Workplace Lust

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We had been working late in his office, getting all the projects ready for submission in the morning and finally it was all done, there was nothing more to do except clear up and go home.

I had fancied this guy since I had first laid eyes on him and knew he felt the same, he was my ideal man, tall, muscular, blonde, gorgeous blue eyes and a smile to die for. Being alone with him now was driving me to distraction. I tried not to look at him as we cleared up. “Do you know we are all alone here,… no-one else around” he said suggestively in my ear

“Really…….that means we can do whatever we want” I replied cheekily directly gazing in his eyes as a smile spread across his face.

Without saying a word he walked slowly towards me, sending my pulse racing, I was up against the wall with my hands entwined in his and pinned to the wall. I could hardly catch my breath as his firm body pinned me there barely allowing me space to breath.

I was aching for him to kiss me or to caress every part of my body but he stood still staring into my eyes. The bulge in his trousers pressing into my clit and he was slowly moving, making small thrusting movements so that my clit started to tingle, every move he made creating waves of pleasure through me. I let out a moan of pleasure as he slowly bent his head and kissed me quickly his lips pulling away before I had a chance to kiss him back.

He wouldn’t let me release my hands; I was yearning to touch his body, run my fingers through his hair, down his hard body, and feel the throb of his hard cock in my hand as I caressed it.

He then took my breath away by kissing me passionately, his tongue probing deep into my mouth, lips hard and urgent on mine, moaning he pressed his body further against mine, his cock getting better and trapped balgat escort in his trousers was arousing me further at every thrust. I wanted to feel it in me, filling me up pounding away at my wet pussy.

Then my hands were free to wonder to caress his muscular arms, run my fingers through his hair, down his back feeling the moisture soaking through his shirt, he was so powerful and I longed to see his body in the flesh, feel his hot skin on mine. My fingers found an erect nipple which I tweaked causing him to gasp in pleasure and pressing his hard cock against my now wet and throbbing clit.

I wanted to feel his hard cock, I undid his trousers and let them slide down his powerful legs and drop to the floor, his cock was straining against his shorts, the material soaked and giving nothing away.

I slid my hand down to caress his throbbing shaft, he started to moan as I caressed his balls and cock, telling him how much I wanted to feel it in me. His hands were all over me, running through my hair, down my body, up my skirt, he lingered on my right nipple caressing and tweaking it into firmness, making me moan and squirm as pleasure rushed up and through my body. I needed this man now.

The feelings of intense pleasure went raging through my body, we started to take each other clothes off, each item of clothing falling to the floor in wanton abandon, I slipped his shorts of freeing the rigid shaft of his cock, thick and firm and snug in my hand as I started to pump his shaft.

His hands were all over my body, he knelt down and started to suck and nibble my nipples, driving me crazy as his fingers started to explore my wet pussy, making me shake and moan in pleasure. He was deft at creating waves of pleasure as is fingers worked in me, stroking and batıkent escort teasing while his tongue darted over my erect nipples.

His fingers brought me to orgasm with the deftness of their movement, I stood there convulsing and cumming hard as his fingers still probed my throbbing pulsating pussy. He suddenly started to lap cum from my pussy, tongue deep in me, sending me into more intense pulsations until I cum again all over his tongue.

I guided him up and kissed him passionately as i took his hard, erect cock in my hand, slowly starting to pump his shaft, feeling the skin move back and forward, moans escaped his lips as I kissed them.

I walked him back to the chair, never taking my eyes off his, seeing the pleasure dancing in them as I still held and caressed his cock. As he sat down I knelt in between his open legs hand still pumping his hard pulsing cock, loving the feeling of the hardness, the way it responded to my movements. Knowing it was me making him this hard was exciting me more than I could stand.

His eyes were closed and I could see he was enjoying what I was doing. I stopped pumping his cock and started to run my fingers up and down his shaft, loving the way it would pulsate after each stroke. I took his balls into my mouth sucking and licking them, enjoying the way they stiffened and reacted, he let out small moans of pleasure and entwined his fingers in my hair.

I took his cock in my mouth and started licking the shaft and flicking my tongue over his head, tasting pre cum as I did, his cock was straining and his breath came quicker as he started to shudder and moan, I caressed his balls with my free hand as I allowed him to start moving his cock in and out my mouth. His hands were entangled in my hair pushing lightly ankara escort on my head as I let his hard cock fill my mouth and slip in and out, teasing his head and shaft with my tongue.

His movements got more jerky and quick as he started to cu, moans escaping him as he started to thrust harder. I gently squeezed his balls as the first spurts came in my mouth, hot salty cum pumped into me as he moaned.

As I drew his cock out, I moved my body so that I straddled his body, looking deep into his eyes as I did, I could feel his cock throbbing still as I inched my wet pussy down over his hardness, pleasure pulsed through me as his full length entered me, his hands moved to my hips and started to guide me as I started to move onto of him, both of us moving as one as his cock slid in and out of my wet pussy, I started to moan as he took my nipple in his mouth and sucked and teased it.

He started to thrust under me, upping the pace of our rhythm, his cock in me was amazing, its hardness filling me up and causing me to gasp and moan in pleasure, I moved my hand down to my clit rubbing it and feeling his hard cock slamming into me.

Cum filled fingers were then sucked in front of him, he let out a moan as his cock throbbed in me, urging me to up my pace, I was nearing orgasm and he knew this and upped his pace, we both needed the release and the pleasure that we knew was coming.

We cum together in waves of ecstasy, his hard cock pumping hot cum deep into my cunt, thrusting deeper at every spurt till I cried out in pure pleasure as I started to pulsate around his pumping cock, I could feel the hot cum spurting into me, filing me and causing me to shudder at every thrust till we were both exhausted and lay in each other arms, randomly kissing each other’s lips, eyes, nipples, sending mini pleasure pulses through the others body.

“You’ll never look at this chair in the same light again Mr Moulton” I jokingly said to him

“No Mrs Moulton I won’t” he replied with a wicked gleam in his eye that I knew meant that when we got home we would start all over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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