Wedding Revenge

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Jack Stoat’s black hair, blazing blue eyes, and athletic build had enabled him to captivate any women he desired but in Jacks mind these numerous conquest were fading violets next to the rose that had been able to resist his charms. Now the one woman who had resisted his sexuality was engaged to his worst enemy.

Jack planned revenge against Kimberley Duff or Princess Kimberley as he would once have called her. By extracting revenge on her, he would also enjoy vengeance against Bill Rutherford. Kimberley’s’ and Bills’ wedding day would be his day of revenge. She would dread the day she had chosen Bill over him.

Jack had always considered himself above average and was able to command respect in all situations. His physical attributes were impressive. At 6′ 2″ and 210 pounds he intimidated most competitors and he considered all men his competition. His competitors had feared him on the football and baseball fields in both high school and college. Jack had dominated all competitors except one and he would have won those athletic games against Bill Rutherford except for the incompetence of other players. After all Jack, at least in Jacks’ mind, had never cracked under pressure. His hatred for this Bill was beyond his ability to control. He would get even for every loss he had suffered, every sleepless night caused by this man. Jacks darkest thoughts forced him to conceive numerous plans that would ruin his enemy’s life.

Influenced in a large part by his parent’s money, the graduation recommendation committee had allowed Jack to receive a diploma from Harvard University College of business. Of course he believed he had actually earned the degree. Jack accepted a position with the prestigious Huntington and Huntington Pharmacy Supply Corporation. His father was on the board and his mother was the acting CEO, of course these facts had not influenced anyone’s decision to hire him. Jack was allowed to performed minor task, which had no real impact to the company, for an excellent salary.

This salary allowed Jack to buy luxury cars, live in the finest condo and have a personal trainer to keep his body in high school shape. Most of all it allowed him to buy a cabin next to a lake in upstate New York.

Life took another sadistic twist for Jack when Huntington and Huntington made the mistake of hiring Bill against Jacks wishes. Worst of all Bill had just been promoted and was now his boss. Why was life so cruel? Why should his enemy have an office while he suffered in a cubicle? Why had his enemy become his boss? These thoughts crossed his mind as he watched Bill approach his cubicle.

Bill Rutherford in contrast had no hatred of Jack Sloat. Bill stood 6′ 4″ 230 pounds with broad shoulders and narrow hips. Unlike Jack, Bill chose not to have men fear him for his athletic abilities. Instead he wanted to be recognized for his academic achievements. Bill had participated in both football and baseball at the high school and college level. However, unlike Jack, Bill had not cracked under the pressure of championship games and had won both State Titles and college Bowl Games. Bill had won every competition between himself and Jack.

Bills wavy blonde hair, dark complexion, brown eyes, and keen sense of humor were noticed by both woman and men. He was friendly and outgoing with no idea he had any enemies He had shared his bed with very few women and was looking forward to the day he made his fiancée his wife. Bill was not aware of the plans taking form in Jacks demented mind.

“Jack, I wanted to thank you for offering your cabin as the place for Kimberly’s bachelorette party. It will be a wonderful place for the women to enjoy a weekend and as you suggested I asked Jeana not to mention who owns the cabin.” Bill stated as he walked into Jacks cubicle. “I’m sorry to hear your plans have changed and you won’t be able to attend my bachelor party. Isn’t it amazing the two parties are on the same weekend?”

“No problem, I’m glad I could help both of you. After all I am the person who introduced you to her.” Jack said holding his anger in check and indeed Jack had introduced Bill and Kimberley. He had taken her to an office party intending to show off his new trophy, Unfortunately for Jack, fate once more intervened and Jack and Kimberley met and became inseparable. “I wish I was able to attend your party but I made this commitment months ago, that’s why the cabin is available.” I hope you both enjoy your parties.”

“I’m sure we will” Bill said as he headed for his office.

Jack left work early that day. Things still needed to be done before he could enact his plan to ruin Bill and Kimberly’s wedding. He had an appointment to see me, Howard Shields investigative specialist, and I’m still not sure what kind of fortune was shining on me when he made his appointment.

