Unconditional Love Ch. 04

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I could hear the fluorescent lights over my head humming their static hum right after the jets stopped showering me with their peaceful effervescence. I sat on the side of the hot tub while I watched a thatch of blonde hair bob up and down on my swollen cock. It was early in the morning and the world was asleep. My girlfriend’s dad’s place was lit up outside somewhat, but not nearly enough for us to be caught out from someone watching in the street. I looked down at the tangled, lank mat of hair moving swiftly below my waist and arched my neck and back while I took in a beautiful starry morning overhead. That hair was soaked in sweat and chlorinated water, stiff as could be, and drooping lazily down towards a sculpted pair of shoulders braced against the side of the hot tub.

I felt a pull just below where all the action was happening and my vision started to go dark in the periphery. I was lost in this orgasm. I was lost to the beautiful young woman working so hard to bring me this bliss. I moaned softly and let my mouth hang open. The instant my mouth formed to make the sound of that moan I let go and felt everything come to a head. I inclined my head again and watched as her deep strokes slowed to shallower ones and slowed further still while she gathered all that cum in her throat. Swallowing hard with her head down, Becca then placed her tongue on the underside of my now-drained balls and took one last long, languid lick from bottom to top while I shuddered violently and told her I couldn’t take any more.

My vacation had pretty much gone like this from one night to the next. Becca, my girlfriend’s youngest sister, had been picking and choosing spots like this one for the last four days. Erin, my girlfriend, had been only slightly more conservative and had only had adventures like this with me when everyone else was out of the house. They were both beautiful, spirited, creative, and extremely skilled in their lovemaking and it was starting to create some friction for me. Becca wasn’t necessarily satisfied just being the side piece while Erin was the perfect girlfriend in many ways that her sister seemingly wasn’t.

Becca was attending school not all that far from where Erin and I were finishing our degrees and she had made the pointed suggestion many times that we come and visit her at school soon. While we were vacationing, Becca and Erin had been getting along extremely well, much better than I would have expected given the circumstances. Becca knew all about Erin’s and my relationship, but Erin was not similarly enlightened at that point. Their other sister Fleur seemed to sense something fishy about Becca and I, but had not as yet made any effort to suss out our misdeeds.

I was living a disingenuous existence every time I woke up and faced the day. The whole ordeal was starting to wear on me even without the intervention of Becca and her insistent half-jokes. Living wrapped up in a lie isn’t an easy way to live, but when the lie is as tantalizing as this you make due. Even by that logic, the lie was wearing thin and I didn’t like having to live underneath it all the time.

I stepped out of the hot tub and prepared myself to leap into the neighboring pool. I knew doing so would be the necessary shock to the system that would keep me awake enough to face a ridiculously early start to the day. Becca stepped out of the tub too, lifting one leg gracefully after the other and plopping herself down next to the pool to dangle her feet in. I jumped in, swam back up, breached the surface, and shook my hair out of my eyes, teeth chattering. Becca eyed me pensively while I glided my way over to the side of the pool she was perched on.

“So, let me ask you; how is your trip so far? It seems to me like it’s been a pretty fulfilling one.”

I had a feeling we were on the same wavelength in our thought processes, but I didn’t want to volunteer too much if I didn’t have to.

“It’s been amazing. I hope you’ve been enjoying your leisure time too.”

“Definitely,” her eyes gave away that she had an ulterior motive to this line of questioning while she went on, “but I’ve had some weird thoughts the last couple days. Honestly, I’m feeling a little torn over some parts of it.”

Only figuratively dipping my toe in these shark infested waters, I asked her which parts were bugging her.

“I just feel like you’ve been really needy with me. Every time Erin says no or gets too shy, you just knock on my door instead. I don’t think it’s really fair to either of us.”

“So you haven’t enjoyed our time together?”

“I didn’t say that. I just said I don’t think you’re giving me enough credit when it’s time to choose who to spend time with. I don’t like being an afterthought.”

