and gestured for him to pull it behind as he sat up and let it drape off the side of the tub. Lauren got comfortable between his legs as her hands ran across his thighs. Her fingers traced the area between his balls and thighs, letting her nails lightly scratch their way down flesh. Her right hand caressed his cock, running her flat palm across the head. Her left went below his balls and pressed up against the perineum, almost touching the edge of his asshole.

Christopher’s legs immediately widened and he sat closer to her on the edge of the tub. His hands went to the side of the smooth finish to stabilize himself. He was trying to see how little of his ass could be on the tub to give her as much access as possible.

Lauren was coyly playing with his member and pressing his taint and balls, just looking at him. “I want to reward your . . . shave. My legs feel great, all smooth and soft. kaçak iddaa The bath was a nice idea. What can I do?” Her fingers traced the veins and ridges along his phallus. “I don’t think I could shave you, there are so many parts to content with and this thing would get in the way. But now that I see you up close like this, I can see you do some trimming yourself, so probably not needed. Hmmm? What to do? Any suggestions?”

“I have ideas, but I will leave this to you. I had my big idea already.” Blowjob, blowjob, blowjob. Please, blowjob was his mental telepathy to her.

She moved her hand around his balls, but left one finger trailing behind, pointing the path toward his asshole. Occasionally, she would slip her finger further along like she was going to play with it, but never quite did. He was pretty sure she was just testing him for how much he liked it. He definitely liked it.

Her other hand started jacking his cock. She was well oiled from the bath so it was like a natural lubricant, as she glided her hand across, with some directed tension against the head. It was being pushed through her fingers giving him this ‘release’ sensation, only to get swallowed by her grip again.

“Does this feel like good repayment?” Before he could answer or grunt or anything, she asked, “would it be naughty to say I was thinking more my mouth, but I’ll let you decide. Handjob or blowjob?” If anything she picked up the pace of her stroking him, adding a little twist motion

“Unhh . . . mouth . . . mouth, please. Oh, please suck me. oh unn . . .” The talk and anticipation was getting him really hot and the idea of her lips enveloping him had him straining against the tub, almost like a gymnastics move just supporting his weight on his hands. He knew that wouldn’t last long, but given how turned on he was he didn’t think this was going to last long either.

She didn’t say anything, but while jacking him, put her lips to the very tip, and let her tongue dart out in the groove below the head. Her lips pursed together like she was using a straw and she half pulled him, half moved her lips so that he entered her mouth. If he thought her hands created tension, her lips caused every nerve ending to explode. Even the sensations she caused with her mouth varied. It was like a rhythm of small pull-backs as she kept moving him forward into her mouth.

At first there were no teeth but they added some pressure once he was fully in, her lips about ½ way up his cock. There were no silly porn motions – nothing other than a true focus of her using her mouth – to get him off in her mouth. Just like her stroking, she quickly moved into a rhythm of in and out, slide and glide, against her lips. He had even forgotten that her hand was no longer on his balls.

Her left hand had stopped caressing his boys and were under the water. She cupped up some warm water and oiled up the underside of his balls, and then reached her finger across the rim of his puckered hole. She circled it like she ran her fingers against the wine glass earlier. The impact was immediate as he curled up his hips, causing his cock to come ‘up’ into her mouth.

Lauren shifted slightly so she was coming down on it and he got to watch her head drop down, up, down on top of it.

“Please don’t . . . don’t you fucking stop. I am gonna cum in . . . in your . . .warm mouth.” Words weren’t coming, he was just images and thoughts; but words, not so much. “I’m gonna cum, don’t stop . . . keep that up . . . oh uhh mmm”

Three things happened simultaneously: she pressed harder against the rim of his ass and all of those nerve endings; she gripped him even tighter with her hand; and her mouth opened slightly, releasing the suction, but using her tongue and teeth to keep tension.

Seeing her open her mouth to take his cum caused the 4th thing to happen: he exploded. He was sure what – for him anyway – felt like ropes and ropes of cum was not THAT much, but he freely let himself cum and lose all sense of anything. Shudders and shakes, noticing sweat between legs, soap along thighs, hands gripping the tub, legs shivering while holding his weight.

She smoothed his cock between her lips, lightly sucking the last of his cum from him, that further intensified the feeling.

“Oh, you have to stop,” was all he can speak.

Lauren removed her lips and smiled at him. “How was that? Good? Did you have as much fun as I had?” She sat in front, on her knees, running her hands roughly up his legs, massaging muscles, and causing goose bumps up his spine. She looked pleased with herself.

