You Cheated

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We all know Sarah. Well, we know who Sarah is. She’s the single woman who has the looks and the charisma to get away with sexual harassment and murder. She’s the one in the work place who will flirt with married men to fill her ego. She’s the one who thinks the world is hers and all she has to do is ask for it.

My studio hired Sarah to work with customer services because she is a pro at manipulating people. She can defuse bombshells and smile while being verbally abused. The best kind of person to place displeased customers with. Not to mention, not very many people can stay angry when a young woman with big soft eyes and curly blonde hair is sweet taking.

Sarah started at my studio and for a while, she was a model employee. Always early and eager to get the day going. But her work ethic began to crumble when she discovered her baby blues could break the will of any man in the office. Her enthusiasm was one of the many reasons she was the whispered desire of the men around the studio. She would excitedly greet people and always seemed extra interested in small talk. Her young, slim figure was often displayed by clothes that fit her form, very closely. Her long wavy blonde hair always smelled like fresh fruit, especially when she flips it around. That would all be enough to make her desired, only Sarah liked to flirt and boy did it work for her. Usually.

I have been with the woman of my dreams for a good decade now and though I like to look and flirt occasionally, I am faithful to my lady. Flirting back with Sarah had never led anywhere until she recently turned the heat up.

It was after a year of her working at my studio that she pretty much knew who was easy to bend to her will. I was not on that list. She had tried before and realized that I was not weak to her charm. Even if I did flirt back, she never tried to use it against me. Hell, it wasn’t that I wasn’t attracted to her, I very much noticed her curves and would love to feel her in the best ways but I have control over my sexual needs.

Something about Sarah changed recently. I noticed her spending more time around me, helping with things I needed without being asked, and altogether being sweet.

One evening I was finishing a storyboard, all the artists had already called it a night and I was writing away when Sarah knocked on my office door.

“Mr. Fonts, do you need anything? I was about to start locking up.”

“Hmm? Oh, yeah actually.” Barely glancing up from my tablet. “I had some notes that Henry was using today. Could you go to his desk and find that notebook?”

“No problem, Mr. Fonts.” I looked up quick enough to see her slowly walk away, her round ass swaying in the black yoga pants she was wearing.

She returned a minute later and walked around to my side of the desk and placed the notebook beside me.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome sir.” I felt her small hand on my shoulder and her perfume filed my nose as she leaned in to see what I was writing. Her long hair grazed my cheek and sent a cold chill through me.

“Still editing the new hero?”

“Huh?” I had lost focus.

Sarah chuckled right next to my face, I could feel her breath on my neck. “The new character for the comic?”

“Oh! Yeah, still working on some back story.”

“That’s nice.” She said softly her hand on my shoulder now moving slightly. I felt my ears begin to grow hot.

“Sarah, what are you doing?” I said, my body beginning to betray me.

“Just reading, sir. Am I distracting you?” She whispered the last part in my ear with heavy breath.

“Sarah. This- I-I’m with someone.” I wish my body would move away from her.

“Yeah? Are you married?” Her other hand found my shoulder and she began massaging me. I enjoyed the feeling.

I wasn’t married, or rather haven’t gotten to it yet but I was faithful. A vibrating noise rattled the table and I jumped at the intrusion that cleared the fog from my mind.

“Sarah!” I rose from the chair, causing her to step back. “I’m with someone, I-I gotta go.” I grabbed my phone and workbag and hurried out of the office in a flustered panic. Sarah watched with an amused look in her eyes.

I wish that had been enough to deter her. I doubt she’s been turned down a lot but she handled it well, it seemed. She didn’t mention that night or my panicked flight from her grasp. In fact, she seemed to flirt more and her remarks starting getting more specifically sexual. She would tease me verbally when no one was around.

“Mr. Fonts, you look tense. I can rub your shoulders. I know all sorts of tricks to help you relax.” Her tone would be neutral but she would wink and bite her lip when I looked at her.

I was starting to have a hard time focusing when she entered the room. Mostly because each day she would get my attention and put a mental picture in my head that I couldn’t let go of.

One particular day, Sarah wore a black skirt and white button up shirt. Normally, this wouldn’t matter to me. I appreciate when women dress sexy but eryaman escort I don’t exactly make a point to drool over it.

She came into my office that day and laid some sketches on my desk.