I admit I didn’t feel a need to fight dirty here. It wasn’t like she was being especially plaintive or forcing my hand in any way, but this conversation could get ugly fast and I didn’t want to be the one playing catch up.

“Do you think I should just bahis firmaları come clean to Erin and see what she does?”

Becca rolled her eyes almost violently and muttered that that wasn’t what she meant.

“I just mean when it comes time to spend time with one of us, choose me sometimes.”

It couldn’t be argued that she was being pushy or disrespectful or even unrealistic, but appearances did have to be kept up. I didn’t want to have to choose between the two of them, in my mind the choice had always been both or neither. This idea of having cake and eating it wasn’t even something that I considered to be altogether immoral, besides, Erin knew my feelings about monogamy. I had convinced myself that she respected those feelings rather than tolerated them, but I had an academic notion that the opposite was likely true. All these factors painted a bleak picture for my romantic prospects if things became less secretive.

I tabled my concern for the time being and replied with something snarky and non-committal, only to watch Becca’s face fall. My heart went out to her in that moment, but let’s be real, I had no idea what she was going through, what she was thinking, what she assumed was going to come of that conversation. I wished right then that I had some notion of what could be going on in her head.

The remainder of the trip was largely uneventful and left me feeling relaxed and refreshed for the last semester of my undergraduate studies. Undergrad had been a pretty simple equation for me; equal parts hedonistic release and dutiful studying and boyfriending. Those two sides of me rarely meshed and it was now showing through pretty plainly in my relationship.

I spent almost every minute of my Fridays with Erin, as had been our tradition for the last two years. We planned our schedules such that we would not have any classes on Fridays and it had worked out very well. This semester was no different and would provide us plenty of ‘couples time.’ The only hitch was that Thursday was now my intramural basketball night and intramural basketball meant excess amounts of drinking with my teammates (before and after the games) and running around campus making asses of ourselves. Sometimes when the league games finished up, we’d play in the gym until the wee hours of the morning. We’d stagger home like zombies and be so creaky and tired that Friday was sometimes a wash altogether. It didn’t seem to me like my goals were likely to facilitate one another.

Leaving all that aside, I couldn’t wait to get back to school and my old routine. Routine was an important part of my daily life at school and my existence had become pretty regimented. I considered this to be a good thing, but the more I thought about how I’d like the see the semester progress the more it seemed like that might be something that would have to go by the wayside.

I thought often about that conversation I had had with Becca down in Florida before we left. Becca had invited Erin and I to check out her school a number of times and always we had politely demurred, but Becca’s latest attempt coupled with Erin’s dwindling busy time meant our side trip was likely to happen sooner rather than later. Erin talked a lot about how she felt like she was missing out on some great sister time by not visiting, but I did not insert myself into that particular concern of hers (no pun intended).

As our semester began, we found that being second semester seniors really did entail a bit of a malaise. We were convinced that there was nothing we could do to thwart our attempts at graduating and acted like it even more after our initial visits to our advisors at the beginning of the semester. Erin had her advisor visit in the first week back and said that she found out that her grades were good enough last semester that even if she failed one of her electives this semester, she would still graduate with honors come the end of the school year. My visit wasn’t as rosy, but it did convince me that I could cut loose a little this term and still be able to feel comfortable about my workload. The only real challenge in my course load was a three-credit art history course that met on Wednesday night. It was a two hour affair, but it only met once a week, so I guessed I could stomach it. Art history began at 6, went until 8 and then I could nip off to whatever party (or other excuse to drink) I liked.

My advisor visit was on the second Tuesday of the semester and the following night was my first art history course. There was no reason to believe this course would be anything other than dull, but I knew this was the only elective credit that made sense to my schedule. After eight o’clock on Wednesdays was basically the only time I had to my lonesome each week. Any other time spent away from class was either spent with Erin or with my basketball team, so relaxation was the name of the game after this class. I had plans to explore the great indoors as soon as my bit was up, so these two hours just kaçak iddaa couldn’t pass fast enough.

