Whoa! Sharon’s Sister Susan Comes to Visit III

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Sharon’s Sister Comes to Visit

It had been several days since Jason and Sharon, a Freshman cheerleader at a major university, had enjoyed dinner together. As they introduced themselves to each other after a basketball game, she pointed out that she had begun to enjoy showing herself off a little and she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Jason said to her, “I can tell. You have a very nice pair of breasts, Sharon. I really appreciate the view, and I’d like to see more of them later.” His mental powers of persuasion that resulted from a lab accident at the university were as strong as ever. As they got into his car to go have dinner, he silently suggested to her, ‘Perhaps I can get a good look at that pussy later tonight as well.’

During dinner Sharon couldn’t help but think of showing Jason her naked pussy. She became wetter and wetter between her legs. Her desire for him grew until she asked Jason to take her home. She wanted to go to his home, not hers.

Later that evening, shortly after arriving at Jason’s home, Sharon came out of his restroom topless. Once she was standing in front of him, she reached down to the hem of her skirt and lifted it to her waist. She had removed her panties, and Jason was treated to an extended view of her shaved pussy.

As the evening progressed, Jason used his powers to calm Sharon’s nerves and suppress the pain they both expected her to suffer when she gave him her virginity. As he had predicted, Sharon soon loved the cock that filled her pussy and the cum that flooded into her horny hole.

Jason dropped Sharon off at her first class Wednesday morning. As they kissed goodbye, Sharon told him, “I may have a surprise for you Friday evening. I hope you like it.”

Jason gave her a knowing smile. He already knew what her surprise would be. After all, it was he who had suggested she bring her twin sister, Susan, with her when Sharon visited again.

Their schedules kept both Sharon and Jason busy the rest of the week. So, they were unable to see each other until Sharon came to visit Jason at his home.

When Jason answered the gentle knock on his door, he did a double take. Sharon stood in front of him wearing her cheerleader’s outfit, only she hadn’t worn a bra. He soon discovered she hadn’t worn panties either.

Standing to Sharon’s right and slightly behind her was a girl who was nearly a carbon copy of Sharon. The only difference was how they wore their hair. Where Sharon had her hair in a ponytail, this new girl wore her’s down on her shoulders.

Jason gazed at Sharon and the new girl. With a broad smile, he said to them, “Won’t you come in? Sharon, this must be your sister, Susan. I’m happy to meet you Susan.”

As they stepped into Jason’s home he could see Susan was visibly shaking. She was indeed bashful about meeting new people.

Jason attempted to calm Susan’s nerves. “I hope you enjoy your visit with Sharon, and I know you will enjoy your visit here tonight.”

Susan seemed taken aback by Jason’s overly confident attitude.

Then, without warning, Sharon lifter her top and showed Jason her tits. “Very nice Sharon. You know I love seeing your tits.”

Susan gasped, stared at her sister’s brazen display, and questioned her, “Sharon, how could you?”

Sharon smiled at her sister and replied, “Jason likes seeing my tits. So, what’s the harm?”

At the same time, Jason made a silent suggestion to Susan. ‘Susan, don’t you want to show me your tits as well.’

Susan’s looked on in shock as her sister continued to brazenly showing her tits to Jason. Susan’s eyes grew even wider than they had been when Sharon removed her top and tossed it to the side. The look on Susan’s face quickly changed as Jason made his suggestion. A smile crept across her face and she reached for the bottom of her sweater. In a few seconds the sweater was lying on the floor beside her. Her bra soon followed. Susan stood proudly showing Jason her firm tits and hardening nipples.

Sharon looked at her sister and asked, “Susan, why are you doing that?”

Susan replied, “I don’t know. I just had a sudden urge to show Jason my breasts. Besides, when in Rome….”

Sharon responded to Susan, “I know. I had the same unexplained bahis firmaları feeling the first time I saw him. Now watch this!”

Sharon then reached into the waistband of her short skirt. When she pushed it off her firm ass and down her shapely legs, her freshly shaved pussy was displayed for Jason’s approval.

Susan shouted, “Sharon! Not that too!”

Jason smiled at Susan and thought, ‘Now Susan, wouldn’t you like to let your pussy get some fresh air too.’

Again the look of shock on Susan’s face turned to a smile. Slowly she lowered her jeans and panties to the floor and stepped out of them. Susan did not shave, but her pussy with its full dark bush was on display as well. She stood smiling at Jason and her sister.

Jason smiled at her and boldly said, “Susan, that is a lovely pussy, although I do prefer them shaved like Sharon here. Is your pussy still cherry?”

Susan blushed and lowered her head before answering. “Yes. I am still a virgin.”

Jason decided to hurry this evening along. He was getting anxious to sample Susan’s favors. He smiled at her then mentally suggested to the hot looking teen, ‘Susan, you want to run down the hall to the restroom and hop in the shower. There, you will find everything you need to shave that pussy. As you shave, you will become as horny as you have ever been in your life. Before this night is over, you will give me your cherry, love to fuck and suck my cock, and no longer be bashful around me or your sister.’

Susan smiled, and without saying a word, trotted off down the hall toward the restroom.

