White Boy Becomes a BBC Sissy – Chapter Two

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White Boy Becomes a BBC Sissy – Chapter Two
Chapter Two – Dominick’s Plan

I lay there on all fours, butt still gaped open, staring at its picture on his phone. I was getting used to this feeling of shame, embarrassment, and arousal at his objectification and domination of me with each humiliating thing he subjected me to. I didn’t know it, but my soft, bare dick was beginning to leak pre-cum.

“Here’s what’s going to happen today, sissy boy. I know you have more girly clothing and shit like that at home. You don’t just show up at someone’s house with a pair of panties on and a butt plug in without having more stuff at home. Get up, put that embarrassment of an outfit back on, and bring back everything you have: your clothes, your toys, women’s shoes – whatever you have, and bring it here.”

Suddenly, he spanked my butt and told me to hold still. He placed the tip of the plug up against my ass and said, “In addition to being my maid, you are also going to be my sissy slut this summer – indefinitely, as a matter of fact, because I’m not too sure I can let an opportunity like this pass. Do you understand, sissy boy?”

What else could I tuzla escort bayan say? I had my panties around my legs, my ass was exposed to him with a butt plug pressed up against it, and he was crouching over me. Not to mention, he not had a picture that would expose me as a girly boy, at best, to anyone he wanted.

“Yes,” I said softly.

“That’s another thing,” Dominick said assertively, “you are going to be respectful and call me Sir from now on. Anything that you say should be followed by the word ‘Sir'”. Now try again: You are going to go home, get all your little sissy stuff together, and come back here immediately. Do you understand me, sissy boy?”

I tried again. “Yes, Sir,” I said a bit louder, hoping to convey that I would do as he said and be obedient. He had the upper hand, and I knew it too well.

“Good,” he said. Slowly, he pushed in the butt plug until the sides of base were right up against the top and bottom of my ass. He held it there, applying pressure to make sure it was entirely in and that I knew he was in control. I moaned as I felt the plug reaching as deeply as it could. He wiggled it around then orhanlı escort bayan slapped my butt again.

“Now go,” he demanded. Then, with a foreboding tone added, “And don’t make me wait. I have some plans for you.”

I got up, pulled my panties back up against the plug, and found my shorts. Walking past him towards the door, he had a devilish grin that made me nervous and excited. I knew I would do whatever he wanted when I came back, but I was definitely scared nonetheless.

When I reached the door, I realized that Mom would still be home. I stopped. “Um, Dominick,” I called. “I think my mom will still be home.”

He looked blankly at me. “So what? Tell her I told you to go home to get something and come back. You are the one who has to do the sneaking around here, sissy, not me. I don’t give a shit what you tell her throughout this entire summer or ever for that matter. You belong to me now, and you’re going to have to remember that if you want to preserve any dignity you think you have left. Not that you had much to begin with apparently anyway,” he added, laughing to himself. “Now hurry the fuck up.”

I left aydınlı escort bayan quickly, feeling nervous about what I would tell Mom. Dominick asked me to grab some extra clothes in case I need to change? That seemed good enough, but when I saw the driveway from the street, I noticed Mom’s car wasn’t there. It would be my only stroke of luck for the day, although there would be many other strokes. None of which I had expected that morning.

I hurried inside and gathered everything sissy-related thing I had: four different butt plugs of various sizes and colors, one large black cock dildo, an average purple dildo, one white-guy dildo that was pretty long and thick; my panties, to many to category, a bunch of different stockings of various colors, garters to go with them, and two pairs of slutty black heels – all the things I had amassed over the years to play out my fantasies and masturbate with. Now, it seemed, I was actually going to get to put them to use for the enjoyment of an actual black guy who happened to live only a few houses down. I could hardly believe it.

I tossed everything into a backpack and hurried out the door, again trying to walking normally down the street. I imagined the neighbors who saw me figured I looked a little frantic, but I just didn’t want it to look like I had something fixed in my butt with a pair of panties securing it in there and holding my dick between my legs.

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