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Another Friday night meant he had to be ready for a show. The place tonight was a smaller older place. Theater was built so long ago it was mostly regulars, tending to be older, the guys would like his assistant but the women would be into him. He played on that fact, made the jokes and comments as well as the illusions geared for the audience he was expecting. Going over last minute things, checking on his assistant. She was ready, the look in her eye was almost anxious to get on with it. He had chosen her for many reasons, her beauty being at the top of the list but the way she took on the job like it was sensual, important and the only way to be.

The curtain was brought down after their introduction, taking the stage, starting the act he started looking around as he usually did, making sure he didn’t need to improve anything unexpected. Making eye contact with a few of the older regulars in the front row, smiling that dangerous devilish smile to the women. Speaking in his slow deep tone, hitting the cues dead on, leaving room for his assistant to make her gestures and moves. Feeling the applause as they finished one part and moved to the next.

Everything was going smoothly, his eyes wandering, searching the crowd for reactions until he found what he wasn’t looking for. His eyes met the deepest blue eyes he had ever seen, the awe that he saw in them, captured his attention, seemed to hold him there infinitely. As his assistant moved closer to him, distracting him from the hold the woman in the audience had on him, he looked away then quickly cast his gaze back to make sure she stayed where she was.

Throughout the show he would do what he needed to do but the pretty young blond captivated him, leaving his attention distracted but the show still being a success. At the end all he could think was how to move towards her without being obvious, until suddenly she stood in front of him. Her eyes down looking at the floor, her cheeks pinkish. Up close he could tell she was in her 20’s, maybe 24, her blond hair flowing down past her shoulders, some of it just above her breast, tickling the modest cleavage her shirt allowed. She was wringing her hands in front of her, looking a bit nervous or shy. He smiled at the other woman that appeared to be with her, a grandmother he suspected. Then the grandmother started to talk to him, he had to concentrate hard on what she was saying as his mind was moving over the granddaughters body piece by piece envisioning what he could do with each part of her. The grandmother, with her years of experience felt whatever was between the Magician and her granddaughter. Knew it was important for them to figure it out themselves, claimed to be unwell and urgently needing to get to bed. The grandmother asked him to take the girl home. Which he found unusual being that he was a stranger… he only accepted because he wanted to do things to the young blond he had only fantasized about.

He waited until the theater had cleared out, said good night to his assistant and moved to the blond waiting for him, illegal bahis sitting on the edge of the stage swinging her legs as they were suspended above the floor below. As he got closer she looked up at him, smile brushing her lips but it wasn’t bright or happy; it was a shy respect that she had. Looking down at her he had to ask her what her name was as they hadn’t been really introduced.

She moved her head in a nod to state clearly to the floor she was staring at by then that her name was simply Kate. Her hands moving from gripping the stage on either side of her outer thighs to back in her lap shyly playing with the seam of her skirt. He couldn’t help his hard cock that must have shown through his tight stage costume. He moved to sit beside her but then had a better idea, slowly walking to the stairs and climbing down them to move beside her swinging legs. Hearing her gulp nervously as his body brushed against her now still legs. Only her eyes moving along his body, her look asking him what he wanted her to do. That was all the permission he needed, moving between her thighs. His mid section level with the stage, his height giving him just enough to be face to face with her, leaning in to touch her lips with his, using his tongue to slowly brush along her bottom lip. Waiting a minute to have her object if she wished. Then continuing, seeing her eyes still looking down, her face more on the red side now as the heat between them could be felt.

She was visibly aroused but also extremely shy and nervous. Like he would disapprove of her somehow. He decided to take it slow and easy, knowing that he would do everything he was wanting to it would just take time. As he intensified the kiss, placing his hands on either side of her face, rubbing his thumb gently over her cheek to show that he was pleased. Finding it hard to keep the kiss slow and easy. As the desire to have her grows, his balls tighten up, he needs to release. Kate looks at him finally, her eyes asking for guidance, her inexperience overly obvious, which only causes his cock to twinge in expectation of how tight she would be. His mind wandering to all the places that he could go where no one else has been.

Deepening the kiss, his tongue entering her mouth, stroking her tongue, feeling her arousal grow as her inhibition seems to slightly pass. Finally her eyes look into his, glazed with passion. Knowing his time to move further is now, he moves his hand down her back, around to the front of her blouse, sliding it up over her abs, taking a breast. Finding her bra he grunts and struggles to remove it, getting impatient she helps him take it off, her upper body now naked. He stops kissing her and moves back a little to take her all in, drinking in her sexy beauty, knowing that soon that mouth will be sucking his cock dry. Grinning wide he goes to her nipple, first rasping over it with his one day beard growth, then easing the burn with his tongue. Moistening it so she feels the pleasure. Her moans being enough to egg him on for more, feeling her waist pump up against illegal bahis siteleri him as she finds that place of pure exctasy. The place he wants her to be so she will do anything he wants her to.