I have been in the investigation business for over fifteen years and I believed myself to be more honest than most of the investigators in this arena. Thru the early years of business I ankara escort had shied away from divorce cases believing they were too seedy for my personal taste. Instead I preferred cases involving theft, deception, or very unique request, but economics forced me into the world of late night rendezvous between lovers and there married friends. I had become recognized for my ability to videotape the most hidden secrets in the most unusual places. Jacks’ request would prove to be more challenging, more unique and more fulfilling than I had originally thought.

The eyes of my normally reserved secretary, Jennifer, followed Jacks’ every step as he walked up to her desk and introduced himself. “Hi, I’m Jack Sloat here for a 10:00 meeting with Mr. Shields”, I heard him say in a voice that reverberated against the empty office walls.

“Please have a seat, he will be with you in a moment,” Jennifer said. “Is there anything I can get you” she said in her sexist voice. If she were alone she would have added, “Including my phone number.”

“No, thank you” he replied as his eyes followed her as she walked into my office to announce his presences. “Mr. Sloat is here Mr. Shields.”

“Please send him in” I replied.

He walked into my office with the arrogance of a man use to being in charge. He was a man very much use to getting his way. “Mr. Shields I am Jack Sloat and I need your help righting a wrong that has been done to me. “

His wife most be cheating on him and he wants to force her into a divorce that favors his position was my first thought. I was wrong. “Please be seated and let’s see what I can do.” I said in my most professional voice.

I listened for an hour to his life story. I listened to all the perceived wrongs Bill had performed. How he lost the state title do to Bill cheating. How Bill won the championship bowl game by cheating. How Bill had stolen the woman meant for him through deception. How Bill had lied to get the promotion for which Jack was more qualified. How he intended on using my services to ruin their wedding and obtain the revenge he deserved.

As I listened to him, I started to wonder exactly when he had lost his sanity. How could anyone believe all the wrongs that had been committed against Mr. Jack Sloat? How could any semi sane human actually think there was any reason to destroy the couple’s happiness?

Then he hit me with his idea for revenge and I had to admit it was ingenious. Not something I would want to do normally. But the times were tough economically and the $100,000 he offered for my services was far above my normal fees. So with hesitation and some regret I accepted his plan and his check.

“I knew I would find the right man to help me with this.” Jack said as he stood up and handed me a spare set of keys to his cabin. “Be sure to have everything ready before next weekend. That is when the party is and I wouldn’t want you to miss any of the festivities.”

“As we agreed Mr. Sloat, I will be there and video tape the proceedings. I will furnish you the tape on the Monday after the party. I do not want to know what you do with the tape after that.” I said trying to sound like I was in control but knowing his money was leading me down a path that I would have preferred not to have taken.

“That will be fine.” He said leaving my office and patting Jennifer as he walked out the front door.

That is how I found myself on the proceeding Thursday at Jacks cabin. I was installing miniature and wireless cameras and microphones throughout the building. The SV-CCDC1 cameras would transmit images up to a mile with satellite quality performance. The VC-VC5 microphones had similar performance characteristics. I had successfully used these tools in numerous undercover operations. Exposing the exposed bodies of both men and women, but this would be the first time I used them in the manner Jack intended.

The guest list along for the party along with pictures of each of the women had been furnished by Jack. There should be 22 women here. I installed 25 cameras and 25microphones in each of the rooms. With the motion sensitivity and sound accuracy, I would be able to see and hear each person and conversation separately regardless of what room the person was in.

The cameras and microphones cold transmit audio and video up to a mile away. However, with the need to ensure nothing failed. I had chosen to install the receiving stations in the attic. I would be there all weekend to ensure the system performed flawlessly. After all Jack Sloat was not the type of man to take any failure on this job without severe repercussions.

After six hours of hard work I was finished. Just in time for Jack to arrive. He tested the system by walking into every room and every closet. He yelled and he screamed and he whispered. Then he reviewed the tapes I had taken of his performance.

“I’m very impressed Mr. Shields. If this goes as planned I may need your services in the future.” “I look forward to seeing escort ankara the tape on Monday.” “It had better be good.” Jack said as he walked to the cabin door.