To Sharon he said, “While Susan is using the bathroom, would you like to play a little? Would you prefer to suck me off or have me fuck your hungry pussy?”

Sharon replied, “I think I’d like to taste you again. Susan won’t take long and we can fuck later.” The lovely young girl then fell to her knees and released Jason’s belt, button, and zipper. She then shoved his pants and underwear down his legs until he stepped out of them. Without hesitation, Sharon grabbed Jason’s cock and stuffed it into her waiting mouth while he kicked off his shoes. They were both soon moaning and shoving Jason’s cock deep into Sharon’s throat.

In just a short time, Sharon had Jason cuming down her throat. She swallowed every drop. As he pulled his cock out of her mouth she smile up at Jason.

He smiled down at her and said, “You do know, don’t you, that I’m going to fuck the shit out of Susan tonight?”

Sharon continued smiling and replied, “I know. That’s why I brought her to you. I know you will fulfill her fantasies and over-fill her pussy with your delicious cock and cum. She needs what I got last Tuesday night. She is even more bashful than I was.”

About that time, Susan came back down the hall. She noticed that both Jason and her sister Sharon were completely naked. Their nudity not only didn’t upset her but made her even hornier than she already was. She was smiling broadly and sported a freshly shaved pussy as she walked up to Jason. She spread her legs and asked her host, “Is this more to your liking, Jason?”

Jason reached out and squeezed a tit with one hand while cupping her pussy with his other hand. He then released her tit so he could hug her tightly to his chest without releasing her pussy. He slipped a finger into the already wet folds of her tender flesh and told her, “Yes Susan, your pussy is delightfully soft and smooth. You have a nice set of tits, too.”

Sharon smiled as she watched her sister toss her head back and moan. A smile continued to spread over Susan’s face as Jason fingered her virgin pussy. The horny teen moaned again and spread her legs wider to give Jason easier access to her as yet unopened treasure box.

Jason smiled at Susan and thought, ‘You want to suck my cock, Susan. Get on your knees and start sucking.’

Susan quietly responded. “I want to suck your cock Jason, but I don’t know what to do.”

Jason mentally instructed Sharon, ‘Get on your knees and show your sister how to suck a cock.’

Both teens quickly dropped to their knees. Sharon told her sister, “Watch this, Susan.” Susan then gently and lovingly licked and kissed Jason from his balls to the head of his eight inch cock. “Now kaçak iddaa you do it.” She told her sister.

Susan happily followed Sharon’s lead. When she reached for the head of the cock in front of her, she opened her mouth and took in two or three inches of the hard meat in her hand.

“Now suck and swab your tongue over it.” Sharon put her hands on the sides of Susan’s head and began moving it up and down. Jason’s cock slipped easily in and out of Susan’s mouth.

Sharon quietly repeated her advise, “Suck that cock and swirl your tongue around it.” When Sharon saw her sister’s cheeks begin to cave in from her sucking, she told her, “Take more in. Take it to your throat.” Sharon then pushed Susan’s head until most of Jason’s cock was slipping in and out.

Susan gagged a bit each time the cock in her mouth hit the entrance to her throat.

Sharon told her sister, “There’s only one way to get past your gag reflex. You must take it all.” She then stood and pressed her pelvis to the back of Susan’s head and moved her hips with her sister’s bobbing movement.

To Jason, it looked like Sharon was fucking the back of her sister’s head. Sharon kissed Jason, wrapped her arms around his waist, and thrust her hips forward.

Jason groaned as his cock slipped fully into Susan’s mouth and down her throat. The trapped girl started to gag. Jason sent her another message, ‘You will not gag. You will continue to suck and swallow.’

Susan stopped gagging immediately. As Sharon released the pressure on her sister’s head and stood to the side. Susan eagerly continued giving Jason a damn good deep-throat blowjob.

In a short time, Jason said, “I’m about to cum, Susan. Swallow all that I give you.”

Susan sucked and swallowed all the harder taking every drop of Jason’s cum down her gullet. When Jason finished cuming, she let his cock slip from her mouth and smiled up at him.

He stroked her silky dark hair and said, “That was a great blowjob, Susan. Are you ready to give me your cherry now?”

She looked up and replied, ”I guess so, but I’m a bit frightened. Will it hurt a lot?”

“It may, but that’s all part of your first fuck. Now go with Sharon to my bedroom.” He then made a suggestion to Susan as she was led away by her sister. ‘You will only feel slight pain as your cherry is taken. You will then come to love being fucked by my cock and filled with my cum.”

As Jason entered his bedroom a few minutes later he was treated to a delightful sight. Sharon had her sister, Susan, laying on her back with Susan’s head cradled in her sister’s right arm. Susan was eagerly sucking on Sharon’s right tit. Susan was lying with her knees up and widely spread. Susan was in position to offer Jason her untouched pussy.

Jason smiled down at the naked twin sisters. While Susan continued to suck on Sharon’s tit, Jason began sucking on Susan’s right tit. She cooed and stroked the back of his head. As Susan became more and more aroused, he kissed his way down her slender young body. When he kissed her newly shaven pubic mound, she gasped and rocked her pelvis up. She pressed the back of Jason’s head to guide his mouth to her horny pussy.