Taking his time, each nipple getting as much attention, rasping the sensitive hardness its peaked into, then easing it with a gentle suck. He hears her voice deep with passion say please, but that’s all he got from her. He takes that as a notion to go further moving her legs to wrap around him as he moves her to a nearby theater seat. Flipping up her skirt, running his hands along her smooth thigh, deliberately moving them slowly to the string of her thong, resting them there a minute seeing her beg with her eyes, gently gliding them down to her ankles kissing every part as he goes. Tossing them to the floor then not so gently diving into the very core of her finding the wet lips of her pussy now ready as his finger slides in easily and his teeth meet her clit. Tugging on it watching writhe, needing to cum over his finger. Telling her how much he wants to taste her cum on his tongue. Knowing how sweet she would taste, then taking a second finger and slowly getting it to join the first inside her, feeling how tight she is as she is stretching around him, pulling his fingers deeper inside. Moaning out loud her voice totally taken with the excitement. He removes his fingers from her abruptly and she growls from the absence of his attention. Then feels his hands grab her thighs and flip her fast so her ass is in the air, her hands and face on the seat, suddenly his breath is on her pussy, his two fingers sliding back in easily. She hears his zipper move down, the zip being distinctive among their panting and grasp at breathing.

Then the second hand comes down on her ass, leaving a red mark then he rubs it and kisses it with gentle nips so she forgets the pain. His very hard cock now sprung from its place in his pants, feeling the air wrap around him he plays with her pussy licking it furiously wanting to have her cum, then seeing her body tense he licks and nibbles her sensitive nub while his fingers fuck her hard and fast, then just as he thought her screams wail through the theater echoing along the walls as her juices flow around his fingers, taking his fingers and licking them, then sticking his tongue in her pussy lapping up everything he can greedily. Feeling his cock so hard he is afraid that his release can’t be held back any longer, wanting something more though he moves to play with her again, inserting only one finger this time. Moving it in and out while the other hand strokes her other hole, his thumb moving to dip in her juices that her pussy already released and then rubbing around her anus. She tenses, shaking her head, unsure of what he is doing. She goes to stop and suddenly his finger isn’t in her and she is sitting in front of him. He smiles knowing she needs some persuading and entangles his hand in her hair, taking her head and gently forcing her head down on his cock, at first she pushes back trying not to go down canlı bahis siteleri on him, finally he feels her lips at his tip, groaning at her, he needs to cum he can feel it building to the point of no return. But he holds back knowing that after some persuading he will be in the delicious tight spot he wants to be.

His grip not letting up he gets her down on his cock, telling her to open her mouth, moving her head until he feels her throat contracting as she gags with the length of him tickling her sensitive inexperienced throat. Warning her that he is going to fuck her sweet hot mouth then move to her ass and fuck her hard while she plays with her clit. Not giving anything to allow her to back out, he lets her ease up his shaft a little, telling her to move her tongue and suck his cock like she enjoys it. Pumping in her mouth as she finally gets it and sucks on him, crying out for god he is about to spurt in her mouth but releases her, flipping her back on her stomach so her sweet ass is up in the air again. She whimpers as he assures her it will work out and she will enjoy it, he promises under his breath whispering encouragement to her. Telling her that her tight ass will open and stretch for him, that once the burn is gone she will feel so good. He inserts two fingers into her pussy, letting the juices lubricate her again, dipping in the thumb from the same hand, taking his now wet thumb and circling around her asshole, he dips it in just a little and then back out wanting to stretch her gently little by little barely holding back his urge to slap into her. She is nervous and tries to move so he can’t go back in, with his other hand he holds her in place. Wiggling she whimpers then screams as his cock is replacing his fingers inside her pussy. He is thrusting into her from behind with needy moans coming from his lips, telling her she feels good and how close he is. While distracting her with the sensation of his cock filling her, he plays with her ass a little more, Inserting a finger moving it around, feeling how tight she is, knowing he is ready to explode as he tries to hold off as his cock is buried deep in her pussy over and over again.

When his finger and thumb have explored her asshole as much as they can, she is lubricated and ready, he instructs her to play with her clit, she does it and is on the brink of cumming herself, he takes his cock out of her pussy, moves it to her ass and gently presses the tip into her tightness, feeling how much she has to stretch, remembering to encourage her to cum with her own fingers massaging her clit. Not being able to hold it any longer, her tightness alone squeezing his cock so tight he wants to cum hard just from the feel of her, pushing past the first wave of muscles, then feeling the deeper part take him easier, he starts to move within her ass, gently at first then matching her moans of pleasure with his he can’t hold back anymore and tells her he is going to cum buried deep in her ass. Asking her to cum with him he thrusts hard one last time and his milky cum spills deep in her ass. Moving a little more to exit her, taking her in his arms and holding her, kissing her forehead with a gentle smile as a thanks. He asks ” how bout that ride home now?” chuckling and seeing her contentment she nods at him and they leave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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