“The party starts at four in the afternoon. I will be here by eleven and will stay until the last woman is gone. You will have your tape as promised.” I calmly replied.

When Bill took her to Disneyland and knelt down by the magic castle to ask her hand in marriage. Kimberley thought she was in heaven and accepted his proposal. How great life was going to be she thought. Unaware of the misfortune that Jack had in mind for her, Kimberly spent the week before her party putting finishing touches on her wedding plans. She had the final fitting of the wedding dress and approved the last version of the seating chart. She agreed with minor modifications to the reception plans. She knew her wedding day would be perfect.

On Saturday I arrived at the cabin at 10:30. I was surprised by the change in the interior. Each room of the cabin was decorated for the party. Banners, flowers, balloons, all the party decorations had already be delivered and installed around the cabin. At $500 a bottle, Cristal Hos was the most expensive champaign available and Jack had furnished the cabin with 3 cases. The finest caviar and the finest wines along with numerous plates of food were also available. Jack had spared very little expense for the women’s enjoyment. Little could the women know that Jack had added a special ingredient to each of the foods and drinks. I thought to myself as I crawled into the attic. Fortunately the late fall weather was cooperating and the attic temperature was not stifling. I tested the cameras and microphones and then I settled down for the party to begin. This assignment was paying very well but was also going to be very tedious and boring. Or at least I thought it would be at that moment.

Kimberley and Jeana had been best friends since before high school and when asked, Jeana had eagerly accepted her offer to be maid of honor. Neither poor nor rich, Jeana had been surprised and had jumped at the chance when Bill offered a cabin that would be fully stocked with food and beverage. She had thought Bill was paying for the cabin. Had she known who owned the cabin, Jeana might have had second thoughts.

Jeana decided to spend the money she saved by accepting Bills offer on a very special present for Kimberley. While Kimberley wasn’t a prude, she was a little behind Jeana when it came to the ways of men. Jeana was determined that the party would help remove some of Kimberley’s’ inhibitions.

Jeana had searched for days and finally had found that special gift that Kimberley would treasure and remember for her entire life. She had been surprised at how inexpensive this stripper had offered to perform for at the party. Most of the other offers were outside of her price range. This offer was well below the others and the video tape furnished by the service showed a muscled man with moves that would thrill any woman. Had she known the stripper was Jack Sloat, she might not have hired him. Kimberley would have one last flirtation before getting married. Jeana smiled at the thought as she picked Kimberley up from her apartment and drove towards the cabin.

I heard their car pulling into the driveway and watched through the monitor as the two women got out of the car. I glanced at the pictures that Jack had given me and recognized Kimberley and Jeana. Kimberley’s’ photo did little justice to her true appearance. She stood just under six feet with a trim and athletic physic earned though numerous marathons. Her blonde hair came down to just above her ski slope breast. I could see her blue eyes clearly through the camera. Now I knew why Jack was so frustrated about losing this woman.

Jeana and Kimberley entered the cabin and I began taping the events. As Jeana and Kimberley looked over the place they were impressed with the amount of money they thought Bill had spent. . “Jeana, you shouldn’t have said Kimberley. “When did you find the time and energy to do all of this?” She said waving to the food and decorations.

“Nothing is too good for my friend.” said Jeana. She herself was wondering how Bill had managed to arrange all of these. “This will be a memorable weekend.” Soon more women began to arrive at the cabin. The cabin was filling up and it was becoming harder to follow all the people. But I didn’t care the cameras motion sensors would follow the movements and the microphones would catch the sounds. I kept my eyes on the goddess Kimberley.

BMI had been developed by Huntington and Huntington to aid in surgeries that required to the patient to be in a twilight state. Conscious of what was going on but with no sense of pain. It was a vast improvement over what was commonly called the date rape drug and had the added benefit of removing sexual inhibitions leading to a state of heightened sexual curiosity for men and women.

As the women started feasting on the fine cuisine, their ankara escort bayan bodies began absorbing more and more of the BMI that Jack had added. Soon the women began feeling horny and started losing any sexual inhibitions they may have had. Unaware of the presence of the BMI, Jeana gathered them in the grand room and Kimberley began to open her presents. As each present was opened the women would adore just how lovely it was. Jeana waited to hand Kimberley her present until the last.