“Thank you, Sarah.”

“You’re welcome, sir.” She didn’t leave my office.

After a couple of awkward seconds, I asked, “Everything okay?”

“Yeah.” Sarah sighed. “I guess so.”

“What’s wrong?” I wish I hadn’t asked.

“Nothing is wrong, I just forgot to wear panties this morning and it’s a little chilly today.”

I felt my stomach knot. I shouldn’t have looked in her direction but I couldn’t stop myself. Sarah was bent at the waist with her hands flat on my desk, faking a stretch. One of her tan legs was straight while the other bent, putting her in the perfect position if I wanted to take her from behind. My pants tightened.

“That’s…umm.” I was lost for words.

Sarah shifted her weight to her other leg and I nearly forgot how to breathe. She turned her head and looked at me over her shoulder and winked after wiggling her ass slightly. She stood up straight and walked out of my office leaving me to my lust fueled confusion without a word.

I tried to shake the mental image away but I couldn’t. She was in my head and I cursed. I could no longer block out her continuous advances and I knew I was wading into trouble.

I started avoiding her and used other assistants for help. I found every excuse I could to not be in the same room with her. Slowly, I began to get a grip on my lust. I made it a point not to imagine her when I masturbate, which was pretty difficult.

A few weeks passed and things got back to normal. I successfully avoided one on one contact with Sarah and was able to return to my normal work pace. If only that would have lasted longer, I might have been stronger…

It was another one of those deadline chase kind of nights when she got to me again. I didn’t realize that everyone had already cleared, I was so involved with my work I barely noticed the lights in the building being cut out.

“Oh, Mr. Fonts. I didn’t realize you were still here.”

I froze. I heard my office door click, indicating the door had been shut. I silently pleaded for the room to be empty as I slowly lifted my eyes from my tablet. Sarah was leaning against my door with the sexiest smile on her puffy red lips.

“Look. I got a woman. I am devoted to her and I don’t want you to change that.” I got the speech out, exactly how I had practiced.

“Who said I wanted to change that? I just want to have a little fun.”

“That ‘fun’ could end up hurting someone.”

“You’re saying that like I’m going to tell her. She doesn’t have to know…” Sarah was walking toward me. Her red sundress swaying with her steps. Fuck, we need a dress code.

Sarah stood in front of my desk and held her fist out. I gave her a quizzical look and reached out for whatever she had in her hand. She smiled at me and dropped a red sting on my hand. It took me a few seconds to realize that she had just given me her thong.

“Just a little something to help when you think about this later.”

I didn’t have words, I just helplessly watched as the blonde lifted her dress and showed me her skin smooth pussy. With one finger, Sarah parted her lips and reviled a very swollen clit. “Now you know how wet I am when I think about you.” She winked, pivoted and left my office.

Fuck. I finally let the breath escape and was fighting the light headed feeling.

I reflexively brought the thong to my face and inhaled before I had a chance to stop myself. Yeah, she was definitely aroused. My cock was straining against the blue jean material, begging for stimulation. ‘Just throw them away.’ I glanced at the wastebasket.

“Fuck!” I cursed out loud and shoved the thong into my pocket. I was too worked up to think rationally. I made a beeline for the bathroom and locked myself in a stall.

I pulled the thong out and held it to my face, feeling the soft lace and smelling Sarah’s pussy.

I pulled my cock out and began stroking, using the copious amount of pre cum available. It didn’t take long for me to get to my orgasm. I put the crouch of the thong over the head of my cock. The soft cotton pushed me over the edge with the next few strokes. I moaned loudly as I released the tension and flooded that thong.

After settling down I washed my hands and left the bathroom. In my haste to get back to my office unseen by the very person I just wanted to fuck, I forgot the soiled thong and left it in the bathroom. I realized it as I was leaving and went in to dispose of them, only they were gone.

I searched the bathroom and couldn’t find them anywhere. I swore and left the building feeling frustrated all over again.

That night, my sexual frustrations caught up with me. I walked in the house and saw my girlfriend standing in the kitchen. I didn’t say anything, I just walked over to her and grabbed a handful of hair.

“How esat escort was your- oh! Mmmmmhhh.” Becky gasped as I pulled her to her knees and fished my cock out. She glanced at me with hungry eyes and waited.

