Unexpected Visitor

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Lauren closes the door and flicks the sign to closed as she waves off her last client of the week. She’s clocked up crazy long shifts this week thanks to the other girl being on holiday. She sighs looking forward to the bottle of prosecco she bought at lunchtime that has been sitting in the work fridge. That will have to wait a bit longer though, the salon needs a spruce up and the till needs cashing up.

She senses rather than feels movement behind her and very quickly a pair of strong arms reach round her waist and pull her tight. She’s startled but when she feels a pair of lips of her neck this fades into a tingly excitement and he breathes in her scent and whispers, “I thought she was never going to leave”.

Lauren is taken by surprise, this voice is familiar but not at all who she was expecting, regardless: the power in his arms, the excitement of the shock and the lips on her neck means she melts back into him, making the decision very quickly that she will give herself over to whatever this familiar stranger has planned…

Her senses are heightened, she feels a strange sensation from her neck that runs down her chest, over her breasts and down to her groin where she can feel a wetness beginning. She starts to smell him, a scent she recognises, from long ago. It’s rekindling something in her, a distant memory, full of excitement, passion, pleasure and new experiences.

The man is holding her right to him as he kisses her neck, his strong hands on her hips, massaging her flesh, with what seems like a lifetime of tension. Her body takes over her mind and she swings her hips forward and reaches behind her, she feels he is topless and slides her hands down to his belt buckle, grabbing at it. She can’t get it undone and attempts to escape his grip to turn round to better gain access.

He laughs, “No, stay like that” he instructs as he runs his hands upwards, effortlessly lifting her tshirt up as she raises her arms and leans her head into him seductively. She can feel his fingers running down her arms, this tickles, but in her state of arousal she cares not.

His breathing is quickening and before she knows it, this man’s hands are on her breasts, clawing at the bra which is giving little secretion to the fact her nipples are erect from the excitement. güvenilir bahis She groans and pushes back into him as he rubs them between his thumb and finger through the flimsy material. The pace quickening, the breathing deeper as these two lovers from long ago realise there is no turning back. He slides one hand round her back and holds her firm with the other. within seconds her bra is undone and off. His hands find her sensitive exposed nipples and he is biting her neck, attempting to devour her, the passion rising. With no instruction, she reaches down and undoes her trousers, kicking them off with her shoes. She attempts to remove her knickers but he grabs her hand, “Leave them on”.

This man runs his hands up Lauren’s body and grabs her hands, he places them on the wall and instructs her “Don’t move”. He kisses her neck once more, his hands desperately explore her breasts, her stomach and teasing the waistband of her knickers. He gasps and she feels his hand slip inside the flimsy fabric. She wantonly grinds her bum against his clearly excited groin. She can feel his hard cock pressing against her firm cheeks and as she tilts her head right back, he lifts his and for the first time in a very long time she sees those eyes, the eyes she has dreamed about, longed for and even obsessed over. They kiss passionately as he feels her wetness and runs one finger over her sensitive clit. She pulls away from this erotic embrace, this passionate kiss and looks him dead in the eye and through what is barely a croak she whispers, “Fuck me, please”.

He turns her head back to the wall and instructs her once more to stay put.

She hears the whip of his belt being quickly removed, his zip being tugged down and his jeans drop to the floor. He takes her in an embrace again and despite his instructions she reaches back and finally, feels him. Hard, long and so thick. She feels a rush of excitement, passion and her arousal reaches levels never before felt. She doesn’t just want him now, she needs him. He roughly pulls her knickers to one side and can finally feel the full extent of her wetness. She’s so ready. This is not enough for her, she has to have him inside her, now.

She raises her hips and guides the head of his cock to her pussy, she’s not even breathing, her türkçe bahis entire being is focussed on feeling him, pleasing him.

Luxuriously, wantonly, passionately and effortlessly she can feel him filling her.

The pleasure from this lustful act after so long and after so much teasing causes Lauren to tense up and an orgasm rips through her body before he’s even fully inside her. This unexpected climax makes her knees go weak and her full weight is on Shaun’s strong arms. This provides him with not only a fantastic view but enables him to be entirely inside her, their bodies feeling like they are one. Holding her hips as she is leaning forward, hands flat to the wall, her head being thrown around in ecstasy. He can feel she wants it hard, and fast. But he slowly withdraws before gently pushing back into her tight wet pussy.

“Taste yourself” he says, more of a command than a request. She pulls herself from him and drops to her knees, his beautiful thick cock right in her face. With no hands she takes him into her mouth, tasting her own juices on him. This drives him wild as he knows that taste is entirely down to him. As his cock hits the back of her throat and her tongue expertly massages his balls, he has to pull away momentarily to stop his own orgasm coming too quickly. She senses he is close so she stands up and for the first time they can see each other properly. She smiles wryly knowing she’d told him this would never happen, but knowing all along it was likely. Their tongues entwine in a lust filled, raw passionate kiss and they both relish the taste of both his pre cum and her own orgasm.

Their hands exploring each other’s bodies like they fear at any moment the other could be taken away. He places his hands either side of her face “Lay down, there’s something I should have been doing every day for the last 16 years…”

Knowing his intention and hearing those words causes a surge of juices between her legs. She lays herself down on the cool salon sofa. He relishes the sight of her laying there, her neat pussy completely exposed to him. He starts by kissing her perfectly manicured pink toes, gently massaging her tired feet. He kisses her ankles, his hands running further and further up her legs, and his kisses and his tongue move further up her güvenilir bahis siteleri smooth, gorgeous legs. Before long his hands are on her belly and his kisses are on her inner thighs. She is shaking with anticipation and his tongue crosses the crease of her thigh and for the first time he pushes his tongue into her amazing wetness. This taste drives him absolutely insane and he thinks to himself just how much waiting, the anticipation, the teasing and the occasional disappointment is all completely worth it to be there in that moment.

Lauren is in heaven as his tongue explores her, probing her and finding her most sensitive places. She feels his fingers move round, searching for that magic spot. Not willing to waste a second she guides his fingers exactly where she likes, the spot she has rubbed to orgasm dozens of times while thinking of this exact scenario. It’s all she can do not to cum right then, his tongue inside her, his fingers on her clit, it’s far more amazing that he could ever have expected. He eagerly licks up the surges of juices she gives him and it’s not long before he feels her tense up as another orgasm builds.

“Oh god, don’t stop!”

He increases the pace and curls his tongue upwards to reach her g spot just as she releases an amazing surge of sweet cum into his mouth. He rubs her clit frantically not wanting this to stop, before long she has to stop him, the sensation too much.

He moves behind her, their sweaty bodies spooning together perfectly. She needs a minute but he has other ideas. He grabs her hips, lifting her leg with his and once more slides himself all the way into her. She gasps, shocked at first but sensing his absolute animal desire, she pushes back against him as he thrusts into her, fast, deep and hard. She’s in heaven as their bodies writhe together, finally, he is fucking her as she wanted. The depravity, the rawness and the naughtiness of this is driving them both insane and it’s not long before he can feel his own orgasm building.

He thrusts, if possible, even harder and just as he tenses up another orgasm starts to pulse through her. Starting in her chest and shooting down to her groin, she feels like she’s exploding as she feels the first spurt of his orgasm hit and release into her. His cock thickening, pumping her full. In the final throes of orgasm, they are one again after all these years. Still inside her, he kisses her neck, pulling her tight, “That was amazing, who’d have thought me writing you a naughty story would lead us to this”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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