Christopher slid down the tub, his ass entering the cooling water. It was good to give his tired legs a break. He had one foot on either side of her, knees up, when he put his arms around her and leaned in for a kiss on her kaçak bahis lips. Those luscious lips that moments ago performed miracles on him.

“Me – good – Tarzan like Jane. Hum, yes Tarzan like. That was . . . ,” was all he got out.

After a delayed pause, she finished, “. . . incredible. Yes, I think it was. I am glad Tarzan like. Tarzan better eat a banana so he doesn’t cramp later.”

“Yes, Tarzan will do whatever you want. Shall we get out of the water, it is getting kinda cold and I could go for straightening my legs?”

They both stood, and for the most part dried themselves, but he did run a towel across her back and ran fingers across her skin before they put their robes back on. They both went for water bottles.

She went to the couch and sat down first. He came up next to her and ran a hand across her neck. “How do your legs feel? Smooth?”

“Yes, probably better than your legs right now. I thought you might go all ‘pommel horse’ on me, you looked like you were going to balance yourself there for a second, legs all vee’d out. Here, sit down next to me.”

“Love to, but before I sit – because I may need to stay there for a second until I get my legs back – are you hungry? We have been pretty indulgent so far – how does dessert from room service sound?”

They settled on fresh berries and a cheesecake and a couple of more waters, which were promised to be up in less than a half hour. They were there in a little over 15 minutes.

They kissed a few times, chatted, and relaxed into each other’s company. It was calming to be near someone who he didn’t really know, but had this amazing connection; sexual chemistry of course, but they were enjoying their company. And while he didn’t know how she staked her dishwasher or her views on the Middle East, he found they had very similar views on substantive things like work, family, friends, were both pretty neat, clean people, Type-A personalities to a point, and such. And while he could not get her to move on her love of all things reality TV, they were connecting. Eating cheesecake, connecting, and drinking water. Occasionally throwing a berry at each other.

In between berry throws, he naturally let out, “I can’t let you go out the way you look right now, all freshly fucked and mussed. I think you should spend the night here.” He was trying to be cool, but not really, and the statement was more declarative, firm, than it was open for debate. Christopher wanted her to stay here – with him.

“Yes, what would the other conference goers say. What would they say?” through her smile. “Ok, I’ll stay.” Pause. . . .

. . . . “I look freshly fucked?”

8: Sleep Always Wins

They spent the next few hours reveling in their touch under the covers. Hands explored the small of the back, thighs, and hips; these touches matched the light kiss of lips, and the touch of fingers. Neither of them wanted to sleep, but they did. He was the space heater of the two, radiating warmth as she snuggled up against him.

“This is nice. You feel amazing. I will apologize now for how I look in the morning. I am not a morning person – at all,” she said groggily as she pressed her body against him. “I know it is clique to say ‘I don’t do this,’ but I don’t do this.”

“Oh, I do this all the time.” He gave her a light poke against her ribs. “Yup, this is so me. Hey, before we totally pass out I have a few questions. I am going to order coffees and such for breakfast. What do you want?”

“Just coffee . . . uh, and a juice. Orange. Get lots of coffee. You said ‘questions.’ Plural.”

“Oh, yes, the big ones- do you snore? Talk in your sleep? How about sleepwalk? Are you going to molest me in my sleep? Anything weird I should know about before I let my guard down?” He was up, standing naked by the desk and filling out the breakfast card. He padded across the room and placed it on the door. On the way back he noticed her staring at him. “Yes?”

“You have a fabulous ass Christopher. A nice butt. Anyone tell you that before?”

“Yup, one of my better assets.”

“Get it back in here,” she said as she pulled back the covers so he could get in. She exposed her breasts as she did so. He noticed. He put his arms around her and kissed her closely. And wrapped his legs around her. “You can touch it if you like?”

She did; two hands on ass.

“So come on, any weird sleep habits, you didn’t answer me.”

She bit into his upper arm, “yes, I bite in my sleep.”

“Oh, phew. I lick stuff, so . . . ” as he ran his tongue across her breast.

“Ok, don’t start something you can’t finish right now. ” Pause. “Can you? Start something, I mean.”

“I think we better get some sleep, let me get the light. You on the correct side of the bed? Can I get you anything?”

“Nope, I am all set. Can you sleep like this?” as she turned her back to him and slide into him, spooning him.

They were both asleep in minutes, drifting, floating.

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