Eagerly, Jason gave Susan’s virgin pussy a lip parting lick from her asshole to her clit. Susan sighed in delight. “Oh God, Jason.” She spread her legs as wide as she could to give Jason total access to her virginal pussy.

Jason continued to eat Susan’s pussy with gusto. She was soon approaching an orgasm. When the orgasm washed through her body, Jason probed his tongue into her horny hole as deeply as he could. He sucked up as much of her her pussy’s juices as he could get.

Susan thrust her pelvis up to Jason’s mouth and cried out in orgasmic euphoria. Breathlessly, she cried. “Oh my God! What are you doing to me, Jason?”

“Enjoying the flavor of your sweet cherry pussy, Susan. There’s nothing like the taste and aroma of a fresh, young, virgin pussy.” Jason replied.

Susan smiled broadly as her orgasm slowly ebbed and her breathing returned to normal.

Jason crawled up the teen’s body until his cock was nestled at the entrance to her virgin pussy. I think it’s time to take your cherry Susan. Don’t you?”

Susan gasped kaçak bahis for breath and tried to speak. “I, guess, so.”

Jason shoved the head of his cock into Susan untried hole. Her lips spread to accept Jason’s hard cock.

She gasped again. “Oh!”

Jason fed her a bit more cock until he was pressed against her hymen.

“Oh yes! That’s not to bad. AAIIIIIIEeeeeee. That hurt!”

Jason had felt Susan’s cherry give way as he drove his eight inch cock fully into her now devirginated pussy. His cock’s head was firmly pressed against her cervix. When Susan seemed to relax a little, Jason began sliding his cock in and out of her tender hole.

It was almost as if something snapped in the teen beneath him. Susan suddenly began thrusting up to meet Jason’s cock as it was driven into her depths. She loudly cried out. “Come on Jason, fuck me! Give me that big cock. Fill my pussy with your cock and flood me with your cum. Oh God, I love your cock. Fuck me, damn it! Fuck me hard.”

Jason was surprised at the enthusiasm Susan was showing for her first fuck. He had never seen or even heard of a freshly devirginated girl so excited about getting the first cock in her cunt.

‘Susan, if you are so happy bout getting your first fuck, why don’t you thank Sharon for bringing you to me. Thank her by eating her pussy like I ate you. Sharon, don’t you want to let Susan eat your pussy to thank you for bringing her here.’

While Susan continued to rapidly thrust her pussy up to get all of the cock she could, she and Sharon gazed into each others eyes. Then without speaking, Sharon straddled her twin sister’s head and lowered her pussy to Susan’s mouth. Susan immediately began licking, sucking and probing Sharon’s horny hole with her tongue. In a short time, both women were screaming in orgasm. Susan’s screams were muted by her sister’s pussy pressed over her mouth.

Sharon fell panting off to the side of her sister’s face just as Jason pumped his load of cum deep into Susan’s cunt. “Oh God, Jason, your warm cum feels so good deep in my pussy. Susan was still writhing on the bed as she licked as much of Sharon’s juices off her own face as she could.

Jason wanted to try another experiment. Without using his mental powers, he said to Susan. “Okay Baby, it’s time to fuck your ass!”

With as much enthusiasm as she had shown while getting her pussy fucked, Susan flipped over and raised her butt up to offer her ass to Jason’s massive cock. “Here you are Jason. Fuck my ass with that big cock of yours.”

Wasting little time, he grabbed his bottle of baby oil and lubed Susan’s asshole and his cock. When he was smoothly stroking one then two fingers in Susan’s ass, he removed his fingers and pressed his cock’s head to the tightly closed crinkled ring of her asshole. With a quick short push, Jason popped his cock’s head past Susan’s sphincter.

“Umph!” Susan grunted but offered no resistance to the invasion of her ass.

Jason then slowly but steadily pushed seven inches of his eight inch cock into Susan’s ass. With a hard ram, he buried the last inch of his cock in the ass before him.

“Umph!” Susan grunted again. She then looked back over her shoulder and smiled at Jason. “Okay, now fuck my ass.”

Jason began sliding his cock in and out of Susan’s tight ass.

“No damn it! You wanted to fuck my ass, so fuck it!”

“Okay slut! Here it comes.” He then grabbed her hips and repeatedly rammed his cock deep into her asshole until he was ready to cum. He then pumped his load of cum deep into her bowels.

Susan cooed and wiggled her ass as she felt Jason’s cum flooding into shitter. She was finally done. She fell forward and laid quietly on the bed. She was exhausted.

Jason looked down at the girl prone before him and rubbed her cute butt. He gave her one last suggestion. ‘Susan, become your towns whore until you find a cock that can fill your holes as well as I have.’

To both girls he said, “Girls, I am tired and need my rest. If you don’t mind, get dressed and go back to the dorm.” He added a thought to Sharon. ‘Check out the Freshmen cheerleaders. Bring the virgins to me one at a time so I can do with them what I’ve done to you and your sister.’

After the girls left, Jason said to himself, “This is going to be an exciting year. I hope the results of that lab accident never wear off.

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