Her mouth closed around my cock as it slipped past her lips and over her soft tongue. I hissed through my teeth and continued pushing until I felt her throat and pushed some more. Becky’s eyes watered as she opened her throat to me and swallowed my cock. I held her nose to my stomach, not letting her go when I felt her gag. I finally let her go when she gagged hard and pushed against my hand.

Thick saliva coated me and her mouth as she slowly removed my cock from her mouth, lots of it dripped down her chin and stained her blue shirt.

My cock lunged at the sight of her triple Ds catching the spit. I let go of Becky’s dark brown hair, she had taken control and was now eagerly sucking, gagging, and licking on my cock in the exact way I liked it. I let my head roll back and enjoyed the service that I had been desiring. I felt Becky’s fingers replace her mouth.

“What got you worked up, baby?” She asked while continuing to stroke me. “Some slut at the office bend over in front of you?”

I couldn’t help the nervous laugh that escaped me at the accuracy of her guess.

“Oooohhh, that’s what it was. You wanted to fuck a stranger and instead you thought you’d come home and take it out on me?” Becky didn’t stop stroking me but continued to taunt me. “Did she have a fat ass baby? I bet she does, that drives you crazy.”

I moaned as her mouth took me in again and her nose pressed firmly against my pelvis. Her throat constricted causing her to gag. She pulled her head back, keeping the head of my cock between her lips as she began stoking me again. I noticed a familiar scent and looked down at Becky. She was on her knees with her legs bent behind her and spread wide. The light blue scrub pants she was wearing had a dark spot forming between her legs.

My cock lunged at the realization that Becky is not wearing panties and she’s so wet, I can see and smell her pussy flowing. I lost my patience. Becky moaned and then gasped when I wrapped my fingers in her hair again. I pulled her to her feet and turned her so she was facing away from me. By her hair I lead her into the den and bent her body over the arm of our couch.

“Mmmm. Gonna fuck me dirty baby?” She moaned as I pushed her pants down off her ass. I didn’t waste time getting them past her knees as I stepped behind her and pushed myself into her with one motion. Becky clenched the cushion of the couch as I began thrusting into her with force.

“F-uck b-aby!” She growled as my hips slammed into her plump ass, sending her cheeks rippling. “You r-eally wanted t-hat slut, didn’t you?”

I didn’t respond with words, I just continued thrusting. Her hair was still in my clutches so I pulled her back, causing her body to bend back while still bent over.

“Yes! T-ake what you w-ant baby! Use m-me to get it all out!” Becky was taunting me through gritted teeth. Her orgasm was building and her words became less coherent moans.

I let go of her hair and grabbed her waist and hammered into her. I knew she was close and became determined to cum when she did.

“Oh!” The last sound she made before her eyes and mouth opened wide in a silent scream. I felt her body shudder as her pussy clenched and sent a flow of warmth over me.

Finally a wail of pleasure escaped her lips as her body slumped in ecstasy.

I shoved hard onto her and held as deep as I could go. My vision faded as I exploded into her womb. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!” I moaned as the torrents of cum rushed out of me and invaded Becky.

“That’s it baby. Give me all that cum. That poor slut wishes she could get filled up like this.” Becky was looking at me over her shoulder with a sexy/satisfied smile.

I groaned as I stepped back and removed myself from her. Becky didn’t move immediately, she knows I like to see my handy work and as my cum began to flow out of her, I smiled and smacked her ass.

She slowly stood strait up and reached between her legs. She ran a finger through the stream of sperm and moaned as she rubbed it into her clit. “Damn boy. You really had a load for that slut. Too bad for her, I had dibs.” She purred to herself.

I smiled and shook my head. Becky enjoyed the though of other ladies wanting what’s hers. She often used this as motivation for her dirty talk. I didn’t mind in fact, when there was a situation it was true, I found it flat out sexy and rewarding. Also it usually calmed my desires. Usually.

Sarah came into work the next day in a different sundress. Try as I might to avoid her, she made a point to find me and show herself off. The lime green color looked incredible on her curvy features and tan skin. The neck of the dress ended in the middle of her cleavage causing my eyes to roam over the globe like D cups.

“Mr. Fonts, you like my new dress?” Sarah asked me ankara escort while seductively running a finger across the very border my eyes were drawn to.

“Why me?” I groaned out loud as I felt my cock start to stiffen.