I walked into your average lecture hall about five minutes early and tried to find a seat way in back. The classroom seated what looked like a hundred or more and had a stadium-style seating layout. The lowest seats were right in front and the highest were way in back. A projector screen about ten feet high stood at the front of the hall. I looked up toward the back of the room and saw most of the seats up there already occupied by other similarly bored upperclassmen and rued my missing out on prime real estate. Taking another cursory glance, I spotted one seat right underneath the projector well and made a beeline for it. Looking right over the heads of everyone seated between the first row and the last row I walked purposefully toward that last remaining empty seat. As I passed by the fourth or fifth row, I heard someone whisper-yell my name.

“Bastian! Bastian!!” the voice was quiet but intense and I did a double-take as I looked to find the source.

“Over here,” it was a feminine voice and not unpleasant even in those harsh tones.

Gazing around I spotted Becca sitting in the middle of the lecture hall with no one else sitting anywhere near her. I continued seeking her out, but looked right over her head with a dumb look on my face to jokingly signal my acknowledgment by not acknowledging her.

“I can hear a familiar voice,” I mocked while I stuck my arms out searchingly, as if I were blind, “but that horrible smell tells me it can’t be who it sounds like.”

“Asshole,” and we were off.

“What the hell are you DOING here?!”

“Well, that’s a fine ‘how do you do.’ I’m doing well thanks for asking,” she never missed a chance to twist the knife a little.

“All right all right, I’m glad you’re well, now tell me what you’re doing here!”

“I had to take a three credit elective before I could start on my second major. They had no offerings left at my school, so I looked over here instead.”

“I knew you were local, but I didn’t know you were this local.”

“Yeah, I’ve told you guys a hundred times I only go to school like 15 minutes down the road! You still always find some reason to not visit!”

She had me there. I wasn’t about to argue anyway, my mind was still trying to wrap itself around this very pleasant surprise.

“I feel like such a jackass, we’ll have to make up for lost time, won’t we?”

That one felt wrong the instant I said it, and Becca made me realize as much. The look on her face was either disgust or pleading, but it was definitely confusing to me.

“Can we not talk like that in here?”

Turns out it was pleading.

“Well, I’m headed up to the back so I can occasionally get some sleep in here. Care to join me?”

“I would not care to join you, because I’m here for an education not to dick around like you.”

“Suit yourself!” I said that one unnecessarily curtly and began to ascend the steps to my perch so I could nod off as soon as the lesson began.

I kept looking down at Becca and making faces when she would turn around to peek at me. I waved her up a number of times until at least she grabbed her things and trudged up the stairs to throw her bag down underneath the seat in front of me. She flung herself into the chair and turned around with a look that said “are you happy now?” I was indeed happy now and tapped her on the shoulder after she had turned back around.

As I tapped her, our professor strode into the lecture far below. The professor was a woman, probably in her late thirties judging by the way she carried herself. Dark hair, but I couldn’t make out much else from far away.

“Well, I can see you all enjoy art history a great deal, judging by how far everyone is from the front of the room. Why don’t we make our way down and get to know each other better?”

Silently and sullenly, those of us at the back of the classroom made our way forward. I didn’t have any desire to be chided on my first day in class, but this one was pretty forgivable; there weren’t all that many people in the class. Becca and I popped down next to one another in about the third row of seats, which was as far back as anyone would sit now that we were all crowded in. The professor shot me a look as I finally looked up at the front of the class from a better vantage point. I say shot a look, but it was more like a stare and I was more than happy to stare right back.

I wasn’t wrong about how old she looked, but I didn’t notice any of the lovely details of her appearance until I moved closer. She had auburn hair, incredibly long legs, and tits that were just a perfect handful. They weren’t as perky as Erin’s or Becca’s, but they were perfectly shaped and still more than held their own when compared to most. She showed a little cleavage, maybe two buttons worth, and her chest was nicely tanned and dotted with freckles. Her hair was wavy and a little bit kaçak bahis of a mess, but she had a hard, angular face with high cheekbones that sported somewhat large glasses, accentuating her hazel eyes very nicely. I was smitten right away and judging by how long she looked at me while she spoke to the entire class, I would guess a similar reaction had hit her as well.

