Woman Next Door Seduces Married Man

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Big Tits

After moving into a new house, I saw the neighbors Alyssa and Alyssa out by their pool. They waved and introduced themselves. After a few weeks, I saw Alyssa sitting by the pool. She asked if my wife Sarah wanted to come by the pool with her. I told her I would check. Sarah went out to the pool as I went to work.

Later that night I asked how it went. She said “She is so much fun. She is very handsy when she drinks some wine!” When I asked what that meant, she shrugged it off and giggled.

A few days went by, and Sarah could not stop talking about how much fun Alyssa was. I was glad she had a good friend, but I was also wondering what they were doing by the pool when they hang out. I saw my wife was getting tan, but I did not see new tan lines. I thought that was odd.

When my wife texted that she was hanging out with her again, I snuck home and began watching them from the house. I saw them start to rub lotion on each other and then I saw Alyssa reach around and squeeze Sarah’s tits. Sarah laughed and did not push her away. I saw Alyssa reach up and pull off Sarah’s top and throw it to the chair next to them.

I was surprised until I saw Sarah turn around and take off Alyssa’s top and give her breasts a squeeze. I was very shocked that they were playing with each other. I kept watching as they laid down and began to sunbath. After about thirty minutes, I saw Alyssa reach her hand down and start rubbing her pussy under her pink bikini. I saw Sarah watching her gaziosmanpaşa escort as they were talking. I then saw Sarah slowly slide her hand down to her pussy. I was shocked as she never does that.

I could tell they were both getting close as they sped up their rubbing and their bodies began moving so much more. Once Sarah began shaking, Alyssa got up and reached over and began touching Sarah’s pussy. She rubbed her through her orgasm and then ran her fingers under her bathing suit and pulled Sarah’s bikini down. I was shocked seeing my wife naked in front of Alyssa and that her fingers were rubbing Sarah’s pussy.

My cock started getting hard.

I saw Alyssa lean down and began licking my wife’s pussy. I was so hard watching her eat my wife out and seeing Sarah run her hands through her hair pulling Alyssa into her. I saw my wife orgasm hard all over Alyssa face. She then pulled Alyssa on top of her and they began making out hard. Sarah stripped her naked and then began grinding on each other while making out and squeezing each other’s tits.

I realize that I was stroking a raging hard on watching them fuck each other. I decided to go down there.

As I walked towards the fence I heard their moans as they were both cumming all over each other. As I walked up, I saw Alyssa make eye contact with me. She called me over and whispered something in my wife’s ear. My wife looked up quickly and saw me standing there with haymana escort my cock hard as fuck in my shorts. The look of fear shot across her face as she just got caught cheating on me. The fear faded as I want towards Alyssa and she pulled my cock out and started sucking it.

Sarah sat up with Alyssa in her lap and began sucking on my balls as Alyssa sucked my cock. My hands rubbing through their hair. I reached down and grabbed Alyssa’s perfect tits. I rolled her nipples in my fingers and squeezed her tits hard! Both women were trading sucking my cock . I saw them also playing with each other’s pussy.

I just had to have them! I was a little nervous fucking Alyssa first. I did not want my wife mad at me for anything. I flipped Sarah on her back and pinned her legs to her chest and fucked my rock hard cock deep inside her. She moaned out as my cock buried to the end. I long hard strokes in and out of her! She was screaming in ecstasy. Alyssa came over and made out with her and squeezed her breasts. She then straddled my wife’s face and began to let Sarah eat her pussy. Alyssa leaned in and began making out with me as I fucked my wife hard! Her lips and face smelled like my wife’s pussy. I groped her tits as I fucked. I felt Sarah orgasm on my cock. That drove Alyssa to cum all over her face, moaning in my mouth as we kissed.

Alyssa got off as Sarah said “Oh fuck, Alyssa you have got to try this cock! He is on another level!”

Alyssa ankara escort gave me a devilish smile as she got down and started eating my wife’s freshly fucked pussy. Her ass was in the air pointed at me. I could not resist! I stepped up behind her and rubbed the head of my married cock against her dripping wet pussy. She was so wet my cock slipped right into her. “oh fuck!!” I yelled out as I felt her married pussy grip my cock. Oh fuck it felt so good to fuck another man’s wife!

I grabbed her hips with my huge strong hands and began fucking hard and fast! The animal came out of me as I looked down and saw my wife being eaten out by our neighbor and my cock fucking in and out of her married pussy!

I fuck long and hard. I heard Alyssa moaning in Sarah’s pussy “don’t stop! Just like that! I want you to cum!!” I looked at my wife who gave me those fuck me eyes and said “give it to her baby!!” I felt her pussy quivering as a huge orgasm flooded her body! I could not resist! I needed this! I felt my orgasm building deep in my cock. I felt her married pussy cumming all over my cock and the look on my wife’s face. I shot a huge load of my cum deep inside her pussy! I kept thrusting my cock deeper in her shooting load after load in her unprotected pussy. I screamed out as I finished.

As I pulled my cock out, Sarah got up and quickly sucked my cock in her mouth and cleaned the mix of all our cum off. I saw my cum in Alyssa pussy. I sat down and took in the fact that I just fucked a married woman with my wife!

Both women were incredibly hot and covered in sweat and cum. As we got up to leave and get ready for the kids to come home from school, Alyssa said “I can’t wait till my husband come home. He will love reclaiming my cheating pussy!” with a wink.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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