I could see the devil in the way get eyes gleaned. “Because you’re a catch and you’re making me work for it.” Sarah whispered. “I’m getting closer though. I’ll get you soon.”

Her confidence annoyed me slightly. “Oh? What makes you so sure?”

Sarah bit her lip and turned to walk away from me. My eyes fell to her ass, which always swayed when she walked. When she was several feet away and sure she had my attention, Sarah very casually lifted the back of her dress and reviled her ass to me. It took me a second to realize she was wearing the thong I came in last night.

My stomach dropped and I felt myself go hard instantly. “Fuck!” The sexual frustrations mount in me again. I went to my office and slammed the door behind me. Lust stirring my judgment into a frenzy.

I sat in my office, steaming over this temptress. Sarah was getting bolder with her come ons and I was starting to weaken toward her. I knew I had to do something to get her off me.

I spent the next few hours planning a move that would hopefully turn Sarah away. I waited until everyone left, making an excuse to stay late and put my plan in motion. When everyone was gone, I knew Sarah would still be working so I went to my door and shut it.

Not all the way, just enough to make it seem like I wanted privacy. I then put my laptop on the table behind my desk with my back to the door. I positioned the laptop to be the first thing seen if someone walked into my office.

My plan was now to scare her or make having sex with me seem like something she wouldn’t enjoy. So I positioned myself behind the laptop and found one of my favorite BDSM porn videos and stated it up. I didn’t think masturbating would be a good idea because I was trying to get out of this without her seeing my cock but the plan was to fake it.

About five minutes in my plan started to work. I heard a creak which indicated my door being opened slowly. I ignored the sound, keeping up the illusion. The girl in the video was tied to a saw buck and was being tortured with a whip and choked by a very persistent cock.

“My my my Mr. Fonts. I never expected this.” Sarah said from behind me.

I faked a jump and made it seem like I was putting my self back into my pants. “Shit! I’m sorry! I didn’t know anyone else was here.” I clumsily made to close the page, taking a good amount of time to make sure she really seen it. I sat there with my back to her and waited.

“Wow. I wasn’t expecting that…” Sarah breathed. I twisted my smile into a look of shame and turned my chair to face her. My stomach knotted.

“You shouldn’t have stopped the video.” Sarah was noticeably turned way on.

Her chest was rising and falling with an unsteady pace and her hands had began to roam over her body.

“I knew you were my type.” She moaned as she started to slowly raise her dress up past her thighs.

Backfired! I felt panic rise in me as Sarah started her strip tease. I wasn’t able to say anything as her hands pulled the green dress over her body slowly. Sarah was also dancing to a silent beat, rolling her hips and body seductively. I helplessly watched as the red thong with obvious cum stains came into view then a belly button then higher, exposing a matching red lace bra.

Just when it looked like she was about pull the dress off, Sarah let it go and it fell like a curtain, covering her body. I sighed not realizing I had been waiting. Sarah walked toward my desk, picked up a pen and wrote something on a sticky note. Without saying anything, she winked at me and left my office, closing the door behind her.

I nervously looked down at the note. ‘Here’s my number. Let me know when you’re ready to tie me up daddy.’ That done it, she saw the video and it only made her want me more. Looking at the note after the strip tease caused me to throb. My resolve broke. Sarah’s persistence paid off because now I wanted her. I cursed out loud. My plan went to shit so quickly I almost forgot I was trying to turn her away. Now all I can imagine is her hands, bound while I torture pleasure out of her. My mind worked her over in all the ways I could fuck her and the craving to act became unbearable. I started planning for the next day I had off. I guess telling her what I was into wasn’t enough. I gotta scare her away by fucking her ragged.

The next few weeks were almost torture. Sarah turned the heat up higher than I thought possible. When she knew I was looking and no one else could see her, Sarah would pose in a way that suggested she was bound. It didn’t take her long to realize I was no longer avoiding her advances. I held eye contact with her and when she would do something provocative, I would flash her a smile and wink. The first time she noticed, she wasn’t ready for that response and I saw a shy side of her flash across her eyes and then she smiled like a kid on Christmas.

I waited until I had a quiet Saturday at home and decided it was time to do this. I sent her a text message that said, ‘Here’s my address. Be here at 5pm and don’t be late…You’ll regret it if you are.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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