“These are my special presents” Jeana said handing Kimberly two small boxes, “and there is one more surprise for you.”

Kimberley opened the larger box and was surprised to see a bra and panty set. As she opened the smaller box she was even more surprised to see a vibrator. All the women giggled and one of the women shouted.” put them on, model them for us.” Clearly the drug was starting to affect the women.

“Only if I can see yours” Kimberley laughed as she started to remove her blouse and skirt. “I’ll show you mine but first I want to see yours.”

In the attic I sat and watched the monitors as twenty two women removed there blouses and skirts. Twenty two sets of various size breast encased in various colors of bras were clearly visible. This was getting interesting I thought to myself as my cock twitched in my pants.

I watched as Kimberley removed her clothes. My cock straining against my pants as each piece of clothing feel to the floor. Standing there in her underwear, Kimberley slowly reached behind her and unlatched her bra. I gasped as I saw her uplifted breast with perky nipples for the first time. Then her panties fell to the floor to expose a shaved pussy. My cock kept swelling.

Bending down Kimberley put the new bra and panties on. Laughing as she realized there were holes in all the correct spots. “I’ll bet there edible’ she said as she looked at Jeana.

“Let’s find out” a lone man said from the doorway. Jack Sloat stood there dressed as a masked gunman. The mask completely covered his face; I would never have guessed it was my client. Slowly he walked into the room. Music began to play from the stereo speakers.

Nice to have the remote outside, I thought to myself.

As I watched Jack began to approach Kimberly. Swaying and dancing he approached Kimberley, with each step he unbuttoned more of his shirt until it fell slowly to the floor. His hands reached down and a whip snapped just in front of Kimberly. “I heard there was women the needed to be humiliated.” he said.

As I watched the monitors I could see the change in Kimberley. Standing there in her crotch-less bra and panties I could see her breathing was getting heavier and she was leaning towards Jack.

Watching from the attic, I saw Jacks trousers. His erection was clearly visible to all the women. “Take it off, take it all off cowboy” the women began to scream.

I watched as Jack swaying to the music advanced on Kimberley. Disguising his voice Jack said “See something you like Ma’am. If you do go ahead and touch it.”

My cock continued to grow in my pants as Kimberley aided by the BMI lost her inhibitions and began stroking Jack through his pants. Stroking him hard, making his cock grow even larger. The women began to moan. I watched as one after the other they began playing with their breast and pussies.

I watched as Kimberley’s’ new vibrator was passed from one women to the next. Each woman tested the vibrator with her pussy. I watched as one after the other shoved it in her womanhood. I watch as each woman fucked themselves with the vibrator until they screamed with passion. Cum was clearly visible on the toy as it was passed from one to the other.

It was more then I could take. Slowly I began to stroke myself. Watching as Jack took Kimberley by the hand and led her to a chair. He pulled her panties and bra off as he handcuffed her to the top. Her bare ass and breast were clearly visible in the monitor. I un-zipped my pants and stroked harder.

The music still blaring, Jack unzipped his pants. The crowd gasped as his cock slipped free. Jack advanced on Kimberley with his twelve inch cock. I stroked myself harder as I watched his hard cock enter her ass. I stroked myself harder and harder envious that he was fucking her instead of me.

I watched as his cock entered her ass. I listened as more are more of the crowd yelled for him to fuck her hard. “Slap her, squeeze her tits.” The women were yelling. One woman lost all her inhabitation and ran up to Kimberley and began sucking on her nipples.

I was sitting in the attic stroking my hard cock and watching as the woman sucked Kimberley’s’ nipples while Jack fucked her in the ass. Kimberley was starting to moan. Jack was starting to groan. Other women were starting to turn into couples as there bras and panties came off. It was now an orgy of naked women. Kimberley began to groan as another woman slide under Kimberley and started licking and finger fucking her pussy.

The monitor was catching all the action. The camera was focused on Kimberley’s face, ass and pussy. From her expression you could tell she was enjoying all the attention. “Fuck me all you bastards.” she was screaming. “Fuck me hard, make me cum.”

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