As I started to come back to my senses, Becca elbowed me in the ribs from her seat and I saw a sly smile pass over the professor’s face when she saw it. It seemed to me like there might be a little competition brewing here.

“Jesus Christ!” again with the whisper-shouting, “what the hell are you staring at, you fucker?”

As if Becca didn’t have it hard enough, now she had someone else to have to compete with. If I knew Becca at all, and I figured I did, this was not likely to deter her at all. I turned my head at that moment (admittedly, a second too late) and addressed her at a whisper.

“You know exactly what I’m staring at. Don’t worry, she’s got nothing on you.”

“On me? I’m not concerned about me! Do you just cheat on my sister with everything that moves?!”

I was a little surprised by her tone (particularly when she was playing fast and loose with the truth here), but I responded quickly and forcefully.

“Not at all! The only woman I’ve ever had anything to do with since I met your sister was you!” I shot back accusatorially.

Somewhat humbled by the obvious hypocrisy, Becca went silent for some time. We got through the first half of our class without too much further incident and then broke for ten minutes while everyone had something for a snack or headed to the bathroom. I turned my chair a little towards Becca and started chatting her up about the whole art history situation we now found ourselves in. Initially she was a little defensive because it may have sounded like I accused her of setting all this up, but she settled into her story fairly easily after I assured her I was doing no such thing.

“I don’t know, I just needed the credits if I wanted to stick to my graduation schedule. No real secret there.”

“I know I know, but you could see where a guy might flatter himself.”

“If he was an idiot, sure.”

I don’t know why I craved that abuse from her, but I surely did and would say most anything to get it. I noticed the winter break had actually done nice things for her complexion. All that time in Florida had given her skin a pleasant bronze sort of a glow and distinguished her from nearly every other woman in the lecture. She looked healthy, vibrant, and more than a little excited for the remainder of her evening.

The second half of class wrapped quickly and before we knew it we were all done for the night. Being Wednesday, I had no plans and eagerly asked if Becca wanted to grab something to eat.

“No, I had something small before I got here and then snack during the break. I think I’m full for the time being actually. I have a better idea though, why don’t you show me your apartment?”

Now there was a novel idea! For all the stories I had told Becca about the havoc myself and my housemates had wreaked, I had never bothered to show her my space. Nodding appreciatively, we both got up together and packed our things hurriedly. We strode out of class together and found our way up the hill, past the administration building, and down our street until we arrived at a shoddy white building with black tar paper all over it. This was my home away from home for the last two years, but I had never once so much as broached the subject of improvements. Suffice it to say, the place was a dump. I kept my room immaculate (at the behest of Erin and Erin alone), but I couldn’t be bothered to do the outside of the house any favors. We trod up the steps slowly as we had both walked some way to get there, and then made our way inside and up another flight of stairs. It wasn’t a big house, but it had three floors and they were all full of college kids and their college shit.

Opening the door at the top of the stairs on the second floor, we both bundled in quietly and ignored all the shouts coming from downstairs where two of my housemates had been playing football on the their Playstation. The heating register in my room sat just above the common area downstairs, so we could hear them breathing if they had shut up long enough to let us.

The din subsided not long after we arrived and the shouting had turned to whispers. Not that those whispers were altogether discreet, but it was their honest attempt at talking shit about me without me hearing every word. Two minutes later, one of them was knocking on my bedroom door.

“Bastian, do you know where the TV remote went?” my housemate Dan opened the door as he asked, not hesitating to gather whether or not I had actually invited him in.

“Dan, this is Becca; Becca, Dan.”

Dan had finally stopped his momentum upon seeing Becca and held out his hand for a shake. She offered it and he grasped Becca’s thin hand and moved to kiss it, but she pulled back quickly and spurned his smarmy advance.

“Hi Dan,” she shot back curtly. “Bastian, how do you get to the bathroom from here?”

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